Someone asked me if Janet Jackson’s shenanigans at the superbowl were her “initiation” into the Illuminatis spiderweb, and I responded that with Michael having been sold out by Joe, then it would have made complete sense that Janet and Letoya were as well.    Remember, Janet appeared with her brothers on stage when she was very young, and who could forget her role as Penny, the girl who was beat down, and burned with an iron by her abusive mother played by Chip Fields.

Here’s a chubby faced Janet with her brother/sibling slave Michael…Rest in Peace Michael, now everything makes sense

Her character on the classic sitcom “Good Times”  was named Penny.  Penny had a huge crush on J.J. who was a grown man.  Innocent?  Maybe, if she hand’t been imitating Mae West, and strutting around suggestively (and the audience goes wild!)  My cousin told me that everytime he saw her doing that bit, it made him uncomfortable.  Indeed.  

From 1980-1984, Jackson had a recurring role as Charlene Duprey, Todd Bridges’ girlfriend on the hit sitcom “Diff’rent Strokes”.  Todd Bridges ( Willis), Geary Coleman (Arnold), and Dana Plato (R.I.P….Kimberly Drummond) have struggled after DS wrapped.  I wonder what they saw and were exposed to, but that is another post, and we will not touch upon it here at this time.  You’ll see that her nose is totally different than it was when she was on Good Times,  seems to me that every celeb (female slaves) is required to have a nose job, black and white…

While reprising her role on Different Strokes, Janet released her self titled debut album, Janet Jackson which failed to impress…

She released Dream Street in 1984, another flop.  It was also during this time that she was on the television show “Fame”….Her character was Cleo, who was in love with Leroy ( Gene Anthony Ray) who showed her no interest whatsoever, and if you couldn’t tell that Leroy was gay from his original role in the film version, then something was def wrong with you. I could never understand why Hollywood insists on putting these gay men in “straight” roles, it’s not believable, but I digress.


1984 was also the year when Janet married James DeBarge, but it was anulled in 1985. I’ve already discussed the DeBarge/Motown/Illuminati ties, so I suspect that James DeBarge could have been Janet’s handler under the guidance of her then handler, Joe Jackson.  Here’s an interesting tidbit…Joe Jackson is rumoured to have told Janet not to refer to him as dad, but as Joseph since he was her manager.  This distancing of himself from his children is one more confirmation for me that he indeed sold his children like cattle to the industry in exchange for money, which goes a long way in explaining his non-chalance in the aftermath of his son’s death, and the fact that Katherine wants him to have no contact with Michaels children.  

Although Janet was well known for being Michael Jackson’s little sister who was on a couple of television shows, it wasn’t until 1986 that her star began to rise.  With the release of her album “Control”,  Miss Jackson (if your nasty) dismissed papa, teamed up with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.  On the surface the “control” referred to Miss Jackson taking charge from her controlling handler of a father, but underneath is that really what it’s about?  The album went 5x platinum.  Here’s the album cover….

This record cover is a contradiction, the premise is that Janet is in control, but is she ?  Her hair is everywhere, and although the drawing is outlining her form, it also appears to be constraining her…peep the triangles (pyramids) at her wrists which are placed close to her body.  Also check the expression of her eyes.  I’ve seen this dead fish look before on a certain Queen Bey.  Here’s a pic of Janet, I’m guessing sometime in 84/85 .  I want to draw attention to her puppet like facial expression, and the key earring she would soon become famous for.  Now to you and I, it’s a key.  Kind of  quirky, huh?  But put on your thinking cap, what would posess her to put a key on a hoop and wear it in her ear.  Was this an indicator that she was undergoing her sex kitten training, and anyone who had the “key” could conjure up that persona if they had the money?  You will also notice that she is wearing a red boustiere (sp?), and if you think about it, Beyonce is often seen in public in a short red dress, is the color red synonomous with sex slaves just as much as leapord print?  The vacant expression and fake smile, the key, and the red seem just coincidental when picked apart, but put them together and it starts to look a little suspect.

Rythm Nation 1814 came in 1989.  I remember her world tour came to Oakland, and I just happened to be catching the Bart train from where I lived in Fremont.  The trains were full, and when we pulled into the Coliseum station, it was chaos, everyone dressed in all black, wearing a single key on their earrings like Janet.   Anyway, it spawned seven number one hits, and made Janet Jackson a household name, and a super-star.  Here’s the video, and you’ll notice that your boy from the hood classic “Menace to Society” (Kane) makes a cameo. 

On the top, this song is about peope coming together through music to fight social inequality.  The Illuminati uses double talk to cofuse the masses.  They say one thing, when they mean something totally different.  The fact that this vid was shot in black and white suggests duality.  The concept of the song is a call for society to come together through music, and be a part of the Rythm Nation. 

 ” “We are a nation with no geographic boundaries, bound together through our beliefs. We are like-minded individuals, sharing a common vision, pushing toward a world rid of color-lines” and her creed, “Music, Poetry, Dance, Unity”.

This is basically the concept behind the  Rythm Nation 1814 project, I’ll tell you what I see…

no geographic boundaries, meaning there will be no individual laws governing the world’s population, the laws made to rule the world will come from one central governent. 

” Like minded individuals” refers to elite who want the same thing….total and complete submission  and acceptance of their New World Order agenda. 

No color lines could mean that they plan to kill all minorities leaving the white surviving population to live out their days on the Earth in global slavery 

Here is Janet leaning on the horns of Baphomet, her key on full display….


The nineties were the decade of  Janet Jackson, and she released 

Janet 1993, she also was secretly married to one of her dancers in 1991 sounds familiar (britney/kevin federline).  This picture of Renee Elizondo’s hands covering Janet’s boobs caused quite a stir.  From this point on, Janet’s music and image began pushing the sexual envelope.  There is something very unsettling about this picture.  It seems to say that he controlling her, but you don’t see his face  Very indicative of the handler/slave relationship, while the unbuttoned jeans are supposed to entice, for a price.

She also starred in the movie Poetic Justice with the late Tupac Shakur.  Janet supposedly demanded that Shakur take an AIDS test as a condition of a kiss they shared in the movie.  I also remember Tupac saying that Janet gave him a fake phone number.  I thought it was Janet just being a diva, but since news of her then marriage came to light, I think that it was Renee’s conditions voiced through Janet.

This promo shot for the movie is totally fake, the body language indicates that Janet clearly is uncomfortable, and doesn’t come off as believable in the least.

The Velvet Rope in 1997 featured the single “got till it’s gone” here’s a very interesting promo photo for that single, masonic checkerboard present and accounted for

During 2000, Reneee Elizondo filed for divorce from Janet Jackson, but the divorce wouldn’t be granted until three years later.

In 2001, Janet released All For You. 

 I’d like to mention that despite her increasingly sexual image,  Janet was never able to top the sales of  both Rythm Nation, or Janet, both of which went six time platinum.  In 2002 Janet began dating  Jermaine Dupree, who’s father worked for record label Columbia.  Was Dupri Janet’s handler as well?

In 2004, one year aft, er her divorce became final she released Damita Jo.  Notice the parental advisory sticker on the cover

It was about this time that Miss Jackson claimed to have MPD, which I’m inclined to believe as most slaves are MPD’d in order to create the sex kitten alter among others.  So i guess it was Damita Jo who exposed herself alongside Justin Timberlake at the superbowl?  MTV, the satanic riyual network produced that halftime show so i doubt it was a “wardrobe issue”  Now what I found interesting was the nipple ornament…

The sun is worshipped by the Masons.  The sun is piercing Janets nipple,are they telling America that Janet is their slave?

2006 saw the release of 20 Y.O.

She ditched sultry for dominatrix for the release of 2008’s Discipline

Janet has worked whith whom I believe to be two other Illuminati homosexual slaves, Tyler Perry and Eddie Murphy…



  1. I think u are just scratching the surface concerning this one. I really think their dad molested them as well. Janet didn’t breakout until she left her dad. I remember watching one of her concerts on tv I remember the oversized jesters in blk/white. I used to hsve the velvet rope cd….now that was almost pornographic.

  2. Judging by the Sun Symbolism in her music and on her nip at the superbowl slip. If I had an 8 Ball it would read: You’re probably correct!

  3. I think you are crazy, katherine never said she didn’t want jot not to have contacts with michaels kids…they were with him on thanksgiving and prince thanked his grandad at the grammy’s.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      and the award for most original insult thrown at a blogger goes to reena, that’s not what i read, but that is besides the point, the fact is that all of those kids have said that joe was abusive to them, and that goes for sexual as well, katherine is also abusive for allowing him to do what he’s done to them

      • DamitaJo1814 Says:

        They did not all say they were abused, that was mostly Michael (if im not mistaken). My parents tore my ass up when I needed it just like Joseph did to them. In fact, it made them who they are today.

        BTW you and I have NO idea what happended ib that family so WE should not judge ANY of them or jump to cinclusions.

      • We know enough to know that they are disturbed and to this day, need prayer.

  4. Is she leaning on the horns of the baphomet, or is that just a crescent moon? It looks like a sideways crescent moon to me.

  5. dirtygurl Says:

    mary click the image to see the entire image remember this was the late 80’s and early 90’s so it wasn’t as blatant as it is now the crecent is attached to a triangular shaped object it looks like baphomet

  6. Very interesting, man oh man I wonder if Janet going to come back with another cd and if she does is it going to sell. Do you think that MJ was a blood sacrifice.

  7. dirtygurl Says:

    no i don’t think that mj was a sacrifice, remember when he went to the middle east for all that time, i’m guessing he was undergoing deprogramming, then when he came back he was going to kick off the concert, and i think that he had something that he was going to tell us, so they got rid of him before he could, janet’s cd’s have been going downhill in sales since “janet” the last cd i don’t think sold more than three hundred thousand in the united states. where she will really make her money is on tours and as long as they can make money off her without a hitch, then they will keep her in everybody’s face.

  8. Honey Bees Says:

    I just have to ask because I’ve been hearing about this deprogramming business for a while now. If people are programed to act, sing, talk, dress how illuminati wants how is it that the artists are blamed for it?

    Computers are programmed and made to be how they are supposed to be. They are not doing what they want they are doing what they are told. It to me just seems contradicting to say someoen is programmed and then to say that they are selling out to the devil (I realize DG that you don’t have a religion or anything). I do think they are selling out by choosing to do what they do but I don’t quite understand the programming thing.

    I mean I guess you can call me bias because I like MJ alot but whatever thats not my point. I just want to know that if he was programmed obviously when he was a child, then how is it that people blame him for being a puppet/slave. I think we can all agree that if MJ was indeed in it (and I’m not trying to start a debate about whether he was or not thats not my point right now LOL) then he got in it by his father initiating him in it as a child and then he was programmed as a child.

    And not even just MJ I mean all artists. You speak of programming but I just don’t understand the concept.

    *And I’m not attacking anyone or anything I promise =D I’m just genuinely confused is all* Thanks guys!!!

    • Honey Bees Says:

      Can someone please explain this to me?

    • GodzMessenger Says:

      I want to try to help you understand.
      Programming is like mind control, and if you do a little research on mind control you will find that it actually has scientific basis to it. When you mind control or program someone you don’t actually strip them of their free will, you trick them into doing what you want. A lot of times it takes a lot of deceit and peer pressure for mind control to work.

      There are two ways to mind control, one is the way the Japanese used on captured soldiers- they had control over every aspect of the prisoners life, they told them when to eat, sleep, use the restroom, thus they caused mental strain on them which brings them to a mental breakdown, the mental breakdown leaves the soldiers weak and vulnerable so the captors introduce a new way of thinking so that they associate their old lives with pain and mental breakdown and they associate their new lives with being relieved of the pain.

      The second kind of mind control is what the government and the media use on us everyday. Its where you constantly advertise or present a certain idea or whatever and people eventually come to accept it as truth. For example, we think women are supposed to be thin and wispy and basically unhealthy looking in order for them to be desirable, thus we starve ourselves to be sexy. Or the media promotes overt sexuality and violence as acceptable. Or we see constant MacDonald’s commercials so we go get a big mac or whatever.

      Basically everyone is programmed, every human being. That’s how we function as a society, but we have the free will to realize what is going on. So we realize that being anorexic is unhealthy and we choose to be healthy, despite the fact that we are programmed the opposite way. Deprogramming is simply trying to change someone’s lifestyle and thought process, it isn’t quite the same as computers because God gave humans free will.

      • Honey Bees Says:

        Very interesting theory. I call it a theory not to be disrespectful or anything it’s just that I’m kind of on the fence about it. I’m not being willfully ignorant but there are so many illuminati theories out there and I am a christian so I look @ things from a christian point of view–some people think that you actually sell you soul to the devil and other’s believe in the MK Ultra/programming/sex slave theory. I don’t really know what to believe. I completely see why DG believes in the MK Ultra theory because she doens’t believe in demons and she isn’t religious–actually neither am I cause religion is man made but thats’ not my point lol.

        But for the most part I agree. So when you say deprogramming does that mean that the artist is deprogramming theirselves to the lifestyle that they were sinisterly programmed with by THEM or deprogramming means that THEY(illuminati) deprogram the artists?

      • dirtygurl Says:

        when i mention deprogramming i am talking about acually going to therapy and a psychotherapist rejoining the alters into one complete person. in order to do that they have to unravel all of the traumas that came with the programming in the first place. it takes years and years to do this and it isn’t easy, but it can be done with dilligence and patience. they just have to make sure the psychologist they are seeing is not affiliated as alot of them are, and if they get wind of one of their robots going under the deprogramming, they will throw every obstacle in the way like having them thrown into mental hospitals ( where they can continue their electroshocking trauma etc) or they will even charge them with some bs charges and have them thrown in jail like they did dmx

    • GodzMessenger Says:

      This is for DG

      You mentioned the color red, and asked if it was symbolic with the sex slave as well as the leopard print. Basically yes.
      You have heard the term the woman in the red dress?
      I think if you haven’t already watched The Arrivals at that you will find some of the pieces of the puzzle fit better together.

      Here is the video about the Lady In Red

    • dirtygurl Says:

      like i’ve said before we attac the artists because we cannot see who is really behind them, i no longer blame for long time slaves (childhood) for what they do, how they act, etc…

      the sell outs are the the ones who come into the game and they are presented with a choice, have sex with this one, or degrade yourself in this way, and we’ll give you fame and fortune and they accept.

      dave chapelle refused to “sell out” by wearing a dress and where is he now? maybe someon else can explain it better!

    • dirtygurl Says:

      we cannot see the puppet masters, that’s how they were able to get along this far without being called out. we think that these stars are acting of their own free will, so we make them the target. i hav to tell myself everyday when i see these candid shots of celebs out and about wearing clothing with eyes and p popping on videos, that it’s not them, it’s the alters who were programmed to do this.

  9. Ms. Mizani Says:

    I too read that Mrs. Jackson did not want Michael’s kids to be in Joe’s company. Maybe the court over ruled Mrs. Jackson’s request, but this is something she definitely did’nt want. Right now Joe’s got himself wrapped up in alot of things and each thing has to do with capitalizing off of his family… From trying to give the world a new Suprer Star to suing whomever to gain money. He probably doesn’t even sleep too well at night. Evil never rests!!!

    Janet’s whole life has been planned for her since she was a little girl imatating Mae West. She and brother Randy would entertain people while the Jackson 5 would be off stage and preparing to re enter the stage for the latter part of the show… I remember in the 80’s everyone admired Janet. She was to me like Beyonce is to kids now. But we didn’t have anyone exposing the illumanti like the young people today have. (I know I’m telling my age LOL!) So we wore the wild hair and the key on our earrings just as Janet did. That’s why I can’t understand why people are so blind today. Most people are blessed to have a computer where one can find a wealth of information. So you’re able to educate yourself without anyone forcing their opinions down your throats. Even the Library has computers for use. There is absolutely no reason to take any one’s word as gospel when all you have to do is a little research. But I guess that’s too much like work for some ignorant people and they would rather let the world tell them, who’s hot, who’s not, who’s important and who’s not. What’s really necessary to have in your life, and who are the right people to emulate and imitate because some kind of way “They” have this comfirmed and you need to follow suit.


  11. As i read this i find you
    ridiculous. Because she’s influential she’s apart of the illuminati? You selectively pick out certain pictures in order to make a point that she is indeed apart of the illumuinati? I DEFINETLY believe in the illuminati but just because you gain success doesnt always = illuminati affiliation. As for that whole thing about her giving pac a fake number i suggest you re-watch 2pac ressurection to see what he ACTUALLY says because he never said she gave him a fake number. He compared their relationship to calling someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time and when you call them to see how they’ve been, their number suddenly changes. As for MJ’s kids, they are not raised around Joe because MJ didn’t want them to be, look at how the fuck Michael ended up mentally, you really think they would take that chance Mike’s kids? When it comes to the abuse yes Joe was an asshole but then again it was the 60s and it’s 2010, to them back then it’s straighten your kids out, in today’s day and age it’s Child Services knocking at your our door. However, that still isn’t a justification. As for you saying he sexually abused them..that’s sick, it’s sick to do that to a child and it’s just as sick to accuse someone of it and/or suggest they did it without coldhard evidence sweetie. BTW janet’s album went gold in the u.s as of oct. 2009. Honey, honestly you should really RESEARCH before you post certain things.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      thank you for reading the dirt, please come again!

    • Janet is a slave…She didn’t say necessarily the illuminati, but that she became a “sex slave”. Read the whole site. You will understand the points she is trying to make. That poor family is under some type of brainwash and Michael wanted out. Actually, you should research and that would be beneficial to you…

  12. Charisse Says:

    I KNEW IT ALL ALONG! I knew Eddie Murphy was HOMOSEXUAL. I got that vibe from him one day out the clear blue. I told people my opinion and they said that he can’t be gay…lmao. I knew the truth all along.

    Also, me and my family/friends always have the debate over if Tyler Perry is homosexual or not…I SUPPOSE HE IS TOO.

    (I know that wasn’t the main topic of this article but i just had to get that off my chest.)

  13. dirtygurl Says:

    i think tyler perry is i did a post about this called the state of the blackman in hollywood

  14. This is b.s your clearly a Jackson hater!!!

    • Kizzy, I urge you to research it yourself. No one hates the Jackson’s, but you have to question what is going on with this family. The other brothers you never really heard anymore about. They all have a story to tell, but it seems that Jermaine and Latoya, whom I might add are very outspoken, seem to know what was going on and if you remember, Latoya tried to come forward before. She couldn’t fight with all of them, so finally she quieted down. She did marry her manager, who wasn’t anyone to brag about, but the family has always been very unusual. Michael tried to talk about it. Look it up on YOUTUBE. Michael is telling the world that there are things in the industry that are not right. You have to really have an open mind. IF you don’t want to believe it is the illumanati, it doesn’t matter, evil is evil and satan has power. So pray on it and research. Before you decide to be in denial, check it out for yourself.

    • Hello KIZZY, I urge you to research it for yourself. No one hates the Jackson’s, but you have to question what is going on with this family. The other brothers you never really heard much about. They all have a story to tell, but it seems that Jermaine and Latoya, whom I might add are very outspoken, seem to know what is going on and if you remember, Latoya tried to come forward before. She couldn’t fight with all of them, so finally she quieted down. She did marry her manager, who wasn’t much to brag about; he tried to get her away from her family, but he failed and he was made to look like he was the bad guy. Michael tried to talk about the truth behind his success, til the day he died, it was his mission to tell the truth and he began campaigning about the industry and his last show~~and it proved to be his “final curtain call”…. Look it up on YOUTUBE. Michael is telling the world that there are things in the industry that are not right. You have to really have an open mind. IF you don’t want to believe it is the illumanati, it doesn’t matter, evil is evil and satan has power. So pray on it and research. Before you decide to be in denial, check it out for yourself.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      i never hated the jacksons for goodness sake i was a huge michael jackson fan when i was younger, then i moved on to prince. I was also a great admirer of janet jackson’s during her control and r. nation days. what turned me off about janet is the overtly sexual image she came to represent with her “janet” cd, but i still liked some of her music.

  15. Honey Bees Says:

    Child of God I love you!!!

    Kizzy DG does’t hate the Jacksons. Really she doesn’t. If anythign she thinks they are victims. What she is saying is that things that go on in that family people shoudl wonder about. Honestly look @ Janet’s image. She is known as a sex icon and she likes that. Her music is about sex. Not every single song but more often than not her music is indeed about sex. I can understand her being young and under the control of her father but even now as a grown woman she promotes sex. Honestly speakign how is that positive for teenage girls or young girls?

    Latoya tried to tell and nobdy listened to her. I’m not so sure about the guy she married because I think he was controlling as well but she revealed stuff and people called her crazy. I don’t believe everything she has said but still there is some truth in there. Michael talked about Joe too and then he was discredited by his own family. They tried to say “oh well that’s how thigns were back then. My father was strict but he wasn’t as bad as Michael is making him out to be”. Even Joe says “I never hit Michael”. Michael tried to tell too and people thought he was exaggerating to promote an image. Michael–though some think otherwise–had been trying to tell for a long time but instead of putting it in a book or spilling secrets in an interview he just wrote songs about it and promoted good things rather than sex and materialism. Even songs like ‘Beat It’–it is an anti-violence song. Micahel woke up a long time ago and was trying to tell people without actually telling and you see what happened to him. For a very long time people made him out to be crazy, weird, homosexual, pedophile etc…but when people talk about sex, violence, gangs, love of money etc they are normal and cool? What kind of backwards world are we living in?

    Also there are phone conversations that are MJ and a friend of his talking and he reveals a lot. He talks about how his family is not close knit @ all despite how they portray it. Michael actually had very little to do with his family. Even Janet has said many times that there were times where she didn’t see or speak to Michael in over 2 years. 2 years?!?! And you don’t see or talk to your brother. Michael did not want to be around that and he didn’t want his kids around that. Also think about how MJ left the Jehovah’s witness faith. Majority of his family was still JW except Jermaine but he realized the control they were trying to maintain. I’m a Christian so I understand not putting money etc over God but I find somethign wrong with the JW faith. I also don’t think MJ would appreciate his kids being raised as such but that’s not the topic here.

    I’m not saying that he didn’t love and care about his family but I know from 1st hand experience because my family is huge but when one of my sisters is acting crazy and doing crazy stuff I distance myself from them. I still love them but I choose to stay away.

    Do you know that Jermaine’s kids live @ the house with their grandmother and mother while Jermaine lives in his own house with his wife away from his kids? Why is that? That is not normal considering hsi mother is 80 years old. Jermaine has been married so many times and has quite a few kids.

    Nobody hates the Jackson’s but I think people should take a step back and wonder what the heck is going on? The best we can do is pray for them.

  16. I apologize, Honey Bees…and I love you, too…It makes more sense since you cleared it up. Just so you know, I hope that our friendship will grow and grow. You are precious just like Dirtygurl…and that’s real talk.The Jackson’s are so sad. I may have said something about them in a later chapter in this site, but thank you for clearing that up, sweetheart. (us females have to uplift each other, you know?)

    • Honey Bees Says:

      Love you COG!!!

      Nothing @ all to apologize about you were spot on. I wasn’t trying to correct you on anything I was just trying to explain to Kizzy that none of us hate the Jacksons. I myself love MJ LOL. But there is something wrong. You are right. MJ wanted out and that is why he distanced himself from his family starting around the time that BAD came out and there after. Do you guys remember that song Jermaine wrote about Michael called “Word to the Bad?”

      Jermaine said he wrote it because MJ was pretty estranged by then and there was no communication between them. I’m sorry but he was wrong for writing that publicly about his brother. If he had concerns with him he should have come to him in person instead of trying to get media attention. That is why I don’t trust Jermaine. Even after MJ died he was all up in the press’ face giving interviews and talking about how he was “michael’s backbone”. Um negative. The family didn’t even know what was going on his life half the time and that is proven by listening to Janet speak about how when MJ was in Bahrain they only knew how he was doing by talking to Katherine Jackson.

      Also I don’t know if you guys know who Arnold Klein is but he was MJ’s dermatologist. While I don’t trust him very much he did an iterview a few months ago and he talked about how distanct MJ was from his family. Yup somethign is definitely up.

      Child of God you never said anything wrong about the Jackson’s. Whenver you post a comment you are thoughtful and polite and loving. And that’s why I love you so much =D

      • Honey Bees, it’s friends like you and Dirtygurl that encourage me to study harder, love harder, and reflect much more on myself hoping that I am an asset to the both of you. I know, for one that you have blessed me so much…Here’s to my two special sisters that make my evenings before I lay my head down to rest, placed in the right perspective. I go to sleep thinking about the world and the people in it. I honestly want nothing but love for each of us and you two women are strong a just plain out BEAUTIFUL…This you need to know…

  17. Niche Site…

    One of the most popular resources for relevant information on this industry […]…

  18. I am a big Janet fan…I have Seen artist such as beyond gaga etc represent the illuminati. I feel personally Janet is not in this what so ever and that’s why she is not quitting music because she see for herself how outrageous it is getting out here. That picture with her on the so called “baphomet” is not really anything at all it looks like a moon. Now what beyonce have in her promotion for the sash fierce tour is a baphomet and gaga in bad romance video. For the key and the earring it was to michael Jackson animals!! She said it herself and that’s how she got the panther for black cat video. This information isn’t really accurate for me to believe unlike the great facts they have for more artist. Then explain to me why you are the only person who so call have information on here? No one else have information on her because this isn’t good info.

    • umm did you ever hear of connecting the dots, just because nobody has done it doesn’t make this invalid…you just don’t want to believe, but string all of these things together and they make perfect sense

      remember rn came out in the late eighties…of course it’s not as blatant as it is in the gaga and beyonce vids…duh!

  19. @Girlbyee
    Actually maybe you should do some research! I just watched the tupac ressurection dvd and tupac doe say that he called janet and her number was changed after she had told him to call her and keep in touch,and he goes on to say that it was like the day of the premier of Poetic Justice!

  20. I know loads about the illuminati etc

    But Janet is definitely not a part of it just like Michael isn’t

  21. Y’all are a bunch of nut jobs. Quit with the conspiracy theories and spend some time with actual human beings. It’s good for your mental health.

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