Who should get the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine?

“When vaccine to protect against 2009 H1N1 first became available, supplies were limited. For this reason, CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended that people at highest risk for complications from this virus, or those caring for high risk individuals who cannot receive vaccination, receive the vaccine first. These target groups included pregnant women, people who live with or care for children younger than 6 months of age, health care and emergency medical services personnel, anyone 6 months through 24 years of age, and people ages of 25 through 64 years of age at higher risk for 2009 H1N1 influenza because of certain chronic health conditions or compromised immune systems.”

Of course the government wants to protect us citizens from all of these “diseases” floating around, and they would never, ever compromise our health and well being…..RIGHT! (INSERT SCATHING SARCASM)

Oh, it must have totally slipped their minds that since 2009,  more than one thousand preggies who received the vaccine (because the CDC said they should) miscarried.

Read about it here.



  1. Wow. And that’s exactly one of the reasons why I’ve never had a flu shot.
    It’s always seemed like propaganda. Let me guess, most of these poor mommies were from middle to lower class even more so in low income house holds?
    Per Wikipedia:

    H1N1 strains caused a few percent of all human flu infections in 2004–2005.[1] Other strains of H1N1 are endemic in pigs (swine influenza) and in birds (avian influenza).

    In June 2009, the World Health Organization declared the new strain of swine-origin H1N1 as a pandemic. On August 10, 2010, the World Health Organization declared the H1N1 influenza pandemic over, saying worldwide flu activity had returned to typical seasonal patterns.[2]

    Hmmm…so why are they still peddling it?

  2. @butta
    they are still peddling it b/c the government is the biggest drug dealer of them all. See, and bare w/ me while I digress. Have you ever gone to the doctor, dentist and noticed, especially in larger offices, that it is full to capacity? Ok, well see for every person in that office that’s $20 co-pay from let’s say maybe 15 people at a 3pm appointment. Now imagine this going on all day. Some offices open up at 8am and close at 5pm. 15 from 8-5 at $20 a person??? They getting paid major dollars. Ever wonder why there are so many things that really have no cure? Well b/c they really don’t want a cure. If there was a cure for everything, how would they make their money. Like I have a friend who was looking to get the gastric bypass. Ok she decide not to do that, but still wanted to lose the weight. Now, she has high blood and diabetes, however, since loosing lots of weight, the pressure has come down and the diabetes has gone away. They tell you weight control and exercise will help with all of these things. So why would her doctor still recommend she take the diabetes medication if after 2 6 month testings, there is no longer signs of the diabetes? To still get paid!!! It’s not the drug dealers on the streets that we need to watch out for, it’s the government. Somewhere, I believe there is a cure for AIDS and Cancer, but it won’t be released because then all the cancer and aids patients will be cured and they will not make any money off those 2 killers. The more people they can pack into a office visit, the more money they make. Government + insurance companies + healthcare = the fleecing of america.

    I’m not a person who really gets sick. My healthcare comes out of my check weekly. So sometimes I feel like I have it for nothing, however, I’m thankful b/c if/when I do get sick, I’m able to see whoever for whatever reason.

    You know what’s worse than taxes?
    What’s worse than tax is insurance.
    You got to have some insurance.
    They shouldn’t even call it insurance.
    They just should call it ”in case sh*t.”
    l give a company some money
    in case sh*t happens.
    Now, if sh*t don’t happen,
    shouldn’t l get my money back?
    That’s right, we got AlDS out there.
    You think they’re gonna cure AlDS?
    No, they can’t even cure athlete’s foot.
    They ain’t curing AlDS.
    they ain’t never curing AlDS.
    Don’t even think about that it.
    They ain’t curing it,
    ’cause there ain’t no money in the cure.
    The money’s in the medicine.
    That’s how you get paid, on the comeback.
    That’s how a drug dealer makes his money,
    on the comeback.
    That’s all the government is:
    a bunch of drug dealers,
    on the comeback.
    They ain’t curing no AlDS.
    You think they’re gonna cure AlDS?
    They’re still mad at all the money
    they lost on polio!
    Curing AlDS? Shit, that’s like Cadillac
    making a car that lasts for years.
    And you know they can do it…
    but they ain’t gonna do nothing
    that dumb.They can, but they won’t.
    So what they will do with AlDS is the
    same thing they do with everything else.
    They will figure out a way
    for you to live with it.
    They don’t cure jack, they just patch it up.
    Get you to the next stop,
    so they can get more of your money.

    • the dialog is from Chris Rock’s Bigger & Blacker Stand-up comedy

    • I kinda agree with that. I’m currently a housewife but my husband and I don’t have insurance because his job doesn’t offer it. But starting 2014, it will be a requirement. Luckily, we haven’t needed emergency health care…I can only imagine the financial horror if we did….

      It’s funny that Chris Rock mentions AIDS…of course I can’t prove it, but I’m almost certain there is a cure for AIDS, as well as a lot of cancers, if not all. But they wouldn’t offer the cures because they do want our money and don’t feel bad about people who die from illnesses.

      • The cure for HIV/AIDS is not to take the drugs that are prescribed to you after you have been diagnosed with the virus. The drugs are what suppress and destroy the immune system and thus bacteria and viruses that would normally be a walk in the park for your body to deal with have now become killers and easily overwhelm a body with a battered immune system.

        You see, when you go for a HIV test, you are tested for HIV ANTIBODIES, not the virus itself. So if you test positive, you should walk out of the clinic smiling……but why? Your body has produced the antibodies that will deal with and kill the HIV virus, thus you are cured. Go home and have a good night’s sleep. If from here you wish to accelerate the eradication of HIV from your body then you simply need to eat well(preferably organic) and get yourself some good supplements. The HIV will be gone with 3-6 months.

        HIV is a harmless virus to the human immune system(yes you read that sentence correctly), however when you weaken and suppress the immune system with DRUGS AND VACCINES or have poor nutrition, then the virus can be very deadly. We’ve been lied to yet again on this issue. HIV does not lead to AIDS, the drugs that you are given to deal with HIV causes AIDS.

        Remember that HIV is simply a description of the efficiency of your immune system coupled with a harmless virus. AIDS is simply another description of your immune system in a non functional state after it has been battered with all sorts of drugs. Haven’t you ever noticed that nobody has ever died from AIDS itself, they have always passed away from an “AIDS related illness”, normally pneumonia is the common culprit.

        I encourage folks here to watch the documentary “HIV=AIDS, Fact Or Fraud”. It can be found on googlevideo or youtube. After you have watched that documentary, you will never fear HIV again.

      • Yeah it’s crazy b/c at the end of the year, like when I get my tax statement, it’s like btw 1600 & 1900 that have been taken out and that’s just for healthcare. Something that I don’t even use every month. The only time I go to the doctor, is for my yearly check-up, every 6 months I test my glucose(both grandmothers had diabetes) and if I have an extreme sore throat (had bad tonsils since I was a kid) and this is the year I’m thinking about getting them out. Thank God it’s just me that I have the insurance for. I told my husband when they have open enrollment again, we need to see whose insurance will be cheaper.

        Yaya, I’m with you, I believe there is a cure too, but like Chris said they just keep you coming back for a patch, never curing you of anything.

    • I totally agree with you. I’ve always known there was something going on. I am a firm believer that the body is naturally build to defend against any ailment, even cancer and aids. There was a reason God gave us an immune system, kidneys, liver, white blood cells, and anything else that works as a filter system.

      When will people figure that out?

      I know, I know…;o)

  3. I’ve never had a flu shot either, and will be keeping it that way. I think it’s just a subtle form of population control, and what better way to do than to encourage pregnant women to get the vaccine. And hasn’t vitamin D been proven to prevent the flu, as well as many other ailments? I’ve been taking it (almost daily) for a while now and haven’t been sick since. If they really wanted to prevent people from getting sick, I think they would push a vitamin supplement or something similar instead of a vaccine.

    • they don’t want to push the vitamin b/c you can get that over the counter. A vaccine has to be administered, which means office visit (cha ching), which means co-payment, mo money, mo money, which means you leave there with your pockets deflated!!

  4. This is indeed a scary topic. I am 34 weeks pregnant, and have been more wary of what I put into my body now more than ever. This flu shot that ends up killing in ways other than miscarriage, is only one of many ways that the government is destroying our health.

    It is a proven fact that cancer loves sugar. Billions of dollars donated to these cancer funds and what is it actually helping? The answer for the cure has always been here. There is a reason why 1 in every 3 americans get cancer now, and it has to do with preservatives in food, drink, and the junk we surround ourselves with.

  5. i remember back in the nineties gay activists were saying that there is no aids, that is was a scare tactic, and verbs is right i’ve never heard of anyone passing from aids itself always complicatons like pnumonia (sp?)
    as much as a “pandemic” as the swine flu ( and it’s predecessor avian) is claimed to be, i know not one person who has died from it…i will never be tol that i have to pay for healthcare since the name is misleading, these hcp don’t care about your health just about how much they can get from you. sorry obamacare, i’m not buying it.

  6. The flu shot is simply one of many slow kill weapons at the disposal of the government. How can a government who is shafting me every single day with taxes and draconian policies all of a sudden want to care for my health? The simply answer is they don’t, they are trying to kill me. This is the obvious answer all should conclude with the overwhelming evidence laid in front of them.

    I do not get the flu and haven’t done for a very long time ever since I have been supplementing with Vitamin D and staying away from processed sugars including the deadly High Fructose Corn Syrup which is a killer in itself. By the way, because this artificial sweetener aswell as aspartame have been linked to cancer and major organ failure, the food companies that use this stuff are so nice, they have changed the name to “Corn Sugar” because these bums care so much for our health(a big NOT) and they do not want us to get the wrong ideas about the deadly sweeteners they are using in our food and drinks(more like they do not want us to be educated on their potions and sorcery).

    As Yaya stated, Vitamin D has been found to absolutely destroy any kind of flu, including the government’s H1N1 mutate concoction drafted up in a lab. The H1N1 vaccines contains the live virus in it so why would anyone take the shot, that is a sure fire way of contracting H1N1. I will simply ask these 2 questions. What has the government whether it be in the UK or US done for us that we should now trust them? On the flip side, have the governments of the US and UK done anything to us that we should continue not to trust them?

    • It is good that you mention the dangers of Aspartame, HFCS (now corn sugar), but one thing that is missing there is MSG. I was flabbergasted at how many products contain MSG, even something as simple as enchilada sauce I have to watch out for MSG. Most soups contain it as well.

      There is a high possibility that there is an agenda for government to want to kill most of us off, reduce the world population to only a few million. Doing it through food has worked so far.

      • I’m actually glad that you brought up the issue of Monosodium Glutamate as this is another culprit that goes under various different names or is put into additives to disguise it:

        Food Additives That Always Contain MSG:

        Monosodium Glutamate
        Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
        Hydrolyzed Protein
        Hydrolyzed Plant Protein
        Plant Protein Extract
        Sodium Caseinate
        Calcium Caseinate
        Yeast Extract
        Textured Protein (Including TVP)
        Autolyzed Yeast
        Hydrolyzed Oat Flour
        Corn Oil

        Food Additives That Frequently Contain MSG:

        Malt Extract
        Malt Flavoring
        Natural Flavors/Flavoring
        Natural Beef Or Chicken Flavoring

        Food Additives That May Contain MSG or Excitotoxins:

        Soy Protein Concentrate
        Soy Protein Isolate
        Whey Protein Concentrate
        Also: Protease Enzymes of various sources can release excitotoxin amino acids from food proteins.

        These satanic bums called the elite are trying to turn us into mutants who can no longer think or reason for ourselves, who will be easily controlled and who will not have the instinct to fight for survival. Notice as of late the whole “got to save the earth” wave and the anti human “man is a cancer on this planet” slurs which have been proselytised heavily by the lamestream media(an indirect way of prompting people to commit suicide in order to save “mother earth”).

        This new world order agenda is positively anti human in all respects. We have to go back to our wild instincts of survival, we have to go back to the land, the city life is simply a domestication warehouse where all of our basic skills and instincts have been striped from us bit by bit over generations. Starting to grow your own vegetables is a beginning step in the right direction.

  7. […] See the original post: GET THE H1N1 VACCINE…LOSE YOUR BABY « The Dirt […]

  8. Overwhelming. I’m a scientist so I always wondered why having anti bodies to something was bad…anti bodies are good, you pass your anti bodies to your child during breast feeding to help protect them from ailments, in essence why would HIV anti bodies be bad?

    • We have simply been lied to, lead to believe that antibodies are a bad thing and that we are doomed to death. HIV anti bodies are the cure and everybody can produce them. We have to put down what we have been taught and begin to really think outside of the box. One of the biggest lies that has been pushed here is that HIV leads to AIDS, well it does when you then accept big pharma’s cocktail of dangerous potions to deal with the HIV virus, a virus which your body can quite easily take care of itself without any outside interventions.

      So in conclusion, going against the modern understanding given to us by mainstream science, being HIV positive is A GOOD THING because it shows that you body can and has produced antibodies against the virus when you have come into contact with it. Again, I must recommend that folks watch the documentary HIV=AIDS, Fact Or Fraud? on youtube or googlevideo, it is a must see for a deeper understanding on this issue and the outright lies that have been pushed to keep the people in a state of perpetual fear.

      I talked to the producer of that documentary after a purchased a hard copy on dvd and he encouraged me to burn copies of it and to hand it to everyone I knew. I encourage everybody here to spread the word and do the same.

  9. Your support is very much appreciated. I been on other sites where I’ve been labelled a nutjob for talking about topics of importance that didn’t involve Lindsey Lohan, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, UFC, Desperate Housewives, Football, Pop Idol, 24 and the rest of the trash we are encourage to talk about by the lamestream media.

    We are being ruled by a bunch of chicken neck psychopaths who delight and orgy in death, destruction and disease. This is what I enjoy about this site, the topics raised here are the real issues that people should be focusing on.


    • But of course!!! We have do support eachother. United we stand. Divided we fall. One thing the Masons live by will always remain true: There is infinite power in numbers. So, let’s beat them at their own game! Remember, we do win in the end!!!

  10. LOL, apologies, I haven’t watched a television for some time. That must be a new programme of distraction they’ve recently put out there for the sheeple to lap up. I get the updates of what tripe is being feed to the brainwashed public just by listening to people converse on the train, bus and at work. It’s amazing how people will channel their entire energy into things that just don’t matter and prefer to ogle at the television rather than talk to people about uplifting and relevant topics.

    I’ve experienced in the past where I have been told to call back in 30 minutes because x programme is about to start or where you are trying to have a conversation with someone and you are at war with the television on full blast on the other side, plus the fact that they cannot keep up with the conversation and you are having to repeat things over and remind them that they are still on the phone,lol.

    • Haven’t had cable TV in years and it is seriously awesome and not hard at all to do, especially if you have internet available. Who wants their precious brain space to contain commercials, jingles, etc.? There are very few good shows out there anyway.

      I did watch Lost, but not on TV. Got to the end of the series and realized that it was a waste of time. >_>

      People should do more creative stuff, and focus their energy on that.

      • Agreed, but as usual we are in a battle to use our time for ourselves because the time bandits called government are always trying to steal it from us. If it isn’t financial robbery its robbery of our minutes, hours and days.

  11. No one, not even the govt. can force you to have your child/children vaccinated even if they are attending public school. You can refuse based on your personal or religious beliefs. You can get the forms online or at the schools. Dr. Llaila Afrika has done lectures on this subject. He also wrote a book “Nutricide”, the nutritional destruction of the Black race…an excellent book. My children did not get vaccinated and they are adults.

  12. i always wondered if there was a cure for hiv/aids, cancer, and other illnesses. In the back of my mind, i knew it had to be. im not talking about with medicine…i believe that everything our bodies need can be found right here on earth. \

    i love this article and all the comments as well. more ppl need to see the things posted here.

  13. ItsBriana!! Says:

    I always knew there was somethinq wronq with this vaccine crap.. Do you see now how their pushin the free flu shots(that is $28 dollars)Its free but yu have to pay.. Imao. & I bet people are payinq for it too.. LMAO!! Ppl dont think. I wud think there was somethinq wronq when you have to pay for something thats free.. Well.. We do it everyday.. We gotta eat rite? We buy food& water wen its a natural resource.. Soon maybe well have to pay for air.. Wait.. Thats taxes..

  14. Remember that the government and big pharma are in legion with each other. A sick person is a guaranteed continual income for the drug companies, a healthy person is not. This is a straight declaration of war on the public. The dangerous thing is many people are acclimating to the evil and thinking that their conscience will be at ease if they just dive deep into corruption, death, blood, disease, immorality, greed and selfishness.

    The worst thing is these people are dangerous because they will try to force you to do the same and set the other brainwashed cohorts on you if you attempt to stand up for what is right down the road. We will literally be dealing with a zombie ridden public in the near future. I encourage folks here to watch the film called The Road(2009) if you haven’t already to get an idea of what kind of scenarios you may come up against. It seems that these elitists are telling us what they are planning for us through Hollywood films thesedays.

  15. Ppl pay for natural resources because they are to lazy or dont have the time to obtain it on their on. Many ppl dont want to hunt for their food or raise animals on a farm. Ppl dont want to plant fruits and vegetables…or go to a spring to get water.

  16. You absolutely correct, they believe that food originates from the supermarket. They never seen a chicken lay an egg or picked a tomato from a garden. Growing your own food is great fun and it is a step to relying less on the system and moving yourself off the grid. Paying for natural resources isn’t normal, buying food from the supermarket isn’t normal, working 8 hours per day in a square called an office, car, van, bus, train or truck isn’t normal. These are just some parts of the matrix we have been conditioned to accepted as part of normal life.

    It is interesting to note that people who have their own farm do less work on the whole and have more time to themselves. I’ve lived on a farm and although I had to get used to the new smells as apposed to living in the city, the country life was great and I’m going back to something similar to that again. I’ve seen that the city life has left me vulnerable and unskilled in so many areas. The wild man must be awakened again to kick in that survival instinct for what is coming down the pike.


    • buttaflyytulsa Says:

      It those questions we have all been asking forever that have cause us to seek the answers and find the truth, which takes WORK. And in agreeing with Verbs2010, that’s why this country is being lead like lambs to slaughter. American’s are so lazy, they only want to be spoon fed their information so they don’t have to actually get off their butt, use their brains, and find the real information on their own. This is one of the reasons why I think we have had a lot of ‘Movements’ (Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Gay Rights), but no true honest Revolution. Definately not under minding any of these Movements, but they were not markers of a true Revolution because Revolution is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. All three of theses Movements are still slowly changing, again signs of laziness on we the people as a whole. It’s easier to jump on a bandwagon after someone else has already trail blazed the way, but to spark a Revolution, we must all be our own trailblazers for the same cause.

      Viva La Revolución!!!!


    • I think what separates us from the rest is firstly the grace of God, who planted the seeds of discernment in our hearts that would begin to sprout at the right time. Also these elitists have over estimated their techniques in trying to dumb down the public as due to the fact that everybody is different, the same technotronic and pharmaceutical methods of control will not work with the same efficiency from person to person.

      Also our characters are of those who seek out knowledge and the truth regardless of what it does to our paradigm/worldview. We also are people who do not like living a lie. The chasm between the false reality that is painted for us by the lamestream media and what is really happening in this world is so vast and great but none the less, we all here are willing to make that gigantic leap for truth’s sake.

      Just found out that here in the UK the government has been putting Prozac in the water supply to keep the people calm while they are systematically being robbed(as if getting angry at being robbed is wrong). I have an industrial water filter at home which takes out all of their crap. I hear that they have been doing the same thing in the States for a while now and are talking about putting Lithium in your water supply(they probably have been doing it already but they are now familiarising you with their plan that is already underway). Don’t trust these bums, get yourself a good water filter that will remove every impurity including the kitchen sink. Beware of water in plastic bottles as the plastics these bottled water companies use leach the estrogen mimicing hormone Bisphenol A which leads to cancer in women and gives men man boobs and pot bellies.

      By the way, Evian spelled backwards is Naive. This is what they think of us.

  19. I completely agree with what everyone is saying. The plans of the elite are in full action. All these medicines, diseases are all lies used to control the masses. I believe we can cure all our diseases with the power of our subconscious mind that God gave us. Through meditation&our subconscious mind we can cure all problems&free our mind from these corruptions&lies. Thank you dirtygurl for all the information. I always check your site&God bless you&your family

  20. Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

  21. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I just wanted to say that I found your site via Yahoo and I am glad I did. Keep up the good work and I will make sure to bookmark you for when I have more free time away from the books. Thanks again!

  23. I have bookmarked your site and visit all the time, keep up the good work!

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  27. I would never get this virus they handin out or let them stick my children with it. Now people are sayin that they are implantin micro chips through the bigger needles they us for it. And how many strains of the flu can the govenment make before people catch on. You got bird and swine. Before you know it they gonna be than went through every animal on Ol McDonalds farm.

  28. I do not beileve in this shot they tried to shoot me up while I was prgnang I said NO and they try now becuz I have a two yr old. i will wear a mask all day if it cones down to it my two yr old washes his hands all the time ‘ fck this shot ! Lmao this shot prolly got sum to do with illuminati ‘

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