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Thanks to my girl Buttafly for this “eye opening” ad for the United Negro College Fund.  I never really thought about them in regards to the scheme of things, but since doing my research, I have found that college credentials mean very little,  it’s just more recycling misinformation, or “programming” which is why this doesn’t shock me in the least.  First of all what does this butterfly have to do with the U.N.C.F., secondly notice how it’s placed directly above her head. It also creeps me out that they would be using a young child, instead of someone college aged.  What are you saying U.N.C.F.?  Get ’em while they are young?    They should change their tagline to ” a mind is a terrible thing not to control”.

Give a buck, MK a child!



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Hello Readers and Lurkers!

I don’t know about your geographical area, but here in Northern California it is a very beautiful day.  But I digress, if you guys don’t check out the links in my blogroll you should definitely give them a click.  I ran across this post from In The Know 7 ‘s very informative blog about the President and First Lady’s blatant and not so blatant use of the devil horns.  Or if your one of the many sheeple, the “rock on” hand signal. Working on a closer look at Kanye West, but it’s slow going.  Look for it soon!  Until then, here is something to chew on!


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I saw Wyclef Jean on twitter whining about not being on the list of presidential candidates.  I don’t know where he got the idea that he could be president of another country that he hasn’t lived in for quite some time, but such is the thinking of a jerk who thinks that he’s bigger than he actually is.  If the reports I’ve been hearing about his “charity” and his mistress are true, then he def needs a reality check.  I’ll put it like this, the day when he can get Lauryn’s support, is the day he’ll get mine!  I blame Obama for this mess!  By the way, what happened to Claudette Ortiz?

Our girl has been laying (kind of) low for the past few months, but here she is with her “man” in Italy on vacation.  I understand that they have been hanging with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Quincy Jones and that’s bad enough, but the Rothchilds?  Hmmm?  Anyway you’ll notice her attire and that matching bandage on her elbow. Please pray for her safety!  Btw… while we know that Jay is her handler, who is her owner and programmer?  Jay isn’t that smart to be making up codes and triggers.  What’s going on with these two besides the obvious prostitution? I know they are on “vacation” but what are they really up to, could they be running drugs into the country?  One just never knows.

Proof positive that public schools are slowly but surely overstepping their boundaries.  A school in Wyoming has been planning to teach sex ed to first graders, unbeknownst to the parents, and that involves homosexuality.  This is something that should be taught at home, at the discretion of the parent.  I believe that the government is trying to take the rights of the parents away, so that they can have absolute control over our children’s minds.



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So I have this hate/love relationship with the gossip site Bossip.  I love to go there to call out their ignorant writers and tell them almost daily that they are the most misinformed site out there.  But on some things I think they are spot on.

So Bossip has been riding hard on Russell Simmons for years regarding his involvement in the diamond trade.  They even nicknamed him “Blood Diamond Russ” for our enjoyment.  They claim that particular moniker came about when Russell was blasted by the director of the movie “Blood Diamond”  for passing off the diamond trade as being not as serious as it really is.  This is how he is able to sleep at night, I guess.

So just recently, Russell has taken Bossip to task regarding this nickname,claiming that he’s receiving death threats because of it.  My thing is, why are you crying now Russell?  Could it be that you along with Naomi Campbell have been feeling more than a little heat with the trial of Charles Taylor?  Bossip is also accusing Russie of making a profit from the poor with his pre-paid Rush Card, which charges unscrupulous fees to it’s card-holders.  Dirtygurl says, just open a bank account, and if you can’t then you don’t need one..stop writing bad checks!

Anyway, it will be more than a little interesting to see how this one plays out. This should be a lesson that whatever dirt you do in the dark will be exposed eventually.  Something I found interesting…Russell Simmons called out by the movie ‘Blood Diamond” director, the movie co-starred Djmon Hansou, who married and has a son with Kimora Lee, who is the ex-wife of ……RUSSELL SIMMONS!

Talk about coming full circle!


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First it was Alicia Keyes, now it’s Fantasia.  Both women have been raked over the coals and called “homewreckers”for their involvement with married men.  I am sick to death of everyone placing the entire blame with these women.  Bear with me.

I’m no relationship expert, as a matter of fact, I am living the single life and absolutely loving it.  But even a dunderhead like me knows that if two people are truly in love with each other, than no outside woman or man can break that union.  In order for a man or woman to go outside of that relationship, it couldn’t have been that strong in the first place.

With that said, this in no way excuses A.K. or Fantasia from going after married men. But time will take care of these two, because just how you were able to take them from their wives, some chick will be able to do the same in the future.  I’m still reserving my comments for Fantasia’s medical misadventure…not sure if that one is adding up yet.


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So it seems that Twitter is good for more than just putting people on blast, and being up in their business.  I use it to get my non-mainstream news from around the world.  I found this article about a now 25 year old man who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of his foster parents.

The jury found Giarretto Institute negligent for failing to properly monitor and investigate the Mountain View home of John Hardy Jackson, who was convicted in 2006 of sexual abuse.

Jurors also concluded that Giarretto Institute, which was licensed by the state to supervise the home, was 75 percent responsible for injuries to the child and Jackson was 25 percent responsible.”
Read about it

Let this be a wake up for all you pedophiles out there that think you can abuse our children and keep getting away with it.  It is obvious that this is something that you will not be cured of, there is no rehab for animals like you.  You can hide behind your mountains of money, but just know that we are well aware of what you are doing to your own children as well as others.  Your time here is short, and you will be crushed!

What say you guys, how should we handle them, I personally feel they should have their d**** and hands chopped off in the cruelest way possible, they should be allowed to live the rest of their lives with no hands and no gentals, but an overwhelming urge just the same.  Now that’s justice.


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I saw this story circulating around the blogosphere a couple of days ago, and I really didn’t want to touch it.  Let me get you up to speed. Actor, Laurnece Fishburne’s nineteen-year-old daughter Montana has a pornographic video out.  Yes, the Laurence Fishburne who starred in movies like “The Matrix”, “School Daze”, “Deep Cover”, and “King of New York”.  Instantly I saw this for what it was and moved on.  Here is what “Chippy D” had to say about her career move, or lack thereof….

“I view making this movie as an important first step in my career,” she says. “I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape by Vivid. I’m hoping the same magic will work for me. I’m impatient about getting well-known and having more opportunities and this seemed like a great way to get started on it.”

Now this is what rang my alarm….

“The first time was really nerve wracking, but I have a lot of at-home experience. I know what I do and I do it well.”

This morning a psuedo music video surfaced, I think it’s to promote the tape.  I refuse to post it here on my blog because it is rather sickening, but you can see it @ this link, look for the “Brian Pumper” music video

This girl has burns and bruises on her behind which is indicative of someone being traumatized and brutally abused, plus it seems as if this young woman is in a drug induced daze…..Porn and Coke go hand in hand.  Of course when your father is an Illuminati slave, the children are fair game…just more of the high price of fame.