I know I’m late, but I’m sure by now you are all aware of the Bishop Eddie Long Scandal.  When I first heard about this, you can bet I wasn’t surprised.

After all, Eddie Long isn’t the first “man of God” to stray, however upon hearing that his megachurch cost $50 milli to construct and that he has over 25,000 members, I thought I’d better take a closer look.

So just to get on the same page, to date, four young men have come forward accusing the Bish ( that’s my name for him) of sexual coercion.  According to these young men, when they were teens in his congregation, he gave them money, cars, gifts, and lavish trips in exchange for sexual gratification.  Of course, the Bish denied these charges, and says that he will fight them, but then again what else did you expect him to say?  Now if it was only one boy, I might disbelieve, if it were two I would raise an eyebrow, but four?  Come on now!

I was thinking the other day, what kind of woman would marry a gay man, and please don’t you dare tell me that she probably didn’t know he was gay, because he looks gay to me in the one picture I’ve seen of him.  She’s got to be humiliated, and if she knew about her husband’s style of religion, then she should be ashamed.

What kills me is that for one, he has the reputation of being quite the homophobic.  Two, he used his position to gratify his own perverse pleasures, and three, he stole from his flock ( of sheep).

After hearing how much this church cost to build, I decided to go on over to the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church website, and noticed a couple of things.

Apparently you don’t have to wait until Sunday to give your weekly earnings to his gay prostitution fund, you can click on a button to donate as much money as you can, 24/7.  On the banner, there is a picture of a white family.  I am just assuming that since the Bish and the Bish’s wife are black, they would have a black family to represent them?  Maybe that’s just me.  I also noticed that they refer to the couple as the “Bishop and First Lady”


I thought that title was reserved for the presidents ( of the U.S.) wife?  Silly me.  But what is the saddest part, is that they will forgive him, and continue to follow him.



  1. God's_Child Says:

    The preacher’s wife is referred to as First Lady in most if not all Baptist churches. Secondly, the Bible teaches us to forgive others as Christ forgives us. If Jesus can forgive us then why should we not forgive others? Also, I do not see what the cost of the church or the amount of members that attend the church have to do with these ALLEGATIONS. People are so quick to condemn someone without asking questions but if the tables were turned, they would want someone to hear them out. The Bible does say, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” (In this case the her is him) I just wish people would wait til there has been a judgment made in court before they accused him of being guilty. Be silent and pray for all who are involved. But I guess I’ll have a better chance at wishing for pig’s to fly.

    • Hold on a second, let us just clarify a few points here. First nobody should be called a First Lady in a church, the “church” is supposed to be a place looking out for the souls of mankind, not reputation, rank and titleship.

      You also talked about forgiving people as Christ forgave. The forgiveness you refer to is based upon the offender genuinely REPENTING for their evil deeds FIRST. Bishy Long hasn’t said sorry for anything yet, he spoke to his congregation stating that he would fight the allegations, yet he never stated that he was not responsible for this skull duggery, hmmmmmmm.

      Besides, I’d heard of this Long character a long time ago and his constant referencing of sexual terms in his preaching. The rumours had been flying way before this event that he was batting for the homosexual team. Let us hear homosexual Long preaching in sex mode for ourselves:

      (Apologies for the link dirtygurl, i know you don’t normally allow them but I sure you can see the justification for evidence in this situation).

      You talked about throwing the first stone. This was in reference to the people who brought the adulterous woman into the temple, practising the same things themselves in secret. So, since I am not a homosexual practising lewd acts under the cover of darkness, I will cast a large rock at his big forehead. Saying that though, I do not need to cast a stone at him because the scriptures have already judged the consequences for his type of actions, the lake of fire and brimestone.

      I’m going to use the spirit of discernment in this case, like my heavenly Father said he would place in me and who would teach me of all things(1 John 2:27). I am not interested in the earthly court’s conclusion as this is more than an earthly matter. I do not believe that the court case will even finish, I believe that he will pay them out and that the media will keep that stage of the developments on the hush, watch.

      I will not pray for a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he isn’t the only one of his kind within the so called “church” and he won’t be the last to be exposed in this manner. Preacher is living fat of the congregation, what is that? The preacher is supposed to feed the sheep, not the reverse(John 21:15-17). In my opinion, anyone in his congregation who cannot see the writing on the wall from this moment onwards deserves to be fleeced and suckered more by this fraudster.

      People love these preachers so much, they believe that they are infallible and can do no wrong, they lift up these preachers as superstars, their salvation is based upon the preacher/bishop/pastor and not founded on Christ himself. Bish Long is not the foundation of my salvation so his actions do no damage to my faith, though it does confirm what Christ stated about there being many false prophets who would arise in the last days and deceive many. This is happening now folks.

      TD Jakes(another dodgy character) is supposed to be Long’s “spiritual father”. Yet I seem to remember another one of Jake’s spiritual children who came into the negative limelight, the one named Juanita Bynum. People are free to continue to be suckered by these “profits” of god, I however won’t be deceived.

  2. we all know it’s not innocent until proven guilty, it’s actually the other way around, the problem with most of these “preachers” is that they are revered by their followers which goes to their heads and makes them think they are untouchable. hmm, if i didn’t want people accusing me of robbing a bank, then guess what, i just wouldn’t rob a bank! and this is not the first time he’s been accused of some foul mess. we will see how this plays out, but this isn’t anything new, have you heard of the catholic church and the priests that get away with this type of behavior and much worse?
    quick ?…do you belong to this church?

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  4. actually verbs, i don’t mind the link as long as it is to prove something, what i don’t want is someone who is linking their own website …so your good, and you said it way better than i did.
    oh there was another preacher that lead his followers right down into the jungle where they all drank a certain spiked drink….

    • Thanks, your clarification is much appreciated. Yes, let us not forget about Jim Jones. Christ wasn’t wrong when he stated that most people walk upon the wide road that leads to destruction. When you domesticate a public, you can do anything with and to them and they will believe all things pushed against them to be for their own good, including drinking poisoned coolaid.

      Another thing I need to get of my chest is this business about praying for wicked, vile, evil people. No where in the scriptures does it say to pray for devils or false “profits”, in fact false “profits” were stoned to death in the OT. Sorry Mr Long, you were set up my men and their system not God and now you are being taken down by men, deal with it. The victims are the only ones who deserve prayer here in my opinion, certainly not the perpetrators.

  5. If you go to the Gay Christian Movement website, they have an article written in June, 2008 about Eddie Long. What really intrigued me was the responses that I assumed came from gay men about Eddie. Very interesting. Also we must keep in mind about the victims who came forward and exposed him. I read comments that they were old enough to know better, or it was a smear campaign, or comments like ” they are praying for the bishop”. These young men were under terrific influence (mind control) under this man. He is no different than the Catholic priest. So for the sake of the young men, I hope they have strength to make thru this ordeal.

  6. i think a couple of the victims ( the ones that came forward) were 17 @ the time they began this “relationship” with the bish, in my opinion seventeen is still a child and that is a pedophile no matter what the state of georgia says the age of consent is. according to the complaints filed, he worked in the true fashion of most pedophiles, he showed an interest in them, gained their trust, then began to mindfuck them, telling them that it didn’t mean they were gay, and using scriptures to justify it. to gain more understanding of how low down and cunning these pedophiles are, please visit where they make their chat logs available to read, very insightful to how these guys operate God’s Child, you can look the other way all you want to, but that shit don’t fly with me, I refuse to drink this man’s kool aid.

  7. I feel this lady’s analysis sums it up in less than 5 minutes:

  8. She is a bit raw with the language but she makes the point well.

  9. This is a very sad situation. What is done in darkness will most definately come to the night. I just hope this isn’t the public humiliation step in his initiation process. SMH…

  10. my conspiracy radar is going off. i’ve been known the bish is a goverment agent and so is creflo. how else would he get a 50 million dollar loan to build a church. dont get me wrong, i know he is a gay pervert, and yes i do believe he molested those children. but i also feel it is deeper than this, as if there is a reason for this coming out now. i dont know if it is to turn black people away from the church (remember jay z and rihanna the 2 pop stars are admitting to being devil worshipers something black folks NEVER EVER EVEN PONDERED before). but anyway, i feel there is an unseen hand behind this. another reason i feel like this is because viewing the pics of some of the boys they posted on black voices in the bish’s penthouse. there was one pic that looked VERY staged. it was the one where the young boy in black is posed to kiss the bish. that pic got my conspiracy blood flowing.

    • Yeah I think that’s what the rich ppl want us to do is to leave the church and follow satan. Ppl need to wake up to this shit and think outside of the box and stop keeping your eyes wide shout.

  11. i was thinking this morning, he def has political connects including g w bush, so yeah he could very well be a mason, and this could very well be his humiliation requirement for all that money however it doesn’t make him any less guilty. the fact that he’s a black man doing it to his own people who so blindly hang on his every action just sickens me.

  12. i say lets have a look at his financial records..let’s open up those book bish and see who’s funding you.

  13. I never will understand black people who sell out their own for the European man and his system. THIS IS NOT YOUR SYSTEM BLACK MAN AND BLACK WOMAN, IT WAS NOT BUILT FOR YOU. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN IT. Surely you would think that our people would have recognised this now but sadly most still believe in it. Obviously characters like homosexual Long feel that they will somehow be accepted into “the fold” by an elite who are incredibly racist and absolutely despise black people. I reckon Long is being funded by an NGO(Non Governmental Organisation), we know that George Soros and Bill Gates fund Mecha and La Raza, the radical Mexican groups.

    I’m sure that if I began to dig deeper into this matter of sponsorship, I would receive that familiar phonecall in the middle of the night telling me what I’d done for that day, what I am doing now and that it would be in my best interests to cease my investigations as “accidents” can happen, lol.

  14. Religion isnt our system either. I have turned away from religion and church because i see it as the blind leading the stupid. This kind of stuff happen in small store front churches as well, not just those that are tied to illuminati. What their excuse?

  15. Also, how can someone lead a congregation when ppl get different meanings from the bible? And…there are so many false prophets, you would end up being sent straight to “hell” listening to them. This doesnt surprise me one bit. Oh well.

  16. he still hasn’t said ” this is a lie and i did not have relations with these young men” he only said he was going to fight….sketchy
    here’s what one of the accusers said, i feel sickened by ” trying to shower to get the smell of him off my body’

  17. god’s child you should be praying for the victims, not the devil in curly toupee

  18. Wow…$50 million dollars for that church cha ching! I am floored how so many people are defending Eddie Long he is the wolf in sheeps clothing the bible speaks of in Matthew 7:15. Exodus 23:8 says we are to take no bribes because it blinds the discerning and perverts the words of the righteous. Eddie Long is a part of the secret society( Illuminati) which makes him a bribe taker. And for this reason he will probably get off scott free just like the majority because they protect their own. And for him to make the statement “I ain’t perfect” leaves room for people to speculate about this filthy and discusting allegation against him. If he isn’t guilty of it he didn’t need to say that. I personally see liar stamped on his forhead and who knows whats hidden under that toup’e. Burn him at the stakes!!!

  19. Just because someone isnt religious doesnt mean they are following satan. I dont worship him. Ppl can have a relationship with God without being part of a religion. Dont think that the rich elite dnt have a hand in religion as well.

  20. Now to tlk about him messing w/ lil boys. How long was it taking place? Y didnt their parents question the gifts and trips he showered them with? One victim said he showered to remove long scent…he was in his right mind to come forward at that point…

    • It its unsafe to make an assumption like that. I was preyed upon in high school by a counselor at 17 and I was “in my right mind” as you call it or so I thought. I think you take for granted their age and the fact that they are males, society seems to think that males can handle situations better regardless of age…not true. I say that to say this: when you are placed in that situation you’re in shock and you try to justify the reason as to why they would do something like that or you begin to think that maybe it was something you did that led them to think that they would be comfortable with that. Remember they are kids and the wrong doer is the adult…from birth we are told to respect and listen to adults so what happens when suddenly the dynamics change? Now you’re faced with doubting yourself and challenging authority along with knowing that adults in charge will be reluctant to believe you…or you could be ashamed. There are so many roads to travel if your are placed in that situation so it’s unfair to assume that a child is in their right mind when placed in a new situation. Overall children were involved at the time and they should be the primary concern…always

  21. apparently this long character was quite cunning about it he started in on them in their minds when they were little i don’t think he initiated the sex part until they were seventeen see how he thought this out!

    charisse, i agree with you! I was very young when i rejected religion, my mom didn’t make us go to church we had this bus that came around every saturday handing out flyers to entice us to attend services, they would do things like have pizza, prizes, goldfish all kinds of hokey b/s. anyway i figured why are these people trying to bribe us to go, if we wanted to go then we would do so of our own free will not because of some gimmicky corny shenanigans. then i started going to the black church and it was all yelling and screaming, then i read the bible on my own and i found many many things about it that bothered me, and that was the beginning of the end
    i love when someone comes up to me with that shuck and jive, you go to church, then come to mine, i’ll come pick you up…i politely tell them that i am against religion, and they don’t have anything else to say to me, not even hello…not very christian in my opinion! one lady told me that she would get me some literature..i’m like keep it, no thank you recruiting like the army?.
    my thing is, how can i accept a religion when I don’t know first hand where it came from.
    If chrisitanity in it’s many forms is the “true” religion, than why are there so many that predate it?
    too much doesn’t add up…to make a long story short and although i don’t believe in jesus mary or joseph, I do believe in the most high

    • This is my observation of the European man, this is not racist, just my observation and life experiences with him. We have to remember that in order for a thing to be acceptable to the European male, he first must see himself projected out of it, hence the false images of Christ(Cesare Borgia) and the reluctance to accept the obvious and true description of Christ looking black. Christ’s skin in Rev 1:15 is described as fine brass BURNED(past tense) in a furnace. Brass is brown to begin with and obviously would turn to a charcoal black when exposed to high temperature fire.

      Yet the European man regardless of what description is given states that Christ was “tanned”. What they are really saying is that he was WHITE with a golden texture. Remember, their pride means that they must force induce themselves in everything that is great and make it look as if they had a part in or were responsible for that good thing. The book of Obadiah verse 3 described them well when it states that “The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock(Caucas Mountains), whose habitation is high: that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?”

      So I understand in part why you do not believe in Christ, Mary etc, because the false images that have been put out regarding these 2 characters are images that we as black people cannot relate to.

      Folks ought to read Obadiah to see that the Most High will deal with the European man for his pillaging of other nations. From my observations, he is an actually an adversary to this planet, it is almost as if the planet is rebelling and bucking against him being in charge of it because all he is doing is destroying it.

      At this point for me exposing what “the man” is doing I would normally be called prejudice, a person causing separation and someone spreading hate just for studying his techniques of deception. This is one of the techniques he uses to stall you from thinking this through on a deeper level and taking action or he will tell you that you are being emotional(we are an expressive emotional people, we are not cold hearted like the European man) or unprofessional. It is not a sin or hatred to expose evil ways and methods that are being used against people to deceive them and it is certainly not wrong to expose certain behavioural traits among certain nationalities of people. Don’t let yourself be told otherwise.

      As Quiana stated,we must begin to think outside of the box, even more now than before and not be shutdown by hostile labels and slogans thrown against us.

      • Ms. Mizani Says:

        Peace Everyone.

        Verbs2010… I can def relate to what you’ve said here. We share the same thoughts and I am also a student in learning about the who we are and who they are because there are differences between us (black ppl) and them (yt ppl). My bible tells me that and more. I don’t really follow a church setting because all too often they leave out what is really needed to be taught. Not to mention using the ‘Good Book’ in their favor. But when studied and researched I can see what I’m suppose to see and it always leaves me giving the Pastor the ‘side eye’. The hypicrites in the pew aren’t really hypocrites. They are just lazy ppl who depend on theri Pastor to tell them theiri history and the ‘so-called’ truths from the Bible. True studying requires researching and digging deeper past the sheer surface. It is not only memorizing and able to resite verses. But know exactly what that verse means.
        There is also in the bible how yt folks came to hate the black man. They call us the ‘Caananites. But Pastor won’t preach about that. The description of Jesus only seems accurate to me because I applied Science and research to the ‘facts’ that were given to me. I even keep a map to see where these places were and how ppl lived. I’m not a holy roller, but all of this means a lot to me. Because a lot of the fallen Angels that walked the Earth back then are still roaming about amongst us and with the same agenda in mind.

  22. Exactly! Alot of religions. Yet there is one GOD. A bunch of lost ppl arguing over who is serving the “right” One instead of coming together and loving one another. Idk but i think God would want that more.

  23. What a sick bastard. I bet he is a freemason, along with other popular pastors of those mega churches, like TD Jakes, Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, etc. The most telling part of his conduct is that he, as far as I’m aware of, has yet to blatantly refute the claims. That’s what you do when you’re not guilty of something. I feel so sorry for those victims…and unfortunately, they’re probably gonna need professional help in order to heal from what they’ve gone through. Eddie Long is a snake and anyone of his followers that continue to support him are just as bad.

    • Ms. Mizani Says:

      Hi yaya—Yes Eddie is just like the others. The next time you see him please take notice of that big ring he always wears. It is a mason symbol and a lot of ppl thought this right had a religious meaning to it and were shocked to find out exactly what this ring meant.
      It’s ppl like him that deter others from the Christian faith. And leave them feeling like religion is fake and all they want is money, money, and mo’ money.
      Eddie was just a pimp behind a pulpit. Who had been using ppl and lying to them for years. I remember when this story first hit, my first thought was that he had pissed off the big boys and now they are coming for him. Because this is how it usually works when they are taking you down. Now I don’t really know what to think because I see are still backing him and he hasn’t stepped down as he should’ve done from the beginning. And that comes from a higher authority figure. So this has me thinking that if this story gets too quiet, then big brotha is working things on Eddie’s behalf.

  24. Dirtygurl and others that have commented, what do you think about Joel Osteen?

    • I’ve always thought there was something a little off about him. I do know that he would change the wording of certain scriptures around to give it new meaning. Most people take the pastor’s word when they paraphrase a verse, but if you look it up yourself, it could have a completely different meaning, no matter which version of the Bible you’re using.

    • like i said i’m not into religion so i’ve never heard of him, and before this i’d never heard of the bish, but i did google joel o. and i can tell you that him and his wife smile too damn hard, but it’s not genuine, it does not reach their eyes…um i’m gonna look further into it but so far my opinion is not great just from the looks of them

      • however i do want to clarify that i am suspicious of any man who can lead a large number of people like in these mega churches, so maybe i’m a bit biased in that respect.

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  26. I was watching a few vids that was playing audio from different televangelist…and basically showing how they twist it around to mean something else. These preachers are sending their congregation to hell one sermon at a time smh.

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