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I don’t know about your geographical area, but here in Northern California it is a very beautiful day.  But I digress, if you guys don’t check out the links in my blogroll you should definitely give them a click.  I ran across this post from In The Know 7 ‘s very informative blog about the President and First Lady’s blatant and not so blatant use of the devil horns.  Or if your one of the many sheeple, the “rock on” hand signal. Working on a closer look at Kanye West, but it’s slow going.  Look for it soon!  Until then, here is something to chew on!


11 Responses to “THE OBAMAS “ROCK ON”!”

  1. Glad to hear that the weather is so beautiful in Cali, the same here in VA. Can’t wait to read about Kanye. Well you’re gathering your thoughts, check this out
    this breaks down his Power video……….happy reading

  2. ButtaFlyy Says:

    Gurl, why, why, oh, why was I just reading that on that exact site right before I saw this update?! I was about to tell you he updated his blog and it wasn’t all about Sara Palin! ha ha ha!!!!

  3. Tx much for shout out! Just formed partnership w/Esoteric Kitten…pls check us out in future posts, we’ll be bringing the fire…fo real!

    To ButtaFlyy: Funny…yeah I’ve pretty much exhausted Palin, or at least until ole Henry tunes her up for 2012 Selections…

    • ButtaFlyy Says:

      **blushing** You weren’t suppose to see that! Hee hee hee!!! But, seriously, I couldn’t get through the workday without The Dirt, intheknow7, and Vigilant Citizen. I stick with you guys because you break down in laymens terms relevant issues and how we are being deceived on a regualr basis. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, GUYS…AND GURL!!!!

  4. I can not believe I got caught up in the Obama hype and vted for him, Im not voting any more…it is sooooo sad whats going on here but, they will fall. i just hope Sasha and Malia are o.k.

    • i know, and i went through some mess just to find the voting station for my jurisdiction…i regret wasting my time and energy and it won’t happen again. um i’m not gonna touch on sasha and malia..i just feel very sad for them

    • ButtaFlyy Says:

      I feel ya. It’s like why play a game you know you will never when? But, we still have to keep faith, keep doing our part & keep getting the truth out there. Just like Christian keep fighting even though we already know what happens in Revelations. We stop being human when we lose our will to survive, but survive we must. Can’t let them think they control us all ;o)

    • You are not the only one. I voted for him in the primaries when I was in college…I got up super early just to make sure we had the location right and everything! I had signs and all sorts of Obama gear in my dorm room…tucked neatly away in the corner, lol. If only I knew then all of what I know now. You should watch a documentary that Lenon Honor did on the presidential selections. His website is along the same lines as this one and Vigilant Citizen, etc.

  5. Ms. Mizani Says:

    @ Chariel…

    I co-sign with you all the way. I too have deciced not to vote again after finding out that the candidates are selected and finalized before we know who’s even in the runnings. No more wasting my time and money going to the polls. My only focus from now on is to continue to learn about the “Big Agenda” of the Elites and how to avoid becoming a sheep.

  6. I voted for him too, even though i knew he was part of the elite blood line. he looks just like his cousins george bush, jimmy carter they all got them slanty reptile eyes. and it didnt help that the media flat out said he was george bush 9th cousin. oh yea, and i noticed little sasha looks just like her great great grandmother, the queen of england. they really favor. oh yea, have yall seen pics of the man that they say is really obamas father? i never did believe that african man was his father. you should be able to find a pic if you surf the net hard enough. he was some member of a communist party here in america.

    but you know, what im really disappointed in is michelle. i thought she was fly educated and all that. yes, i think she is his handler. she always doing them damn horns. seems like she cant even take 1 picture without flashing them damn horns. but anyway. im just sooo tired of the fact that nothing is real every once of news is a lie. look how they got some bw in news talking about she was spreading aids in europe. aint even no such thing as aids so you know thats a lie. the jews aint going to stop until they make the black woman enemy number 0ne. they want it so no man will go near us let alone touch us. oh well, i’ll stop venting now. thanks for reading. i really love this blog.

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