Well acutally, he said “mongrel” which is another name for a mutt, or a dog of mixed breed that is not easily defined.  Barry was on the View yesterday when he made the elitist comments.

I reached out to Sherrie Shephard of The View and asked her how she felt about these comments, and she said this

I didn’t take offense to it because I knew what he meant & he’s mixed with so much stuff he’s an expert”

I’m not going to go in on that one right now, but I just want to express my outrage at someone who is supposedly representing African Americans turning around and calling us “mongrels”.  Now, I understand what he was saying, but as educated, slick, and well spoken as he is supposed to be, couldn’t he have chosen a different phrase?

If you didn’t think that your president was a horse’s ass, and a narcissist before, do you now?



  1. ButtaFlyy Says:

    I agree. I understand what he was trying to say, but that word is a) generally used to discribe a dog and b) used as a derogatory word to discribe a wild person. So, why the heck would you use it, in perfect context, to discribe a people when hardly anyone knows the real meaning of the word? That’s like me saying all the uneducated people that live in the country or on farms are bumpkins. Sounds a little mean right? But that’s exactly what they are by definition of the word. He was trying to be overly educated, and offended the very people he was trying to delineate (nice one, huh?).

  2. and to add insult to injury, those two resident black schills were just bobbing their heads up and down…i was disgusted to say the very least, but then again they work for ABC….

  3. ButtaFlyy Says:

    Sherrie Shephard and Whoopi Goldberg are both idiots and a disgrace to all things good and decent!!!!

  4. Obama is on the list of megalomaniacs along with Diddy.

  5. Where is the birth certificate Barry? Why are you hiding it along with your other records? why did you sign an executive order prohibiting the release of your birth certificate and college records Mr Soetoro, huh? We have to remember that as Puffy is a black male prostitute and for the music industry, so Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama is a mixed heritage(50% Caucasian, 44% Arab and 6% African) male prostitute and puppet for Wall Street and corporate America. If anyone hasn’t already, I recommend you check out the documentary called The Obama Deception which is free on youtube and Google video to get a crash course as to what this clown is really all about.

    Mr Soetoro is not here to represent any black people. Many people especially black people were duped into investing into his “Change” and “Hope” themes and are now stubborn and too full of pride to admit that they were suckered. Let us not forget that one of his first acts as a puppet was to allow your tax payer money to fund abortions of black babies in third world countries. Your hope and change should really be entitled Eugenics.

    • @Vebs2010
      Child please tell it like it is. Some of my friends just love the hell out of this man and I just smh with this mess because they just don’t know about him at first I didn’t either, but now I do and I can’t stand his ass now.

      • The good news is that despite the diehard Obamanoids investing into his rhetoric, many people have woken up to the fact that the president seat is a puppet seat much faster than in times past. Its good that you have seen what this guy is really about, the dead will support him even going over the cliff to their deaths. Barry is just a slick Harvard lawyer who can speak intelligently ,woo a crowd with enchantments and spells(rhetoric, repetition and slogans) and can read off a teleprompter well, nothing more.

  6. Ms. Mizani Says:

    @ Verbs2010 , I don’t know why there is so much mystery surrounding Barack Obama if he’s suppose to be so legit. Obviously there is so much more that we the citizens don’t know. But because I am aware of how the elite lie, steal, cheat, kill, set up innocent people, etc… I can see through it all and form my own opinions about what’s really going on.
    @ Quiana , My sentiments exactly!

    O/T….Is anyone aware of Obama being homosexual and a crack addict? And having his lovers killed before they released that info to the public and ruin his chance of becoming President??? Youtube Larry Sinclair he is a former lover of Obama and a cocaine user who is trying to expose Obama. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but the Youtube videos and all the mysteries surrounding Obama makes me wonder if Larry Sinclair is telling the truth.

    • They picked Barry because he is highly compromised with a closet full of skeletons that is busting at the door hinges. There are 2 questions that have always stuck out for me. A man of colour in the WHITE HOUSE as the president, is this really possible? Also, why didn’t they bring in Mr Soetoro during the good times? I find it mighty suspicious that they would roll out a black man onto the scene when the US economy is a pile of rubble plus roll him out as some kind of divine saviour who is going to magically turn everything around. I never bought it from the beginning and as we can see, that was the smart move.

      On the homosexual front, that is indeed true and is coming from a number of different sources now, not just Mr Sinclair. Sinclair’s account has indeed been vindicated especially with other sources confirming Barry’s dodgy past including the drug side of things. Barry is simply a hot potato that is ready to be dropped.

  7. mizani,
    i saw that about larry sinclair….and i’ve seen interviews that the president gave where he is obviously under the influence of something…he couldn’t stop grinning and laughing and his eyes had a glazed look.

    didn’t he admit to smoking dope in college

  8. Ms. Mizani Says:

    He has admitted to drug use in his younger years, but just the thought of him smoking crack freaks me out. It being his drug of choice, not weed, but CRACK. Wow!

    What about the 3 deaths being 40 days apart. From what I understand all 3 were involved in homosexual affairs and drug use with Barry. And were killed to be silenced. The names are: Donald Young, Larry Bland, and Nate Spencer. Of the 3 one was HIV+. I’m told there are others, but they have been threatened and are silent because of fear. The only one speaking out today and taking a huge risk is Larry Sinclair. And his life has also been threatened.

    • You have to wonder why they would threaten Larry Sinclair if what he is saying is not true. As usual 2+2=4. 40 days apart? Well that is an interesting number, these clowns are obsessed with numbers and fusing them into their blood sacrifices/rituals, which is also what the 3 victims were. Barry’s political career is now dead and the only way he can rally/re-sucker some the public back in is with a “terror attack”. This is what we need to look out for now. I have heard about a so called “October Surprise” looming on the horizon. His handlers will bust a move to salvage his career, remember we are dealing with psychopaths who will not deviate from their set in stone agenda for anyone.

  9. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Barack Obama…Originally known as… Barry Soetoro. His life is not only one big mystery, but it’s full of holes and lies. I no longer feel the same about him.–I wish I could get my money back from all the Tee Shirts I bought. I guess I’ll use them to wash my car. Talking ’bout, “Yes We
    Can!!!” I heard that little chant in reverse and heard, “Thank you Satan!”
    Played regular was “Yes we can!”…And played in reversee was “Thank You Satan!”–I am sooooo done with this Brotha. SMD!

  10. Obama fckn up ! I hate to hear he won from being black if dude was Somalian asain or Mexican he would have won anything but white !!!

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