From time to time, celebrities go on tour overseas, and are rushed to the emergency room for undisclosed reasons.  Rihanna was performing on her “last girl…” tour in Switzerland on April 19, and after the event was rushed to a “private clinic” , and released two and a half hours later.  The next night, she took the stage again in France, so obviously it was nothing serious. 

On occasion, industry slaves will have a breakdown, meltdown, or out of body experience while performing overseas.    So what happened, did her programming break down? Was she shocked back to her miserable reality?  One can only wonder.  Nothing a little torture, dissociative spinning, mirror programming and electroshock to make a girl good as new, huh?

And don’t even get me started on this picture.



  1. Why Zebra stripes? Dual nature? Is that why they use stripes?

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    yeah it represents a fractured mind the baloons are probably some kind of “fly away’ from reality programming,

  3. I was wondering if you hear.d about this.

  4. Ms. Mizani Says:

    It’s a shame when you don’t know what is real and what is fake. These celebrities always keeps me giving them the ‘Side Eye’. Especially the really famous ones. And what really makes this bad is they keep revealing shit right before us. Like that entire pic of her on the Zebra and dressed in black and white. SMH! @ this whole mess!!!

  5. I wish they didn’t have to do this. All money anit good money.

  6. dirtygurl Says:

    have you all seen the video she’s grinding and p popping like sasha

    • I saw it Dirtygurl..That’s the song, “RUDE BOY” isn’t it? She’s singing, “get it up rude boy; boy won’t you get it up…” It’s a very sexual song. She’s doing that callipso gyrating. IT’s pretty nasty and she is continuously chanting for “the boy” to GET IT UP AND TAKE IT. I saw the debut. Some pretty rough stuff. The people debuting the video on MTV stated it was very explicit and they weren’t lying.

  7. Valentine Says:

    Hi, sorry I don’t get it, you talk of her being tortured, but you show no sympathy… why? Is it because of the title “speculation, rumor and inuendo” or because you just don’t like her?

    I’m just curious. Thanks very much if you reply.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      i liked rihanna when i didn’t have a clue as to what was going on, then as time went on i started to not like her. now i do feel sorry for her, my anger is not directed towards her, but at the people around her that are controlling her.

      • Rhianna made a choice. She didn’t have to take Jay Z as a promoter. Rhianna likes the attention and the money. THE GOOD GIRL gone bad mess, I believe she was bad all along. Her first video was suggestive, the only thing I notice now is that she sings more about being “disturbed” or about being handled by Jay z in the “Umbrella” song. I don’t empathize with someone who makes a choice. There are a lot of artists that chose not to join into the illumanati and it’s lifestyle. I often wonder what happened to LAUREN HILL, DAVE CHAPELLE, two people that come to mind. IT takes courage to stand against them and you have to be ready for what ever they have to dish out.

  8. black and white is like a the uniform for industry slaves. Probably to show that they already done signed the oath and are now possessed mind controlled pawns to the elite and dammit they’ll do/wear/say what they’re told

    • dirtygurl Says:

      i don’t think that demonic possession is what’s going on here,it’s merely psychologic, if you introduce enough trauma to a person repeatedly, the mind will break off in order to deal with those traumas and compartmentalize each experience

  9. Valentine Says:

    Thanks for the reply, I understand your anger now.

  10. dirtygurl Says:

    no problem valentine, i appreciate you trying to understand instead of throwing insults. sometimes it’s very hard to remember that these women are actual victime, it’s just that we don’t see the people who are pulling the strings.

  11. Valentine Says:

    I used to be a fan of hers, but not so much now, it is probably because I hate artists like Beyonce, GaGa etc. But Rihanna has become the same as them really, it’s so sad.

  12. I appreciate this forum, I stumbled upon it while I was searching out the truth. Now Dirtygurl, I have a request, now that the truth is being revealed for us that are already readers of your blog, can u also add posts about the truth of what we see in the media. The Occult in hip hop is a mere distraction, along with all TV and Media, along with the fear people are attaching to 2012. Can we start a post on that, the true meaning behind what we are uncovering with the celebrities. The powerful elite know about the hidden knowledge, and have for centuries, they pass it down to each other. They keep us numb and dumb so we can be controlled and programmed. They use the fear they instill in us via media, religion and politics to control us AND affect our situations. The hidden knowledge is that thought equals power, each and every one of us has the potential to affect the world if our thoughts are not corrupted and stay positive and free of these influences. They know this. So can we talk about that? I fell for all of it, not anymore. Who’s ready to raise their consciousness ? I am, and to continually focus on what they want us to focus on is distracting us away from becoming our true potential.

  13. My mother was a holistic healer, and her motto was always MANIFEST DESTINY. This is what they don’t want us to know, that if enough people have the same or similiar thoughts (Positive OR negative) they will manifest into reality. They are feeding off of our NEGATIVE thoughts, let’s stop giving them POWER. And let’s reclaim it for ourselves. It’s time.

    • Satan has power. You can’t wish them away. TO turn your head from the truth is not what GOD wants us to do, but to handle it with all the power HE has given us. When this life is over, believe me, GOD will take care of them in a mighty and horrible way, but while on earth, we have the job of protecting our children from this stuff. They target them first. Music is a universal language. You hear the children reciting the verses so eloquently. IF anything, we have to educate ourselves about this stuff, then go to our Father where HE will guide us and protect us from all harm. Satan possesses as much power as you give him. These “handlers” were not forced on their “puppets”. They wanted it or either didn’t feel compelled to fight it. The benefits of being a “puppet” may seem glamorous to the person at first, but as time goes on, I begin to see the wear and tear from the demands of the handler. It is sad that these people become the role models for our little ones. It’s not fair to them because they are impressionable. IT takes those of us who have become aware to spread the facts to others, and hopefully the world will embrace a solution to this problem. I know that sometimes I like to joke a little, but this is serious and I try not to worry because GOD does not want us to worry. Give it to HIM and whole heartedly devote yourself to saving the people they target. THE BIBLE reveals a very sad fact to us all: “Few will enter the kingdom of GOD”…Knowing this, satan may take more with him to hell, but we can still assist GOD in adding as many to HIS number as possible not omitting a single soul.

  14. dirtygurl Says:

    i’ve been thinking of 2012 for over a year since i heard about the documentary on some channel i think history, i’m researching it, a post will be coming up soon, i feel that we still have to keep our eyes open for new emtertainment slaves.

  15. I agree dirtygurl, let’s all remember that it is a distraction, put in place so we keep focusing on the distraction. It would be a shame to wake up to the truth, only to STILL be giving them power,

  16. Charisse Says:

    Ok…I’ve always been a Rihanna fan. I’ve always like Beyonce. Once Lady Gaga came on the scene, I fell in love with her instantly because of her weirdness.

    In your opinion, is it safe for me to still listen to their music? Or will I begin to get “programmed” through their music? When I listen to their music, I feel like my normal self. Now, I don’t feel so comfortable listening to their music. Kind of weird now.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      good question the truth of the matter is this once your eyes have been opened you cannot shut them no matter how much you want to i dont believe that you can be programmed however you can be fed subliminal messages just listen and go with your gut if your having doubts then theres a reason

    • Charisse, Sweetie, GOD said to abstain from all evil, that means even harmful music. I had a hard time with that when I became a Christian. You have to be the judge of who you listen to and you can be strong enough to do without it. Music was actually created to praise GOD. When we go to heaven one day, that is all we will be doing. It sounds boring, but girl, it won’t be. Our lives will be wonderful. If you are not strong enough to forbid the music that can hurt you, then you are letting it rule you. Not all music is bad, but you really have to be careful with any music that forget GOD. I listen to different music, but I am slowly moving away from my radio. I can’t seem to find anything worth listening to these days. GOD gives us the right to choose, so find comfort in that.

  17. dirtygurl do you think she was the same back in the days of “Pon De Replay?” i liked her back then she seemed different than she is now

    • dirtygurl Says:

      no i don’t think so, there was a light in her eyes, now there’s nothing. i suggest you read the entire blog it talks about rihannas transformation

  18. Mary, your comments are right on the money. It is good to be aware of the distractions and we must use our powers to get beyond what they are putting out. As long we worry about what the power elite is doing, they win. FEAR is their power.


  20. mr.Fresh30 Says:

    the issue is this why are as people not wondering why great entertainers are just quiting the business……….money….fame…….side deals….. all the perks of being famous,they walk away for what reason!?! fact sometimes is stranger than fiction!!!!! almost as a whole soceity we almost all are ignoring the facts in our face in these video’s an multimedia adds!!! just think when tabaco companies during the sixties wanted more people to smoke they used well liked actors to advertise smoking as cool an trendy meanwhile not telling the adverse affects of long term smoking. i say the last statement to say if you are rich an with a group of people who want to stretch out an ill intention across the world then it be preceived that there is a step by step plan to be set in motion to snowball effect down hill. with all plans a snag will happen everytime like with the whole drug issue,its a world wide problem not just in a small area! power corupts absolute power corupts absolutely. it’s evidence that certain presidents while in office were involved in acts that are deemed as criminal but yet have not been taken down why is that????? the powers that be are of course in league with something,someones who are not as wholesome as thier frontmen,spokesmen,puppet. bottom line is history has shown us that it has always been good an evil,each side presents them selves to someone important someone who can inspire change or set a dark course in motion!. the constatution states that we as a people have a responsibility to over throw the goverment when there is an ovious problem within our goverment. thomas jefferson said and i qoute to the affect of…..goverment is good but it is a problem to have too much goverment!!!! the same applies to the entertainment industry!!! signs an symbols were the way to convay messages to one another,wether poor or rich could understand what a certain message ment but now today most have forgotten the understand of even a simple symbol. studies have shown that if a person is subject to the same thing good or bad all the time they will pick up the chariceristics of those actions or gestures words and or postures video images. we as a human race are not conditioned to restrain but to impulse,spending,excess eat or what ever else feels an taste good to us as children not verbally told but nonverbal in the form of adds an the media an now more than ever. the goverment or the entertainment industries are nothing with out what who…the people!!!!!!!! is anybody listening,wake up brothers an sisters! there is more money in war than peace but really in the grand scale of things peace is always best!!!!!!!(sorry if there is any spelling errors but dont miss the forest for the tree’s)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. mr.Fresh30 Says:

    my veiws are my veiws,i see more than what they show. to wake up is by gaining more knowledge because it’s power!!!!!! everyone knows that old saying that if you dont want a certain people to know anything put it in a book,why is that i thought one day!!!!! come to find out that history in my idea only shows a fualty surface and identity of a person or group. obama is not the first black president but the first recignised black president!!!! he is like the eigth,not even all the presidents were white!!!!!! gorge washington,abe linchon,thomas jefferson,just to name a few!!! anyone can google or youtube the first black president to find out or pick up a book an find out just how much history has come out!!!!! there is nothing new under the sun it’s not what you do but how it’s done. anyone can say what they like about me an my so called radical veiws but people at one time thought the world was flat but africans an indians knew that was so false!!!!!!!!! if i come to a persons house an knock on there down barge in an say i alone have descovered this house a new land……sound like some one in history christerpher columbus as a child i stood up in class letting truth be my sheild an was kicked out of class!!!!! that showed me that the truth is not welcomed in schools and i suspect all over the world!!!! rock and roll and the goth image is taking over why is that!?! WHAT HAPPEN TO GOOD MUSIC THAT HAD A SERIOUS POSITIVE MESSAGE…i dont know do you..!?!?!?! music is powerful so powerful that it affects a persons mood notice people try this to know what i mean listen to a church song then listen to a lil wayne song you will feel a diff way because of the two diff types of music trust me you will see the diff!!!!! the greatest an first lie ever told was that the devil dont exist but yet it’s been shown that he is real and a deceiver!!!!!! here is the thing though the devil has a no power but the power we give him by falling into temptation. GOD made us all so we all are of good because he made us along the way in life we become tainted early childhood to adulthood!!!! anyone notice how it seems that the media and some celebs try to dismiss GOD,religon like its a taboo subject but in the same retrospect will almost praise a rock star like a god. is it just me!?!?!?!?!

  22. dirtygurl Says:

    the music industry is evil and has bad intentions, if you want real music, don’t listen to any mainstream artists, they are all on the illuminiati payroll

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