So I have this hate/love relationship with the gossip site Bossip.  I love to go there to call out their ignorant writers and tell them almost daily that they are the most misinformed site out there.  But on some things I think they are spot on.

So Bossip has been riding hard on Russell Simmons for years regarding his involvement in the diamond trade.  They even nicknamed him “Blood Diamond Russ” for our enjoyment.  They claim that particular moniker came about when Russell was blasted by the director of the movie “Blood Diamond”  for passing off the diamond trade as being not as serious as it really is.  This is how he is able to sleep at night, I guess.

So just recently, Russell has taken Bossip to task regarding this nickname,claiming that he’s receiving death threats because of it.  My thing is, why are you crying now Russell?  Could it be that you along with Naomi Campbell have been feeling more than a little heat with the trial of Charles Taylor?  Bossip is also accusing Russie of making a profit from the poor with his pre-paid Rush Card, which charges unscrupulous fees to it’s card-holders.  Dirtygurl says, just open a bank account, and if you can’t then you don’t need one..stop writing bad checks!

Anyway, it will be more than a little interesting to see how this one plays out. This should be a lesson that whatever dirt you do in the dark will be exposed eventually.  Something I found interesting…Russell Simmons called out by the movie ‘Blood Diamond” director, the movie co-starred Djmon Hansou, who married and has a son with Kimora Lee, who is the ex-wife of ……RUSSELL SIMMONS!

Talk about coming full circle!


9 Responses to “DON’T CRY NOW GRANDPA RUSS…”

  1. ButtaFlyy Says:

    So, do you think Kimora went from one Bloody handler to the next? **please say no, please say no**

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  3. i don’t think kimora can be “handled” russell is obviously gay, i don’t care how many children he has, that man is playing for the same team!

    kimora’s hubby doesn’t seem like the controling type to me, plus i don’t think he has half as much money as Kimo…

    I just don’t know guys Kimo has obviously benefited from Russells associations with the diamond industry, but i just don’t know about her.

  4. ButtaFlyy Says:

    Whew! I’m still in tears about Tyra’s Twitter profile pic. I don’t think I can handle my celeb BFF going to the dark side.

    • didn’t superhead say that she’s given head to execs in the industry? i think all “super”models are mk’d

      • ButtaFlyy Says:

        SuperHead is a super tramp! She’s on her own level in her own disgusting decaying little world. She’s trashy garbage & needs to go sit down, cross her legs, & zip her mouth shut.

        Super models I think are kind of like decorations. Very few become ‘super’ & even still they aren’t very influential outside of fashion. Even now, more people are swayed by what movie stars & musicians are wearing & not so much worried what Tyra or Naomi Campbell are wearing. I think the days of the fashion Super Model are dead & gone.

        This is the day of the ‘DIVA’!!! ;o)

  5. it’s important to remember that she and others are the real victims in this

  6. i was thinking, what if superhead put ou that book just to make people think that all these men weren’t on the dl…what if it was all a lie?

  7. Ms. Mizani Says:

    I must admit, DG. I’ve never thought of that being possible. But Just by reading and studying, I get my confirmation from the survivors of MK. They reveal much more than we want to believe about who’s doing what. And why. Most of these people are in hiding and some have mysteriously disappeared, while others have died because they spoke out. I’m sure Superhead has seen a lot and have even participated as well. But she was on a lower level. Outting people, most of whom were black. It is my strong feeling that if she dealt more with yt people who are in power, we would be speaking of her in the past tense form.

    As for Uncle Russ/ Uncle Tom…Besides being Gay or at least Bi-sexual. He is also being critized for ass kissing the Jews who own him and those that he surronds himself with. That credit card is a joke and another tool to further hurt the little people. I’m sure he got support from the Elite to do this and come to think of it, it may have been their idea and he was the face put forth in this scam.

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