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Reader, and fellow Twitster Tokio Rose asked me to do this post on Katie Holmes.  I must admit I was a bit taken off guard because I just don’t follow these folks, but I found some very interesting things, so I hope you enjoy this.

Katie Holmes  born in Toledo, Ohio to a stay at home mother and a father who is an attorney.  I would like to mention that Katie was born two months prematurely which in itself is not a crime.

This was taken from the enlightening book ” The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave” by Fritz Springmeir and Cisco Wheeler.  I’ve mentioned this title before, and I’ve said it time and again, it is an excellent, yet daunting read if you want to begin to understand the methods of mind control.

Foundation Step 2.
The Trauma of a Premature Birth
A premature birth is important because the naturally occurring
events around a premature birth insure that the child is naturally
traumatized. Studies (such as Fenaroff, 1972) have found that only
7-8% of the live births were premature, but 25 to 40% (about a
third) of all battered children were born premature.
It appears that the satanic cult involvement with causing premature
births may be reflected in this type of statistic. Some of the
Illuminati-induced premature births have made the newspapers,
because the preemies set records for being born so small. Premature
labor is induced-the fact that a premature birth happens is not
natural, but the traumas that occur to the preemie are.
Specialized drugs (not just the exogenous oxytocins normally used
to induce labor) are used on a mother to place her in a deeper trance
than a twilight sleep. (Remember, that the underdeveloped liver &
kidneys of the preemie make it difficult to naturally purge meds
from the preemie’s body.) The mother will begin the process of
delivery at this time. However, the mother must be brought out of
this deep sleep in order to push the baby through the birth canal.
The baby is too weak to help with the birthing process.

Katie was enrolled in the obligatory roman catholic school, most likely to cover the mind control and abuse her parents subjected her to.
Although most know her as “Joey” from Dawson’s Creek, she also gave a bunch of bad performances in a bunch of bad movies.  In 2003, she was engaged to her then boyfriend, Chris Klien, but they broke up in 2005, then IT happened…Tom Cruise.
Katie went missing…yes you read right, she went missing for sixteen days in April, and on the 29th she was first spotted with Cruise in Italy.  WTF? missing for over two weeks, the she just appears with Cruise…something just don’t smell right about that.  Where was Katie during this time, and what was happening to her.
This is taken from Cathy O’Briens memoirs “Tranceformation of America” which is a chronicle of her days of being a Presidential Model…
After Aquino instilled my base sex programming, I was often taken by
Houston to Youngstown, Ohio to attend the sex slave training camp hell hole
referred to as “Charm School”. Houston often performed in the Youngstown
area at county fairs, Fraternal Order of Police shows, or any little country
music entertainment gigs that would bring us in the proximity of the dreaded
Charm School. On occasion, Kelly would go through the torture process with
me. But usually Houston delivered me to the door for training with other CIA
and Mafia slaves my age, and then left taking Kelly with him. When Charm
School was in session, there were several girls being tortured and trained at
once. 1 have seen and known numerous girls to go through Charm School, but,
understandably, few are reported to have survived or recovered their minds
enough to talk about it.

Youngstown, Ohio?  Was Katie in this “charm school” for two weeks, possibly sold to Cruise to be her handler/hubby?  There are reports that during this time Katie fired both her manager and agent who’d been with the starlet for years, and took on some dubious characters and called them friends.  Jessica Feshbach, who is the daughter of Joe Feshbach, both avid scientologists.
A month after her vanishing, and being sold to Cruise, the  basket case went on Oprah and jumped on her couch. Besides trying to break Oprah’s wrists, I thought he must have been on coke or something.
I mean, who could forget that?  He proclaimed his “love” for his new girlfriend, even though he didn’t know her from a can of paint…or did he?  When did they really meet?  How old was Katie when she was promised to him?
You know the old story, the media pounced, and the world went crazy over the new couple, branding them TomKat for the rest of their unnatural lives. One year later the two were married by a Scientology minister, with fellow Scientologists  Will and Jada “swinging” Smith in attendance.
Then the unthinkable happens, they have a Scientology baby and name her Suri.  Now instead of being known for her one time acting of Suri. If she’s not snapped shopping with her daughter who by the way, she dresses in red ruby slippers most of the time ( Wizard of Oz programming),
then she herself is being snapped with black and purple bruises on her knee area. I’m sure that most A-list female celebs sport those same bruises, and it most likely means the same thing.


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I know I’m late, but I’m sure by now you are all aware of the Bishop Eddie Long Scandal.  When I first heard about this, you can bet I wasn’t surprised.

After all, Eddie Long isn’t the first “man of God” to stray, however upon hearing that his megachurch cost $50 milli to construct and that he has over 25,000 members, I thought I’d better take a closer look.

So just to get on the same page, to date, four young men have come forward accusing the Bish ( that’s my name for him) of sexual coercion.  According to these young men, when they were teens in his congregation, he gave them money, cars, gifts, and lavish trips in exchange for sexual gratification.  Of course, the Bish denied these charges, and says that he will fight them, but then again what else did you expect him to say?  Now if it was only one boy, I might disbelieve, if it were two I would raise an eyebrow, but four?  Come on now!

I was thinking the other day, what kind of woman would marry a gay man, and please don’t you dare tell me that she probably didn’t know he was gay, because he looks gay to me in the one picture I’ve seen of him.  She’s got to be humiliated, and if she knew about her husband’s style of religion, then she should be ashamed.

What kills me is that for one, he has the reputation of being quite the homophobic.  Two, he used his position to gratify his own perverse pleasures, and three, he stole from his flock ( of sheep).

After hearing how much this church cost to build, I decided to go on over to the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church website, and noticed a couple of things.

Apparently you don’t have to wait until Sunday to give your weekly earnings to his gay prostitution fund, you can click on a button to donate as much money as you can, 24/7.  On the banner, there is a picture of a white family.  I am just assuming that since the Bish and the Bish’s wife are black, they would have a black family to represent them?  Maybe that’s just me.  I also noticed that they refer to the couple as the “Bishop and First Lady”


I thought that title was reserved for the presidents ( of the U.S.) wife?  Silly me.  But what is the saddest part, is that they will forgive him, and continue to follow him.


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In a recent interview with XXL Magazine, Kanye blames an entire city for the early demise of his mother.

He claims that moving to Southern Cali prompted his mom to go under the knife of killer doc Jan Adams which claimed her life.  I wish her a peaceful journey wherever she may be.  He then goes on to state that if they lived in NYC, she’d still be with him.

In my own opinion, it is not plastic surgery that may have taken her life, but his statements against  then President Bush during a live telecast after the Katrina Tragedy.  At this point, Kanye proved himself to be a loose cannon, and loose cannons are unpredictable.  You never know what they may say or do, at anytime.  So, how can you ensure that your loose cannon doesn’t go off at the mouth anytime he pleases, you silence him by killing his mother.

By the way, did you know that Dr. Adams ( laugh) attended Harvard University, but never rec’d his diploma?  I’m wondering if the good doc belonged to the Skull and Bones Society, and/or is a Mason?

The good doc also has ties to UCLA which according to some, is one of many programming centers that front as a research center.  Oddly enough, it is also where Disney Darling, Lindsey Lohan spent some weeks of “rehab” recently.

Too many “coincidences” and connections, but then again it could all be reaching on my part.


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So it seems our little Beyta lied to us, yet again.  I’m hearing that she’s releasing a new album, and a single could be hitting airwaves as soon as three weeks from now.  Wait!…I thought she was supposedly on break, so where did this new album come from???  While over zealous rabid fans are no doubt thrilled, the rest of us will be bracing for this new onslaught of songs that weren’t written by her, but will reflect her as a co-writer on the credits!

Read about it here


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Have I made it clear that I despise Viacom’s many faces and their programming?  Anyway, the plantation that is VH1’s series “Basketball Wives” has added their newest wynch to their growing stable of slaves.

You may remember her from the second season of MTV’s original “reality” experiment “The Real World-Venice Beach”.  Her name is Tammi, and she is best known for a) having an abortion on television, b) wiring her jaw shut in order to stabilize her weight and c) getting her roomie kicked out and equating his pulling off her covers to rape.

Well, he did go too far, and he should have stopped when she told him to, so he did deserve to get kicked out.  Anyway after the Real World, gold-digging Tammi married ex-NBA baller Kenny Anderson, whom I understand has children with “Spinderella” of  girl rap group Salt n Peppa.

Anyway, she seemed to be a drama queen so this is the perfect fit, you all can check your local listings for when this mess premieres, but speaking of  “B-Ball Wives”, I understand that one of the cast members who is not anyones wife is being sued by her baby’s father, Dwight Howard for smearing his name and reputation over the internet.  I’m saying this has got to be the most frivolous lawsuit I’ve heard of, seeing how what she said was probably the truth, and her opinion.  I’m sure it won’t see the inside of a court room.


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Who should get the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine?

“When vaccine to protect against 2009 H1N1 first became available, supplies were limited. For this reason, CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended that people at highest risk for complications from this virus, or those caring for high risk individuals who cannot receive vaccination, receive the vaccine first. These target groups included pregnant women, people who live with or care for children younger than 6 months of age, health care and emergency medical services personnel, anyone 6 months through 24 years of age, and people ages of 25 through 64 years of age at higher risk for 2009 H1N1 influenza because of certain chronic health conditions or compromised immune systems.”

Of course the government wants to protect us citizens from all of these “diseases” floating around, and they would never, ever compromise our health and well being…..RIGHT! (INSERT SCATHING SARCASM)

Oh, it must have totally slipped their minds that since 2009,  more than one thousand preggies who received the vaccine (because the CDC said they should) miscarried.

Read about it here.


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Beyta was spotted  in NYC leaving Lure with handler one and two ( Hov and Julius) looking remedial as hell.

It is clear to me that she is on something, and/ or that she has dissociated into a very young child.  She keeps this same expression from the entrance to the curb.  Did they dine alone, or was this a “business” meeting?  If it was, then with whom did they meet?

This picture is quite disturbing and brings to mind that video of Anna Nicole Smith.  I find it equally disturbing that this photo has made it’s rounds in the blogosphere, and nobody has said anything about the expression on her face.

It is possible that there’s something fascinating going on by the curb, but I doubt that.  Do they think that they can keep messing with this girl’s mind and nobody’s going to raise an eyebrow?

I continue to keep Beyta in my thoughts, and wish a slow, torturous and painful death for her handlers/programmers/ and owners.