I’ve been saving this one to see how it played out.  Governor Brewer of Arizona wants a fence built to keep illegal immigrants out of the state.  Obama says the controversial law would be discriminatory.  For those of you who don’t know, the law states that it’s basically against the law (in Arizona) to be without documentation.  I know that Arizona was the last state in the union to make MLK day a state holiday, but I am nothing if not honest, and I’m going to get behind the Gov on this one.

Now, before anyone calls me a racist, or says that I don’t like people of Latino or Hispanic heritage, let me say that is not true.  I don’t think that people should be excluded from this country.  I appreciate and respect the fact that they want to come here, work hard, and send money home to take care of their families.  I just think that they should be documented, because that would show that they have the right intentions.  Leaving the borders open would allow the trash (and every race has their trash) free rein to come into this country and commit crimes, then flee back to wherever they may be from.  We have enough to deal with, with our own murderers, pedophiles, drug addicts/dealers, thieves, drunk drivers, sex traffikers, and everyday criminals without taking on another countries headaches.

Although I think that giving the police the authority to profile whomever they want is a lawsuit waiting to happen, it’s not the law that’s the problem, it’s the attitudes of the police that need to be changed.  Any officer with prejudices are not going to be fair or impartial.

I know that in the fifties/sixties when people migrated from the Southern states to the Bay Area, the police forces actively recruited officers from the South, which led to excessive force on the part of the police against the citizens they were hired to “protect”, which led to the formation of the Black Panther Party, but we won’t get into that story right now.

I would like to relate a true story to you guys, and I saw this go down.  I lived in East Oakland for nine years.  One day, the police pulled up behind a car and followed them, then turned on their lights.  I don’t know if the cars registration was expired, or there was a broken tail light, or if the guys were acting suspicious, or they could have been just driving while black.  As they passed in front of my house, the passenger of the car being followed, got out, pistol in hand, and started shooting at the police.  This was during the summer, around noon, so there were plenty of people out and about.  My children just happened to be in the house, but who’s to say a stray bullet couldn’t have been fired through a wall, or window?  Who’s to say that this animal wouldn’t have hit an innocent bystander whether they be adult or child? Obviously this animal needed to be taken off the street, and of course he could have gone on to shoot someone, had the police not been profiling (if this was the case) so this was a good thing, but this incident is the exception and not the rule, so this is a very fine line, so I do agree to some extent with Obama’s front.  But I cannot help but remember the line in “Training Day” with Denzel (yet another puppet)

“To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf”

.  My point is, this is the excuse that Obama gives for not securing the border, but I SPECULATE that the reason behind this one is closer to the truth, if they close the borders then it won’t snow as much in Washington, or America.  You all figure that one out. On a side note, IF  the NWO is implemented, I think Washington is going to get a lot of resistance from Arizona.  Has anyone heard of the factions?


10 Responses to “BREWER VS OBAMA”

  1. If anyone needs to leave Arizona it’s the Europeans decendents. Arizona territory originally belong to the Mexicans. They lost it to the U.S. during the Mexican War of 1848. Congress created that territory in 1863. The name Arizona is not even a Spanish name it is the language of the Native Americans.The Spanish language is not the original language of Mexico. Spain conquered Mexico by bringing in the missionaries (just like in Africa). I could go on and on. But the reason why you are now having these types of uprising against the U.S. is because the U.S. broke treaties against these people and our people. The Latinos are fighting back and they have the right. It’s their land.

  2. I LOVE a good conversation piece!!!! While I tend to agree, I alos tend to disagree. What makes me so upset is the fact that they come here, where I was born and raised, stay and not once think about becoming a citizen, yet they want all the rights that I have. They have the nerve to ask The US to put our national anthem in Spanish..why your not an American. How many times have you heard of an American citizen going to a foreighn country and asking them to put their national anthem in English………IT WON’T HAPPEN!!! What’s up with being here for years and years, upon years and not even bothering to learn the language, THEN I have to push 1 for English……….

  3. not sure what happened, but to finish my point. Close the damn border.!! If you want to come here to work, and you have no intentions on becoming a citizen, then sorry either you get the proper papers you need or RUN FOR THE BORDER!!! It’s crazy when the Hatians are trying to get the the US for the same reasons the spanish or mexicans are, they ass get plucked RIGHT out the water, put back on another boat, and sent back home. @ Bette, yes I do understand what you are saying, however, I makes me me when where I live is being swarmed with Latinos, and Mexicans, and now even Korens, and they have more rights than I do. America is a sad place for a person born and raised in the united states. I for the rights, and fair treatment of everyone, however, how fair is it to allow someone to be here and they not have papers. That’s saying , hey I can do whatever the freak I want………..heckno you can’t..close it!!!

  4. itzBriana Says:

    @ Kimeeb:. You know my mom was just saying something liked that. We were born here and they treat us like crap,but they can sneak in here,without any trying to get registered, and takin over everything. if your from NY I live near the westchester metro area next to manhattan and the bronx.. everywhere I go they’re around.. and im not going to know their hustle but man they are taking over everythin.. also im not racist.. im Black/mixed. racist isnt a problem tew me..

  5. Latinos are part of our family. The reason why some of us may have a disdain for them like the Koreans or any other group is by design of the power elite. (Check out the Willie Lynch papers.) They will give the foreign groups an opportunity to open a business in the black community, but if your black and you want to start a business, we are faced with a bunch of red tape. So we take our frustration out on them. Then..thanks to the media, black people are portrayed as criminals, thugs, low-lifes. They (foreigners) see this and believe it. Thus, they don’t like us or trust us. And we’re mad at them because of the way we are treated when we enter their stores. That’s exactly what the power elite wants…to have us think it’s them (Latinos, Asians, Indians,etc.) against us. That’s the game. Now you have some European woman come up with a law that is based on racial profiling. Check out the agreement that Clinton made with President Fox of Mexico when Clinton was in office then you’ll understand why the US is having such an influx of Mexicans today and why our jobs are being out-sourced to other poor countries. And if your black in this country, please prove to me that you are an American citizen. Read the Dred Scott case and you will see that you’re not. Note: Birth certificate, drivers license, passports does not prove citizenships. Get a Black’s Law dictionary to look up the real terms.

  6. Another note: Remember when news media called the Katrina victims refugees? Read the Dred Scott case and you will find out why. And this case has never been overturned.

  7. Ms. Mizani Says:

    You two have made some valid points and I can definitely feel and understand what you said. Now I must look up this Dred Scott case and see what it is about.

  8. To all black people living in the US.. You must pay attention and learn how the immigrants have come together and are fighting for their rights. We will be next. We didn’t come together and fight against or riot when Katrina happened. We just donated money, and watch it play out on tv. What happened to us? We must regain that warrior spirit that we had in the 60’s. I remember the protest and riots. We rioted when King was assasinated, we rioted in Detroit and Watts because we were sick and tired of being sick and tired.This law is about race. I heard Brewers speech and she did not state US citizens. She said Arizonian citizens. So who are they? It ain’t the Blacks living there because their just refugees. Remember Katrina.

  9. Ms. Mizani Says:

    @ Bette… Hi you are so right about Hurricane Katrina or as the locals who know the truth call it…’The day the levees were bombed’. This attempt was ordered straight from the top, to depopulate and to gain control of all who survived. I personally thank anyone who has donated moeny, prayers, time, and medical assistance. but truth be told most of us never received any money. And it took really long for organizations to deliver water, food, clean clothes, medical supplies etc… This was a time to hear a loud roaring of nothing but continuoos outcrys from Black people all across American. We forget that we will and can experience the same tragic, life changing moments. They minipulate the weather all the time. And sometimes using Chem Trails to help along with depopulizing the Earth.

    I was fortunate to be able to leave before things got really bad. And when I listened to the news on TV. I was just blown away with their labeling us US citizens as Refugees and how they treated my people made me physically sick. I’ve said all of this to draw a picture in your mind that can see the truths amongst the lies. Take a stand for your very own people. I really admire how the Mexicans, legals and illegals are banding together as well as other groups of people. Hell, even the Gays and Lesbians come together on issues. I no longer live in N.O.,La. But I still visit some who have moved back and for the most part nothing is the same or better. In some cases they are still finding dead bodies of human and their pets. And now we are dealing with the oil spillage in the Gulf. They’re taking their time on this too. Killing the seafood that makes my city. It’s all done on purpose. So please don’t think you’re safe where ever you are. Remember 9/11/01? We were told that this was the work of Bin Laden and others. Come to find out, out very own Americans were responsible. Sick isn’t it? Bottom line is they want to kill us, not just black, but those who aren’t apart of the elite. And who aren’t apart of the illumanti. If the have nots band together it would give the illumanti less power.

  10. This is scary..Eduardo Caraballo a U.S. citizen was detained for over 3 days on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant. Although he had a birth certificate and other documentation, he was going to be deported until his congressman, Luis Guitierrez intervened. Senator Rand Paul wants to repeal part of the Civil Righs Act that outlawed segregation. What’s next the Black Codes and Jim Crow? Let me tell you, from experience, it ain’t fun sitting in the back of the bus or drinking from a water fountain marked “Coloreds Only”. It’s degrading.

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