Remember her?  This woman is Michael Jordan’s sister, Deloris. Some years back Michael Jordan’s oldest sister wrote a book chronicling how her father, James Jordan raped her repeatedly for eight years.  Of course nobody believed that the father of an iconic athlete would stoop so low as to rape his own daughter, but knowing what I know, and what I suspect about Michael Jordan being another mind controlled victim/slave, makes this perfectly sane.  Did daddy Jordan also rape/sell Mike in order to have him programmed much like Earl Woods Sr. sold Tiger into Illuminati slavery.  I believe that these so called “super athletes” are nothing more than products of torture and programming to perform incredible feats of athleticism.

James Jordan the pedophile/incestor/rapist was shot in some ‘random’ act of violence.  So what happened?  Did he violate the terms of his contract (oath), or was this a message to Mike to get back on track and honor his contract?  The connection between most mind controlled celebs and military relatives has not escaped me.  Anyway, here is an excerpt from Deloris Jordans book…

Ending eight years after it first began and five years after losing my virginity to my father, it scares me to think how much longer the abuse would have went on had I not spit out the dreadful truth to my mother during one of our many heated disagreements.  Disagreements that were sometimes anything but pleasant and often featured no indication of love between the two of us.

So as she ranted and raved about how no slutty daughter of hers better get pregnant and bring any bastard children into her house.  I finally heard myself saying: “If I am so much of a slut, why don’t you keep your husband out of my bed?”

When I finally found the courage to let my father’s deeds tumble from my lips, I did not know what to expect, but I never in a million years would have guessed that my mother would turn on me. Her words of betrayals did far more damage to me than my father’s deeds. They spoke volumes to the fact that she really did not care about me, which my father obviously knew. It is because she was so expressive with her dislike for me that probably made my father know he could get away with violating me.

My father confessed his actions on the same day that I disclosed them to my mother. And on that frightful day of admission, I watched my mother, looking for a sign, any sign that she cared about me.

The memory of my father whispering in my ear during the wee hours of the night about the beauty of my body has played over and over in my head for many years. And as if that has not been incapacitating enough by itself, having to comprehend the fact that more often than not, he had just gotten out of the bed he shared with my mother to find his way to my bedroom has just added to the realization of the painful situation.

I just couldn’t imagine  being raped by my own father, and then having to sit across from him at breakfast the next morning, my heart goes out to her and Michael.  I have no respect for the mother and father.

11 Responses to “WHAT KIND OF MONSTER WAS HE?”

  1. Charisse Says:

    Omg! That is horrible. What would make a parent to that to their child? That’s so sick and sad. May he burn in hell.

    Why didn’t the mother divorce his nasty ass? I would hurt anybody that ever touch or harm my children in any kind of way.

  2. Hurt Lil Girl Says:

    I went through something similar with my father, even not being involved in any kind of industry. When I finally told my family, at first they didn’t believe me or ignored me. No one ever turned him into the cops or anything. I feel like there is nothing I can do now after ten years. I have no proof, so a sexual predator walks free, he also has joint custody of my little siblings. You would be surprised at how many relatives will hurt little children. If you have children, don’t trust any man with them.

  3. http://www.delorisejordan.org/About.html—-this is a picture of his sister. The posted picture is his mother and the other picture is MJ’s brother.

    In any case, it’s horrible what this father did to his daughter. I have a g/f who was raped by her step father and as a result, she has many MANY problems.

  4. Ms. Mizani Says:

    This is so sad. My heart goes out to her and many others who have to deal with this kind of sick and disturbing situation. This causes physical and mental health problems, Especially if it goes untreated.
    I never could understand a Mother not coming to the rescue and aid of their children when this sickness is exposed. I couldn’t imagine carrying a child for 9 months, caring for, and raising my child and then turning my back on them. All for the love of a man. So it seems…both parents failed her. It really takes a cold cold heart to do this to your own child.

  5. dirtygurl Says:

    While I cannot say that I was raped, I was molested and it did so much damage, that i’m still trying to unravel it all. there are still many years that are a blank page because I buried them so deep, so i can just imagine the trauma this caused not only being raped, but to be raped repeatedly for eight years, by my own father, and having my own mother turn against me…it’s a wonder this girl isn’t on drugs, an alcoholic, or in an insane assylum.

    damn illuminati operatives!

  6. Hurt Lil Girl Says:

    Indeed, Most of my past life is a blank slate bc of the abuse I suffered. Virtually the only happy childhood memories I have are so few I couldn’t write a book with them, and my teenage-hood is a blur of drugs and sex. I can’t remember anything and the things I do remember I wish I didn’t

  7. This mess has been going in in families for centuries. We must educated our children and give them a true support system to count on and turn to in any uncomfortable situation. Wow! This is some nasty mess! We need to keep talking about it because the more people release the more freedom they receive. The truth shall set you free! Thanks for sharing everyone and may God bless us all!

  8. I am stunned at this story, is this the sister that lives in philadelphia.

  9. that is s000 nasty and disgusting….who in the hell wud d0 that 2 a child…i hate him already….where in the hell is the mother…how dare she turn her bac on her child like that…

  10. is this the sister that lives in philadelphia

  11. Isn’t it amazing how the daughter is named after the mother yet the mother probably knew about before she told her. Not only did she hate her daughter more than likey she hated herself and may have had the same thing happen to her as a child.

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