Mo’nique has basically made a successful career out of the phrase;

“Skinny bitches are evil!”

So if skinny bitches are so evil, then why are you trying your damnedest to become one?  It seems that ever since she’s gotten that joke of a talk show on Blacks Eternally Trifling (BET) network, she’s become the incredible shrinking woman.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic that she wants to get in shape, however I don’t respect the reason or motives behind it…acceptance in Hollywood.




Hollywood accolades mean nothing to me.  I didn’t see Precious, but for those who did, do you really think that she killed it?  I have a problem with someone winning an award for such an awful character.  Seems to me that once again, Hollywood is twisting things here.  Does her Oscar win somehow perpetuate the negative stereotypes that surround black people?  Remember Denzel finally receiving the Oscar for playing a murdering psychopathic cop in “Training Day”, and Hallee got one for showing her knockers and freaking with a white man in “Monster’s Ball”.  On a side note, I thought that was such bad acting, all that screaming and basically being a gutter whore was not a good look.

I also cannot stand her late night talk show, it’s a minstrel extravaganza!  Little dude is nothing more than a joke, the new age buffoon!  I hate how he struts around the stage like a cocky rooster, it is truly sickening, But I digress….

While looking for a clip of the show where he was showing his behind, I came across one of my favorite comedians  putting Hollywood, Black and White on blast.  Any ounce of respect I had for this woman has been demolished…let’s watch…

*It seems that I am unable to play the video, probably from the heat it’s generating, but Monique asks “what’s this” and it’s the handsign for Baphomet.  You can still go to youtube and look up “paul mooney on monique show”

Now why would she insult our intelligence and asks what “this” is @ :24, as if she didn’t know damn well.  She’s already taken the oath, and in return she has a show and an Oscar….come on now Monique, you are not fooling anyone, you just showed your allegiance to your master.



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  3. Child “clutch the pearls”!!!! YES YES a million times YES!!!! Don’t get me wrong, she played the role of the sick mother to the T, but she gets on my good nerves. Like I’ve said before, all the loudness and Baaaaby, and sista, brotha talk she does is so over the top. I understand she feels free to express herself, however, some of the things she says on her show, are waaaaaay outta order. I have to agree with you on the shucking & jiving that the guy does, it’s CRAZINESS at it’s worst!!! there is NOTHING wrong with being for your people, she carries it far. Don’t have guest up there who put “us” on blast and act like you don’t know what the ham sandwich they talking about, PLEASE !!!

    Denzel has had sooooooooo many other roles that he could have won for ummmmm Malcolm X, John Q, Glory, or Philadelphia and his list goes on.Halle could have gotten it for Dorothy Dandridge, Losing Isiah. It makes no since that they won for the roles that they did more of that Hollwood messiness!!

    Also agreeing with you that there is nothing wrong with getting fit as we all should strive to be more healthy, but I’m with you, did she do it because of that Hollywood standard, or did she do because of TRYing to be more healthy. And yes, she is steadily shrinking. How long before she’s screaming Fat Bitches are evil !!!!

    LMAO @ Blacks Eternally Trifling (BET) !!! That’s a good one!!!

  4. i hate when she says “baaabay” it straight gets on my nerves, that is not being or talking black, i really don’t know people who talk like that, but any non black people watch and think that she’s all of our representative…not true. just because you are on a gutter network doesn’t mean act gutter! it’s too bad cause despite the “skinny bitches are evil” she really is funny, she just needs to tone it down alot!

  5. Isn’t it ashame that Arsenio Hall is no longer on the air and you know why they cxl’d his show. Even Tavis Smiley’s show has been dumbed down. So what we have now on t.v. is nothing but straight up buffonery…makes me want to read a book.

  6. LOL dirtygirl, EVERY time she does it, I want to just want to ROCK HER JAW!!! You KNOW that’s what they think. She is very funny, when in the funny setting & yes, she needs to tone it down. How about this, last night she had the cast of The Game on her show and when she came out, she said Ok Ok people on the blogs, I heard what you said. I’m toning it down, because you said it, I need to listen. And when she came out, it was more quiet than normal. I was like hmmmmmm LOL she must have heard us tell her butt to shut up and stop being so loud

    @ Bette, it’s really sad. LOl @ makes me want to read a book. I hear you. When I get home, I’m on the computer until late, and then I’m watching TVone w/ Living Single, Half & Half, A Different World, all the good classic shows.

  7. i saw that but i still couldn’t sit through that mess, that little munchkin dude just rubs me the wrong way, plus i don’t support the hypocrites of the world!

    omg i loved living single and different world….

    the 100th episode of max and regine fighting was the funniest one of all, especially when max grabbed regines fake ponytail and was wipping it around the room I was dying….i think you can youtube it!

    different world, the first season sucked so bad, but after was much better, i loved dwayne and whitley together and I loved the wedding episode, but my second fave was when patti labelle and diahann carrol came for thanksgiving and the engagement party and they would get into battles…funny as heck!

    @ bette, why did they cancel arsenio, i loved that show. forgive me for not being up on the behind the scenes, that was when i was running wild!

  8. Sorry this is a little unrelated but have you watched Riri’s ‘Rockstar 101’? Please review it,its the most evil video EVER!

  9. Arsenio Hall’s show was cxl’d because he made the decision to interview Louis Farrakhan. Arsenio was also instrumental in presenting many hip-hop artists. (when hip-hop was good not that bullsh*t that is played on the radio today). His show was very poplular and gave Letterman and the Tonight Show a run for their money.

    • i think i heard something like that but he did have america up late every night one thing i loved about his show was how he did give alot of hip hop artists time to shine, that was before the music turned to crap though

  10. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Mo’Nique is one loud woman. She turns me off as soon as she opens her big ol’ pie hole. Something ignorant always manages to fall out. And depending on who’s around…I hang my head in shame. She played her role in ‘Precious’ a little too well. I just felt like that was more to her real lfe (not Hollyweird) character. I hate that she is put foward in front of millions as a representation of black women. Allowing others to judge us before we even open our mouths. *Deep sigh*

  11. @ Mz. Mizani………..she is loud to to the 10000000000000th power.
    @ Ms. Bette………ahhh the good times of late night when Arsenio was on. He had everybody with bags under their eyes, trying to stay up to watch him. Sad they took him off the air.
    @ dirtygurl OMG..yes the 1st season of ADW, were kinda wack…….Whitley was stuffy, but then she loosend up and she was fuuunny!!! The two mothers were HILARIOUS!!!! Patti was down to earth, & Diane was high falutin………but it was a good mix. And yes when Max & Regine got into it, I thought I would loose it. That’s whay these shows are my favorite. You can still watch them now and a get a hurt-your-belly-laugh

  12. Vee, the ONLY person that can save this girl is Jesus. She is gone and it’s sad that right now she thinks she is on top of the world. DO any of you ever check out Viligant Citizen? If not check it out. They break down all the videos: Bey/Jay Ri-RI, Ga-Ga, Lil Wayne and some others. It’s crazy how we can be so blind to these things that’s right under our noses. We can often chaulk it up to not knowing, however, once you know, you are held accountable

  13. Charisse Says:

    I don’t think anything is wrong with her losing weight, despite what she said.

    I don’t watch her show. Don’t really watch anything she is on. I do remember saying one time listening to her talk, that she do sound a little hoarse. Guess because she is always running her mouth.

    I think Monique was once molested as a child…I think by an uncle or something and that could be why she played that part so good.
    From what I’ve read before, Oprah was abused sexually, so was Tyler Perry, and Monique (i believe, dont quote me)…isn’t that weird…hmmmm…

  14. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Hi all, I’m back on this post again to ask has anyone noticed that even with MoNique’s laughing and telling jokes, she still looks unhappy. I honestly believe that she is a whole other person behind the cameras. One who is not so nice, bossy, angry and depressed.

    Is she really happy having an open relationship with her husband out there in Hollywood, Atlanta, or where ever she lives. Hollywood is evil and fake. full of vain people. So he’s probably screwing some one he would call, “skinny bitches!!!”

    And because Hollywood is like that (VAIN) who in ‘Hollywood is gonna want to sleep wth a, loudy, angry, stereo-typical heavy set black woman. Now, I’m not putting down MoNique in any way. But Hollywood is filled with smoke and mirrors. Not to mention the evils that run this place. And when you’re in, you witness alot of things. Even things that hurt you.

    I just think she is unhappy, I’ve seen her more vibrant, with a glow and she looked radiant. And her laughs were heartfelt and filled with joy. I’m gonna keep an eye on her.

  15. IGotSoul Says:

    it seems lyk the illuminati, is the modern day hitler party and tryin take over the world on the DL (down low) using different experiments to keep people down and dumb ther minds, i think people like tupac and dmx and websites lyk this are doin the world some good, i arent sure if this stuff is really tru, bt i can see everyones point from urs and to the readers that leave comments,

  16. Oh goodness, don’t get me started on Monique and BET. I cannot stand BET…it’s nothing but a disgrace to black people, just like MTV is a disgrace to everyone else, especially young people. I did see “Precious” and Monique did do a great job acting…but I see what you mean with your point of winning an oscar for a “role played.” Very interesting. I’ve never been a fan of her, simply because I think she’s usually not funny and she’s always way too over the top, acting like a stereotypical black woman.
    This is so off topic that it’s not even funny, but I had a BFF (key word: had) who I’ve grown apart from because she’s become someone I can’t really associate myself with. She’s everything I don’t like about someone. Recently she got a Facebook account and added me…lo and behold, her 2 interests are: BET and the Monique show! Dirtygurl, I am so glad I’m not the only one who sees everything wrong with BET and Monique!

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