If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably at least heard of Sandra Rose, who is known for her opinionated blog.  Most people call her a hater, I don’t know, much of what she says, although harsh, is true!  So when she started going in on Jermaine Dupree and his “lackluster” career, homeboy went off the deep end. But seriously, isn’t he garbage?

“I got people ready to kill you right now!,” he screamed. “I’m letting you know it’s serious in the streets right now,” said JD in a 3-way call from France where he had just finished partying.

He said repeatedly, “I run Atlanta! I got ni**as calling me saying they don’t know what you look like, but all I gotta do is point you out and they will FUCK YOU UP!!!!”

I was extremely offended by all his yelling and cursing and I reminded JD that I was a grown ass woman. “I’m grown too!,” he responded. “I got ni**as that will fuck you up on sight!”

He wasn’t at all subtle with any of his threats — even though he insisted he wasn’t threatening me. “I know you’re recording this,” he yelled, “and I’m recording it too!” He made death threats unapologetically: “You already dead!,” he screamed.

First of all, this violence against women is getting so out of hand.  Secondly, you cannot threaten someone’s life.  Third of all, are you too stupid to realize that she is a blogger, and anything you say is going to be posted on her blog RIGHT AWAY?

Dang, you would’ve thought that she’d accused him of raping Kriss and Kross…oh no that was someone else.

Jermaine Dupri, your little behind needs to issue an apology ASAP, but I don’t think that would even help at this point, he needs to be locked away real tight, teach his mini self a lesson. I think what was left of his “career” is pretty much a wrap.


14 Responses to “JERMAINE DUPRI IS A PUNK”

  1. vibrantvixen924 Says:

    Wow! What’s up with all of these so-called “men” (and I use the word “men” very loosely) threatening and hitting women now?!? And why is Jermaine flipping about someone stating the obvious? Why does he sound like The Crimson Chin Natalie Nunn with the “I run Atlanta!”? So many questions….

  2. The truth hurts, hence him going coconuts. If he were truly running ATL, then the words that Sandra said to him, he would have brushed them off & her too. It’s sad that black men are so quick to threaten voilence against black women. He was done long before she blogged about him.

    • if he was such a business man, he would have just sued her for liable, but he cannot do that since these are her opinions, and hey they are not off the mark

  3. Chariel Says:

    LOL at loking his mini self away and I didn’t know Kriss Kross was raped…they use to make me ‘jump jump’. no but its sad becuause they were little boys rape is sad and sick period. As for JD it’s sad that he feels the need to address that woman like that, regardless of what she said it is unfair to make such threats that a woman has to constantly look over her back…as if there already isn’t enough a woman has to deal with

  4. @ Chariel
    do you mean he raped them financially or physically?

  5. i read somewhere that he raped kriss kross before signing them to his lable, isn’t that how they get down in hollywood anyway?

  6. vibrantvixen924 Says:

    Lmbo!!! Now THAT visual was hysterical!!! With poor Janet in the background like “calm down baby! It’s ok!”

  7. lol no janet would have been in the corner somewhere in a trance and drooling, but i think she has a new handler now

  8. ButtaFlyy Says:

    Lol!!! Leave my girl Janet alone! She’s come from a whole family of MK victims and hopefully with Michael gone, some of them will start to see the light. Anyway, back to Stimpy, he’s got the Nepoleon complex bad!!! I mean why would he even worry about what SandraRose says? All she does is hate on everyone all of the time. Even though she speaks the truth to an extent, she’s just a hater, and if he was the mogul he claims to be, this would be nothing. Man, I would hate to see what he did if Perez Hilton got into him. He’d probably be suicidal!!!!

  9. Ms. Mizani Says:

    LoL!!! I admit that Sandra Rose can touch a nerve. But she’s been this way for a long time. Her blog is like many other blogs, just dishing all the dirt as well as other info too. I think this hit Pee Wee’s nerves because his Empire is falling apart and his woman is gone…gone…gone. Ha! Pee Wee is just about ready to be locked in a padded room and heavely medicated….Zoloft anyone?
    I think the so-called ”friend” was out of line for making that call. Especially if he knew Pee Wee was drunk. Anything was bound to come outta Pee Wee’s ugly mouth knowing all he’s been through.
    Now that Pee Wee is sober he needs to apologize to Sandra and check his friend for ruining the little fame he had. So Sandra didn’t ruin it. They “friend” did.
    These men better stop abusing all these women. Women are getting tired of the bull. So they say it is a black man shortage already, huh? Well it’s doomed to get worst. Trust me. Our little girls are harder than ever before. Fearless and strong. I don’t condone it, but I could see it happening.

  10. ya’ll killing me with the nicknames, pee wee? napoleon? LOL
    sorry for the janet remark but you know i can’t let something like that pass me up, love you janet, i want you to be free! LOL
    i guess jermaine mini dupri sit himself down and watch a “snapped” marathon before he threatens another woman, one day he’s gonna run across the wrong one. LOL i wonder why he got fired as janet’s handler, oh because that last album made no money…what good are you if you can’t handle your asset and make money for your gay masters?

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