Here’s lil miss sunshine coming from a Dublin hotel.  Seems my last post hit  a couple of nerves, but if you haven’t seen it, Beyta was stepping out wearing red lipstick.  Now, I know that her mom Tina is always sporting scarlet lips, but I’ve never seen Rihanna pictured wearing it.  Are red lips another variation of “the red dress” to those in the know?  I also noticed that all the celeb/slaves INCLUDING such manly men as Cuttino Mobley of the L.A. Clippers  also wear black nail polish, so is this a trend, an indicator, or both?

Dude should really stop in and get them redone, they are looking a bit chipped.  And this just blows my mind, here’s Monarch Angelina with her adopted son Maddox.  Please someone tell me why this boy’s fingernails are painted, and red of all colors?  They really are trying to erase the gender lines aren’t they?

Speaking of black nail polish, I was on Pseudo Occult Media yesterday reading about COCOBOTS ( LOL their term, not mine!) and they were talking about the late fashion icon Cocoa Chanel, and how she had been an MK Ultra controlled slave.  Anyway, they started to go into the “marriage” of Ice-T (handler) and his “wife” Coco after a lengthy synopsis of of Ice T’s show ( I don’t know the name, I’m not a fan of Ice T or prime time television.  Here’s the classy Coco and one of her niece’s who just happens to be a twin.  I think in to these Satanists, twins have some kind of power, and suggest duality.  Anyway, as if this pic isn’t disturbing enough, check out her tweet on the subject…

“Hangin w my twin nieces.Daisy just loves my boobs.She likes putting her head in between them”

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on this mess.



  1. They really dressed Rihanna like a straight out hooker this time, eh?

  2. Along with The Dirt, I’ve really found Pseudo Occult Media very informative (Vigilent Citizen too). Keep up the good work!

    Also, wth is going on with the athlete & the colored nail polish? Is he a closet cross-dresser? I just can’t get over this metrosexual trend (including The New Boys & those skinny jeans) that the media is promoting. Talk about erasing the gender lines! And as for Angelina, something is seriously wrong with her. I just don’t get why she wants to erase the gender barriers in those children. I truly keep her children in my prayers. She really reminds me of another Mia Farrow. Hopefully we don’t see Zaharah marrying Brad Pitts once she turns 16 (or however old Mia’s daughter was when she got involved with Mia’s ex Woody Allen).

    • dirtygurl Says:

      thank you vibrant, i’m glad to have you on board.

      • dirtygurl Says:

        uh who are the new boys…forgive me but i’m a bit older and don’t follow these things closely. i notice that boys are more fragile these days, and super super feminine. metro sexual my azz!

    • AGirlNamedGoys Says:

      Please leave the New Boys alone. They are not a part of this. And skinny jeans ARE NOT NEW. So even if they are part of a homosexual plot, it comes from the 80s, that’s where the New Boys got its from- LA Native, aware of “jerk” culture. They are a scapegoat, that’s why they got dissed by Jay- Z, and we all know what he’s about. Think critically.

  3. Ms. Mizani Says:

    It’s plain as day to see that one of the agendas is to erase the gender line between males and females. I’ve noticed this with a lot of kids. I see more females dressing like males and more males dressing like females. For me it is a heartbreaking thing. Not because homosexuality is right or wrong, but to see it being forced upon young minds who aren’t developed enough to know what is right for them. Most of our famous female pop singers send out the message that it is perfectly normal to be bi-sexual, it’s the cool thing to do. This usually takes form in single parenting households. Where males aren’t taught to be MEN and felmales harden to their roles as LADIES. Because they are ususally heading the household while Mama works two jobs.
    I see this as being a Walt Disney inspired movement. To live in a fantasy world, so “Do as thou Wilt. The sky is the limit.

    We already know what is being done with Rihanna. She is definitely a sex slave just like Beyonce. IMHO, that is. I just wonder how much these women are worth in $$$ to sleep with them?

    I don’t have too much to say about Cuttino Mobley. There are so many DL men out there it is astounding.

    As much as I wanted to believe Angelina has changed for the better and it no longer this wild child protoge. I still am not totally convienced and am scared for the children. What is normal for the elite is not normal to those who are not elite. My thoughts are that she and Pitt will raise them just like they were raised because of their programming. But I hope not and pray for them all.

  4. verbs2011 Says:

    Black is normally associated with wican/pagan/wizard/witchcraft/magic practices and red is normally associated with sexual promiscuity/harlotry(Rev 17, the mystery woman wearing scarlet as an example). We have to remember that these so called “celebrities” have their role to play in leading the masses in the direction that the elite want them to be lead in. I have noticed a disturbing trend with very wealthy people and their moral stature, most are almost void of any moral compass and believe that their money is all powerful and will save them in their times of distress.

    These type of trends really began to motor and gain steam from the 60’s onwards with the sexual revolution movement, the homosexual movement and the drugs movement. I have said this many times, western societies are finished folks, most people have been corrupted and contaminated with the cauldron broth of a pre planned handed down culture of destruction. Most people enjoy their corruption and will fight anybody who attempts to bring them the light and show them that their chosen path will end in destruction.

    Christ was spot on when he stated that very few find the straight and narrow path that leads to life and that the majority of people walk the wide path of destruction to their deaths. Our main task is to pull out from the furnace those who see that something is wrong in this world and who want truth. Do not bother wasting your time with hard heads, move on to more fertile soil.

  5. dirtygurl Says:

    I’m looking at how Maddox is clinging to Angelina, and his face is painted as a big cat, are they letting him be sexually abused as Angelina was by her own father, and possibly her own brother? Is Brad raping all the children? So I guess the red fingernail polish is an indicator that he is being sexually used. The elite are psychotic monsters.

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