The Smith’s certainly know how to kill two birds with one stone, while throwing their son Jayden into the lion’s den of Hollywood cinema, they were also plotting out a course for daughter Willow to break into the equally corrupt record industry.  In the space of two days, Willow goes from “leaking” a song on the internet to being signed to RocNation,  which is headed by no other than handler supreme, Sean Carter ( Jay Z)

Here’s the crap that Jay has been shoveling to media outlets…

“Describing Willow’s debut as “a hit,” Jay-Z said on Thursday morning (September 9) that he first heard the track before he knew it had been recorded by a 9-year-old. “I was like, ‘Man, that record’s a smash.’ And then [Roc Nation partner] Jay Brown said, ‘She’s 9,’ and I was like, ‘Whoa!’ And [then] he was like, ‘She’s Will and Jada’s daughter,’ and I was like, ‘Whoa!’ and it just went from there.”

I smell some bullshit!  I don’t believe for one millisecond that he didn’t know exactly who he was listening to.  I don’t believe for one second that he hasn’t been behind Willow’s transformation into Rihanna from the second they shaved that girl’s head.  Did the Smiths sell Willow to Hov the handler, one more slave in his stable?  What in God’s name is going on behind closed doors?  If we are to believe that Beyonce was under-aged when she began dating Sean, would that not make him a pedophile?

And if Rihanna is slowly being replaced by little Willow, does this mean a Cardiac Arrest is in her future, or will she be passed on to her next handler?  I’m hearing that Rihanna’s fifteen are just about up, since nobody is attending her concerst, and they had to drop the ticket price down to ten bux.  Is she scheduled to take a leap from the freedom train?  Why don’t we ever see little Jules hanging out with the Knowles-Carters anymore?



  1. Haven’t Mr. Carter & the Smith’s been working together as producers of the Broadway show Fila! (Sp?) together? If so, why is he pretending that he had no idea that she (Willow) was the singer? It’s also coincidental that they released Willow’s song (being that she sounds similar to Rhianna) on the same day that Rhianna’s single was.

  2. Girl I’ve been waiting for this article like you cant believe. My point of view exactly. Poor kids.

  3. Can I get an ‘Amen’?! THANK YOU!!! I have no doubt in my mind she’s Rihanna’s replacement.

    “And if Rihanna is slowly being replaced by little Willow, does this mean a Cardiac Arrest is in her future, or will she be passed on to her next handler?”

    Brilliant!!! That’s just what my friend and I were discussing last night after watching Aaliyah’s ‘Rock the Boat’ video last night. We were just saying we think it’s about time for another ‘disposal’, and we brought up Rihanna.

    Speaking of Aaliyah and the Smiths, another thing I mentioned to you on twitter is how funny it is that Jada Smith was Aaliyah’s replacement for the movie that would have exploded her career, The Matrix Reloded and The Matrix Revolutions. Even though her character was a glorified extra, they would have been major money makers for her, but I guess they wanted to keep it ‘in the family’. Man, its really sad that people still don’t see how this has and still is being played out before our eyes, and want to call it a coincidence.


  4. Here’s her site. Not much there yet, but you are able to change her EYE colors by clicking on the upside down PYRIMID!!!!

  5. *sigh* I’ve been reading so much about handlers & Illuminati that my head hurts. I so much want her to be successful, however, not at the price of her soul. My third eye is just watching to see how it unfolds. This little girl can sing and way better than Rihanna. Rihanna’s star is growing dimmer by the minute. I just wish it would all go away, however, I know that’s not happening no time soon. It saddends me to no end to think that they think/know they are the chosen ones for right now, but in the end, if you don’t believe in Him, you will be destined for hell.

  6. Omg! People have been posting her song like crazy. First thing I saw and heard, was a little Rihanna. Willow is definitely her replacement, seeing as though Rihanna is gettig boring and her songs are starting to suck, every track she release sounds all sad, depressing, and just plain dumb. I remember when Rihanna came out with her first was nice. Her songs now are wack…i feel sorry for her. Now, i feel sorry for Willow because I already know what is in store for her. Her parents has obviously pushed her and their son into the business.

  7. This is sad that these fools would do thi to their 9 y/o daughter. Well her life is now in the hands of a devil…SMH I am just going to pray pray pray for them 🙂

  8. She got Big ass ears just like her daddy. Fuck they shave her head for? smfh -_-

  9. Oh yeah and peep the full CHEETAH get up & Givenchy bag @ her brother’s premiere. She is a LITTLE ASS GIRL -_- … I’m surprised you didn’t choose to feature this photo:

    • i saw that pic, and the ones of her in skull and crossbone gear….i went with this photo because it ties into the suspicion that they are vamping her to be rihanna’s placement, i am sure i mentioned her and her brother being pimped out by her parents in an earlier post i did regarding jayden

  10. I been waiting 4 you do this on willow. Girl child this mess here, when I hear this track ( I really don’t listen to kids because they singing just annoys me but everybody was commenting on it so I gave it a hear) ok Will and Jada just really turn me the hell off right because she’s 9 years old and don’t need to be in the business at a young age smh. I was on RWS Blog and baby I love that blog because they keep it real and the comments was like WHY is she sign and WHY to Jay. I do see what Jay is trying to do recreate Rhianna of some sorts. Willow does sounds fine mmmm I want to see it live. I want to know WHY the Smiths want their kids in the business so badly I mean give them time to grow up as kids and stop having kids make all of the decisions in the house. Let a child be a child, I just can see it now Willow trying to deal with the pressures of Hollyweird and cracking the hell up and their son Jaden doesn’t want to be an actor either I just can tell they are force into this mess and it’s a shame.

  11. Very good article. I like to think of it as the “something” I just couldn’t put my finger on. What do you think about her being androgynous? I am in no way, shape or form saying that women who shave their hair are androgynous. But I saw a clip of Oprah where I got the impression that Willow wants to shave off her hair, and basically they are letting her shave off a little at a time. Just a thought. But Justin Bieber is definitely on that same path. Finding him annoying is a given, but his mannerisms make him appear to be like a “butch” female or a feminine man. Like he is meant to appeal to both genders. No offense…I just like to observe these things.

    • CO-SIGN!!!!

    • in a nutshell “gender confusion” if you don’t have an idea of who you are at the center of you, you will be unsure about alot of things, which makes you easier to control?

    • You are sooo right about Justin Bieber. If my daughter wanted to shave her head, I would tell her to wait until she can pay for it herself. If it was a regular haircut then maybe I wouldn’t mind. Maybe they are just being supportive of what their daughter wants but I don’t see why a 9 year old would want to have her head shaved.

  12. off topic for a second did you all hear about jennifer hudson’s nephew julian king ‘s father gregory hill on video announcing to the world he keeps hearing jennifer is responsible for her families murder and that she had to SACRIFICE SOME THINGS to get to the point of being famous .dirty gurl i hope you do a article about this cause i know you speak knowledge !

    • PLEASE dont cover that-_-.

      Even if the rumors are true, I will have NO respect for Dirtygurl if she sites that loser. He is a complete RETARD and only released the video to try and sell his album THAT’S ALL he really talked about on the video; no respect for his son’s life SMFH

      Dont do it dirty!

      Peace and Abundance

  13. Another sad chapter in ongoing saga of MK-Ultra Mind Controlled Slaves…

    Esoteric Kitten has partnered w/ intheknow7 for more searing commentary — see our new journal here

    and our 1st collaborative effort here

    We are committed to exposing Mind Control Slaves via deciphering and decoding their programmers, and helping others to detach and hopefully becoming de-programmers. Thank You All For Your Support!

  14. i’d have to listen to what he’s saying about jennifer, but she’s the one i’m keeping my eye on, and if he was hearing so much about her “involvement” then why is he just now coming forward IN ADDITION TO TRYING TO HAVE A CAREER IN THE SAME INDUSTRY? SOUNDS LIKE HE READS THE BLOGS AND IS USING HER NAME TO GET SOME ATTENTION… TONGUES HAVE BEEN WAGGING ABOUT JENNIFER FOR AWHILE NOW, SO WHY NOT SPEAK UP WHEN THIS FIRST HAPPENED, IT’S BEEN WHAT LIKE TWO YEARS?

  15. Let’s see what do we have here….

    1.) Free Masons

    2.) Satan worshippers

    3.) Scientologist

    4.) Swingers

    5.) All are Illumanati puppets

    6.) Evil songs

    7.) Bad reputations

    8.) Heavy involvement with Elite Jews

    9.) Sold their souls

    10.) Little innocent children

    Not good!! Not healthy!! Not safe!! Very scarey indeed.

  16. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out her “official” music video. It’s basically just pics of her, but there’s one where she’s already doing the one eye pose. Smh.

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