I’m sorry you guys but this Gabourey girl is starting to really really irk the hell out of me.

First of all, I don’t feel as if she’s proven herself as an actress.  I guess it wouldn’t be a far leap for an obese girl with low self esteem to play an obese girl with low self esteem.  But what is really starting to make me upset is how she’s being portrayed in the media,  like a horny, rude, obnoxious black woman.  Somehow, I think the reports of her misbehavior at an event at the White House were true, as her mother admitted it in so many words.  Now she’s been quoted as professing how she’s into chasing leading men.  First she wants to walk down the red carpet with Justin Timberlake, now this…

“I use any event to hit on a young man! (I’ll do it) at the gas station! I just like hitting on people, I’m into boys! Recently, Sex and the City, the guy that plays Smith – Jason Lewis, I believe his name is – he’s hot! I hit on him for four straight minutes the other night!

“Here’s how I open up: ‘Hi, you are hot! What’s up with that? Take down these digits!’ He was very, very, very nice. I’m sure I scared him off a little bit, I can be quite aggressive. It hasn’t slowed me down though!

“I hit on Orlando (Bloom) – eight straight minutes of hitting on him! I time it, I have a notebook for this

I am absolutely disgusted!  Someone should tell this girl that first of all, this is Hollywood, not your neighborhood.  You must never forget that you are a black woman in a white game.  Second of all, you are morbidly obese, there is no place for you in Hollywood besides in typecast roles, if that.   Justin Timberlake and all the other white actors you hit on will never, ever, “get” with you.   Third, you are putting yourself out there like a desperate, self-hating  whore seeking attention.  I’m sorry but I have to call them like I see them, and someone needs to usher in a wake up call to this child.  She reminds me of the fat girl in school that was easy because she wanted to be accepted.



  1. She really said all of that in an interview & noone (her mother or publicist) stopped her? Wow! You’re right though, that’s does sound like the easy, fat girl that’s dying to be accepted. I feel sorry for her though. Self hatred is a very serious & destructive issue to have with yourself.

  2. I’m just reading what was quoted, and if she didn’t say this i guess they will dispute it, but i am not surprised that this would be her mind set, so i tend to believe it.

  3. Ms. Mizani Says:

    I hope this is not true, but if so, someone needs to school this young lady ASAP. Preferably someone in the business that is a black actress that knows the real deal in Hollyweird. I know the truth will hurt, but it’s best that she knows it. So in the meantime…SHUT THE HELL UP, GABBY!!!

  4. You have to thank Oprah and Tyler for pumping up this girl’s ego. After she did Precious, she should have gone on a diet, exercised, went thru a ritual, Nutra System and presto, change-o….Jennifer Hudson!

  5. LOL this is soooooo funny. I don’t think she suffers from low self esteem, I just think ALL the attention has gone to her head. Being obese has nothing to do with being rude and obnoxious!!!. This girl is educated and right now, her head is on swole!!! It’s so amazing that because she’s “fat” she has to be suffering from low self esteem and hates her self. What about all the “skinny” women in Hollywood that are rude, obnoxious, suffer from low self esteem and hate themselves???? Having manners has no color, or size. If you are rude, then it is what it is. Queen La, is a “big girl” and very mannerable, and she has been stomping with the big dogs for a minute. J-Hud, before the weight lost, very mannerable, and pleasant when speaking in public. Let’s NOT blame this behavior on her weight. Her head has been blown up and she is “smelling herself” like the old people say.
    @ Ms. Mizani…..I agree with you 10000000000 %
    When Jamie Foxx was getting ready to get that Oscar, Oprah pulled him aside and said, “don’t blow it”, she told him,” you know THEY are watching you”. He was at a party and getting his drink on, Oprah was at the same party. She told him”you are one drink away from making a fool of yourself”. He left the party after that. He has told this story many time. It’s like if you did this for Jamie, then do it for Gabby. She’s young and I’m not saying that that’s a reason for her to be rude, HOWEVER, she needs to be groomed. Where is Tyler, Mo’Nique, and Oprah whispering in her ear? Now you wanna talk about heavy, and obnoxious???? Mo’Nique is all the above, and yes she has shed some wiehgt, but she is still loud and rude.

  6. which brings me to Monique, thank you for reminding me to place her on blast.

    • LAWD A MERCY!!! Don’t get me started on her either. While I think her show is good, she always has good guest, HOWEVER, she makes me soooooooooooo sick with her loud ass. I put on the cable gide to see who her guest will be, nobody I wanna see, cool, I don’t watch it. She goes above & waaaaaaaaaay beyond. It’s like REALLY??? We see your ass. SAT DOWN SOMEWHERE!!! ooooo she gets on my nerves. Old folks would say, be seen and not heard, and dang nabbit, we can’t miss you and lawd a death person could hear you!!! I might be wrong, but I think she tries too hard to be “humble”

  7. Kimeed I have to agree with you. You are so right on.

  8. Charisse Says:

    She may not have proven herself as an actress, but that don’t mean you bash her for being over weight. Bash her for her horrible acting skills…talking about someone’s weight isn’t right, mainly because no one is perfect, rather they are 500 lbs or 100 lbs.

    Also, I saw the movie precious, and was upset. People were talking about it as if it was the best movie of the year. The things that were done in this movie has been done plenty of times before in other movies/television shows. Oprah and Tyler Perry should’ve came with some originality.

  9. forgive me but the truth hurts, and i while i feel that she needs to take better care of herself, she just needs to do it for herself and not as a means to be accepted by the establishment. it is true that hollywood hates obesity, and these guys she’s going aft, her will never accept her as they are part of the hollywood illusion and must uphold it, she should never get to big to the point that she forgets this.

  10. While I cracked up at this article, the things she said should not be funny. I can believe she said them too, because I saw her on some late night show once where she mentioned really liking boys. She seems extremely open and carefree to the point where she gives TMI. And while she can be funny sometimes, I don’t think what she just said should be laughed at…all it’s doing is encouraging her. So I hope whoever was there wasn’t cracking up at what she was saying! And good point…where are her mentors? I hope she doesn’t continue to make a fool out of herself. She needs to work harder than everyone else in Hollywood for that respect she’s probably seeking.

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