I saw Wyclef Jean on twitter whining about not being on the list of presidential candidates.  I don’t know where he got the idea that he could be president of another country that he hasn’t lived in for quite some time, but such is the thinking of a jerk who thinks that he’s bigger than he actually is.  If the reports I’ve been hearing about his “charity” and his mistress are true, then he def needs a reality check.  I’ll put it like this, the day when he can get Lauryn’s support, is the day he’ll get mine!  I blame Obama for this mess!  By the way, what happened to Claudette Ortiz?

Our girl has been laying (kind of) low for the past few months, but here she is with her “man” in Italy on vacation.  I understand that they have been hanging with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Quincy Jones and that’s bad enough, but the Rothchilds?  Hmmm?  Anyway you’ll notice her attire and that matching bandage on her elbow. Please pray for her safety!  Btw… while we know that Jay is her handler, who is her owner and programmer?  Jay isn’t that smart to be making up codes and triggers.  What’s going on with these two besides the obvious prostitution? I know they are on “vacation” but what are they really up to, could they be running drugs into the country?  One just never knows.

Proof positive that public schools are slowly but surely overstepping their boundaries.  A school in Wyoming has been planning to teach sex ed to first graders, unbeknownst to the parents, and that involves homosexuality.  This is something that should be taught at home, at the discretion of the parent.  I believe that the government is trying to take the rights of the parents away, so that they can have absolute control over our children’s minds.



27 Responses to “WHAT’S GOIN’ ON…”

  1. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. On the sex education topic, homosexuality will not be the boundary they will stop at. Is that where you thought it would stop, think again. You have to look to the UK to see what will be unveiled in the US as the UK is the testbed and the blueprint for the rest of the planet to follow. Let us also included in there masturbation, group sex, oral sex, anal sex, fisting, videos of how to put on condoms, videos of genitals just for a warm up. Parents need to STOP TRUSTING THE GOVERNMENT, it is not your friend.

    This is what happens when people in a society have been domesticated, they not only lose respect for other people, they also lose respect for themselves. This is why police can shoot a young man in the back of the head in a subway station or jump on the bonnet of an elderly man’s Range Rover and smash his front screen and driver’s side window like its Cops or 24. The chicken neck, slack jawed lazy public have lost respect for themselves and enjoy being slaves. However, they are also dangerous in the fact that they will turn on you when they see you standing up for your rights as they do not want their cowardly boat being rocked.

    I keep stressing this point, the public run schools today are nothing but government training camps, educating your children against you the parents and moulding them into the image of the states. If you place your children in the hands of criminals and out of control monsters, what can be expected? If at all possible, GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT before they are completely gone and go private. If you cannot afford it why not home school instead or if this is not possible at least ground them in the truth first as they spend most of their day in the camp.

    We have to spend time with our children when we come back from work regardless of how tired we feel as there is a war going on for the minds of the young. Hmmm, I seem to remember this happening before under a certain German dictator during the 1930-40s. Let us not be suckers again.

  2. Claudette Ortiz? (please explain…)

    I’m not against my children learning sexual education, even know what homosexuality is, seeing as though they will be exposed to it due to the fact that its part of the society in which we live. If we don’t talk to our children about it, then they will more than likely get misinformed by someone who shouldn’t be giving out any information. First grade though? That’s rather young. But at what age should we inform our children about sex and what it is?

    I started my menstrual at 11…and was very scared because I didn’t know what it was. My family explained it to me…but didn’t explain anything else and they didn’t touch on sex at all. I feel like at that age, I should’ve been informed on what sex was, rather or not I was going to engage in sexual activity. Why? because I was hearing all the wrong information from my friends who were a little older than me and basically glorifying sex. I feel that if my family would have informed me on the sex topic, telling me the good and bad about it, I wouldn’t have thought that I had to have sex because my friends only told me the “good” parts about sex…needless to say, I was very much disappointed when I lost my virginity 3 years later.

    I will most definitely try to teach my children about sex when I feel like they are ready. If their school want to talk to them about it, some sort of permission slip should be sent home asking me is it ok if my chidren take part in the discussion. Yet, their is no way in hell I would want my first grader to know much about sex, let alone talk about it in class. Other things should be discussed, that will actually help my children be the best that they can be.

    • claudette ortiz was the female in the group city high she had a solo song, and one with wyclif and then dissapeared

      as for homsexuality I am the only one that will determine if that is appropriate for my children to learn. my seven year old told me point blank, that a man is not supposed to kiss a man. now up until this point i have not said yeah or nay in regards to homosexulity, what does that tell you? anyway, when he is old enough in MY EYES is when we will discuss not only homsexuality, but the homosexual agenda. i don’t harbor any ill will to homosexuals, i however do harbor ill will to the homosexual agenda. my own personal belief is that if it was natural then men would be able to reproduce life with men…that’s all

  3. smh I just caught the whole thing about them hanging out with the Rothchilds…interesting much.

    • yeah like what would the rothchilds, the ultra elite want to hang out with the likes of beyonce and jay z…what on earth do they even have in common? oh yeah the new world order that’s right

  4. Sadly your relaxed attitude toward the topics of sex education and homosexuality being taught to your children by of all entities the State is a classic indicator of a broken and domesticated society. This is what I keep stressing and no offence but most of the time it seems to be women who have no hangs ups or quams with a corrupt government taking control over their children as the State has become the new husband in place of the man for many of today’s western woman. You actually trust the State in teaching your children on such sensitive topics?

    It is mostly women who typically will stick up for and support homosexuals even though the homosexual despises the woman as you are both after the same thing, men. Many women think it is typically cool to hang out with gay men, not knowing that the gay man is simply observing your flirting techniques and signals to men to use later himself not only on gay men but also try to convert straight men over. Homosexuals hate women in the same way that lesbians hate men. Are you surprised that a good MASCULINE man is hard to find thesedays?

    It is mostly women that will rush out and shoot up their children with vaccines in the name of prevention of disease, not knowing that they are actually injecting their children with a slow kill weapon which contains dead aborted baby parts, animal parts, pus, monkey kidneys, excrement and all other kinds of rubbish. This is straight up sorcery that many women practice on their children. This is no different from the witch in the black hat and cloak stirring the broth in the cauldron which is filled with all kinds of plants, chemicals and animals members. Why haven’t many people put 2 and 2 together as to why children are coming down with cancer, diabetes, skin problems, breathing problems etc rampantly?

    18 wheelers are rolling up and down the streets of the world, do we place our children in front of one travelling in our direction at 70mph to teach them about trucks because they are present and could be dangerous?

    Sex education is not for schools to teach your children but alot of parents have simply gotten lazy and entrusted their children over to the State to take care of the child’s needs. Yes, the State will teach your children and take care of he/she’s needs……and much more.

    You can allow the schools to teach your children sensitive issues but you better check out the real agenda that they are holding behind their backs, not the fake presentation they are showing you to passify your anger and put you to sleep. Women, stop trusting the government, it is not your friend.

    • don’t forget autism, add, adhd, and anything else they can think of. the health care industry makes billions of dollars, not by curing us, but by keeping us sick! I read that the elite do not use prescription drugs, they are into holistic healing. why is that?
      you raise an interesting point about women turning to the government i am telling all that i know with infants or women that are pregnant,
      dont let them get vaccinated, say it’s against their religion.
      one of my friends on facebook found a youtube vid that some highschool kid made, I was very impressed with this young man who said that he asked his teacher about the new world order, she told him that it was a conspiracy, but his text book stated that it was a movement to bring peace….poisoning our children i am very impressed with whomever raised him to question authority! he also stated that camera phones were not allowed on school grounds, because they don’t want us to record what they are telling us or how they are acting! I’ll try to find it.

      • one more thing verbs, about the women having one gay friend. i always had a hard time with how a certain percentage of gay men act how they THINK a woman acts. all that snapping and extra crap they do is not how any women i know act, so who are they emulating…A STEREOTYPE!
        plus it’s these same men that really just get on my nerves with all the drama and production, i don’t like people who do extra…

      • I am happy to see alot of very young people are waking up and seeing the system for what it is. I was listening to a podcast radio show about 2 weeks ago and a 12 year old boy was asking the host what steps he could take to avoid being indoctrinated by the so called education system, I was very impressed.

        That is indeed true that the elite practice natural healing methods. They even have units that slot under the arm that purify the blood as they travel around. I know also that when you become a member of parliament/congress, that you get a special card which gives you access to a different range of organic food grown underground that does even get touched by the chemical rain we are now exposed to daily.

        The royal family of Britain have their organic food transported around where ever they travel to including their cattle. These scum who indeed think that they are better that everyone else live a very different life to you and I.

        Homosexuality is just so backwards. A gay man will go and look for another man who acts like a woman and a lesbian will look for a woman who acts like a man. This is all part and parcel of reprobation and a departure from the principles of God.

      • very interesting about the young man and myself questioned everything.

  5. ButtaFlyy Says:

    dirtygurl Says:

    August 23, 2010 at 1:40 am
    one more thing verbs, about the women having one gay friend. i always had a hard time with how a certain percentage of gay men act how they THINK a woman acts. all that snapping and extra crap they do is not how any women i know act, so who are they emulating…A STEREOTYPE!
    plus it’s these same men that really just get on my nerves with all the drama and production, i don’t like people who do extra…
    THANK YOU!!!! I’ve never understood why gay men act more girly than the biggest diva!!! I often think, ‘What kind of women did you grow up around to make you think this is how they normally are?’ smh

  6. ButtaFlyy Says:

    Verbs2010 Says:

    August 23, 2010 at 12:01 pm
    Homosexuality is just so backwards. A gay man will go and look for another man who acts like a woman and a lesbian will look for a woman who acts like a man. This is all part and parcel of reprobation and a departure from the principles of God.

    Exactly!!! Something else I’ve never understood. If they’re saying they are ‘made’ to like women, why do they have to be ‘butch’? Why can’t they just be normal and like girls? Same for the guys: why only like men, but want a guy the dresses or acts like a girl? Is it about the organs used or the person? If you just don’t like dick, then why do you have to dress like you have one?!

    Oh, and to me, bi people are just greedy! ;o)

  7. @Verbs was your comment directed towards me?

    My children are 2 and 1…so they aren’t even in school. I had a sexual education class in school…just paid attention to pass the few tests and keep my g.p.a up. If my children are of age, in my eyes, to sit for a sexual ed class, then they can but that don’t mean they or I have to agree with what is being taught in that class. There were alot of things I dismissed as bullcrap in class, but I still did what I had to do to past.

    Homosexuality is not to be understood. I come from a religious background, and alot of Christians believe that homosexuality is a demonic spirit. I have some homosexual friends, half of them can’t explain why they are the way they are..the other half feels as if they were born that way. I don’t know…

  8. And I remember Claudette Ortiz now. I like that group too. She did sort of disappear off the radar with those two guys…one of which was in Sister Act 2…

  9. Ms. Mizani Says:

    1.) Wyclef is a (puppet) fool, If I’ve ever seen one. His reaction to the aftermath reveals to bad and wrong attitude for Presidency anywhere, but especially Haiti. Wyclef’s heart and head was filled with greed for himself and not so much for the people of Haiti.

    2.) Jayonce’s vacay was probably more like business than pleasure. They are constantly climbing to the top of becoming the top two puppets in the business/game. It’s too bad they don’t see (the evil) what we see besides dollar signs. They are surrounded by danger and think they are protected by the Elites. I dread the day the knives are put in their backs.

    3.) Because our Government is all about the “New World Order”. I dont trust them to educate our children about anything. I’m in no favor of these children becoming MK’d. And that’s what it boils down to.– They are even pushing the ‘Homosexual Agenda’. which I personally don’t want for me and my family.–Also…Sex is forced upon us daily. Wether it’s TV, magazines, Billboards, songs, etc… And many kids are engaging in sex.—My belief is that people have now become just hooked on the ‘FEELING’ and they don’t care where it comes from. Male, female, dog, cat, old and young people, a hole in the wall, etc… All caution and real heartfelt resonings are tossed into the wind. So they justify themselves with titles. Hence, Bi-sexual, gay, lesbian, etc… Which will all become a blur as we will witness in generations from present, well into the future generations.

  10. every since my mother avoided what should have been explained to me at a young age (especially me having my menstrual period) i decided my daughter would not be clue less when it came to learning about her body .i sat my seven year old daughter down and explained that females have periods and we bleed from the vagina a few days a month ,i explained how to apply a maxi pad according to her size in a pair of her extra underwear as an example.
    i explained how she was not to be touch by anyone male or female on her body area especially if it made her feel uncomfortable even so much as a hug including if she did not want mommy hugging her. she was taught males have penis and women vagina and the one enters the other to make possibly a baby when the man shoots out his liquid sperm to the lady’s egg and it gets stuck there and a baby forms from his seed to her egg simple enough for her to understand and she had questions of course mixed with slight embarressment .
    every year taught her more information added with the old info. she understands having a period = possibly getting pregnant if sex is involved.yes she seems to be grossed out the older she gets but thank god she had a smooth transition when she did get her period. she comes to me with questions that are direct and i give answers that are direct depending on the question.she feels comfortable and open to asking me anything and i love that i can teach without being ashamed times are different now we must not let anyone teach our kids any twisted version of how god designed our bodies. i teach her that god doesn’t approve of homosexual behavior because that what the bible says but also god loves all his children gay or straight.no one person is without sin or is better than the other and never treat someone bad because they have a different sexual preference . people just spit it out and be honest as best you can and whatever way works best for you in talking to our young ones.some adults still need a good teaching. if i offend anyone for being so graphic i do apologize.

    • I’m glad to see that you took this matter by the horns yourself as really the responsibility shouldn’t be placed into the hands of strangers when it comes to your children. However, I have a question to a comment you made.

      You stated that you have taught your daughter that God loves all of his children regardless of their sexual orientation. What scripture is that please?

  11. Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time. For those who haven’t, read your bible and see it for yourself. It’s nothing new. It’s more wide spread now and becoming more and more excepted…true. New World Order or not…the homosexuality rise was going to take place, along with other sinful things.

  12. I understand that the behaviour has been around since the beginning of time as you stated, however it doesn’t mean that it has to be tolerated. Yes, homosexuality is becoming more widespread, why, because people have not stood up against it in force as in times past and have become decadent with little to no moral standards. I guess I have to give credit where credit is due as the bible did warn us that this kind of lifestyle is a non natural and destructive one.

    With the average age of a homosexual male being 39-42 years of age in comparison to 75 years plus for his heterosexual counterpart, red flags should be flying at full mast, investigations conducted and serious questions asked about this lifestyle. Yet they teach children in schools that this lifestyle is as normal as the natural male/female combination. Is this right? The public has simply been re-conditioned to accept and adapt into a sub standard lifestyle and the television has been the main tool of propaganda to achieve this new level of reprobation, yet we have not reached the degradation bottom, there is still a long way to go.

    I would have to agree that the force behind homosexuality is a spiritual one as we are even told in the scriptures that the battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. I will stand against homosexuality on all fronts, including when they start to ambush people on the streets for their pleasure purposes. I will not drink their “tolerance, diversity and equality” koolaid. I know history, empires that have accepted homosexuality and made it the norm have always crumbled. Aren’t we seeing the same destruction of the west today? What, did we think it would turn out different in “our” time?

  13. JustPassinThrough Says:

    As a young lesbian, you people make me feel very bad about something that really isn’t a choice for me.

  14. @JustPassinThrough—No disrespect to you. You are still my sister in Christ. If you were born this way then of course you can’t help it. I am a firm believer that God does everything with a purpose and therefore, doesn’t make mistakes. My bible tells me nothing is new under the sun that he created. My only problem is this… I hate the fact that homosexuality gets much more attention and put out there more than having a heterosexual relationship. And because I know that all homosexuals weren’t born this way. Some how; someway, these ppl are influenced. whether it’s media provoked or otherwise. —And why must they show gays on TV always playing the role of a whore. I would think because there are those who are born this way would want to be in a relationship with someone they love. And that Gay does not mean free for all.—-Ppl should be given a chance and not be enticed into doing it. My bible also says be fruitful and multiply.
    I hope you understand my point because I have no hate for anyone…I really can’t afford to.

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