I begin this post with a heavy heart and a troubled mind, and spirit.  I don’t know if his story was more than a blurb on the evening news in other parts of the country, but in California where I live, it is a major story.  While America was obsessed with Lakers vs Celtics, and the BP Oil spill situation going on the Gulf, a little girls murderer was quietly sentenced to serve a life  sentence without the possibility  of parole for murder, kidnapping, and rape.  As a mother, and as a mother who lost my own child, I cannot express how sorry I am to this girls parents.  This is something that they will never get over, but rest assured it is something that you have to learn to live with.  Rest in peace Sandra Renee Cantu, and the millions of other children that are brutally killed around the world that we never hear about.
On March 29,2009, Sandra Cantu, aged 8 vanished from the Orchard Estates mobile home park where she lived with her family.  After she failed to return home that evening, Sandra’s family notified the authorities, the FBI was called in, and together with the concerned citizens of that Tracy, CA community, searched in vain for the little girl.  Over the course of the next ten days, volunteers took to the streets with hopes that anyone may have seen or heard something that would lead to the safe recovery of the girl.  Her story was featured on America’s Most Wanted.  Video  of the mobile home parking lot showed the girl skipping around the parking lot, on the day of her disappearance around 3:54 p.m.
Ten days later, Sandra’s body was found inside a black suitcase that had been dumped in an irrigation pond about two miles from where the girl lived.  The search was called off, and a homicide investigation began.  An autopsy revealed that Sandra had been drugged with muscle relaxants, anti anxiety medication, and she had contusions on her head and body.  But what was so tragic was that she was raped with a foreign object, and strangled by a makeshift cloth noose which was stained with her blood.  Of course we all assumed that only a man could have committed such a crime, but we were dead wrong.
I will not print what was said in the transcripts of the grand jury trial last year, but you can read a summary here.
I want you to pay special attention to what Special Agent Michael Conrad told reporters of the night he was approached by Huckaby in this article
So as I said, she was sentenced, but I just don’t believe that this is the end or the beginning of this mess.
Female sexual predators are very rare.  I’m not talking about the teachers that sleep with teen boys.  In those cases I don’t think the teenaged boys protest to having sex with their teachers.  I’m talking about in crimes of this nature.  Violently raping and killing a young girl.  So then what would make Huckaby do something like this?  I think as hidden as that answer is, it lies in her family background, and childhood.  According to reports, she has a history of cutting , depression, and is believed to be schizophrenic.  Her father has been quoted as saying that she started having problems in high school, but friends that grew up with her have said that she told them she began having problems in grade school.  She was accused of drugging her ex boyfriend Daniel Plowman, and another seven-year old girl in the same trailer park.  She married her now ex-husband Johnny Huckaby and gave birth to a daughter, who was born prematurely.  Here’s what Huckaby had to say about his ex-wife.
“She did suffer from depression. She did have issues with … her self-persona, who she saw herself as,”
“The way she walked out there … was not the person that I knew,” he said. “It was, looks like she was a person in somebody else’s body.”
This is looking more and more to me like she may be MPD/DID.  The Special Agent was probably witnessing a shift in alters.  Relatives say that they can’t reconcile the Melissa they knew with someone who could murder a child.  This is consistent with MPD, two alters who are polar opposites ( good/evil).
Melissa’s grandparents, Clifford Lane Lawless, and his wife Connie Lawless have quite a sordid history.  According to his biography, Clifford Lane Lawless was baptized in July of 1960 in Wenatchee Washington by AA Harris, pastor of the Eastside Missionary Baptist Church.  AA Harris is also his wife Connie’s father, and on the same day of his baptism, he married Connie in Modesto, CA.   There is much mystery surrounding Clifford who goes by his middle name.  There is no birth certificate on record for him, and there is no marriage certificate in the state of California for him and his wife.  This information was from his bio, on the CBC which is now a parked domain.  He was questioned in connection to the murder, but claims he had nothing to do with the murder.  The unsettling part of all of this, is that he was accused several times of child molestation at the different churches throughout the state of Washington that he pastored.  The very church where he was batptized was the center of a huge child porn ring scandal in the mid 90’s.  Although investigated he was never charged with anything.
Could this Lawless clan be a MGI (multigenerational incest) family?  Are they Satanists, hiding behind religion?  And was Sandra Cantu a ritual sacrifice?  I don’t think Melissa acted alone, but is protecting her grandfather.  My gut instinct tells me that this man has molested, raped, and killed plenty of children, and he will continue to do so.  By the way, his wife Connie was elected to the San Joaquin Valley Republican Central committee, and calls herself the “children’s issues advisor”.  She takes in foster children.  She is married to a “suspected” pedophile who may be psychotic himself.  I suspect that her own family may be MGI, and that her father is also a pedophile, but she takes in foster children.  Okay, now you can scream.
One last note…Melissa Huckaby filed a restraining order against Daniel Plowman for stalking and making threats to her grandfather.  Why was he threatening Pastor Lawless?


  1. Of course there are Satanists hiding behind religion, this is precisely the reason why Christ warned us to beware of false prophets and to know the tree by its fruits. These predators will purposely pick places where a person’s guard will be least fortified, ie a church(hence the constant buggery of boys in the catholic churches, protestant and pentecostal churches too), a school/day care nursery/after school club, parks, play areas, social services employment(yes, you read that right) anywhere where they can access children. The people who you think are least likely to commit these kinds of acts are usually the most rampant.

    People today are just domesticated slobs in comparison to their ancestors who were warriors of survival. I am saddened by this event but you have to wonder what kind of society it is that will seek to bring the murderers of children to justice but will allow their little ones to be taken away and hand them over with no resistance to the so called “officials” called social services(CPS in the States), to then after be drugged to the hilt, raped often by paedophiles in social services and passed on often to police, lawyers, doctors, politicians etc who then have their turn(google Holly Gregg, Scotland), some loaded onto planes and flown to remote locations where they are then bought and sold for child porn and snuff films.

    I suggest people google “UN Child Trafficing”. Remember, the predators most of the time are the ones you say “nah he/she wouldn’t do that” to.

  2. i also think that it’s agencies like cps who created these monsters running around by taking the right to discipline your own child. how many times have you heard of a child calling the police on their own parents because they got their butts whooped. sorry, i believe that a good spanking when your children get out of line are going to make them think harder before they do something out of pocket. not beating, but spanking.

    • Now that the elite have broken society and domesticated the public, they can come in as the so called “solution providers” and bring a twisted order to the chaos that they also created. The key is to begin a deprogramming process in order to restore the natural instincts that have been drummed out of us. I have to keep stressing it, putting down that television is the largest part of this process.

      In China due to their one child policy, the locals will themselves take a woman down to the abortion clinic if they find out or see that she is pregnant with another child, indoctrination at its best. We have to also remember that during the Nazi regime, it was mainly the neighbours who were turning in other neighbours, mostly in order to get money, but often times out of jealousy because the neighbour had something that they wanted.

      Now we have hyper zealots lurking around every corner ready to jump out at the slightest sign of you even raising your hand to your own child, yet alone chastising them. Even though it is not illegal to smack your child in the UK, parents still get reported to social services by useful idiots who are ready to lick the state’s boots at any cost and in many cases, the children are removed from the parents.

      The apathy of the public is what has allowed things to get this far, people care more about football, movie stars and other trivial fluff as apposed to standing up for their God given rights. People no longer caring for each other is another contributing factor to this road to hell, but again as long as people can still play, believe the lies that so called “experts” are dealing with the world’s problems and be entertained, they just do not care about what is happening around them and will never care until it personally hits their doorstep.

      I am also old school and fully support physical discipline as is biblically taught, however I refuse to have children in this country for fear of what I might do to a person who decided that my child was going to be their next meal ticket or earn them some brownie points with the state by reporting me to the “authorities”(notice how they were called services before, now they are trying to show you who the boss is).

      We have to stand up for ourselves, our families and other loved ones against ALL TYRANTS and ENEMIES, even when they appear in a government form.

  3. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Beware of wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing!!! No one is safe. Not even our children. We are definitely in a spiritual warfare, where our childdren are suffering the most. Just within this last month, I have been saddened by the deaths of so many innocent children. Some killed by their own parent’s hands. One case in particular was the death of a 1 month old baby boy that was beaten and raped to death by his very own mother and father. He had broken ribs and bruises all over his little body. I cried like a baby and began to pray for his soul and pray for his evil parents. The evil in this world is felt greatly. And seems to be looked at by many as things that just happens today. Then pushing it aside and only worrying about self. It’s rather sickening. And cuts real deep to me.
    Many many moons ago, I thought the only word my parents knew was ‘NO’. There was so much I wasn’t allowed to do. I could never sit on any man’s lap, not even family. And sleeping over at someone’s house was also a NO-NO. I had to stay in our yard to play and if any friend I had wanted me to come over. My parents would visit my friends parents and question those people to death and then it still was not guaranteed that I could stay and play. They were even like this with our church members. I use to be so mad I could spit. Their love probably spared me a lot of sorrow and pain. And today I am the same way. Very protective. I leave no room for a perp to feel that my kids are in no way neglected or are not loved to death. They are who I would kill for or die trying to save their lives. My belief is without God’s protection, grace and mercy my story would probably be different. The one time I was sexually abused was when I was a little older and was some place my parents told me not to go. My rebellion put me in a situation that caused me a lot of pain. And even though it wasn’t my fault. I learned a valuable lesson the hard way. I was too ashamed to tell my parents until I was grown and God was (and still is) in control of my life.

  4. @ Mz. Mizani
    I was the type of parent like your parents. My son was not allowed to stay at anybody’s house, but ALL were welcome to my home. These parents knew I was hard but they also knew if my son was going somewhere, I was taking him & picking him up. Many would call to see if he would be attending certain events and if I said no, then their child would not be allowed to attend either. I’m also crying because it’s like it’s open season on children. Why are they not being protected? One reason, the parents are getting younger and younger. You have 12, 14,15 etc year olds giving birth. Their parnets are young and haven’t gained the knowlegde so how can they pass it along to their children. I try not to watch too much tv, and I try even harder to stay away from the news. Just so much saddness in the world. My heart aches so much for these lost children. Like it hurts all the time. I do not understand the concept, of hurting a baby, a child. I don’t get it at all. It makes me soooooo angry!! EVERYDAY you hear about a child that’s been hurt or killed. I have no feelings towards any of these sickos. We have all had crosses to bear. We all have a past that has defined who we are. These people are sick!!! This woman is just sick. ALL the crying she was doing just pissed me off. People like this, why even waste the courts time on a trial. Take her funky ass out back and put her out of her misery. IF I were in control there would be no deathrow. Life without parol FORGETABOUTIT!!! She’s able to live a life. She took this girl away from her parents, and loved ones. She should have NO RIGHTS!!! I’m always saying, every Friday would be FRYday. Hurt yorself if you can’t deal with life. This 18 y/o male raped his 8 week YES 8 WEEK old baby. THIS IS A SICK FUCK!!!! the mother was jsut 15. Babies having babies. I hope they found him somewhere with his d*ck shoved down his throat. . Man snatched his baby from the child’s grandmother & threw her off the bridge. In VA, and this has been awhile the child’s neck was broken by the abuser taken his knee in the child’s back and pulling his head. I’M JUST SICK, EVEN AS i WRITE THIS, I have tears in my eyes. No one is watching out for the children and it saddends me. The saying is God takes care of babies and fools, I beieve but the hurting of chidren leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  5. Oh my god, I can’t believe this.
    I don’t get why cops never do such research as this.
    This makes me sick.

  6. hi Dev you have to remember the corruption starts in the white house and trickles down to law enforcement , judges, social workers, etc, so they have the power to halt a thorough and truthful investigation, nothing was done because they didn’t want anything to be done.

  7. Wow.

    Just wow.

    My daughter is 7.

    Reading this made me actually cry.

    I couldn’t even BEGIN to imagine the pain this innocent little girl’s parents are feeling. I especially applaud you, dirtygurl, for being able to continue living after your loss.

    Prayers all around-for the parents, for you, dirtygurl, and even for the killer as well.

  8. thanks for your words sundance, hopefull this will be the beginning of the end of this and all other atrocities comited by the elite.

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