Here’s the pawn explaining how the government is going to demand now what they should have imposed on their buddies over at BP before this mess happened.

I don’t know, it seems as if he’s not as angry as he claims to be.  I may as well be looking at a dead fish up there, and what is the purpose for those hand gestures?  Are they triggers?  This “independent” commission he talks of, will it be as corrupted as the 911 commission was?  Why can’t he give a straight answer instead of double talking, OH that’s right, he’s a puppet politician!

Countries offering help, but are being refused in the interest of big business.  BP is off partying on some distant island instead of cleaning up this mess they’ve made, and I’ll bet my life that they won’t be made to pay for what they’ve done.  President Obama is too busy getting served by pop stars to give a damn about what is going on down in the Gulf.    Why is Washington trying to wipe Louisiana off the face of the Earth?  Or is it the people they are trying to kill?  Can you say Depopulation Efforts?

@ around 41:19, Helen Thomas poses the question regarding pulling out of Afghanistan, and watch how slick the President is, and how he uses Bushs’ tactics in using the “terrorist fear” before he answers.


7 Responses to “TOO LITTLE TOO LATE PREZ!”

  1. Totally agree with you.

  2. You have to remember that Obama is just a “symbol” of change. That’s it. Yes he is a puppet for this “corporate” govt. that is why he’s president. As far as Louisana is concerned, there is a strong connection with Louisana and Haiti. Too long to mention so study the Louisana purchase and how the people of Haiti assisted the slaves of that state during that time and you will see the connection. They have alot in common.

  3. Louisana and Haiti have a strong connection. You must study the Louisana Purchase. The people of Haiti who were warriors at that time (and stiil are) assisted the slaves towards their freedom. Question is why were these two areas, New Orleans Louisana and Haiti being attacked by HAARP. Why do they want these particular areas to be destroyed? What happened then is happening now.

  4. i’m going to look into it, when i was in school this kind of stuff bored me to tears, now that my third eye is wide open i’m going to take a closer look at it. thank you bette!

  5. Ms. Mizani Says:

    One of those strong connections between the Louisiana and the Haitians was Voodon. Voodon is not necessarily evil, but dealing with Spirts. And having access to a higher power that can come by way of a Priest/Priestess, Or your religious befiefs to summond your God for guidance. These people were/are a strong people. Which is the last thing the illumanti wants. Especially when the two races are the same, standing strong, believing in a much higher and positive God. One reason they want to destroy these two area is because they are filled with black people. Depopularize the Earth. and the fact that some of them just wanted to program Africans with their knowledge of their God, whom is Satan. We black people possess so much power which is encoded in our genes. It is not a lie when we are told that we come from Kings and Queens. That’s why the yt people have lied to us for years. If the truth ever got out about where we come from being everthing in our past life or lives of our ancestors. We would have the upper hand in all of this.

    BTW….From what I’ve learned and studied Martial law will start with the Southern region. So just maybe these evil devils are using HAARP to make their jobs easier. Just a thought.

  6. hey mizani….
    i don’t think i ever mentioned this, but my father side of the family is from LA and Texas, and are french creole. My aunts and my dad are firm believers in the power of Voodoo, I’ve never witnessed any of them performing it, but my father was in the hospital for like ten days a couple of years ago. The doctors could not find anything wrong with him, but it was obvious that he wasn’t feeling well. Ten days later, it just went away…he believes that someone put a whammy on him.

    I know that the voodoo religion originated in Africa, and came over with the slaves who were sold in haiti, then on to louisiana. i never thought of voodoo as being evil, just different, it was the white man who was afraid of this religion, but at the same time must have experienced the power and wanted to possess it also. you know that anything they feared, they wanted to control for themselves. they are the ones who called it “black magic because it was practiced by our slave ancestors.

    when i was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, black girls in particular would always downplay their heritage. Oh I’m mixed, or “I’ve got Indian in my family”. I was always proud of being black. there was never a time when I wished that I was anything else. when i got older, i was always interested in the darkest boy in the room. My dad and my brother are what they call “high yellow” or “redbone” but i always seek out men that are darker complected. All of my boys are brown skinned, but my three year old takes after my grandmothers side and she is a second generation half blooded Indian (native, i don’t know what tribe) so he’s the color of clay. Anyway, this may explain why I’m always ready to do battle, ( with my mind, not my fists) I come from a long line of people that don’t play!

    Anyway, I noticed after this mess with BP that they were not so subtly trying to destroy Louisiana and the people. Something has to be done, because I can feel myself getting all riled up day after day. I will not associate with people who don’t believe that there is a huge evil plan in the makings, these are some of the same people who will be happy to carry on with their lives, and the status quo, and when the time comes to make a choice , fight or die willingly, they will choose the latter. sadly this includes my family, and although i won’t cut them off, i will limit my dealings with them. It’s time to stand up!

  7. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Hey Dirtygurl, Wow… It pleases me to see just how much you are proud of where you come from. Our backgrounds are similiar and the Creoles in my family come in all shades as well. I was never really encouraged to do Voodoo, but I was encourage to know of it’s reasons and purpose. And because of that I am stronger and am spiritually trained to look beyond the surface and into different realms. As a matter of fact, that is the very main reason whites are and were fearful. We possessed very strong spiritual senses and were able to communicate with others within the many realms, and that posed a threat to them. The very thought of being powerful and whorshipping a higher power, which evidence shows results of this higher power, has to be outlawed in order to gain contorl over people.

    There is so much more to say. Maybe we’lll talk more about it later.

    Peace Sista.

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