In a recent interview with XXL Magazine, Kanye blames an entire city for the early demise of his mother.

He claims that moving to Southern Cali prompted his mom to go under the knife of killer doc Jan Adams which claimed her life.  I wish her a peaceful journey wherever she may be.  He then goes on to state that if they lived in NYC, she’d still be with him.

In my own opinion, it is not plastic surgery that may have taken her life, but his statements against  then President Bush during a live telecast after the Katrina Tragedy.  At this point, Kanye proved himself to be a loose cannon, and loose cannons are unpredictable.  You never know what they may say or do, at anytime.  So, how can you ensure that your loose cannon doesn’t go off at the mouth anytime he pleases, you silence him by killing his mother.

By the way, did you know that Dr. Adams ( laugh) attended Harvard University, but never rec’d his diploma?  I’m wondering if the good doc belonged to the Skull and Bones Society, and/or is a Mason?

The good doc also has ties to UCLA which according to some, is one of many programming centers that front as a research center.  Oddly enough, it is also where Disney Darling, Lindsey Lohan spent some weeks of “rehab” recently.

Too many “coincidences” and connections, but then again it could all be reaching on my part.



  1. Nah, I don’t think that for one instant you could be wrong.
    And even if you were wrong, which you aren’t, I wouldn’t put it past them (them being the powers that be be).

  2. i think he sacrificed her for fame.

    • you are right he did this shit to his moms for fame and see where it got him, CRAZY

    • Prior to her being sacrificed, I believe there is a point in time where the initiated needs to be publicly humiliated (like how he humiliated Taylor Swift at the ’09 VMA’s, or the Rhianna/Chris Brown debacle)… I think this “humiliation” of Kanye was when on live TV he showed the world how big a jackass he was by saying Bush doesn’t like Black people. Even if that is true, there was a time and place for it and a telethon wasn’t it. So, IMO, that moment was when he had to embarrass himself in order to get initiated into the Illuminati.

  3. Exactly…just like, date I say, J hud

    • yes, j hud did it too for fame, but she must not be following thru with her rituals or whatever they want you to do cuz her career aint going nowhere.

  4. I meant DARE. darn swype feature

  5. When are you doing a thread on Eddie Long I just want to know.

  6. I feel they made him the offer, and he was under the impression HE would do whatever HE needed to do to get the fame. But they really said was, ‘We’ll give you the fame, but it’s going to cost you.’ and he didn’t bother to check the price tag.

  7. I agree w/ the post. His mother’s death was used to hush him. I would hope that he loved his mother more than enough to sacrifice her. Or it could be like the movie GHOSTRIDER where he unknowingly sacrificed his father.

  8. Peace Everyone.

    Well I think that Kanye is just another mind controlled victim and he is acting the part they want him to play to the T. You see his role is very important because a lot of his trigger key words that so-calls gets him in trouble are words that create tension, and seperation. Just take the night he interupted Taylor’s “big moment”. It was all planned right down to the attire that these celebrities wore. Even Beyonce poor acting did nothing but make it obvious. Believe me when I say he wouldn’t be this famous if he didn’t play along. Every black man’s we’ve known has been killed for garnering so much ‘negative attention’. No knee grow will ever will be able to rock these people’s world. I’m surprised Farrakhan is stil among us. But I look at that with a side eye too. I just see Kanye as the choosen one to be the rebel. There have been too many ppl before him that rippled the waters and none as big as Kanye. Just like JayZ. He isn’t the brainchild behind his accolades and advancements in his career. He had to turn over the power and let them dish him a little now and then. And because Jay is obedient he became another choosen puppet to “represent” black america and beyond.

    Now as for the death of Dr. West. Not trying to humor anyone but all Kanye had to do was ask Beyonce who does her work because whoever did it, did a really good job. Especially since he admires her so much. And I believe his mother was his scrafice. It worked out perfectly for him and that shady Dr. Because I know he’s got some help from big brother to save his ass.

  9. the reason farrakhan is still around and not dead or locked up is becaue he is a goverment agent.

    • I agree, but I also think they allow him to stick around because all he does is cause confusion and black backtracking. It’s hard to move forward if you are constantly looking back and pointing fingers. Al Sharpton, too!!!! Man, I can’t stand him!!!

      • not to mention j. jackson!
        as far as farrakhan, wasn’t he one of those that betty shabazz claimed was involved in malcom x’s death? we know that the government was involved in that one.

    • Ok, my thinking is if they (kanye & jennifer) are making these sacrifices for fame, like really, where is the fame. I mean Jennifer’s career was on the upswing until the murder of her family, Kanye was on the upswing until the whole Taylor Swift thing. With both of them, you have seen a decline. Jennifer had the baby and I see her in the Weight Watchers commericals. Kanye was invited back to Devil TV (MTV) but not really making the big splash like he was.

      Farrakhan was up and coming when Malcolm X was murdered. Some say Farrakhan indirectly had something to do with his demise. We all know that once Malcolm visited the Holy land and was amongst Blue eyed Muslim, everything changed for him. Once he had the truth, and started speaking out, there was no way they were gonna let him live. Farrakhan doesn’t speak out like Malcolm did, and yes I believe he too is a gonvernment agent. We’ve never heard of an attempts on his life, or am I wrong about that?

      • Ms. Mizani Says:

        Hi Kim—I’ll try to explain this in the best way possible.

        The rewards for Jennifer and Kanye are in the things we do not see. They don’t just share their talents with us on TV, Video, or radio. They do other things they are TOLD to do in order to live that life. Things that would probably shock us, but it’s all done with the promise of being taken care of.
        Ya see, the thing with the Illuminati is you are paid very well to be on stand by for whomever, where ever, and whatever they need you to do. When you sell your soul your life no longer belongs to you. It’s a give and take situation.

  10. To me, kanye hasnt had any declines since the vma incident. The vmas is a scripted award show. Remember when Cohen landed his tool on Eminem face? It was planned just like the West/Swift thing. I bet the two are bffs and laugh at the whole “ordeal”.

  11. Farrakahn is around because he dont stir up enough chaos and could be because he is an agent. Also, i heard that Jesse Jackson has something to do with Kings death? Farrakahn+Jackson=mind controlled puppets???? Sell outs?? Possibly.

  12. in the know 7 did a post on jesse jackson controlling sarah palin alongwith cindy mccain…his blog link is on my main page in the blog roll, you guys should check him out

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