Hey guys, I came across this interview with Oprah on the Larry King Show.  After Oprah’s show ends, she will have her own network and it is appropriately named O.W.N. which stands innocently enough for the Oprah Winfrey Network.  But as you and I both know, nothing is ever what it seems, if you reverse that you have the New World Order.  Here she is on Larry King throwing up the sign allegiance and full cooperation around the  :20 mark.  What was that for if not intentional.  Or do people go around making the 3 6’s on a whim?   I see you O.



  1. ButtaFlyy Says:

    Ugh! Jesus take the wheel!!!

  2. She is an utter piece of trash, her and her new age “church” movement. I have been watching this scally wag of a witch for a while now with her luciferian antics. She has been purposely placed in the position that she is in to swoon women away from solid ethics, especially women who believe in Christ. Watch out for this witch’s enchantments and spells that she regularly exercises through the one eyed devil called the te-LIE-vision.

  3. We all know Oprah’s hidden agenda, however what she is explaining here is part of the universal law of cause and effect. The creators of the Secret took this information called it law of attraction. They got this information right from ancient Egyptians. This is metaphysics what she is explaining, which some people call new age. It is not new, it is not evil. You do it everyday and don’t realize it. Have you ever wished, prayed, thought about something and it came true? Same thing. With practice, meditation, and visualization of what you want, you can achieve anything. What is good and evil is your perception. Study the laws of the universe. Study the books from ancient Khemet (Egypt).




  5. Charisse Says:

    Bette, I totally agree with you there. Not all things are “bad” or “satanic” but at the same time, Oprah can’t be trusted since I already know what she’s up to. Regarding the symbol she flashed, what if people make it without actually trying to and without actually being satanic? I caught myself making it the other day while I was talking…I’m not evil (at least I would like to think so) or satanic…so it basically has something to do with who is actually making the gestures or speaking.

  6. You’re right Charisse, that symbol that Oprah flashed is for her agenda and because we are not into what she’s into, we call it evil or satanic. But if you flashed that symbol for your agenda it would be good for you. Some people are into Satanism because it works for them and it is only evil to those who don’t understand it. Good and evil is only your perception.

    • her agenda is evil because it is hell bent on killing innocent citizens and making slaves of the rest, do you have any idea of what these people do to their own children? how do you prostitute your own child? oprah is dangerous because her influence is far reaching, she didn’t get to be a billionaire by hard work, she got it in exchange for furthering their agenda

  7. ItsBriana!! Says:

    GOOD: Findinq a helpless kitten & bringin it to a shelter. BAD: Lauqhinq at the kitten & kickinq it. EVIL: Killinq the kitten and throwinq it away.. Satanic: Tourturinq the kitten then sacraficinq it to the “Gods”

  8. To respond to ItsBriana!!, using your analogy of a kitten is what you been told what is Satanic or evil. Your explanation is based on morals not good and evil. In China they eat kittens which is good for them, however to us that is evil. In India they (Hindus) worship the cow, for them that’s good, we eat the cow so to them that is evil. So my question to you is who are the people who mistreat animals that keep the SPCA busy? Are they Satanist, or people who have no respect (morals) toward animals. And have you checked out any the documentaries that show how animals are sent for slaughter for human consumption? Good and evil is your perception of what is good and evil.

  9. Wow Oprah, I really got turn off when she started her own church I was smh at this mess and then on her show got really mad at this one lady that questioned her about her church. The Big O got an attitude and got check on her own show by this lady I forgot what episode that was.

    • see her head has gotten so swollen, and her sense of entitlement is huge as most of these puppets are, how do you get mad because someone questions your theory, oh probably because all of us are supposed to merely accept, not challenge. who the hell does she think she is…GOD?
      B**** PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I knew oprah is a satanic witch. It seems like universally their mass hypnosis spell is wearing off and ppl are beginning to wake up. There’s a war going on between good and evil. oprah like the rest of em (celebs) sold her soul to d’evils for Earthly fame and riches so why the heck would she give a damn about yours.
    Don’t envy them muthah%$ckers.

  11. viciousvixen Says:

    @ Bette… Good and evil are not just abstract ideas and suggestions. There is good, and there is evil. According to your theory, the powers that be are… What? Not evil because they may not percieve themselves and their agenda as evil? Because they had the “good” idea to lull the majority of humanity into a mind controlled slumber while they are planning humanities demise… Does that make it good? Really? Your explanations, etc sound like the same speal that MABLA spouts. What’s evil about a “love” that a man and a boy share? These perverts feel that it’s natural that they abuse and rape thousands of young boys… Sooo… Are they right Bette? Are they just practicing a natural human urge, therefore, not evil or perverted? Was Jeffrey Dahmer just expressing a natural (right) human urge? If I decide to pimp my sons out for some money, but don’t percieve it to be wrong or evil, does that make my actions right? Based on your argument of good and evil just being what each individual perceives it to be, why do we have laws? What’s the point if evil is only relative?

  12. To respond to viciousvixen: My comment is not my theory on good and evil. Like I stated previously, it is metaphysics. I also gave examples. I also stated to study the laws of the universe, which is real, not theory. I also stated to study the books of the ancient Egyptians where all these symbols that celebrities are using for their agenda. You bring up Mabla an organization that feels they are doing nothing wrong to children. Once again this is a moral issue not good and evil. In certain cultures in this world you have girls who get married at a very young age. In the Talmud (look that up) it’s acceptable for men to be with children. Please study metaphysics, laws of the universe, and the books of the ancient Khemet then prove me wrong because your reply is still only talking about morals which is completely different from what is good and evil to you. Study.

    • viciousvixen Says:

      Bette, by definition (look in the dictionary), good and evil ARE, in fact, a matter of morals (and not just my take on them). Being that MABLA is an association that promotes the harm (mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally), destruction, and misfortune of young boys, it is, in fact (by definition) evil. You are in fact right, Bette, about the Talmud allowing men to marry young women. This is due to the fact that social ethics change and shift constantly in all cultures. In fact, it was legal when this country was founded for men and women to marry at a very young age. But, despite it being acceptable centuries ago for a girl to get married at a young age, it is no longer socially ethical in our society. However, it has never stated in the Talmud, that it was acceptable for men to have sexual relations with young boys (as a matter of fact it would have been considered an offense punishable by death). So I don’t necessarily understand what MABLA had to do with women marrying young in certain cultures (imo it’s apples and oranges, but I digress). Also, these “Universal Laws”, are in fact theories. The only “Law” that makes any sense, is the one that is essentially (what boils down to) Karma (perhaps that is because I grew up in a strict Christian home, and after all… Don’t mostly all major religions teach this in order to protect us from entering a lower form of existence? I mean, you do reap what you so, right?). However, no matter how long I imagine, envision, meditate on, or align my thoughts and vibrations with being able to de-materialize and walk through the wall… It’s not going to happen (even if it is my “reality”). So regardless of these laws, there still is a such thing as good and evil is certainly real (and I’m not talking about my take on it, or if it’s evil in your reality).

  13. To viciousvixen: Men do not make laws they make ordinances which they call laws. The only laws are of the universe. Study.

  14. viciousvixen Says:

    Bette, an ordinance is in fact a law because they are laws that govern matters not already covered by state or federal law… for instance… Divine Law is higher than man’s law. Study.

  15. Ms. Mizani Says:

    @ Bette $ viciousvixen

    You two make great points. I think we all need to study more and learn as much as we can about everything we can. Knowledge is power.

    I use to really admire Oprah until her New Age Order (NWO) church became a pivitol focus for her. It was at this time when I began to feel a certain vibe from her that didn’t sit too well with me. Which was strange because I had come to love me some Opry (Oprah). Then I noticed the change in her and listened closely at her words, how she used them and how she said them. Then I realized there is something much more going on with her. So I backed away and before I knew it, I was made aware of her school in Africa with all it’s troubles. From there I formed my own opinion and haven’t watched her since. I just don’t trust her anymore.

  16. i stopped with the oprah show a long time ago, but do you know what i find troubling? the way she stopped letting the audience comment on the topics, now it’s just a room full of mindless drones clapping on cue….that’s disturbing

  17. If you pause the video at 1:26 larry’s colorful screen is in the shape of a devils head (3 horns) scaryy..

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