I’m sure by now, you all know that I have a child who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and I just have a special spot for people with any kind of disability so this makes me especially ill…

A Florida man was arrested for striking a 7 year old diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder across the stomach with a cable wire.  He claimed the boy was arguing with him, so he went to his truck where he retrieved the cable wire and struck the boy.  Luckily the lad wasn’t hurt, but it did leave a welt across his stomach.  You can read more here…

First off, why are you arguing with a seven year old?  What could you be arguing about with a seven year old who has ASD?  And finally, where were this child’s parents.  I’ve got a feeling that this man has a history of abuse and is possibly a mental defective caveman from the past.



  1. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Peace everyone.

    ~~Dirtygurl, I know this was hard to read without cutting close to your heart. I pray for you and your five sweet blessings from God that you have. Yet, I thank you at the same time for sharing this with us.
    Ppl that are so stone cold hearted shouldn’t be able to have kids PERIOD! POINT BLANK! SIMPLE AS THAT! Every single day a child is killed or seriously hurt by the hands of their parent(s). I believe any parent that proves to be harmful or is violent should be sterilized. Both men and women alike. Yes, I know this is probably what the Illuminati would want and be pleased about it. But these poor babies don’t stand a chance out here anymore. Has society been so dumbed down that don’t care about nothing and no one? It just doesn’t seem fair. There are too many ppl desperately trying to have a baby, while others toss them around and treat them like trash. Most of Nancy Grace’s shows are about kids being killed or seriously hurt by spiritually dead parents.
    I am really scared for the children of today’s world. They are surrounded by spiritually dead soulless entities.
    Dirtygurl, your sons are fortunate to have you as a mother, just like you are fortunate to have them. I pray for others that aren’t so fortunate.
    God bless the child whose got his own…

  2. Arguing w/ a 7yr old? Wtf?? And he hit the child w/ a cable cord? Wtf…again?? That guy is an idiot.

  3. thx guys and yes this man should be stoned

  4. The parents are taking legal action right? Whats even more disturbing is that someone could have saw this take place and didnt do anything. He wouldnt have had the chance to hit either of my children w/ anything. Smh

  5. yes that’s what im saying what was a seven yr old with autism doing unsupervised, where were the parents.

  6. I’m telling you what I know, if this were my child & I found out that he used a cable cord to hit MY kid, HIS JAW WOULD HAVE BEEN ROCKED!!! He should feel like a big Ahole for arguing with this kid anyway, THEN he took it a step further and hit him. I’d be doing time right now!!!

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