Not often, I have been called homophobic on some of my past posts.  I must admit, I am torn, but definitely not homophobic.  Homo is short for homosexual, and a phobia, or someone who is phobic means fear of.  I’m not afraid of “gays”.  I am curious about what makes them believe that  they are homosexual, and I am disgusted by those who are what we call “flaming” or “butch” ( perpetuating stereotypes), but I am not afraid of them.  I am also not afraid to voice my opinions which is why I started this blog in the first place.

Contrary to the old saying, opinions are nothing like assholes, I have only one of those, but I’ve got a million opinions.  Recently it came to my attention that Perez Hilton (no comment) was reaching out to the slaves in the industry to write open letter to gay youth regarding the spike in numbers of suicides, both completed and attempted.  Hilton is obviously gay, and that’s fine, but while I think he means well on this one, it’s going to take more than open letters from celebs to combat this problem.

In my opinion, homosexuality is not natural.  If men were meant to have sexual relations with men, ( and this applies to women too) then men would be able to create and carry life within.  Two men cannot reproduce, it is physically and biologically impossible.There are only two kinds of life…man and woman, and this is so for a reason.  While I don’t have a problem with homosexuality if it is a choice you make of your own free will, however I will not support the (suspected) agenda behind it.

I’m saying frigg being politically correct and let’s be real here for a minute.  One reason I think that so many gay youths are killing themselves is because although they are satisfying their primal urges, this is not something that was intended by the creator, and that is the internal struggle they are dealing with at their very core.  On top of that, this is still  a predominately heterosexual society, and it is frowned upon, although it is becoming more tolerable as time goes on, and that too is part of the agenda behind it thanks to the entertainment industry.  Can I honestly say that homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time?  No, because I wasn’t around at the beginning of time, but this is what we’ve been led to believe.  I’d appreciate what you guys think, as I always am saddened when anyone feels that they would rather end their own life than deal with the obvious confusion inside of them, especially ones who haven’t really began living before they end it.



  1. It is really sad about all of these people killing themselves because they do not know the truth. I have no problem with people being gay, because to me a sin is a sin. What I do have a problem with is people being so politically correct and not wanting to step on anyone’s toes and trying to make sure everyone has their rights protected, we have stopped even trying to find out why (other than the obvious reasons of lack of knowledge and/or previous life altering circumstances) they seem to think they must be this way.

    Homosexuality has been around as long as sin has been around. It’s been recorded in all of the ancient histories in some form or another. From a biblical stand point, where ever it was accepted and encouraged, those cities were either destroyed by God (Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah), or He called someone to go to those lands to try to connect with the people and have them repent for their ways (Greece, Rome, Nineva).

    It’s a sad day, because America is probably on it’s last straw with God. Just a sign of the time getting shorter and shorter.

  2. Before the 1960’s there was no such word as “homophobia” listed in any dictionary. This word was brought on the scene by the homosexual movement at the same time as the so called sexual revolution was kicking into high gear. The word homophobia when used is supposed to have the same effect as a deer caught in the headlights, a way of stunning and stalling a person who is in opposition to the homosexual lifestyle.

    The word homophobia was also purposely invented to throw at heterosexuals to make them feel as if they had a problem with themselves because they would not accept the homosexual lifestyle. “May be there is something wrong with me, may be I am gay and don’t even know it, may be the lifestyle is alright after all”. You get the drift here, the seed of doubt has been injected, this was the aim all along. Do not believe for a second that homosexuals wish to live co equally with their heterosexual counterparts. Their agenda is to dominate and suppress the normal functions of man/woman relations. Their agenda is nothing but antihuman and against nature itself.

    I believe the suicide rate among homosexuals is 9 times higher than that of the heterosexuals. Also the average age for a homosexual male is 39-42 years of age in comparison to 75 years plus for his heterosexual counterpart. In other words a homosexual’s life is cut in half just by engaging in that lifestyle. Now unlike the reprobates of today’s society I still have my instincts and having a person’s lifespan cut in half is a major red flag for me. It is obvious that this lifestyle is not normal.

    Again, the one eyed devil called television has been the main perpetrator in causing a shift in the direction of “tolerance” toward this lifestyle, a hug at first, then a peck on the cheek followed by the lips followed by Broke Back Mountain. We already are all aware of the elite’s agenda to reduce the world’s population and sadly the homosexual lifestyle is just one of those techniques being executed to bring this reduction about.

    The Homosexual movement just like the Women’s Liberation Movement was started and sponsored by the Rockerfeller Foundation in the 1960’s. Homosexuals should really be asking the questions of how they have covered so much ground in so little time and where has the money come from to do this? Like the many other groups that have been funded by the mystery Non Governmental Organisations, when their usefulness has ended, the will be thrown to the side of the road and will wake up to the fact that they were being used for an agenda the whole time.

    Homosexuality is just part and parcel of a reprobate society and walks hand in glove with pedophilia. It is also the last stage before the destruction of an empire. I for one will not tolerate any homosexuality, I will stand against firmly against it until the end of my days. The Most High made them male and female for a purpose(Gen 1:27). I have a serious problem with homosexuality because while they will tell me that they are not interested in God, Christ and the bible, they are trying to force induce their religion onto me and onto young impressionable children.

    Children are now being taught in public schools that it is ok to be gay and that the lifestyle is normal. However the government training camps refuse to show children the other dark side of the homosexual coin.

  3. i am so glad you mentioned the women’s movement, a ploy to not only get the mother out of the home and away from the children to watch the “idiot box” and be subliminally programmed from the comfort of their own home therefore making them lazy and obese and therefore cut their lifespan , but also to tax the woman who has to go to work and put her child in daycare. In the daycare they can then mold the minds of the children and warp them while they are young while they keep the mother at a certain level which is usually just a step beyond poverty. they get paid and can dumb down the children earlier. I think this is why so many children are raised in the street and get into trouble because there’s no father, but also no mother at home to monitor them
    I am so glad that I sacrificed punching a clock so that I could be there when y children go to school, and come home in the daytime, there is no price you can put on your children becoming intelligent individuals you cannot imagine the pride i have in giving my children this gift, and no i don’t give my children the sugar coated version of anything, i give them the facts, but let them know that it is imperative that they must use their minds think and speak for themselves
    in my home, you will not find my children tuning into the disney channel, or nickelodeon, but you will find us taking at least four trips to the library per week. they never say “why can’t we watch ….”

    • I am glad that you as a parent saw the need to be there with your children through the early stages of their life. The first 5-7 years of the child’s life is the pinnacle time of bonding with the mother and father but more so the mother as she is the main support through the first stages of the child’s development. Sending a child to nursery or pre school is in my opinion a recipe for disaster as the bond between the parents and the child can never be fully knitted and strengthened. However I am aware that for some parents there is no other option due to financial over heads.

      We have allowed ourselves to be moved into a position to where everything including children must fit around work instead of the work fitting around the children. I personally will not have children over here in the UK because I see this trap at work with so many families. It is exactly as you said, the government keep the parents busy with the work, then they take over raising the kids and they use the one eyed devil as their main tool for indoctrination, programming and brainwashing the youngsters.

      This is a totally wicked and evil system on all fronts. The elites of this world are an adversary to this planet aswell as to man kind. I personally cannot wait for it to be taken down and destroyed as Christ’s kingdom will then commence with no gap/interlude in between.

    • That is so good taking kids to the library, I wish some more parents would take their kids to the library like my mother done for me.

  4. i would also like to add that I am hard on my children. when i say do something, it is not going to turn into a “talk” about why, it is what I say it is. I am not here to be your friend, I am here to be your mother first and foremost especially with boys because they will try a woman. lot’s of people that don’t know me and my style of parenting think I’m too hard, but I think that being straight forward, letting your children know what I expect of them and that I will not be letting anything slide when they act up and o what they know is not acceptable is how you plant that seed of respect and right and wrong, you have to nurture it with love too, but you don’t have to bend to their will, consistency is the key.

    • I can say ‘Bravo’ to your tough parenting. Even though I don’t know you, from what I read, I can almost picture your parenting style, and it’s a beautiful thing. I grew up in a very strict household, and while I hated it at the time, I wouldn’t change a thing now because it has make me who I am today. My sisters and I grew up only being able to watch tv Thursday – Sunday. And that was severely monitored. Any other day, we could only watch what we had pre-recorded on VHS. I could quote you the Sound of Music and the Ten Commandments by heart!

      Even still, looking back on my life and thinking about all the friends I had growing up that was about to talk to boys on the phone at 13, go to the mall for no reason by themselves, and do pretty much what is normal, I’m pretty much the only one without kids born out of wed-lock, not on drugs, not in jail, and not being beat up by some dude.

    • The harder the better I say, especially in these derelict times we are living in.

      • true the harder the better because your kids will thank you for it. My mother was like that too and I really didn’t give her any problems in school or as an adult now, but moms was a little off the hook when I got grown though.

  5. this week has been tough for me as i lost one of mine early in the pregnancy but i do believe that although this nearly shattered me,it has made me stronger and a better parent. did that babies spirit through the creator know that these are not good times for children with all that they have to go through? everything happens for a reason so i cannot wallow in grief, although i do get sad sometimes i know that with my strength I can get through it, and it does get a little easier to live with although i’ll never get over it. with that said…i’d like to share something that happened to me a couple of years ago. I had to catch the bus to work from one end of vegas to the next. my kids were young, about six and three at the time, and they would cut up on the bus like young kids do. the only thing that kept them from getting up and going from seat to seat was the belt that i carried with me. that was the only thing that would make them mind as walking around a moving bus is pretty dangerous!
    there was this guy and his pregnant girlfriend (both looked addicted to meth and who knows what else) and he was trying to look up my skirt. when i asked him what the hell he lost up my skirt he tried to turn it around and say
    I’m looking at you beating your kids..that’s not cool…
    of course i handn’t hit them, only threatened to if they acted up. so anyway, that’s when mother bear came out. I had to let him know that I am their mother and if his mother would have knocked him upside his head every once in awhile he wouldn’t be riding on the bus looking like a meth head….I then told him that my children would never be on the news after having shot up a school ( as an example) and if he wanted to discuss it with their father, then stay on the bus at the end of the line. so he got some balls and got up and started walking towards where I was. I got up and was ready! I was so mad. well there were some men who got between us and told him that if he layed a hand on me they would end up beating him down. I then told his girlfriend that she needed to check him for disrespecting her and their unborn child, and “if you need some direction, I’ll teach you for him” of course she said nothing and they got off on the next stop. the moral of the story is…i would never let anyone tell me how to discipline my children, and if more parents took the discipline and told child protective services and the schools to shove it, (spanking not beating, i don’t hit my kids with a belt, but seeing it was the only thing that kept them in line) but i will spank their little bare butts. it seems to be more personal that way!) instead of that time out crap these kids wouldn’t be as out of control as they are now.

  6. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Peace everyone,

    Verbs2010– You said everything I was ready to say. Not only are you accurate, but you are also well read. And I love that! Keep feeding us the bitter sweet truths we NEED to know.

    All that I want to add to what you’ve said, is that all was done also to fulfill the Depopulation Agenda.
    Family Planning was started by the Illuminati to offer black ppl a means to kill black babies. It was encouraged and fronted by a yt woman who thought of this idea backed by the Rockerfellers.
    Homosexuality is another means of Depopulating the world because we know that same sex partners cannot reproduce; be fruitful and multiply.
    God said, ” Be fruitful and multiply.” This is why male and female body parts fit so well. God made no mistakes. And I challenge anyone to look at the just the 10 Commandments, for example, which is of God and take what man is pushing forth and you will see that man commands opposite of God’s commandments. You don’t have to be a holy roller to do this. But you will def see how Satan works.
    Suicide is another way to depopulate. Thanks to the Idiot Box(TV) and encouranging ppl to be ‘TrySexuals’ instead of respecting the order of things without underminding being Heterosexual.

  7. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Basically anything that goes against the order of things the Creator has already set in motion. And is known to work naturally at his command, is always challenged by these Devils. In all areas of your life. It’s a game they play with us to gain control of our entire being.
    Unfortunately there are weak weak ppl who don’t realize just how dangerous this game is. And where you’re headed in the end depends on you and your beliefs and how deep you allow yourself to even entertain their deadly challenges.

  8. They want to control how we disipline our children because it takes away from the parents being the ‘end all’ in regards to rules and regulations in the home. It plants the seed of rebeliousness and under mindment in the child that someone can get mommy and daddy in trouble if they spank me. That’s why we have kids daring their parents to do anything when they steal the family van to go joy riding. Parents today are so afriad of being locked up for just doing what they are suppose to do as parents raising a child.

  9. Personally, i dont think homosexuality was part of the depopulation agenda. Homosexuality was around way before now according to the bible. I was just talking about homosexuals w/ a friend and his argument was that ppl are homosexual by choice…

  10. Another friend say ppl are born homosexual. I asked, y would someone choose to go through something so hard to deal w/ and y would God create someone to be the opposite of what he wants? No one can ever answer my question…i cnt answer it myself.

    • I don’t believe they are born gay, and that choice thing isn’t a very valid theory in my mind either. I believe it’s a very delicate personal issue that needs a lot of patience, love, and guidence. MAINLY LOVE. Too many people try to pound the ‘rules’ and throw Bibles up side their heads, but rarely show love and understanding for them. I actually know a few ‘reformed’ gays (one of them gave himself that name, not me ;o), and they have expressed for them it is more like an addiction and a psycological disorder. They have expressed to me that if the person is willing to accept this as not the correct lifestyle and they are willing to put forth the effort, they can break free. This makes a lot of sense to me and helped me see it from a different vantage point.

      Hope that helps ;o)

    • I cannot believe that people are born gay, either. I think it is simply an excuse used to make it look like it’s the way God created them. Something had to have happened early in life to make them adapt to a way of homosexuality…whether it was experimentation or something they saw in the home or elsewhere.
      Even though I don’t agree with the lifestyle, I have nothing against homosexuals.

  11. when it comes to parenting, i think that being to strict is a bad thing. I want my kids to respect and obey me but at the same time i would want them to have freedom to make some of their own choices in life.

    • I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all when done correctly. My parents had specific rules in place so that I would know what was best for me in the end. There were a lot of times I thought my parents were too hard on my siblings and I, but we always knew they loved us and whatever we were dealing with at the time would help us to make better choices in the end. I do agree if a parent is way too strict to the point of not allowing the child to experience anything in the world, the child is more likely to grow up and do the exact opposite of what they were taught growing up.

    • Ms. Mizani Says:

      I think strict parenting is necessary because being a parent is a very serious position in life. You are responsible for your children in everyway that parenting commands. It’s not an easy job, but you are bonded to it forever, 24/7. Now I don’t believe in ‘Abuse’ I do believe in …Spare the rod, Spoil the child. And it should start early when they are able to walk and mature enough to understand yes..no..stop..come here and can say a few words clearly. Not to mention knows you are the parent.—I also believe that children should be able to make only certain decisions according to age and maturity. And that might mean you the parent, might have to decide for your children until they reach high school or leaving for colloge. Right now we have too many children making grown up decisions, too many parents are letting eveything and everyone raise their kids. Hence, the hot mess world we live in. I’ve prepared mine to go into the world as leaders not followers. They are book smart and street smart. And hold themselves up to a certain standard and a certain way of living. But mostly they are strong and independent even though the twins help each other out. I raised my Godson and he’s now in college. Loves it! And is studying chinese as a second language. His choice not mine. LOL! I would’ve choosen something a lot easier. LOL!

  12. Growing up in chruch, pastors always made it seem as if it homosexuality was a demonic possession. So i automatically thought that a person cant be blamed for being homo and God shouldnt punish them…

  13. The genetic homosexual thesis/gay gene theory is exactly just that, a theory. There is absolutely no evidence to support the notion that people are inherently born homosexual. Again, it is merely another stalling and distraction technique against opposition to their lifestyle. While they throw us the gay gene carrot debate, they are busy lobbying government to pass more of their abominable lifestyle habits as law and thus bring society further into the gutter. I actually went toe to toe in a debate with a homosexual supporter who attempted to launch the gay gene theory at me.

    When I asked the gentleman for proof of this idea he gave me a number of sights to visit. When I checked out the information presented all I encountered for the so called “evidence” was a load of “maybe, possible, could be, might be, hope so, may have, could possibly be, it is believed, belief, hope, hope to find, possibly linked, possibly could be”, I think you are getting the drift here, no actual solid evidence exists.

    I have also asked homosexual supporters and homosexuals alike to give me just 1 positive aspect the homosexual lifestyle brings to a society. I am still waiting for an answer. One guy actually said “it keeps the population down”. This is today’s society folks, people who cannot think and reason for themselves anymore, morons and goners who’s ideas are fed to them via osmosis. If their brains were to be removed they would say “Unused”.

    • You are not gay so you it doesn’t matter what you “believe” does it? You haven’t experienced it first hand or even conducted scientific research to disprove it so how much have you really explored the merits of your assertion?The sexual urge is present from birth and I know people who have felt the sexual urge toward the same sex from childhood talked with the “gay lisp” from birth, they didn’t learn it from anywhere. I do not deny that there are many “social” or “cultural” homosexuals but they are not the majority.

      There are studies demonstrating the heavy concentration of phlathates in all the plastic has resulted in increasing numbers of little boys growing breasts. You’re telling me that’s their choice?

      Never am I a gay-defender. But what most people discussing this lack is understanding. I despise it because I know what it means on an institutional level. But You have fallen prey to agenda setting and are arguing over what doesn’t matter. Increased homosexuality is a mechanistic by-product of satanic elitists bent on population control, just like infertility and obesity. Attacking these individuals is futile, foolish, and wrong. You need to attack the people making them that way.

      • First and foremost I don’t put my opinions on here, I talk about the facts unless I state that it is my opinion. There is no science behind homosexuality, this is what the gay gene advocates try to push. However, there is science behind the consequences of living that lifestyle and they are not good.

        “The sexual urge is present from birth”?? What kind of foolish statement is this? No 3,4,5,6,7,8 year old child is thinking about getting a leg over. There has to be a disruption in the child’s life for him/her to start thinking about sex from an early age, which is why I alluded to being abused as the main form of disruption.

        This “I know people” line is used all to commonly. Lets just deal with the normal patterns of life. Yes, I am fully aware of Bisphenol A in most plastics, soda cans, drinks cartons etc leading to abnormal features on men and early puberty for woman followed by cancer very early on in their lives but again, you prove my point that there has to be a disruption/interference for these things to take place. Under normal circumstances with no interference, homosexuality is a choice a person makes, no more no less.

        Yes, i am fully aware of Bertrand Russell’s Quote and the other eugenics promoters like Skinner, Quigley, The Huxley’s, Darwin, Bernase etc.

        A PHD or some sort of degree is not needed to understand homosexuality, observations and basic research are sufficient. This is always another typical line used, “well, what are your qualifications” or “you do not have the adequate credentials to speak on this topic”. Homosexuality contrary to what you are saying does matter as it is one of the tools that is being used to destroy the fabric of society, the family unit. It is positively anti human and reels against nature in the highest degree. How can I ignore something that is a threat to my life?

        We are to fight the battle against the satanic bum elites ON ALL FRONTS. Homosexuality is not a by product, it is a tool that has been present for a long time which fits into their population reduction agenda. Teaching that homosexuality is normal to school children is an example of a by product.

        Attacking and exposing the homosexual agenda is a key to standing against evil. This evil is being force induced into culture everywhere and are we supposed to just stand down and let it happen? I will attack homosexuals to show them that I disapprove of their lifestyle practices and the fact that they are forcing their culture on the people, many of which are not interested. Experience in life has shown us that ignoring a problem doesn’t make it disappear.

        Nobody said not to focus on the instigators of this. Each individual chooses the dragons that they are going to battle. There is no sliver bullet in this battle, many hands fighting on different fronts according to their strengths make the work light. As I stated before, we need people fighting this battle from all angles.

  14. I would also like to add that a few other words/slogans has been added to the homosexual mud slinging arsenal ready to throw at anyone who stands against the homosexual lifestyle, even people who give good reasons supported by evidence as to why it should not be accepted. “Bigot/Bigotry, Hate/Spreading Hate/Hater, Intolerant”.

    You always must remember that when you come up against these knee jerk reactional terms and slogans, not to be distracted by them. Think of them as flash grenades, purposed to confuse you, stun you and move you off balance. Do not be phased by them, keep pressing forward with the facts, homosexuals do not tend to hold up when battered with logic, common sense, facts and evidence.

  15. I never agreed w/ the homosexual gene. Still wondering the cause though. Its used as a means of depopulation…but what makes ppl homosexual is the question.

  16. Normally homosexuality stems from a person being abused somewhere along the line in their child hood by somebody of the same sex, this is the root cause of someone turning in that direction. Most homosexuals will confess that they were abused when they were much younger, usually by a close family member or a relative.

    Another reason can be neglect. The environment we live in today is also a factor that plays into this behaviour and doesn’t help matters as homosexuality in 2010 is encouraged and not condemned as it should be. Children growing up in say 10 years time will believe that homosexuality is a normal part of life because of the teachings that are being taught in schools worldwide.

  17. True. I dnt think i want my kids learning about homosexuality from school though. That is something a parent should explain to their child(ren). They can be aware of it but dnt want them thinking its right or normal.

  18. @mzmiami agreed…but growing up, i hated when my family dictated my life because i was able to make good decisions on my own. I was a good child for the most part. Now, i let my 2 yr old decide what shirt/pants she wants to wear and stuff like that….

  19. DirtyGurl, you blow me. Every post I read makes me more and more disappointed in you

    It seems you are doing shallow service to the incredibly deep topics you choose to cover and do not bother to thoroughly verse yourself in the ins and outs of the system you bash. More and more, you just talk out of your ass.

    I will start by saying you can’t be too “curious” as to what “makes them believe they are gay” if you have never bothered to study them empirically or get to know some of them, but merely exude judgmental disgust.

    Of course homesexuality is an anomaly, and not necessarily “meant to be.” No it isn’t natural. But my best friend in middle school was born with an extra finger- does that un-natural-ity “disgust” you as well? Who do you think you are and why do you think your disgust matters? Defects happen. And they are happening more and more FOR A REASON.

    Someone such as yourself should understand the forces surrounding the popularization of Homosexuality.

    1. If you knew anything about the vaccines you called yourself ranting about, you would know that the intensive during the early stages of brain development results in major dehumanization. I guess you don’t know anything.

    2. Do you realize the food supply fucked up ? Yeah? Well dont you realize food impact genetics? I guess you dont realize.

    3. Did you forget about pollution? Isn’t pollution responsible for defects? Cant seem to put the puzzle together can you…

    Do you realize 80% of the worlds sperm is currently defective? *sigh*

    Do you know what DIET INJECTION and INJUNCTION mean???? You call yourself speaking on NWO who are its philosophers? I guess you dont know.

    and you shouldnt talk about what you dont know. EDUCATE YOURSELF.

    These factors are contributing to increased cancer, decreased human potential, decreased thinking power, and among other things, INCREASED GENDER DEFECTS/ gender confusion. Your focus on homosexuality is preposterous.

    You are no sociologist or psychologist and you DONT EVEN KNOW any gay people intimately, you speculation as to them feeling some inner guilt and killing themselves is laughable at best.

    Just because you are gay doesn’t mean you are sexually active but I suppose that logic skipped you. That ‘satisfying carnal urges’ crap is BULLSHIT

    They get on my nerves too, but what people fail to realize is THEY GO THROUGH ALOT. Do you know what it is like to be disowned by your FAMILY? do you realize how often they are kicked out of the house and what implications that has?

    I’m from LA and I know the plight of the teen runaway all to well.

    There is so much I would like to say but something tells me not to waste words. You have proven yourself too irrational to recognize any criticism of your methods and it seems you would rather remain in your ignorance.


    As I said before, this blog has taught me some things and I will always be grateful. But at the end of the day I honestly need you to elevate.

    Peace and Abundance

  20. At the end of the day, everyone will have their own opinions and ppl will state different facts. Go by what u believe to be true. I will never believe homosexuality is a choice or a birth defect.

    • This is the whole problem with society today, people have their own opinions but they never want to put them through the fire of truth and test them whether they be genuine. People simply have a worldview they feel they have to protect at all costs, people do not want their paradigm/bubble shattered. You cannot go with what you believe to be truth as you have a rubber ruler scenario. You have to go with the truth, not your own familiar belief system.

      Even Christ stated that “you shall KNOW the truth” not you may know it. You can obtain the truth if you wish. However as I stated before, most prefer to live the noble lie as it provides a position of comfort. There may be different facts but they all point in the same direction.

      Until people begin to take their heads out of the sand and really face up to the horrors that have been unleashed in this world, we will make little progress.

  21. Also, i dont believe that every homosexual has been sexually abused or that everyone who is sexually abused will be homosexual. Its much more deeper then that and i believe there are demonic forces behind homosexuality, and many other things.

  22. goys…this is not the first time i’ve been at odds with you, and please your little sermon does not shame me or make me shy away. if you know anything about me (which you don’t) you’d know that I am a warrior and would never turn away from a challenge, however, i’m not going to waste my energy arguing but I will say this.
    I never stated that I don’t like homosexuals, i stated that i had a problem with the ones who were perpetuating the stereotypes, or the ones who use it as leverage against others like the bishop eddie long.
    I stated that I hated the agenda behind it. if you have men sleeping with men, and women sleeping with women, then no babies are being born and that is a means of depopulation.
    In closing, you complain of my posting and my opinion. no i never said or claimed that i was an expert on anything. this blog is merely my way of voicing my views, feeling, and opinions. sometimes i’m right, and sometimes i’m wrong, but that is in the eye of the beholder. your truth and my truth are not always going to by in sync. however, if you don’t like my blog, and are disapointed with the information and views expressed here, all you have to do is log off of the dirt, and not come back. it’s that simple, and if you feel that you can do a better job, then by all means, it’s free to start a blog all day every day.
    I appreciate your reading, but in truth i could lose your readership and gain a thousand more by the days end.
    take it how you like.

  23. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Peace everyone,

    Goy’s says…

    1.) Who do you think you are and why do you think your disgust matters? Defects happen. And they are happening more and more FOR A REASON.

    I have to agree with you and I think for the most part we discuss these things all the time. All ifno seems to be welcomed here, especially if you have facts we can better use to become educated about a subject and stronger as a ppl. EDUCATION is the key! And I think Dirtygurl has laid down a platform that we can all either contribute or learn from.
    I think your attitude sucks. Getting all sensitive about others input on how they feel. If this subject is so meaningful to you why didn’t you come to educate instead of critize??? The war between us is senseless and obviously so unneccessary. Just in case you didn’t know…We are at war with them… NOT AMONGST OURSELVES!!! The sooner you realize that, the sooner things will go a lot smoothly for you. Especially when coming to the Dirt!
    Anyway…to all the other ppl here trying to learn about all we can. I suggest that you Youtube Alex Jones. There’s not a subject that he is afraid to touch. He exposes these creeps and never leaves you in the dark about what’s ‘really’ going on. He speaks a lot about what our rude poster speaks of and more. It’s all an eye opener.

  24. HOMOSEXUALITY is a demon that will possess a willing soul. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. aka DEVILS/UNCLEAN SPIRITS/DEMONS/etc.

    The way to get rid of said devils is to REPENT and believe the gospel and get them cast out of the soul in Jesus’ Holy Name.


  25. First off I wanna say r.i.p to Arianna Tatum she jumped off a bridge here in Minnesota after a arguement with her GF ‘ just yesterday 10.20.10 was the day to wear purple for gay dioceses I myself is bisexual ‘ and I think it’s str8 wacky if u have the strength to kill YOURSELF u have the strength to LIVE ON ! Truth !! rip to anyone else !

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