In a desperate attempt to get his name in the blogosphere, Slim Thug went hard on black woman and what HE sees is the problem that we seem to have regarding relationships.

Here’s an excerpt from his interview…

“It’s hard to trust a Black woman [sometimes] because a lot of Black women’s mind frame is that the man gotta do everything for her⎯ he gotta pay for this, he gotta pay for that, and if it ain’t about money then a lot of them ain’t fucking with him. If that’s what you’re here for then I don’t want to be with you.”

Slim Thug, did you ever think that what you put out there, is what you get back.  A black woman who has her own isn’t going to need anything from you.  While I do agree that there are women ( and they can be from any racial background!) that are out for dough, there are many out there who are handling their business on their own, not depending on a man for any financial benefit!  Maybe it’s the circles you happen to run in, or maybe you should raise your own standards!  I’m just saying.  He also claims that it’s the “white side” of his bi-racial girlfriend which is the reason they are still together.  This fool gets the David Banner award for stupidity!  I guess he’s still “regret”ing the fact that Letoya put him on blast….”suicide doors, I co-signed” LOL!

( click on the image to see in its entirety)

Read the entire interview here.

And by the way, apparently this lost soul’s  “advice” has sparked the disappointment of Marc Lamont Hill, and prompted him to write this

Open Letter to Slim

It’s nice to know that some black men do not share his views.

On a side note…. Don’t think I didn’t notice that Letoya is wearing cheetah print, and that Slim Thug is repping Baphomet.  That lovely lady in the background looks familiar, is that the same woman that was with Jay-Z and Beyonce in Croatia?

Oh, and Marc Lamont Hill is gorgeous!



  1. vibrantvixen924 Says:

    He is extremely handsome! As for Ignorant Thug, I’m co signing with you *shut the f*ck up!* Did you get a chance to read their Twitter debate? For someone whose words got “misconstrued”, he (Slim Thug)was certainly reiterating his ignorant and ridiculous views. I must say that Dr. Hill certainly held his ground, and cut the debate short when he realized that you can’t argue with a fool.

  2. SMH at this dude.

  3. The demise and further destruction of an art form that was created by the black youth… so who do we blame for a brother like Slim Thug? Should it be his parents, the system, or schools. Should we protest the urban (black) radio stations that continue to play the bullsh*t on the air? Your not going to hear the conscious rap to counteract the “stanky leg”. You won’t hear India Arie but you’ll end up knowing the words to Rude Boy. Even after the Dr. Hill broke down the history to this brother, he still didn’t learn the HIStory of the Black woman.(his mother, grandmother, aunts,etc.) So who do we blame? And how can we correct this?

    • i don’t know his parents or whomever raised him, we all know that when you get into the rap game there are certain images that you have to push, because there is an agenda behind it. i think that in order to curb this kind of attitude we have to look at the very small children and get to them before they start buying into this idiodicy. what bothers me is what marc lamont touched upon in his letter, the majority of this fools fan base are probably women! anyway i don’t have the answers and all any of us can do is to teach our children a better way. we need to talk to our “leaders” and get proactive about seriously boycotting not just slim, but every single artist that doesn’t contribute anything to our culture, or society as a whole. write letters, and stop spending your dollars on this mess. i guess my theory is if people like slim thug have no relevancy, then they won’t have a platform in which to spew this garbage. I’m thinking about starting some kind of group on facebook to get the word out about boycotting them, just think if we can get all the women behind this movement, we would have more power as there are more women than men on this earth, remember the sisters from the college ( spellmen?) shut down a nelly concert after he came with that nasty video, and boy did they shut him down, we need to stand, organize and fight!

  4. Good idea! Next we can contact the sponsers of the MTV, BET, VH1 an especially the black radio stations to request that they play conscious music(along with the silliness) and to promote a positive voice in the Black community. Bring back Teen Summit, the Bev Smith Show,etc.. We must hold these media outlets accountable for what they put out on the airwaves, if they refuse to do it, then we create our own sh*t…. again.

  5. Charisse Says:

    Dirtygurl, I agree with you. When ever you start your group, i’m down for the cause.

  6. thanx charisse,
    i’m working on it right now.

  7. At the same time ……don’t jump down Slim Thug’s throat when the whole media been doggin the shit outta black women…. like the movie precious …and those why “successful” black women ( that phrase is funny cause they basically saying that the normal black woman ain’t shit……learn what a backhanded compliment is) cant get married specials…John Mayer telling playboy how white men really feel about black women…and movies only putting mammified characters in major roles…..gotdamn can gabrielle union get a leading role…..but i digress

  8. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Hi Dirtygurl, I am also down for the cause. This is very important and needed like yesterday.

    Now as for Slim Thug… Let’s just say for me… the name says it all.

    *like Flo from the Progressive comercial* And we’re walkin’…


  10. Ignorance is bliss & he is ignorant to the 10000000000000 power. Sad part about this is, he is not the only one. They might not speak it verbally like he did, but when you see them switch sided, it’s clear. I mean like/love who you want, however, don’t use that bs about black women only being after you for your money. We make/spen our own. whoever said check the circles that you are in, was right on point. If you are flashing money as a way to get with someone, then you get jsut what you are asking for. Marc Hill is FIYAH w/ a beatuiful smile. He spoke to him jsut the why he needed to. There was no misunderstanding what he was saying. His words were intelligent, and concise. If Slim didn’t know, now he does. We have all had bad experiences but it’s sad to know that there is a war against black women. I’m not saying that other races don’t have this type of destruction, however, it ALWAYS going on with black women. Why do they hate us so much? Do they hate their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, or Aunts? SMH it’s sad that no matter how much we have their backs, they are still not down for us. Marc’s letter needs to be heard by the masses.

  11. smashbrolink Says:

    Me, personally? I blame the music that those circles listen to.
    It’s mostly Rap and Hip-Hop, and we ALL know just how much crap is in Rap.
    Whiny stories about hard childhoods that forced them into doing bad things, sex, drugs, money, exploiting women[and sometimes men], gangs, violence, weapons, the list goes on and on, and it sickens me!X_X

    This is why I mostly listen to non-lyrical and orchestra pieces as my preferential music of choice.

    If anyone plays PS2 games[or heck, even if you DON’T], try looking for songs from the games Ar Tonelico and Ar Tonelico 2.
    Some of them are beautiful enough to bring tears to your eyes.^_^

  12. smashbrolink Says:

    Oh, forgot to add a little joke I heard a while back;

    Did you know that Rap isn’t a music genre, but that it’s actually an acronym?

    Guess what the letter stand for……


    That’s one of the few things I ever heard out of George Carlin that I liked.XD
    I sincerely hope that God reformed him and that he’s resting comfortably in Heaven right now, because I think his power to make people laugh would be put to good use up there.^_^

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