If I had to choose just one MC that I repect and admire, it would have to be KRS-One.  Boogie Down Productions made such an impact on me growing up, and I consider KRS-One one of the greatest MC’s of all time.

-This interview took place sometime after the election but before he took office.  Listen as he breaks down Obama-mania, and how we have to look past the man’s racial make-up, and get to his underlying intentions.



  1. Professor Griff also gave some seriously powerful points on The Obama Deception and broke it down exposing these so called hiphop artist who endorsed Barry at the beginning. KRS1 broke it down to the fullest, people are on emotional trips, they saw a black man and got happy but nothing changes for the better as we know and have seen so far. Barry was brought in to cause race division not to bring nations and races closer together.

  2. RE-COG-NIZE!!!

  3. ItsBriana!!! Says:

    Dnt let KRS-ONE fool yu.. He’s down widf “Dhe Team”.. eitha dha or he once was.

  4. Yeah, I hear that aswell as I’ve seen a few videos analysing his lyrics where he is actually promoting the NWO. You just learn to eat the meat and spit out the bones. Remember, the truth is scattered, no one man/woman holds all the keys. The journey seeking out the pieces of truth is one of a lifetime and will take you in many different directions sort of like the Littlest Hobo.

  5. well it’s not like he isn’t telling the truth…that’s what’s important and prince is a huge slave but that don’t mean that i’m gonna stop liking his music though

    • ButtaFlyy Says:

      Honestly, I don’t think Prince is apart of it any more. His acceptance speach at the BET Awards actually speaks volumes for his thoughts on the situation. Not that we saw him that often anyway, but in his last few interviews, he’s really God-conscience. And while I don’t particularly agree with the Jehova’s Whitness theories, since he’s become one, he’s pretty die hard. Doing door to door and everything!!! Could you imagine being annoyed beyond belief some one is bugging you on a Saturday afternoon, and you open the door and it’s PRINCE?! Ha ha ha!!! But, anyway, I was just saying all that to say I don’t think he’s in it, but I do believe he knows A LOT!!! Why else would both of his very famous ex-girlfriends (Appelonia and Vanity) go running straight to Jesus after they broke up with him?!?!?!

    • Agreed, just take the good information and discard of the error.

  6. well i can’t speak for right this minute, but i bought prince’s “21 Nights” which chronicled his tour in London back in 2007, and it is rife with monarch themes…the twinz (dancers…yeah they are pretty but they get too close!) alot of black and white (duality) and of course the good old monarch butterflies…
    Lol @ ex girlfriends running to jesus…LOL

    I wonder what happened to his ex wife Mayte? Does anyone know? I bet she also saw alot, and I don’t think that his son’s death was from an illness or anything else, other than murder to traumatize him
    rip little man

    • ButtaFlyy Says:

      Here’s what Wikipedia says about her: She choreographed the belly dancing routines that Britney Spears danced for her music video “I’m a Slave 4 U” and her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. García guest starred on the USA Network show Psych and TNT show The Closer, and has appeared as a guest star on the hit shows Las Vegas and Nip/Tuck, as well as the films Firehouse Dog, and the independent film EGO, to be directed by Antonio Macia. She starred on Sí TV’s program Across the Hall with Eric Cubiche.[10]

      She was recently filmed as a dancer in the Hindi film Dus for the song “Deedar De” sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and composed by Vishal-Shekhar. The idea for shooting the number on Mayte came from LA-based choreographer Liz Imperio. Nitin says that he was looking for a girl with a hint of Latin American looks for the song in the film. He adds that Mayte fitted the bill perfectly because she has “a mix of Latin American and Indian looks”.

      She has recently been seen in a recurring role as a reporter on the ABC television series Big Shots. She has a recurring role on Lifetime’s Army Wives as Jennifer Connor.

      She is now a judge on Oxygen’s “Dance Your Ass Off”.

  7. and if prince ever knocked on my door with a copy of the watchtower…much as i adore him, i’m not opening up! there should be a law that says that they CANNOT come to your door until after nine a.m. both my grandfather and my mom are in this cult

  8. and I don’t think that his son’s death was from an illness or anything else, other than murder to traumatize him
    rip little man

    wow thats deep. you think it was a blood sacrifice?

    • i’m not saying that these blood sacrifices are made, but I just don’t buy that theory, since a blood sacrifice can be symbolic, they are big on symbols…
      no i think what happened is that Prince rebelled against his record company…remember he wrote slave on his face and sported it. he wouldn’t come right out and say what was really going on other than he wanted out. now he was bound by his oath to warner brothers and he had to fulfill his contract, so what does he do? change the “prince” name to an unpronouncable symbol. after gaining his “freedom” from warner, prince went back to recording under his own name…the name of his album was called “emancipation” it was also at this time that he was interviewed by the witch oprah….she asks him about his son, and she just kinda hangs his head and says “it’s all good”…I think even then his son was gone, the media wanted us to think that the baby was terminally ill, but I don’t think that was the case. I think they killed his son in retaliation for him breaking off from the record company,and possibly from his programming…and also to remind him that he in fact had taken that oath and that he basically belonged to the industry puppet masters. i saw an interview with bob dylan…interviewer asked how he stayed relvant in the business so long and he said and I quote…
      “well…it’s because i took that oath at the start of my career” I think you can youtube or google it.

      • ButtaFlyy Says:

        YEah, I’ve seen that Bob Dylan interview, and it’s almost like he wants to beg the camera crew to take him with them!

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