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Mo’nique has basically made a successful career out of the phrase;

“Skinny bitches are evil!”

So if skinny bitches are so evil, then why are you trying your damnedest to become one?  It seems that ever since she’s gotten that joke of a talk show on Blacks Eternally Trifling (BET) network, she’s become the incredible shrinking woman.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic that she wants to get in shape, however I don’t respect the reason or motives behind it…acceptance in Hollywood.




Hollywood accolades mean nothing to me.  I didn’t see Precious, but for those who did, do you really think that she killed it?  I have a problem with someone winning an award for such an awful character.  Seems to me that once again, Hollywood is twisting things here.  Does her Oscar win somehow perpetuate the negative stereotypes that surround black people?  Remember Denzel finally receiving the Oscar for playing a murdering psychopathic cop in “Training Day”, and Hallee got one for showing her knockers and freaking with a white man in “Monster’s Ball”.  On a side note, I thought that was such bad acting, all that screaming and basically being a gutter whore was not a good look.

I also cannot stand her late night talk show, it’s a minstrel extravaganza!  Little dude is nothing more than a joke, the new age buffoon!  I hate how he struts around the stage like a cocky rooster, it is truly sickening, But I digress….

While looking for a clip of the show where he was showing his behind, I came across one of my favorite comedians  putting Hollywood, Black and White on blast.  Any ounce of respect I had for this woman has been demolished…let’s watch…

*It seems that I am unable to play the video, probably from the heat it’s generating, but Monique asks “what’s this” and it’s the handsign for Baphomet.  You can still go to youtube and look up “paul mooney on monique show”

Now why would she insult our intelligence and asks what “this” is @ :24, as if she didn’t know damn well.  She’s already taken the oath, and in return she has a show and an Oscar….come on now Monique, you are not fooling anyone, you just showed your allegiance to your master.


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I was over at Pseudo Occult Media, fooling around in their archives, when I came across the name Kim Noble.  It seems that Kim Noble is MPD with around 20 different alters.  Anyway around 12 of them paint and are pretty good at it, as she is able to make a living from it.  Anyway, I went to her website to see her virtual galleries because I was so moved by her paintings.  One alter’s (Ria)  paintings  in particular moved me to tears, and I thought I’d post them here to show you what she went through and saw to cause the split.  These are graphic depictions of children being sexually abused and dehumanized, so consider yourselves warned!

Click image to see in its entirety

Okay, here’s where things get a little graphic…these are the ones the did it for me, especially the abortion/baby on the its knees in front of a dog bowl full of blood.

I apologize, but I had to share this with you guys.  This should give you an idea of the kind of hellish existence that Kim and other MK’d children live with.   The mind would have to split in order to deal with this kind of thing on a  continuous basis, but this is also a testament to the strength of this woman’s spirit, heart, and determination despite what her family( insert burning sarcastic hatred here) put her through.

I tried to make out the mirror writing on the walls, and in most cases was unable to, but the ones I was able to make out involved the words “help” an awful lot.   I cannot imagine!  I simply cannot!  My heart and soul are so heavy but I am unable to turn away!

Read about Kim Noble here, and see her collective work here.

Just a few more thoughts…On the wall of the last painting, it says “Pratt was here”.  Could Pratt be her father, or a friend, or other family member?

Also,  the name of the painting is “you’re special, now shut up”..could she as a child have asked her torturer why he was doing this to her, and he told her “because you’re special, now shut up!” as he continued to abuse her?

Update: I have been looking at these painting on and off since I posted them, and each time I see them a fresh wave of horror strikes me.  This is going on, and we don’t have any idea.  Could be the people we work with, could be your pastors at your church, or even a school teacher or a coach that works closely with children.  Could you be sending your own children to this kind of mess when they go on sleepovers at their friends houses?  Any of these scenarios is possible, and that’s what  is so scary.  Anyway, upon a closer look at all the pictures, “Pratt” is written on the walls in almost every single one of them.  This is a mystery, who is Pratt?

Thank you Pseudo Occult Media, I love your blog!


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I’m sorry you guys but this Gabourey girl is starting to really really irk the hell out of me.

First of all, I don’t feel as if she’s proven herself as an actress.  I guess it wouldn’t be a far leap for an obese girl with low self esteem to play an obese girl with low self esteem.  But what is really starting to make me upset is how she’s being portrayed in the media,  like a horny, rude, obnoxious black woman.  Somehow, I think the reports of her misbehavior at an event at the White House were true, as her mother admitted it in so many words.  Now she’s been quoted as professing how she’s into chasing leading men.  First she wants to walk down the red carpet with Justin Timberlake, now this…

“I use any event to hit on a young man! (I’ll do it) at the gas station! I just like hitting on people, I’m into boys! Recently, Sex and the City, the guy that plays Smith – Jason Lewis, I believe his name is – he’s hot! I hit on him for four straight minutes the other night!

“Here’s how I open up: ‘Hi, you are hot! What’s up with that? Take down these digits!’ He was very, very, very nice. I’m sure I scared him off a little bit, I can be quite aggressive. It hasn’t slowed me down though!

“I hit on Orlando (Bloom) – eight straight minutes of hitting on him! I time it, I have a notebook for this

I am absolutely disgusted!  Someone should tell this girl that first of all, this is Hollywood, not your neighborhood.  You must never forget that you are a black woman in a white game.  Second of all, you are morbidly obese, there is no place for you in Hollywood besides in typecast roles, if that.   Justin Timberlake and all the other white actors you hit on will never, ever, “get” with you.   Third, you are putting yourself out there like a desperate, self-hating  whore seeking attention.  I’m sorry but I have to call them like I see them, and someone needs to usher in a wake up call to this child.  She reminds me of the fat girl in school that was easy because she wanted to be accepted.


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I’m always amazed at people who still dismiss the truth even when they see it for themselves.  If you don’t believe that most celebs are MK’d slaves then take a look at these videos I came across.

Britney Spears appeared on ABC with Diane Sawyer, and when Diane uses the word “Spasm” the alters shift, Britney even talks to this alter.  Notice how her head shifts from side to side, this is indicative of carrying on a conversation with the “others”

Now this breaks my heart.  Here’s Anna Nicole Smith while she was pregnant and living down in the Bahamas with handler Howard Stern.  Anna is not in a drugged stupor, this is one of her child alters on display for the world.

Robin Meade of CNN.. in a trance and  drooling….

Farrah Fawcett seems to be very childlike on David Letterman…


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So the saga continues…upon hearing that B.O. would be visiting the site of the BP oil spill fiasco, BP shipped in 3-400 workers to make it look as  if they gave a damn and were cleaning up their mess.  The cold part is that once B.O. left, so did the workers.  RME!

Read all about it here.

This just goes to show that surprisingly, BP is not taking this seriously!   Hmm…, let’s take a huge container of oil and dump it over everything they own, I bet they would care then!


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From here on out, I would prefer not to have any links posted in the comments section, if you have a website that you want me and others to check out, then let me know by email and I will post the link in the blog roll section!  Thanks for your anticipated cooperation and consideration! Links to pictures that are on topic will be allowed!


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Here’s the pawn explaining how the government is going to demand now what they should have imposed on their buddies over at BP before this mess happened.

I don’t know, it seems as if he’s not as angry as he claims to be.  I may as well be looking at a dead fish up there, and what is the purpose for those hand gestures?  Are they triggers?  This “independent” commission he talks of, will it be as corrupted as the 911 commission was?  Why can’t he give a straight answer instead of double talking, OH that’s right, he’s a puppet politician!

Countries offering help, but are being refused in the interest of big business.  BP is off partying on some distant island instead of cleaning up this mess they’ve made, and I’ll bet my life that they won’t be made to pay for what they’ve done.  President Obama is too busy getting served by pop stars to give a damn about what is going on down in the Gulf.    Why is Washington trying to wipe Louisiana off the face of the Earth?  Or is it the people they are trying to kill?  Can you say Depopulation Efforts?

@ around 41:19, Helen Thomas poses the question regarding pulling out of Afghanistan, and watch how slick the President is, and how he uses Bushs’ tactics in using the “terrorist fear” before he answers.


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Maybe my wires are crossed, but I just don’t get it.  Bristol Palin, daughter of MK Ultra’d political robot Sarah Palin, and teen mother is being glorified by the press for being a teen mom.  Check this photo from the shoot.  Don’t miss the cat print carpet in the corner.

This photo is creepy…first of all it seems to be saying that her life as a teen mom is easy, a piece of cake?  She is glammed up like a stepford wife ( minus the husband), while her son is in jeans, without shoes or socks, and crap smeared across his face.  ?????

Is this HB’s way of saying that despite her (and her family’s) false front, they really are just trailer trash?  Look at the beautiful view, of a wall out the window, is this saying that teen motherhood, or motherhood without marriage is nothing more than a dead-end?  And she has the audacity to talk about politics?  Are you kidding, her mother is nothing more than a political robot/joke, who is sure to fail if she runs in 2012.   Wow, this girl is being honored, and looked up to, yet Solange was blasted when she popped up preggie.  Well these two ladies have one thing in common, absentee parents.


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Here’s lil miss sunshine coming from a Dublin hotel.  Seems my last post hit  a couple of nerves, but if you haven’t seen it, Beyta was stepping out wearing red lipstick.  Now, I know that her mom Tina is always sporting scarlet lips, but I’ve never seen Rihanna pictured wearing it.  Are red lips another variation of “the red dress” to those in the know?  I also noticed that all the celeb/slaves INCLUDING such manly men as Cuttino Mobley of the L.A. Clippers  also wear black nail polish, so is this a trend, an indicator, or both?

Dude should really stop in and get them redone, they are looking a bit chipped.  And this just blows my mind, here’s Monarch Angelina with her adopted son Maddox.  Please someone tell me why this boy’s fingernails are painted, and red of all colors?  They really are trying to erase the gender lines aren’t they?

Speaking of black nail polish, I was on Pseudo Occult Media yesterday reading about COCOBOTS ( LOL their term, not mine!) and they were talking about the late fashion icon Cocoa Chanel, and how she had been an MK Ultra controlled slave.  Anyway, they started to go into the “marriage” of Ice-T (handler) and his “wife” Coco after a lengthy synopsis of of Ice T’s show ( I don’t know the name, I’m not a fan of Ice T or prime time television.  Here’s the classy Coco and one of her niece’s who just happens to be a twin.  I think in to these Satanists, twins have some kind of power, and suggest duality.  Anyway, as if this pic isn’t disturbing enough, check out her tweet on the subject…

“Hangin w my twin nieces.Daisy just loves my boobs.She likes putting her head in between them”

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on this mess.


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Looks like the White House is Beyta’s home away from home.  She and some other folks attended the state dinner.  What’s so messed up is that someone tried to match her make up to the exterior paint, because she was looking a little old and white.  Then to add insult to injury, she puts on that gross bright red lipstick, and of course her Presidential Diamonds are intact.  I’m sure after everyone left, she was ushered into the back door so that she could service B.O. into the wee hours of the night, because that’s what a good Beyta does.

She looks so out of it, like she has no clue as to what’s going on, but not to fear, second handler in command Julius was there to escort (pimp) her.

On a side note…. how many of you think that Michelle looks a bit on the manly side?  I wouldn’t be surprised if both of them were tag teaming our little pop princess.