So the saga continues…upon hearing that B.O. would be visiting the site of the BP oil spill fiasco, BP shipped in 3-400 workers to make it look as  if they gave a damn and were cleaning up their mess.  The cold part is that once B.O. left, so did the workers.  RME!

Read all about it here.

This just goes to show that surprisingly, BP is not taking this seriously!   Hmm…, let’s take a huge container of oil and dump it over everything they own, I bet they would care then!


3 Responses to “NOT A GOOD LOOK”

  1. itsBriana!! Says:

    This whole situtation was rigged.. these days, with stuff like this going on every 5 minutes(sarcastic), and the way their “trying”(yea rite) clean this mess.. na. its no accident. also, i luv this site sOoOo much!!

  2. AGirlNamedGoys Says:

    The oil is being left there purposely; a hurricane will be created to spread the toxins over American shores.

    Peace and Abundance.

  3. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Thanks itsBrianna and AGirlNamedGoys *waving*

    I understand both comments. It’s a shame what has happen here in the Gulf. Since upon studying and researching things of this matter and the party’s involved. I’ve just kinda given up on our system, our president and others who look to fatten their wallets.
    Since learning about Obama being related to one or two of those scared bloodline, I’m sure he is just a bobble headed puppet. He’s related to those who are well known Satanist. I know that Obama wil show up at the bohemien lodge where they make human scrafices in honor of thier God, Satan. These are just my feelings about things I’d learned right after he became President of the US. I even voted for him. Which now I know is a crock of shit. The illumanti picks who they want to fullfill certain position. Just look at how Bush was put in for another term after he failed us so poorly.

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