So it seems our little Beyta lied to us, yet again.  I’m hearing that she’s releasing a new album, and a single could be hitting airwaves as soon as three weeks from now.  Wait!…I thought she was supposedly on break, so where did this new album come from???  While over zealous rabid fans are no doubt thrilled, the rest of us will be bracing for this new onslaught of songs that weren’t written by her, but will reflect her as a co-writer on the credits!

Read about it here



  1. Preparing for impact…HOLD ON!!!!!

  2. I heard she endorsing tatts now to lord I wish she would give us a break damn.

  3. Ah yes, the Great Whore that sitteth upon many waters with a golden mic in her hand and her new name of blasphemy and devil possession, Sasha Fierce!

  4. I swear I thought that was a pic of Lil Kim until I read the title of the article. She get surgery?

  5. i don’t know if this pic is recent yeah she’s looking more and more like a blowup doll everyday

  6. do you all remember when she was dating pharell and i believe she had his name tatted on her thigh, presto chango it’s gone! bet jay had something to do with that

  7. Eyes Wide Open Says:

    She looks like a robot. I always ask myself how is Beyonce able to create new music in such a short period of time over and over again?

  8. Because she’s stealing it from everyone one else. It doesn’t take time for you to send minion all over MySpace and Youtube to find 12 year olds singing songs they wrote covered in their bed sheet in their closet at 3AM. Only to make them feel like the worst most ungrateful scum on the Earth when they dare try to question the rights to the song.

  9. Oh no! not another beyonce album. Lord knows her music makes me wanna scream.I wish she would take a break for, like…ever.

  10. Actually, this may shock you all, but im a Beyonce fan. She may not the best singer or dancer, but i do enjoy some of her songs. it do look like she had a boob job. Never knew she dated pharrel or had a tat. Where was i???

  11. Well, my goodness…smh. Couldn’t they wait until the corns on her feet completely heal from the last tour? Greedy Bastards!!! So Jay is having meetings with Warren Buffet and the like, while Beyonce is being oiled up like the Tin Man again so she can go back on the road. who knew the selling of one’s very soul would literally be this much work. I see why the keep her drugged up and happy. Who would want to live like that?

    • ‘Couldn’t let the corns on her feet from the last tour heel…’

      Ha ha ha! Classic!

      Good point about Jay getting to sip milk shakes in a diner choppin it up with Warren, while she prepares to shake her thang for the world. I guess that’s why it pays more to be the handler. Smh.

  12. here’s a pic of her and her tatt, this was before they made her get “enhancements” to her chest area.

  13. @Charisse, OMG I was a huge Bey fan before all the talk. I mean Beyonce is fly, can dance her butt off and I think she can sing. I bought her last album, but haven’t really played it because I feel like if you don’t know something then you just don’t know, however, once you are in the know, you are held responsible for that knowledge. I was also a fan of Jay Z. Viligant citizen turned me against them, ( Jay, Bey, Ri Ri) after seeing the videos broken down like VC did, there was no way I could continue to support them.

    I knew she wasn’t going to give us that much of a break. She’s a performer. She did grace the world with Why don’t you love me. Not really sure why she did this video, but Bey mania is on the rise again. She does shut the game down, can’t be mad at her for that. Can’t knock the hustle.

  14. I still listen to some of their music despite what i know. Some songs i cant get into though. I mean with rappers like soulja boy, gucci mane, waka flocka, and oj da juiceman…i would rather take my chances with jayz and kanye.

    • LOL! You are so right. So much music today is garbage…not only because of the agendas behind it, but because it simply sounds like crap.

  15. And if u listen to some of their recent music, they tlk bout how they sold their soul. I dnt think any of them r really happy…especially rihanna. she seems suicidal almost.

  16. Just checked out the links. So did she get the angel removed or is it photoshopped or covered up? already knew she had to have a boob job.

  17. I miss the old Beyonce you know who didn’t have to have sex with camera in all her videos.

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