Maybe my wires are crossed, but I just don’t get it.  Bristol Palin, daughter of MK Ultra’d political robot Sarah Palin, and teen mother is being glorified by the press for being a teen mom.  Check this photo from the shoot.  Don’t miss the cat print carpet in the corner.

This photo is creepy…first of all it seems to be saying that her life as a teen mom is easy, a piece of cake?  She is glammed up like a stepford wife ( minus the husband), while her son is in jeans, without shoes or socks, and crap smeared across his face.  ?????

Is this HB’s way of saying that despite her (and her family’s) false front, they really are just trailer trash?  Look at the beautiful view, of a wall out the window, is this saying that teen motherhood, or motherhood without marriage is nothing more than a dead-end?  And she has the audacity to talk about politics?  Are you kidding, her mother is nothing more than a political robot/joke, who is sure to fail if she runs in 2012.   Wow, this girl is being honored, and looked up to, yet Solange was blasted when she popped up preggie.  Well these two ladies have one thing in common, absentee parents.



  1. Hmmm I guess her life would be a piece of cake when you have access to resources. It’s sad that some can glorify teen parent hood, while others are talked about like it’s the worst thing they could have done. Teen parenthood is hard PERIOD!!! I don’t care how many resources you have, it’s still hard. I remember having my son at 18, working full time & going to college part time. While I had family to back me up and his father was there, it was still hard. Don’t put some in the limelight, while putting others in the darkness for the same thing. The media sucks and there is ALWAYS a double standard. While this picture could tell a million stories, I think the ones that you sopke about are hitting the nail on the head correct. While they want the apperance of living the glamarous life, her kid’s father is still not there making her yet another single parent. Raising a kid as a single parent IS hard, however, it can be done. But let’s not try to blow smoke up anyones ass by having people think it’s glamarious. It’s anything but that.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      once again the underlying message here is for teens to have sex, and unprotected sex at that.

      • AGirlNamedGoys Says:

        I doubt that given they wish demolish reproduction. (You’re familiar with Diet, Injection, and Injunction). Unless You’re point is that they’d rather have white women having children given their minority status on the planet, and genetic recessive-ness, but really they are going for everyone.

  2. The social alchemy being played here is insidious and Dirty Girl is spot on as usual! This is a very odd photo shoot indeed – it’s not just Bristol and the Palin’s who are being mocked, but teen Mom’s across America are having the Palin’s nouveau riche lifestyle thrown in their faces! Countless numbers of teen Mom’s stand at bus stops all across this country daily, juggling babies and heavy strollers, dealing w/humiliation, untoward looks, having no social life and even less money “getting it done” and here is this rich girl making it look easy, while stacking major paper and keeping her Mom’s name in the media for even more fleecing of her deluded fans (both have new books in the works). There’s nothing “normal” about Bristol’s single motherhood, she clearly enjoys advantages that most teen Moms’ don’t – large wealthy family support, no worries about health care and does anyone believe she can’t get male attention? There’s also the racial component — does anyone believe that if this was one of the Obama girls, the media would be throwing money at them and glamorizing the situation? Barack and Michelle would be raked over the coals for bad parenting and lack of priorities. Let’s also not forget that Bristol participated in a fraud of immense proportions by knowingly allowing her mother to claim that Trig is her son!

    Bristol’s earning power increases w/ each new venture — lucrative Candies contract, $400K from “O.K.” and “In Touch” shoots, and don’t forget BSMP LLC, her PR/lobbying firm. The Palin Family Reality Show is a major distraction, social alchemy scheme to divert attention from our real issues and keep the Palin name alive for the run-up to the 2012 quadrennial tickle-fest, euphemistically called elections. For those wanting to see behind the “fantasy narrative” of the Palin Clan…see http://intheknow7.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/anatomy-of-sarah-l-palin-re-post/

    Stay on it Dirty Girl…

  3. InTheKnow7 mentioned sponsers Candies, O.K. and Intouch magazines. If these companies chose to promote a Hollywood version of teen pregnancy, hit them right where it hurts… in their pockets. Church groups or any group that teaches family values should boycott these companies products. Write letters to these companies and tell them how you feel and contact any news media who chooses to showcase this as fluff. Remember Bill O’Reilly successfully had Ludricriss’s (sic) contract terminated with a soft drink company…we can’t tolerate double standards.

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