I was over at Pseudo Occult Media, fooling around in their archives, when I came across the name Kim Noble.  It seems that Kim Noble is MPD with around 20 different alters.  Anyway around 12 of them paint and are pretty good at it, as she is able to make a living from it.  Anyway, I went to her website to see her virtual galleries because I was so moved by her paintings.  One alter’s (Ria)  paintings  in particular moved me to tears, and I thought I’d post them here to show you what she went through and saw to cause the split.  These are graphic depictions of children being sexually abused and dehumanized, so consider yourselves warned!

Click image to see in its entirety

Okay, here’s where things get a little graphic…these are the ones the did it for me, especially the abortion/baby on the its knees in front of a dog bowl full of blood.

I apologize, but I had to share this with you guys.  This should give you an idea of the kind of hellish existence that Kim and other MK’d children live with.   The mind would have to split in order to deal with this kind of thing on a  continuous basis, but this is also a testament to the strength of this woman’s spirit, heart, and determination despite what her family( insert burning sarcastic hatred here) put her through.

I tried to make out the mirror writing on the walls, and in most cases was unable to, but the ones I was able to make out involved the words “help” an awful lot.   I cannot imagine!  I simply cannot!  My heart and soul are so heavy but I am unable to turn away!

Read about Kim Noble here, and see her collective work here.

Just a few more thoughts…On the wall of the last painting, it says “Pratt was here”.  Could Pratt be her father, or a friend, or other family member?

Also,  the name of the painting is “you’re special, now shut up”..could she as a child have asked her torturer why he was doing this to her, and he told her “because you’re special, now shut up!” as he continued to abuse her?

Update: I have been looking at these painting on and off since I posted them, and each time I see them a fresh wave of horror strikes me.  This is going on, and we don’t have any idea.  Could be the people we work with, could be your pastors at your church, or even a school teacher or a coach that works closely with children.  Could you be sending your own children to this kind of mess when they go on sleepovers at their friends houses?  Any of these scenarios is possible, and that’s what  is so scary.  Anyway, upon a closer look at all the pictures, “Pratt” is written on the walls in almost every single one of them.  This is a mystery, who is Pratt?

Thank you Pseudo Occult Media, I love your blog!


12 Responses to “THE ART OF MPD: KIM NOBLE”

  1. Ms. Mizani Says:


    I have been visiting that site for awhile and when I came across these paintings my heart began to pump very hard. Kim Noble unleashed the horrible childhood she had. And left no doubt in my head that she and others were being ritually abused. I felt so much hurt and pain while viewing them, but my eyes wouldn’t let me stop. Like watching a trainwreck. I just couldn’t help it. And when I was done I felt like I had worked a 15 hour shift with no breaks. I was totally exhausted. So I logged off and began praying for her, other victims, and their abusers.

    Whew!!! Anyway… I’m glad you put this out for others who are caught in a vortex of confusion and denial to wake up already. And stop sleeping on what’s reallly going on in our world.

  2. HOLY MACKERAL!!!!!!!

  3. The mirrored text reads;

    The bells ring out
    they say the right sperm
    the right egg, the right time
    wrong time
    right blue,right red
    she will be creative
    wrong creativity
    Pratt was here

    And the other one reads;
    Pratt rules
    child friendly
    lock up nonces

    What do you think these words mean Dirtygurl?

    • the movies depicting this stuff is really happening its like verbs said they are putting it o
      ut there as entertainment to test if the sheeple are ready for acceptance

      vee thank you i couldnt really make
      it out too well bells ringing out is this a reference to a loud noise to disorient the victim
      the right sperm egg time indicates to me that she was chosen before birth her parents were put together to concieve her, they were probably multi generational ritually abused as they are able to pass the art of dissociation on to their children

      wrong time ????

      red light blue light is the programming, they programmed her to have a talent i know that certain colored lights mean certain things and can act as triggers…for instance sasha could be triggered to come out when the lights on stage flash in a certain sequence
      wrong creativity…i’m seeing a pattern, when she says the word “wrong” i guess she is rebelling inside…i don’t know
      pratt must be her pedophilefather or more likely her programmer

      that last one i guess means that the people involved including pratt may have told her that she was chosen and that they were her friends this is atactic for conufsing the victim

  4. It’s art imitating life. Check out the show on Showtime called the United States of Tara. Tara suffers from MPD and as her regular self she is an artist. Also another good movie to check out is The Butterfly Effect with Anston Kuchner. This movie actually shows child sexual abuse. What’s aso interesting to note is Anston is a twin. Things that make you go hmmmm…

  5. Ms. Mizani Says:

    No child is ever safe. Male or female.
    It’s so hard to catch these acts of incest, mind control, ritual abuse, ritual sacrifices, etc… Because most of what I’ve read is the elites partake in these Santanic rituals. The rape, incest, the mind control and human scrafices, and the drinking of the blood is all in honor of Satan.
    And as you know…they protect their own with a lot of cover up stories, and lies. These Monsters disattach themselves from feelings, caring, loving, and any emotion that would hinder you and I to do such awful things. It could be their own baby and because the parents have been programmed they feel nothing and unattached to their very own kids.
    I could go on about this subject, but will ba at a later date. This subject has me a little worked up. Peace.

  6. I remember one day I was surfing the net & came across these paintings. CLUTCH THE PEARLS!!! It was horrible. The fact that Kim made it thru, is CRAZY!!! I know the other personilaties helped her, but it’s still crazy. I have a friend who suffers from MPD. She too is a surviver of sexual abuse. There are days when the “others” are more present, and then there are some days when it’s just her. At first I couldn’t understand how this could hapen, however, the more I talked to her, the more I understood what was going on. Sometimes she feels like they are there to protect her, but some days, she’s scared of them because she says she can hear them talking and the things they are saying, could be harmful to somebody else. SHe is supposed to take medication, is scared because then that would her mind in a state where she couldn’t hear what was going on with the others.

    Kim’s paintings remind me of some of the things my friend has gone thru. It’s terrible that as a child, she had to go thru this. People don’t understand how fragile the mind really is and it is a REALLY thin line between sane and insane. ONE lil incident could send yo over at any point.

    Ki’m paintings were sooo vivid it made me just want to reach out and punch the screen. I mean in these paintings, you could tell these were children.

  7. Pratt refers to “Ria Pratt”, the personality that painted these disturbing pictures. The personality refers to herself as Ria and goes by the last name Pratt. One must wonder how the names of the personalities was created. Could the named personalities subconciously symbolize the people who did this to her and maybe the more compassionate personalities symbolize people that comforted her during this terrible time in her life.

  8. I am convince we should be handing out licenses for people to have children. Wish I could go back in time and save her. Makes me want to give her a hug.

  9. I have looked at these a second time. My God! I just wish I could get a hold of these abusers and beat the living daylights out of them. They took advantaged of the truly weak and helpless!!!

  10. I found a video on youtube. It shows some art work from the alters and it says Ria’s last name is Pratt.

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