So it seems that Twitter is good for more than just putting people on blast, and being up in their business.  I use it to get my non-mainstream news from around the world.  I found this article about a now 25 year old man who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of his foster parents.

The jury found Giarretto Institute negligent for failing to properly monitor and investigate the Mountain View home of John Hardy Jackson, who was convicted in 2006 of sexual abuse.

Jurors also concluded that Giarretto Institute, which was licensed by the state to supervise the home, was 75 percent responsible for injuries to the child and Jackson was 25 percent responsible.”
Read about it

Let this be a wake up for all you pedophiles out there that think you can abuse our children and keep getting away with it.  It is obvious that this is something that you will not be cured of, there is no rehab for animals like you.  You can hide behind your mountains of money, but just know that we are well aware of what you are doing to your own children as well as others.  Your time here is short, and you will be crushed!

What say you guys, how should we handle them, I personally feel they should have their d**** and hands chopped off in the cruelest way possible, they should be allowed to live the rest of their lives with no hands and no gentals, but an overwhelming urge just the same.  Now that’s justice.



  1. Even with their hands and genitals cut off, I still wouldn’t trust them. I bet you they will still find a way to abuse others.

  2. ButtaFlyy Says:

    Yes, I saw you gettin’ it in on Twitter yesterday! ;o)

    Man, that’s crazy, but I’ve always known most foster parents are pedophiles and abusers. All they see is an easy check and the government doesn’t even keep track of them. They are quicker to jump all over a parent spanking their child for bad behavior, but letting psycos have their way with some of the most fragile and broken children. Everything is backwards and only getting worse. Lord, help us!

  3. ItsBriana!!! Says:

    Its nice tew cee ppl get justice.. Off Topic- Remember the oxy clean guy, Billy Mays? He “died” at 50. accutally did yu noe he was killed by, none other the less, The “ILL” crew. I ceen that they had a t.v. show where he&the “replacement”(I dnt noe his name)were competinq for suin I forgot, bt wen I ceen it i said, watch Billy die nd dhe otha guy takes over… then when I heard he died I said, watch he was killed by the “ILL” crew & replaced cus he non-compliant.. maybe i shud stop Jinxinq stuff :-X

  4. well i’m glad the agency was held accountable, i remember a few years ao, the mother of a teen aged girl literally starved her to death, wouldn’t change her diaper (she was mentally handicapped) when they found her she was so underweight, and come to find out that social services actually hid documentation pertaining to the abuse having been reported…this is the kind of mess that makes me just want to weep, their job is to protect the children, and they sit there and they collect their paychecks and do nothing.

  5. ItsBriana!! Says:

    My mom & her 3 siblinqs were put in foster care afta my grandma dies in dhe ’60’s (mom was 3). Her foster parents wud beat, torture’ evn rip their skin almost frequently. They were 33rd degree freemasons. anyway, they wud take the money the gov. gave them bt neva spent it on them, bt on their own daughter.. they went sexually abused, bt still were abused & its nice tew cee dha sum1 got justice.. God es gud, all dhe time!

  6. ItsBriana!! Says:

    I ment to say they wernt sexually abused..


  8. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Unfortunatley, this is very common. Our Government has more sins than just not making real documents of children in their custody. They also participate in Pedophilia. Kids disappear all the time and nothing is said or done about it. They even have partnerships with Daycares to secrectly molest and MK the kids. It seems nothing and no one is off limits to them. They value nothing. Not even little babies.
    Hell if going to be filled to the brim and over crowded. This world is full of evil and evil doers.

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