I don’t follow Miley Cyrus’ career, however since she’s always in the media doing something no girl her age should be involved in, it makes anything she’s doing hard to miss.  I just heard about the video of  lil Miley grinding on an older pedophile that wasn’t her daddy  at some party.

Sorry, they took the vid down, if anyone can give me a link  I’ll post it again!

In the  video, she grinds on the dance floor, and up against a wall.  Here’s what her big daddy Silly Ray Cyrus had to say about the incident…

“It’s what people her age do,” Billy, 48, told He says his daughter was just “having fun” when she was grinding against Shankman.

The fact that he can defend this type of behavior goes along way to explaining his character.  Of course he thinks it’s normal for a sixteen year old to grind on an older man, after all, I’m sure he’s been grinding on his own daughter for  years.  Of course this is just speculation and innuendo (wink)

This whole Disney/Lolita business got me to thinking about former Disney Darlings who have turned out to exhibit skanky behavior; Brittney Spears, Xtina Aguillera, who has bee n exploring her inner slave lately, Lindsey Lohan,  and those two Cheetah Girls.  I’m just wondering how miss Raven Symone has been dodging this Disney mess all this time, or has she?



  1. *shiver*
    The Cyrus family gives me the creeps, especially the father…

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    Well there’s good reason, he’s been sexually abusing her probably since she was an infant, there is no way any normal sane father would condone this kind of behavior, what a creep and the mother is just as bad for letting it happen. all these hollywood dads/mother/managers are nothing more than used tampons IMO

  3. Yeah I was wondering how Raven kept it togther because most of the girl from Disney ends up too sexual and stuff.

  4. Love this site..u speak the truth o am surprised you don’t get slot more comments. Anyway I wondered about raven and I am so happy she hasn’t been dragged into this nonsense, but If u search raven interviews on u tube, she talks alot about her parents and how they brought her up well an they would never ever let her act the fool like all the other stars.

  5. We’ve also have got to remember that alot of these slack behaviours are merely probes put out by the media outlets to test if the public is ready for the next level of debauchery and decadence. This is all part and parcel in the effort to destroy the family unit to where young people get involved in sexual activities from a very young age and thus cannot settle down and bond to a mate later on in life.

    The societies of the west are just full of pride, decadence and lazy slob tv heads jacked up on fluoride and food additives who sit around watching porn all day, eating fast food and playing with electronic gadgets, who also think it is cool not to care about important issues in the world or their fellow man, who giggle when you throw a seed of truth in their direction as if it is cool to be ignorant or get glazed over eyes(the “I’m lost get me out of here look”) when you start rattling off information that they haven’t been briefed on before via the mainstream media.

    I for one stopped watching TV in 2003 because of all the slack nonsense it is showing today. As soon as the moral compass departs from a society, expect a rapid decline into the darkside and a quick destruction of that society.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      i agree, i don’t vote anymore because it’s rigged, and always has been. I don’t watch the news anymore because it’s being controlled by the puppet masters. As such have started to read more, although I am an avid reader and always have been.

  6. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Verb2010, you are so right. Every single day I read or hear about some child being killed by their parents or caregiver. Most of it is because some way the child interrupted their lives or somehow made it difficult, by crying too much or urinated on the floor, etc… There is less love for others and only concern for self. We no longer exercise what we expect other to do for us. which is have patience, sympathy, empathy, understanding, tolerance, and love. This one conspiracy has spreaded throughout our world and because of it we are destroying ourselves, and each other. It’s like everyone for themselves. Man, woman and child. For it seems as we are embarking on a future generation that will lack love and are taught and shown that it doesn’t pay to have a concious. compelling them to do things without any limits because they aren’t aware of any limits. Leaving all to feel like wild animals living in a jungle.

    @ Topic…The Cyrus family are no different from others who live in that life. The only way these people will put a foot down about something is if there is nothing to gain. Like fame, money, power, and status. Other than that anything goes.

  7. Charisse Says:

    Miley Cyrus is now 17 and is no longer Hannah Montana. I think she is trying to break away from that image and she’s trying to show the world that she’s a “woman” now. There are alot of teens and children, her age and younger, that grind on one another at parties, mainly because they think its cool and their sexual drive is on 10. Does that make it right? No, of course not. Her father most definitely should see something wrong with that…no man should think it’s ok for his daughter to dance with an older male that way.

    I agree with what everyone has said here, but I don’t think the media is the only source of all this violence that’s taking place. I believe in God…so therefore I believe in the devil. Also, I believe in Angels and demons. I feel like the Devil is trying to claim as many souls as he can and we are truly living in the last days. That’s just my opinion and I know that some people here may not believe in what I believe in. (Sorry if I may have offended anyone).

    • charisse, myley has been “grown” for quite awhile, have you seen her vid for can’t be tamed? it is highly suggestive of her monarch slavery, cages and butterfly motifs. you watch her, she will be involved in some sort of sexual scandal soon, this is the path she was set upon by her pedophile father, lax mother, and all those handlers she has.

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