Katherine Jackson sits down for a third-party interview that is to be aired tonight on Dateline NBC.  Apparently Mike confided to his mom that he knew that someone was trying to kill him.  Leonard Rowe, and Latoya both claim that he was murdered for the valuable musical catalog he owned in partnership with Sony Music.  Mike has been a long time critic of both Sony and executive, Tommy Mattola ( Mariah Carey connection who also sang at his memorial her cover of the Jackson 5 classic, I’ll Be There.  Mariah is obsessed with the butterfly motif/Monarch Butterflies/Monarch mind control), once calling Matolla a devil, and claiming that Sony Music was a racist corporation ( aren’t they all?).

In 1985 Jackson acquired the catalog for 47.5 million dollars.  I believe that this was the reason that he and then pal Paul McCartney ( they collabed on a couple of different songs) fell out, as that catalog includes the masters to songs by the Beatles.  Ten years later Mike sells half the catalog to Sony, for 150 million.  Through the years Sony has tried everything to think of to get him to sell his remaining interest, but Mike has vehemently refused.   Today this catalog is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 Billion dollars.

With all the reports of his supposed money problems, you’d think he would sell.  But of course, the media is a web of lies.  So if your Sony, what do you do in order to get your greasy mitts on that catalog?

AEG Live owns most of the sports arenas in this country.  They were the promoters of Mike’s comeback tour, and surprisingly were the temporary administrators of Mike’s estate, which I cannot begin to understand.  Allegedly, Dr. Conrad Murphy was retained by AEG to accompany Mike as his private physician to London for a fifty date tour ” This Is It”.

Remember those reports that Michael was in poor physical health?  Well why on Earth would a man on his supposed last legs do a fifty date tour?  More propaganda, Mike was healthy as  a horse, but in order to get the public to believe that Mike had a prescription drug addiction, you’d have to put out false reports regarding his health.  Then if your AEG Live, you go out and find a desperate doctor with close to a million dollar debt hanging over his head, proposition him to murder Mike, and promise him that he will be protected under the umbrella.  Once Mike is dead and gone, Dr. Murphy serves no time for murder, but he receives a mysterious financial gift that entitles him to keep his medical license.  Nevada was threatening to snatch it because in addition to being a hired assassin, he’s also a deadbeat daddy.

So, if your AEG and you stand to benefit largely from your affiliation with Sony, you gain control of Mike’s estate, which will include a certain catalog, and you sell it back to Sony for a whopping $250 million.  At the end of the day, the elite win another battle, but we can’t let them win the war.  Rest in Peace Mike, you never had a choice but you fought a good fight.



  1. ItsBriana Says:

    He knew.. jus liek Pac.. 😦

  2. Yolanda Says:

    very good article. but do you believe the white boy that they tell you is michael jackson is really michael jackson? now i beleive the part about the real mj owning the sony catalog. but i dont believe the white dude they show is really mj, i beleive they replaced him (word is he actually agreed to retire) and replaced him with a white person so he could be more acceptable world wide. i have never beleived that caucasion was mj. also, some of the pictures they show of michael and some concerts are actually that mj impersonator E CASANOVA. btw i just found your blog and i am LOVING it!!

    • welcome to the blog! i don’t know about any replacements but i wouldn’t put it past them

    • ButtaFlyy Says:

      Man, a replacement? There would have to be some of the best teachers and trainers in the world to complete such a task. There are certain characteristics the MJ and only MJ have that can’t be duplicated. The way he walks, he iambic meter of his speech, his hand gestures. These are all things that have never changed about him. Even the very rare footage you see of him as a child, he’s the same. Definately not knocking your theory, because seeing all we see coming out now, anything seems possible.

  3. A red flag is going up so I can’t accuse Dr. Murray on M.J.’s death. Here’s why…in 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of assasinating Kennedy. We know now it was a conspiracy. In 1968, James Earl Ray was accused of assasinating King. We know now it was a conspiracy. Oswald was portrayed as a communist which in today’s term he would be labled a terrorist. James Earl Ray was portrayed as a bigot. So it was easy for the public to believe he killed King. Now were in the 21st century and the new face of terrorism is the black man. When Kanye West made the claim that Bush didn’t like black people, 2 years later his mother dies by a black doctor Jan Adams. Now Michael’s death is being blamed on another black doctor. So my questions are…how come their not in jail or their licenses were not revoked? Elvis Presley died at the hands of his doctor/s. And Presley’s doctor/s didn’t get accused of anything. When Malcolm X died, alot people linked Elijah Muhammed to his death. (refer to Spike Lee’s movie)…I’m bringing all this up because when you have a conspiracy, you must have a scapegoat. Lee, Ray, Muhammed, Drs. Adams and Murray are all scapegoats. Think outside the box.

  4. Rochelle Says:

    Michael Always knew. Thats why he made sure his kids were going to be taken care of.

  5. of course they are scapegoats, but that doesn’t make them any less guilty of murder. Now the only way i would have some sympathy is if they were under mind control themselves, but I don’t think that is the case with Conrad. I think he was in a bad place, and stood to lose his practice. they knew this and used it against him which is how they get so many parents to hand over their children.

    He was ‘RETAINED” by AEG….not hired, but retained. he never received payment but is given a mystery gift to save his license. If that fool does any time in jail behind this, he will be taken care of financially for his cooperation, but most likely the judges and lawyers and possible the jury will all be plants and the man will get off with a slap on the wrist.

  6. I just knew there was somthing fishy about his death. Latoya always said he was murdered but the media portrayed her as a crazy person. Thats so sad what happened to MJ…all for money??? i wish we weren’t so easily manipulated

  7. Charisse Says:

    I believe that he was killed too. Once I heard about his death, I had a funny feeling, like something was missing in the headlines.

    @Yolanda What you’re saying could be the truth. MJ could have been replaced by someone, a long time ago, who looked like him. Or maybe, MJ replaced himself a long time ago and it’s really the look a like who died instead of the real MJ….this could be the same case with Tupac.

  8. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Do I believe that Michael was killed? Yes!…Do I believe this was a conspiracy? Yes indeed!!…DO I believe that Michael knew he was going to die? Most definitely!!!
    The very moment Michael thought about unveiling the truths about history, the music industry, and the evil behind all the problems of the world. He accepted his death. And since Micheal had been in the business more than half his life. I got the feeling he grew tired and was ready to do some talking to whomever would listen. In a sense, he kind of scraficed his life to wake people up. And with him buying the catolog under everyone’s noses without getting permission from the higher ups or even letting him know what he was up to. This angered a lot of people in the elite world. And made matters worst for Michael.
    I really wish I knew what I do now about the secret societies and their big agenda. I would’ve supported Michael a lot more. He went through hard times (pedophile charges, wacko jacko, being gay, He was very naive, crazy ) etc.. etc… All because the higher ups were trying to frame him and ruin the “good” reputation he had. That really saddens me.
    But I am so appreciative for his music. love for people, and having the strength to open our minds to what’s really going on. I have a different understanding and outlook on things because I am now more aware and am able to see the signs where ever I go.

  9. ButtaFlyy Says:

    I’ve always figured something was fishy about MJ’s death, and after watching ‘This Is It’ for the first time last Friday (couldn’t take watching some of his last performances), I’m even more convinced there is something going on they are not telling us. Did anyone else notice at the end he stated he had an important announcement, and they totally cut whatever it was out of the scene? The man has definately had his ups and downs, but he was extremely smart and a pure genius when it came to music and money. He’s always had a plan, and always tried to stay one step ahead of the game. I think he knew what was happening to him, and knew this time we wasn’t going to be able to dodge it. RIP, MJ!!!!

  10. Question Says:

    How does a butterfly represent mind control?

    • they named the Monarch Program for the Monarch butterfly. something about passing certain things on to their offspring such as people that are able to dissociate easily pass the ability on to their children through the cycle of abuse

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