I was surfing the internet, and this old picture came up of Diddy and his twins D’Lila Star and Jessie James. I just want to say first,  knowing what I know about Diddy and his “connections” has caused me to see this picture for what it really is, secondly I find it disturbing that one of them has a boys name, and they are both topless with bow-ties.  More gender confusion such as what is being done to Shiloh, and Jayden and Willow Smith?  Is this an advertisment for those in the know?  The mirrored table and the Mink blanket are creepy as hell,   Kim Porter needs her ass whipped.


9 Responses to “REMEMBER THIS???”

  1. THIS IS JUST SICK, what the heck was Duff Paddy thinking? On the other hand Paddy is suppose to have quite a mix of fruit in his bowl if you get the drift.

  2. So sad.

  3. YES GIRL!! you hit the nail on the head!! gender confusion, shiloh and willow and jada!!

    and notice when the twins DO have clothes on, they always got on leopard “sex kitten” outfits!!

  4. i don’t even see pics of them anymore but i will say that i am in no way shape or form suprised, as i often see kim sporting zebra those poor babies are probably being raped and programmed as we speak

    you know nothing would make me happier than if none of this was true!

  5. Smh with Diddy the devil, boy he is going to get his and I can’t wait doing these things man oh man.

  6. ButtaFlyy Says:

    I’ve never seen this pic, and if I did, it was forever ago, and I probably didn’t see anything wrong because I thought they were BOYS!!! Why the hell would you put your daughters in that get-up…or lack of a get-up that is. I mean, I would still probably accept the picture if they had the bows around their head (like most babies wear them) instead of their neck. SMH…just smh.

  7. vibrantvixen924 Says:

    SICK!!!! Pedophiles DREAM!!! *ugh*

  8. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Hello everyone.

    Gender confusion is no longer a problem for the teenagers and adults. Now they’re using children of celebrities to further push their agenda. It’s just so sad. I am starting to believe that Jayden and Willow are not really expressing themselves like they want us to believe. Someone’s making them think they have control. They’re getting played right into this mess.
    Shiloh is in the same situation the Smith’s children are in. And I have once yet to see little Shiloh smile.
    Now as for P. Shiddy and his adorable twin girls. There is nothing right about this picture at all. It’s funny how the higher ups have programmed the masses so much that they know a lot of people are going to say, “look how cute.” Missing the real message behind this sick photo. All except those of us who are aware, always looking, and being able to identify the illumanati’s hand in everything.
    All this does is cause more confusion and division amongst the people. Due to so many being followers instead of leaders. Knowing something is wrong and making excuses to justify this mess.
    People our ancestors are rolling in their graves, as they should be. Many have fought and died so that we could be great leaders and be able to think freely for ourselves. They knew that we would need it in order to survive and protect anything we hold as precious and dear to us. Not give into madness, agree to the foolishness, and follow people who don’t have our best intrest in mind.

  9. oh crap can’t forget about Suri Cruz who has been wearing ruby heeled slippers since she could walk, and you know what red shoes indicate, they are programming her for life of prostitution like all the rest.

    okay i remember when this pic first hit the net, Khia was going off about it, and i myself was feeling that something was just disturbing about them topless, i didn’t know about the Illuminati crap then, but my gut was crying out against this I think because of my own molestation as a child.

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