I’m always amazed at people who still dismiss the truth even when they see it for themselves.  If you don’t believe that most celebs are MK’d slaves then take a look at these videos I came across.

Britney Spears appeared on ABC with Diane Sawyer, and when Diane uses the word “Spasm” the alters shift, Britney even talks to this alter.  Notice how her head shifts from side to side, this is indicative of carrying on a conversation with the “others”

Now this breaks my heart.  Here’s Anna Nicole Smith while she was pregnant and living down in the Bahamas with handler Howard Stern.  Anna is not in a drugged stupor, this is one of her child alters on display for the world.

Robin Meade of CNN.. in a trance and  drooling….

Farrah Fawcett seems to be very childlike on David Letterman…



  1. That video of Anna Nicole Smith is so eerie! It’s really one of the saddest things that I’ve ever seen. What her handlers did to her was UNTHINKABLE! People treat their DOGS better than they treat these MK slaves.

  2. Ms. Mizani Says:

    This is heartbreaking, sad and a bit scarey. They always make Hollyweird appealing showing people with money and fame living like Kings and Queens. It’s all lies. There are so many people out there that are striving and doing anything to be amongst the Elites. Little do they know, that what their chasing is nothing but a lie and a way to allow others to use and abuse them in unthinkable ways. Their lives no longer belong to them. 24/7 they are nothing but slaves.
    I pray for these people who I consider are in trouble. The evil surrounding these people are very serious and extremely powerful. So those of us that are spirituallly connected need to pray for all of humanity, because believe it or not, this type of evil effects us all.

  3. Charisse Says:

    The video of Britney Spears is quite weird. I remember watching that interview and thinking nothing of it in my younger years.

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