Oprah, Tyler, and Madea…One Big NWO Family

One of my faithful readers ( and commenters) Bette, wanted me to explore the relationship between Tyler Perry, and Oprah Winfrey, whom I’ve started calling “NoPrah”.  She pointed out that these two shared quite a few similarities, and I became interested.  Awhile ago, the two were pictured walking around Italy ( with Gayle…of course!) and rumours flew that the two were involved romantically.  Of course I knew this wasn’t likely since I believe that Mr. Perry is a closeted homosexual.  Seriously, what man wants to go tramping around Italy with Oprah and Gayle in the first place?

I then started trying to do a little research on Tyler Perry.  There’s very little written about his personal life, but I did find some interesting information regarding Perry’s childhood in which he was ritually sexually abused.  This article I came across can explain the relationship better than I can, I think you may find it very interesting.


Even our little Pop Princess Janet figures into this mess…I’M SHOCKED (insert sarcasm).


10 Responses to “Oprah, Tyler, and Madea…One Big NWO Family”

  1. This guy is a straight sodomite and he is being used as a tool to turn black men feminine. No man dresses up like a woman under any circumstances unless he is a sodomite or has sodomite intentions. As for Oprah and her secret meetings with multi billionaires discussing POPULATION REDUCTION, we know exactly what agenda she is about. Doesn’t she know that the illuminati is a rich white men’ club, “darkies” are not welcome. What on earth makes her think that she has been accepted by these devils?

  2. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Verbs2010…You hit the nail on the head with your comment. I for the life of me believe that Tyler is gay. I have my reasons for saying so albiet we are from the same city.

    Oprah, Gayle and Tyler are involved with the illumanti. (The New World Order). As many Artist are. They have all sold their souls for fame and fortune. Sometimes I feel like a lot of these Artist are trapped and held against their will. It’s either do or die! I felt this way aboout Michael Jackson (RIP). Towards the end of his career he was outing the organization alerting people about all the evils that are and were being done right in front of our faces. He even said that the organization hated black people. No matter who you are…rich, poor, educated, uneducated black people period! It doesn’t matter. Michael was unrevealing truths to us. And I believe he was killed because of it.
    I also believe that DMX will be killed soon. He is also being set up to be taken our because he wasn’t feeling the organization and decided to speak out about the evil in the world. I pray for him all the time and I am also a little scared for him too.

  3. The White Truth Says:

    ‘the organization’ hates black people, white people, and everyone else except what we now call jews. ‘they’ are the children of satan. ‘They’ are the jews. They are the illuminati and have infiltrated every other cult church and other ‘holy ‘organization. Michael J tells us this on a few occasions; in his music and his interviews (he convered to Islam before he was murdered – as a anti-jew statement?). I pray that when his spirit is called forth by the Almighty he wields a flaming sword of justice…
    Corey Haim didn’t bow down; Lindsey Lohan refuses (so far) to bow down Britney Spears tried hard to fight it but lost… No Peace

    • dirtygurl Says:

      these aholes hate everyone who doesn’t have what they consider to be a pure bloodline, everyone else is expendable and can be used in any way they see fit. I don’t agree with you about brit, lindsey, or corey haim, as they were all childstars. Lindsey and britney were also disney darlings, so they were in direct connection with walt and company, as for corey haim, i believe he was also they use drugs to get them to submit, and they were all on drugs.

  4. Thanks Dirtygurl for exposing Tyler and Oprah. As I stated in previously, Perry’s movies, plays, and tv shows portray us in a negative light. For example, Jill Scott who came on the scene back in the 90’s, did a powerful video and song Getting in the Way. Remember she’s was going to fight that sista who was messing with her man? Well, in Tyler’s movie she portrayed a fat loser. Why? And why did Jill accept to do that roll. What message did she give us by playing a wimp? Now she’s on the cover of Essence gloryfying being a single mother. What’s the message. I’m a single mother but damn it sure would be nice to have a brother in my corner. We have to get back to family. The strongest force in this world is FAMILY and I ain’t talking ’bout the House of Payne or Madea’s family. A good movie to watch is Claudine with Diane Carroll. That’s what I’m talking about.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      bette, did you read the previous post i did on hollywood and the black man, well tyler perry figures right in there with everyone else. I remember laughing at the madea movies, and then wondering why i was laughing. It kind of opened my eyes and made me think twice. needless to say i will not support anything that has his name involved. someone told me that even if i didn’t believe in what perry was promoting, i should still support him because he’s black, but how can i support someone that I have no respect for.

  5. Your right, supporting Tyler Perry is like supporting the black drug dealers in our community. They make money too and probably help their families and friends. But it is done at the expense and the breakdown of the black community.

  6. Charisse Says:

    Better I agree with you and disagree with you.

    I don’t think Jill Scott was being a fat loser. Any woman who has been treated that way, by her husband, will be hurt once the truth is exposed. I’m just glad that they didn’t have her slashing his tires and cussing him out, trying to fight and all that mess. I hate when Black woman act that way over a man just because they’re hurt, because doing all of that stuff will not help at all…at the end of the day you’ll still be hurt and he’s still going to be with someone else.

    I too, am a single mother. It’s a hard job. Being a single mother shouldn’t be glorified…but the things we do for our children should be glorified. I would like to have a man by my side but I don’t have one. Until I get one, I will take care of my children by any means necessary (without prostituting, selling drugs, and robbing a bank). Single mother’s do a lot and it should be noticed.

  7. This was a good post but if you didn’t read the artical that the link sent you to you REALLY need to. It’s kinda long but you need to read the whole thing to understand Tyler (which is not his real first name Perry. He’s always talkin about how Madea his mother but in a interview he say he was raped by his father and his mother could do nithin about. Now could you see Madea lettin a child be raped? You really need to read it and then see if you feel the same way about him.

  8. […] bold font, it is because this is more evidence it was not a coincidence Tyler is now hanging out in Italy with the Illuppet Queen and her […]

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