According to Michael Jackson’s trust, his children Paris, Prince, and “the little fella” ( I refuse to call  this kid Blanket!) are due some serious cash, but hold on, they won’t be able to touch it until they are thirty!  Smart move on Mike’s part. I think that children who come from affluent families and  are spoiled, are out of control when it comes to spending the folks money.   I think that when a child is not taught the value of money, they are more likely to blow it and have entitlement issues.

This is a culture that thinks it’s cool for a sixteen year old CHILD to have two matching Range  Rovers ( MTV’s Super Sweet 16).  Does anyone see the absurdity in this?  Well anyway, the children will receive an allowance until they are 30, and at that time they will get only 1/3, at 35 they get 1/2, and when they are forty they will get the remainder .

Katherine Jackson, his mom, will get 40% for the rest of her lifetime, and when she passes, the remainder will go to the children.  20% goes to designated charities.  I’m hearing that each of the children’s share is going to be around 33 million each, but that’s just hearsay.  I’m sure Joe Jackson is somewhere stewing in his own pedophile juices, dreaming of a scheme to get his grubby hands on some money, but I would suggest that he clean some of his families blood off them first.



  1. vibrantvixen924 Says:

    LOL @ ” I’m sure Joe Jackson is somewhere stewing in his own pedophile juices”. But seriously, your right the entitlement issues & the absurdity of the things these children of the elite are given.

  2. Thank God they can’t touch the money until 30 years old thanks micheal for having some brain cells and teach your children they have to work for it.

  3. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Towards the end of Michael’s life he was slowly breaking away from his programming. So in order to get a few things achieved he has to pretend a little longer that he was indeed programmed. Then one day he decided to buy the rights for all the beatles songs, which angered the puppitiers because he was suppose to be under their control and that was something that they would have allowed. I think Michael was a black man that bought his freedom papers here under the noses of the Illumanti and their constant fight for a New World Order. So about time they realized his program shutting down allowing Mike to think for himself it was too late. He had already made the necessary changes for his Mother and his children. I believe Mike knew his time on Earth was limited and as a responsible, caring man. He just handled his business. I have so much respect for him because of the way he risked his life. And now that his family is taken care of may he rest in peace always.

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