If you needed anymore proof that little girls are growing up too young these days, then here it is.  I don’t know why these girls mothers thought it was cute to have their daughters dressing like whores from the wild wild west, but they all need their heads examined and then horsewhipped…isn’t it fitting that they would be dancing to Beyta’s song?

I will say that they really are talented little dancers, but I just hope that their future does not include being video hos.




  1. msdizzydolores Says:

    I’m going to say this once, and only once…I’m beyond, DISGUSTED!!

    No “CHILD” should be popping their butt, dropping it like it’s hot and shaking /shimmying their non-existence breast for kicks and giggles. WTF?????

    *is beyond angry*

  2. OMG What in the ham sandwich?????????? I understand doing the latest dances, but did they have to be naked? This would have gone over so much more with me if they were dressed in hip hop gear. This is the world we live in…….sad so VERY sad

    • dirtygurl Says:

      i don’t even mind that they were dancing to single ladies, it’s the attire that concerns me, they are dressed worse than beyonce, and that’s saying alot!

  3. Ms. Mizani Says:

    This is a fine example of brainwashing and mind control. These little girls, and I do stress little girls didn’t dress themselves or created the coreography. I’m sure some adults got together on this mess and thought it was cute. But my question it this…Does anyone else notice how a Beyonce song automatically equated to being almost naked and dancing inappropriately??? Why not create something with some class to it, especially at their ages??? Not one adult thought about sex offenders or pedophiles on the lurk for the young. Or what image these girls and many others girls are picking up on. So sadly, not only minors are under mind control, but the adults as well. They have been brainwashed into thinking that this is okay and their is nothing wrong with this. By way of disrespecting oneself, as well as others. Just like Beyonce did when she performed very suggestively with her father sitting in the front row. It was just plain old nasty and down right disrespectful. Dirtygurl, I know you remember that because you mentioned it in another post.
    If I were in the audience, I would’ve booed them right off the stage. I know that sounds mean, but some of this mess has to stop. We deserve better and of course our children deserve better. And it has to start somewhere. So, I say….BOOOOOO BOOOOO!!!

    • dirtygurl Says:

      you know you took the words out my mouth concerning pedophiles and sex offenders

      @ beyonce’s daddy, yeah i always thought was weird, but then again i’m sure matthew has been at her during her childhood, so i’m sure it’s normal for her to simulate sex while he smiles on with that knowing, nasty gleam in his eye.

  4. Charisse Says:

    I couldn’t see the video. It’s no longer available.

    I was disgusted by a video I saw of children at a party that were dancing…and it wasn’t age appropriate for them to be dancing that way. What really shocked me was that their parents were the ones egging it on…laughing and cheering like it was normal to have kids dancing that way.

  5. msdizzydolores Says:

    I’m not surprised. It went viral and AOL picked up on it and the comments were mostly negative…except for those who saw nothing wrong because of the so-called talent…*SMH*

    If I can find a cached site with it, I will post it for those who want to see it. Every time I watched it, it made me angrier and angrier…I guess because that is the case because I was sexually abused before I was a teen so I know how pedophiles work…this was a dream for perverts….

  6. msdizzydolores Says:

    Try one of these links:

    IF they take them down before you can view them, just search for “Little Girls Going Hard On Single Ladies”

    Everyone is making their own copies of it.

  7. Ms. Mizani Says:

    I just had to come back to this post and comment. As I viewed other sites and read the comments on this subject, I was alarmed and disturbed to read the many many comments where people felt there was nothing wrong with the girls dancing and costumes. What?!?!!! The main excuse was that this was just a result of the times we’re living in…I’ve seen worst…they are professionals and showcased some real talent…blah blah blah and so on. I don’t know about anyone else, but this screams a very loud message to me about our future and the future of our children. It says…Anything and everything is goes! And that’s not true. Well at least not for me and mine. It also screams to those who have sense enough to know better, to be very afraid, very afraid.
    I wish I could take me and people like myself and just go to another planet and let these heathens stay here and destroy themselves. LOL!

  8. msdizzydolores Says:

    Here’s ANOTHER performance by them…I’m getting angrier with this whole situation:

  9. You know… I am TOTALLY not for violence. However, after watching the video where CNN showed clips of the video while interviewing one of those babies parents just got me so upset that I just wanted to pop that “mother” upside her head! Oh my goodness! Just listening to her “justifications” and blatant excuses (about the video being “taken out of context”, and blah blah blah) was appalling. And like Ms. Mizani said, did anyone think about the pedophiles? It made me uncomfortable watching it. Just SAD….

  10. dirtygurl Says:

    @ vibrant, i’m not for violence either, but these “parents” really need to be charged with something, child endangerment. they are promoting sex through their children, and what’s so bad is that they defend their actions on national television, therefore proving that they don’t have a brain in their heads, especially the father who just shrugs and says “no big deal” I’d not be surprised if he wasn’t a closet pedo himself. I just remember when I was younger, I was supposed to go to the circus with my dad, but when my mom took me to his house, he sent me home because my skirt came above my knees….now that’s a father looking out for his daughter, and I just don’t see that anymore. they claim that the vid was just for family and friends, as if this makes it any better…remember there was an entire audience of strangers hooting and cheering them on, shame on the mom who claims that the kids got the routine from the chipmunks movie…what a crock of crap, i haven’t seen that movie, but i’m sure they weren’t popping their furry booties, and yes i saw the second video, and they were just as suggestive, now what movie did they get that from? i would love to interview these idiots, they’d go into hiding after i was done with them.

  11. @ dirtygurl… Wasn’t the father INFURIATING with his nonchalant attitude?!?!? Like you, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a closet pedophile (for him to be so comfortable with his child being turned into a sex object, basically). I know my parents (ESPECIALLY my dad) would’ve pulled me out of the the dance class had that been me. And I agree with you 100%… For them to claim that the video was just for family & friends is NO EXCUSE and in no way helps to justify any of it! I can’t bring myself to watch anymore of those babies being sexualized like that because, quite frankly, it made me sick and extremely upset. How dare those parents allow that dance teacher to turn their precious little princesses into (this is just my opinion) what looked like highly skilled exotic dancers? I just find it all extremely perverse…

  12. dirtygurl Says:

    me too, me too, it just goes to show how far down the drain this society’s morals and values have become..in a world where this is looked at as acceptable makes me cry for these kids. i am so glad i have no daughters, look at the mess they have to deal with at such young ages, and as time goes by, the age gets younger and younger.

  13. Oh! But dirtygurl… Just bc you don’t have daughters doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be just as vigilant with your boys… Believe when I say that you have a different set of problems when it comes to them. Not only do they have to deal with these fast girls coming at them nonstop, but they also have to deal with society trying to effeminate them so that usual “boy behavior” is deemed as inappropriate. The list just goes on & on. Smh… These poor children of today!

  14. dirtygurl Says:

    don’t even remind me, I am confident in my mothering to teach my boys that having unprotected sex with these girls will get them in more trouble than they are ready for, plus a myriad of other issues that will befall them, but i’m persistent, and i am confident they will carry all that i teach them with them. I know they will slip up from time to time, what kid doesn’t? I am proud to say that although two of my boys are over eighteen, they have no children, and don’t want any right now! not saying that they will all listen, but so far i’m two for five. i thought i had it tough, but these kids really have it tough, and i too feel sorry for them.

  15. WHEW!!!! Five boys?!?! I thought I had it bad with my two boys… But five??? God bless you dirtygurl!!! Lol! But boys really are a blessing (with their knuckleheads) 😉

  16. Man, I missed the circus…I will find those videos…I’m with you all…Protect our little ones…They are not meant to be side show attractions…

  17. vibrantvixen924 Says:

    @ COG… To be honest, you may just want to nix watching the video (if you’re even able to find it). It was an absolute disaster! The only purpose that video served (for me at least), was to make you uncomfortable, angry and depressed. Uncomfortable, because your literally watching these little girls being sexualized (they really looked like strippers the way they were dressed & shaking, gyrating & shimmying on the stage). Angry, because you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “wth were their parents thinking?!? How DARE they allow their innocent babies 2 become sex objects?!?” All the while they’re (the parents) making all types of excuses to try and justify their behavior. Finally it’s depressing, because it places a burden on your heart for today’s youth. *ugh* I’m starting to get upset just thinking about that fiasco again!


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