First it was Alicia Keyes, now it’s Fantasia.  Both women have been raked over the coals and called “homewreckers”for their involvement with married men.  I am sick to death of everyone placing the entire blame with these women.  Bear with me.

I’m no relationship expert, as a matter of fact, I am living the single life and absolutely loving it.  But even a dunderhead like me knows that if two people are truly in love with each other, than no outside woman or man can break that union.  In order for a man or woman to go outside of that relationship, it couldn’t have been that strong in the first place.

With that said, this in no way excuses A.K. or Fantasia from going after married men. But time will take care of these two, because just how you were able to take them from their wives, some chick will be able to do the same in the future.  I’m still reserving my comments for Fantasia’s medical misadventure…not sure if that one is adding up yet.



  1. ButtaFlyy Says:

    So true, so true. Everyone is blaming the ‘jumpoff’, however, the husband is the one that I playing them all for a fool. Even if they did know he was married, he obviously wasn’t acting very married to begin with for them to get that comfortable. They’re both @ fault.

  2. This whole married man thing is like soooo messy. While I agree with what both of you are saying I still feel like as a woman when you are approached by a married man, seperated or not, he is off limits until the divorce is final. If you don’t know then that’s something else, however, once you find out of his status, then you are accountable for your actions. I was reading somewhere that Tasia was saying to the wife, “if you were treating him right, he would be here” SO CLASSIC of the other woman when in fact and in some cases, that’s not it. Men will be men and if you are not the one, then he will move on. I think we as women need to be more for US then them. Stop all this messiness and tell them “listen, you are married and while Ido care about you, I care about me also. If this is going to work, you need to handle your business befroe moving on into a new realtionship. I think sometimes as women we want to believe that it’s the wife or ex’s fault, when in fact the man is an asshole. We have to be the ones to set the pace. Stop ALLOWING them to be messy. If the marriage is over, then fine, ex to the next!! AND remember that HER name is Karma and she’s a bitch, so when she’s knocking at your door, just let her in. The same way he got with you is the same way he’ll leave you for someone else.

  3. Honey Bees Says:

    They are both wrong. Fantasia and the hubby if the story is right. Husband is wrong for stepping out on his wife, wheter they weren’t really in love or not. Get a divorce. Fantasia knew he was married. As a woman and as a so-callled Christian women–and she has been proclaiming to be a christian since American Idol–she knows that you don’t mess with another man’s husband whether he doesn’t love her or not. Now I’m not condeming her. I’ll pray for her and she will be alright. We make mistakes and there are consequences but you know I’m sure everything will be alright for her.

  4. what bothers me about both of these situations is the children involved. fantasia needs to remember that there’s a little girl who is watching everything she does. What kind of an example are you setting for her?

    Okay do any of you know if this idiot has a cd mixtape or something coming out? Because he could be just using Fantasia, and I also read that North Carolina has a law that the wife can go after the other woman, could this be a plot cooked up by them to get paid? so many ?’s

    • Honey Bees Says:

      Yup I live in NC. That is definitely the law here.

    • ButtaFlyy Says:

      Haven’t heard about one yet, but I’m sure its in the woodworks somewhere since they already have a ‘sextape’ out. I’ll believe that when I see it…or at least read about it on MTO. Lol!

  5. to me, this is more made up for the news crap. im noticing in all of the so called pictures the actor oops i mean boyfriend, his face is never shown.

    this might be more of the jewish medias “black women are whores” crap. they’ve already charged us with having every disease known to man, so i guess this is whats next. i also think this is the same agenda to the fake alisha keys / swiss beats mess. bottom line, black women are whores and have to get someone elses man too.

  6. there are plenty of pics of him and they show his face, there are alos pics of his wife and children

    I swear, i do some of my best thinking in a hot shower because i just couldn’t understand why alicia keys gets the cover of magazines and basically unscathed by the white media.

    I think that they are raking fanny over the coals because of her connection with American Idol, i guess they feel as if she has allowed their reputation to become scandalized. Whenever anyone says Fantasia Barrino, it’s always followed by winner of season ? of American Idol.

  7. oh, okay, every pic i’ve seen of him, he is always looking down or away. i still feel the agenda is by the jewish media to make black women look bad in the eyes of everyone, but especially black men. this just seems like more of the same black women bashing.

  8. Initially this post angered me because your perspective seemed to place the blame on the man instead of the woman, but then I realized you were totally right. It takes two to tango and the entire blame can’t be placed on the other half of the trife duo.
    As for the media/Jews attempting to once again smash the worlds view of black women in particular…why? The way everyone is coming at us I’m starting to think WE have some sort of super power and are too close to getting and unlocking our true nature. Everybody has agendas and other than the superficial I think theres a super secret about us that we need to discover. This can’t all be because of racism, there has to be more to the story.

  9. yolanda,
    while i agree with you that the media takes every opp to make black women look like sexual objects with no moral code, it’s easy if we (black women) put ourselves in that position. now could this be some Illuminati b.s.? that is highly possible, we all know in order to have mainstream success, you have to join their ranks and public humiliation is but one of their requirements, but i feel also that if she didn’t want to be labled a whore, than you just don’t put yourself in that position. dont give them ammunition when you know they are holding the gun!

  10. Chariel,

    i would venture to say that the bashing of black women is to turn our own men against us. now, if black men and black women are always at odds we are easier to control, and we are not making babies together, i think the ultimate goal is to not only depopulate, but kill off the black race altogether, you do that by turning us against each other. well that’s just one of my theories.

  11. I think the blame should be on married men that step out of their marriage. The other woman is doing nothing wrong in my eyes because at that point, the man has already decided in his head rather or not he will cheat. The same goes for women that step outside of their marriage. The person in the relationship that’s getting cheated on is so quick to blame the other person, when they should be looking at their spouse, the person that stood in front of a minister and took the vows.

    I heard the Fantasia story and to be it seemed like a scheme right away. The guy was a regular joe and seems as if he has nothing to offer her…why would she stoop so low when she can have any man she want? Maybe this guy and his wife was trying to get some money out of the deal, publicity, or something.

  12. Also, people of all different races cheat. Not just black men or black women. Will Fantasia and Alicia look bad after this? yes..maybe. Will people stop buying their music? Don’t think so. I lost a little respect for them but then I realized that I myself was in that same type of situation..and no one is perfect. What they do in their personal life shouldn’t have an effect on their careers, but it will change the outlook of how black women are viewed…when I know women of other races could be doing the same thing but it probably will not get publicized and blown up into a big thing.

  13. ok i find it highly suspicious that first, fantasia was filming her show a day after being released for a suicide attempt and second, the paps knew where this dude staryed and just happened to be there as he was getting a handful of raggedy clothes from his home in north carolina, and three the wife was pictured smiling as she left church. don’t you all dare tell me that the paps have gone to stake out this dude’s every move….something about this whole situation is suspect and fishy

  14. Wow I’ll say, This is fanny mistake she allow the man to be his jumpoff. A man can only get away with mess if a woman allows it. Fanny found out he was married she should have left him alone, but she didn’t she ALLOWED herself to be the jumpoff, if Fanny didn’t allow for him to be his jumpoff then Fanny wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. Fanny wait until the man is divorce before you start fucking him ok.

  15. hmmm is this whole thing a ploy by vh1 to make her reality show more interesting? will this whole “homewrecker” thing get people to watch her show? somehow i think this is something that was manufactured? i’m not too sure you guys.

  16. Ms Nikita Blue Says:

    HEY DIRTYGIRL… my new twitter buddy… lol.
    I agree with Charisse the most out of everyone here… it is their PERSONAL lives and half of us making comments would be crucified the same way if our lives were put on public display… you know the old saying… if u have rocks in ur house, dont throw em cuz u might hit urself!!! At least, thats what my mom used to tell me.
    I dont judge… however, I do have 2 cents to add… lol
    Swizz Beats had FOUR FRICKEN KIDS (or three)… and they are all by different women If im not mistaken (and i could be… i dont look at those ppl that much anymore since i learned about their involvement with Baphomet.. instead I read this column and pray for them)
    Now if he did it to other women before him, what makes A.K so great that he wont do it to her? mashonda is BEAUTIFUL and he did it to her…. smh… some women never learn. He didnt attend his youngest bday party… was in the same city holed up with AK says one of my sorority sisters who follows all celeb gossip… he treats his own children like crap… he wont do better for this one. Women are capable of making decisions just like men… she sees how she treats his children… I just dont get what is going on in her head… but then again… its that industry so nothing is going on besides what “they” put there.

    Now… my other thing is… if most relationships in Hollywood are manufactured to create “handler situations”… this is all a load of oscar meyer bologna and im mad at them for making me write all this and making me waste ur time by reading it… lol.
    For that I apologize.
    See you on Twitter D.G.

    • hi NB

      it’s about time you sounded off here in the comments! This whole thing with fannie is looking more and more like a publicity stunt, and if she has willingly allowed herself to be put in a bad light for money, then I hope it is all worth it. At the end of the day it is not us who will be forever labled a slimey, grimey man stealer, it is her, and I feel like anyone who would let themselves be put in that position for money is truly going to pay for it later.

      Alicia, Alicia, Alicia…wasn’t she the one who sung the song called Karma…I guess she forgot that what goes around comes around, and she will get her back three fold. her child, his children have to live with the legacy that their parents leave behind, and this is shameful to say the least. But, whatever floats their freky boats, and I am so tired of Mashonda running her mouth. Okay so your marriage failed, I am sure that must sting, but stop talking to the press it makes you look as if your starving for some attention, besides if Swizz hadn’t hooked up with Alicia we wouldn’t even know your name.

  17. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Hi DG

    I agree with you 100%. The only difference I see between these Ladies is… Alicia has the big dogs behind her cleaning up her mess and Fanny doesn’t have power like that. Yet, both will regret their decisions and will no doubt have to pay. It’s the way of the Universe.

  18. I know im late on this post with a response, but like i said, the mistress isn’t the only one to blame. I know because I’ve been in this situation before. If a man that’s married want to cheat then he will. It has nothing to do with rather or not the mistress allows herself to be the jump off. I have been with a married man before and I didn’t make him do anything with me. Ofcourse I felt bad for seeing him but hey….it is what it is.

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