As I’m sure most of you know,my nine- year- old son is living with Autism.  In his case, it is not as severe as it could be, and despite him being a smart as a whip he may never be able to live on his own, or hold a job when he gets older.  I can’t begin to express how enraged it makes me feel every time I think of it.  It also saddens me that had I not had him vaccinated, he’d most likely be what we call “normal”.

For a long time, the ASD ( Autism Spectrum Disorder) has been linked to the mercury contained in the vaccines, which would make sense of the fact that every one in one-hundred-fifty children are diagnosed with it. But there has been propaganda denying the link because if the pharmas actually admitted to this link, they would be inundated with law suits, rendering them destitute.  Of course politicians wouldn’t dare make these connections since it is the big pharmas that contribute monetarily to their campaigns.

However, no matter how one tries to cover the truth, it has a way of rising to the top.  Read about it here.

I would strongly suggest that those of you with small children halt any further immunizations.  No matter what anyone in authority tries to tell you, it is NOT MANDATORY to have your children immunized!

I would urge mothers-to-be to let your doctors know that you do not want your baby immunized!  Never let them take your child away without someone you know and trust going with them to  monitor the nurses, as this is the time they give them that first deadly dose.



  1. Is it even POSSIBLE for the big pharms to be sued? Aren’t there laws protecting them from lawsuits pertaining to the mercury ladened immunizations? Or are the laws just there to protect the government, insurance carriers and doctors?

  2. This really saddens me on the one hand and makes me extremely angry on the other. Parents are being pressured and bullied into vaccinating their children but as you has stated, it is not mandatory. An exemption form is available for each state and the schools/hospitals/surgeries vaccinating are supposed to automatically give you the form if you object, however many play like they have not heard of such a form and some will lie and say that such a form does not exist. You just have to be insistent and hold your position on not vaccinating your child.

    It is an absolute horror what goes into these vaccinations. Vaccines are merely slow kill weapons, nothing but 21st century sorcery, quackery and witchcraft rolled into one. I’m sure you are aware of the recent incident in India where 6 babies died from receiving the flu shot within an hour of being vaccinated. The doctors there were lynched by a 600 strong group of villagers and it took the police to persuade the locals to let the doctors go. This is the normal reaction to a loved one being damaged or killed by vaccination, however in the west, we simply turn our faces down to the floor. We need to revive that wild spirit back again.

    They are now floating the idea of mandatory vaccinations for all. as one man once said: “You bring your needle and I will bring my gun and lets see who makes a bigger hole”. Mandatory vaccinations are a declaration of war against me as far as I’m concerned and I will defend this body from big phama’s slow kill weapons by any means necessary.

  3. This topic came up at work before, and my spanish friend said he had to get a lawyer or something so that his baby wouldn’t have to get these immunization shots that babies are recquired to get at birth and up, and told them it was for religious beliefs, on the other hand, my black friend said her daughter got her shots, and is fine, and proceeded to explain how a babies body is very vunerable to germs, etc, coming out the womb and she believes it is needed. Well I’m expecting my 1st child next month, and after reading this article, I’m pretty confused on if I should or shouldn’t. Any advice?

  4. Being a person trying to start a family with my husband, this is something I am already praying against & seeking the Lord’s guidance on. Every since I read something simular you mentioned about vaccinations in a previous article, hearing about the effects of the H1N1 vaccine, & 9 years ago witnessing 27% of the students @ a middle school I interned @ in Philly suffer from ‘ADDHD’, (& of whom all were under mandatory dosages of Ritilan), it was all starting to make sence that there is something in the vaccinations causing these so-called ‘behavioral disorders’. I’ve always had my suspicions about the flu shot because everyone I know that’s ever gotten one, got the flu, & got it twice as bad. Come to find out the flu strains change every year, & once our body has received that strain, it naturally becomes immuned to it. During this time each year, big pharm is creating a vaccination from the strain of the previous year. So, I ask, how does this make sense? Why would I take a drug that is only possibly guaraunteed to save me from the flu strain from last year, from which I’m am probably already immuned to if I got sick last year, but can’t do anything to save me from the developing strain from this year?! Oh, & recent studies show, the H1N1 vaccine has ALWAYS been an ingredient of the flu shot, they just started announcing it & making a big hype about it within the last few years because the flu vaccination sales were getting low. Its all a big lie as usual.

  5. I have always been skeptical about this flu shot… I understand the mechanics but I’m still skeptical about why it’s needed. I would rather risk catching it and developing the antibodies so I can poss it to my child. I work in a clinic/hospital setting and every time “flu” season comes around I get stalked by the needle and pressured into getting that sick drip needle. I absolutely refuse to get me children immunized and seeing how autism is on the rise I’m almost refusing to have them go to any hospital
    Thanks for the information in regard to me not having to immunize my children got school…I figure if those other little kids are immunized then there’s no reason for my child to get it. This reply saddens me…we do need to go back to becoming more active in politics and caring about or childrens well being.

  6. vaccinations are not mandatory. my oldest daughter got every vaccination known to man and she stayed sick all the time with colds and different virus she got from the kids at school. then i ran across a book called “vacinations are dangerous”. i had another daughter about 5 years after reading this book and SHE HASNT HAD NOT 1 VACINATION!! I told them at the hospital when she was born: dont put no eyedrops in her eyes, do not give her no hepitis vaccine YES THEY GIVE NEWBORNS A HEPITIS SHOT!!, i told them dont give her NOTHIN!!. she is 15 now and to this day she hasnt had 1 vacination. she has been in state paid for daycare and the public schools she has been in has asked nothing about vacinations. only 1 daycare as i can recall asked for a vaccination record and i just wrote a note saying it was against my phlisophycal (however you spell it)beliefs.

    also, unlike my oldest daughter, my youngest is RARELY sick. she might get a cold every now and then. vacinations are dangerous. but it is up to the parent, do your research. dirtygurl, im with you and good luck to you and your beautiful son.

  7. theres squalene, mercury, and a host of other stuff in vaccines
    Hey writer, please put your son on some probiotics called Cutrelle. My daughter with autism takes them and she now shows more emotion, more social, more kisses and more engaged but shes only 2.

  8. DirtyGurl, do you mind giving us a few of the places you received your information? Thanks!!!

  9. I dont want my kids to get immunizations if they are harful but im scared that they will be taken from me. How can i get around it?? I have medicaid insurance and i dont think that i could turn it down without dcfs getting involved…

  10. got some info…

    […] learning more about the case management […

  11. I wish I knew what I did five year old son is autistic..but I pray and rebuke it!! I know God is going to heal him and he will live a normal life, and he will be able to do things that they say he might not do..God is my healer and doctor….yes its true that getting immunizations are not mandatory however when your child goes to school it is…or else they won’t be accepted in…I don’t know if that is just where I live…I am mad as ever, but I will continue praying and asking God for a healing…It is in his word and his will.

  12. Dirtygirl , how far were his shots from when he was diagnosed with autism ?

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