I’d like to start off this post by saying that I am in no way attacking Miss Aaliyah’s character. Although I was never a “fan” of hers, I did enjoy her music, and I was so upset when I heard of her passing. Of course, I thought it was some kind of rumour that would be unfounded, but when her death was confirmed, I felt a great sadness. I would like to try to make some kind of sense as to what part she plays in this sick, twisted game that the Illuminati plays with the lives of real people.

Aaliyah was introduced to the industry at an early age. There is a connection having to do with these celebrities who are obviously Illuminati pawns attending private catholic school ( Beyonce attended St. Mary’s, and GaGa attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart). Aaliyah attended one such school called Gesu in Detroit, Michigan before enrolling in a school for performing arts. At the young age of 13, young Aaliyah was introduced to R. Kelly the notorious pedophile through her uncle Barry Hankerson, who was married to Gladys Knight. I remember her first hit single off the “Age aint nothin but a number” album, “Back and Forth” and thinking that the lyrics were much to advanced for someone so young, but I digress. Here she is with her mentor/handler R. Kelly…Aaliyah looks very unhappy, like she’s hiding a big secret and it’s eating her alive.


Anyway, the next thing you know, rumours were surfacing about the then 27 year old Kelly, marrying 15 year old Aaliyah, which was anulled sometime after. Of course to you and I this sounds absolutely crazy, but in the world of the Illuminati, nothing is off limits between a slave and her handler. I speculated the reason for Aaliyah’s tragic demise was to make room for Beyonce, but the Illuminati is greedy, so that theory doesn’t seem plausible. I also don’t believe that Aaliyah was a blood sacrifice for Damon Dash, although I could be wrong. I think Aaliyah was killed because she was strong enough to come from under her programming and those who perished with her, were just casualites. You see, these elite don’t have any regard for human life, and if eight more people die, then they just die. Here’s Baby Girl throwing up the pyramid and wearing Roca-Wear ( Rock-a-fella, Rockefeller). I believe this was taken at a softball game.






The Illuminati have stepped up their game since the nineties, the sybolism wasn’t as in your face as it is now, but here she is as her sex kitten alter complete with a collar which implies that she is in fact a slave.  ( I’ll be doing an in depth post on the symbolism of animal prints and sex slaves soon)



We know that one of the reasons Hov and Dame Dash fell out was because of Aaliyah, but I don’t think that it had anything to do with love. Was it a competition to see which of them would be her next handler? RIP BabyGirl, you are finally free.


Baby Girl sporting more masonic symbolism….and btw..look on the back of a dollar bill and you will notice this eagle clutching 13 arrows in one talon, and a branch with 13 leaves in the other.



  1. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Aaliyah’s life and death was indeed a sad one. when I heard she died, I couldn’t believe it. Because at this time she was on top of the world. Baby girl was definitely coming up in the world. And I was happy for her. I too have heard stories and rumours about her life and why it ended. From being someone’s blood sacrifice to clearing the way so that Beytaonce’ could take over.
    I think people have not swept this issue under a rug and moved on and forgetting about her is because throughout Aaliyah’s life she was always surrounded by some shady characters. And people feel that what is done in the dark will come to the light. All steming from people like R.Kelly, Jay Z, Damon Dash, her family and even her choice of friends. Aaliyah was exposed and used by the very people she held dear to her heart, ever since she was a little girl. And Lord only knows who else and what else she had been exposed to. So many crooked people behind the scenes. Who were/are associates, silent partners, and friends of this shady bunch. My heart still aches for her, especially because have become all to fimiliar with what goes on in the industry. RIP Aaliyah.

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    you know i think i was just so sad because she was so young, she hadn’t even started living, but then again she hadn’t been living up to that point, she’d been controlled for most (if not all) of her life. I think her mother was the one who gave her life over to the industry, and for that she should be sentenced to a life of slavery for at least ten lifetimes. you guys, death is only an end for those of us who are left behind, for the soul that goes on, it’s a new beginning and i hope that her soul is somewhere living the life that she was born to live, not the life she was forced to live. (tearing up, that was so eloquent)

  3. Do you recall the movie she stared in about the vampires? I remember reading an interview with her saying she was really into vampires and the gothic style. She died right after the movie came out. I remember being in shock once she died. But if you remember the lady who was a mind control slave said that this was one of the ways they break you by forcing sex on you. What R Kelly did to this girl I would not believe was consensual, you can look at her face an tell she wasn’t happy at all.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      yeah being sexed up by someone who is your father is just plain old wrong, and i think that is something that we are born knowing, and that’s how they can shatter the mind, the rest of it like the discociation, torture etc is just to reinforce the base trauma

      as much as i blame r kelly and jay z i can’t help but wonder if they go thrugh their own programming horrors cathy obrien states that her second hubby/handler alex houston was forced to have sex with bill clinton while he was in office

      this is aaliyah in her teens and she’s about to have her “dreams” come true, so she should be grinning ear to ear, i can tell this by her look that there’s something heavy on her heart

      • Aalonso Says:

        I’m sure she was smiling ear to ear all the time, just not in this ONE millisecond snapshot of a photo. Who knows what was going on that day. We’re sitting here speculating that this photo is proof of an unhappy sex slave to support this whole article. But in the reality, it’s one picture, of one moment, where anything could have been going on. She could have been sick, tired, mad, for other reasons other than what you’re assuming.

  4. I was at Church the day Aaliyah died and they had been advertising her new album with the songs, “Rock the Boat, and A New Resolution”…The new album had a strange feel to it. I remember her handling snakes and such. She was quite beautiful, but this was not the same Aaliyah I remembered. She used to say that she was going to open a clothing line that represented “Sweet, but Street”. She was quite the “belly dancer” She was a talent that had blossomed from out of a long line of great singers. I remember seeing her in a concert for the first time after her return. Aaliyah wasn’t wearing “hood wear” any more, she had blossomed into beautiful young woman. Her image became sensual. She was wearing these low rider jeans and her “crack” (excuse the expression) was showing. I had to take a double take to make sure I had seen what I saw. Needless to say, I was a bit surprised and a little disappointed. I almost didn’t recognize her, but I realized that she had arrived. She was acting and had just made two movies. “Queen of the Damned” just didn’t seem right. The movie she made with Jet Li was a lot more innocent and humbling. There was something about her that now reminds me of the ” Beyonce” of today. She was a workaholic and I remember them talking about Damon Dash and her were supposed to be getting married. Now I am beginning to see the connection between Jay z and Damon Dash. For so long this tragedy stuck in my head and how it all happened just didn’t seem to make sense. Now that I am able to connect the dots, it all seems to be more clear now. They should not have taken that flight with that “so called” pilot; they should have known that the plane was overloaded and weighed down; the whole thing should not have happened. They say she didn’t feel a thing as she burned up in the plane; but to hear the last words of some of the other fellow occupants that died later at the crash sight sent chills down my spine. That plane should not have ever left the ground. Now it all makes sense. She always covered her eye. She was transformed from this sweet little girl on STAR SEARCH into this sexy performer being handled by grown old men. May she REST IN PEACE. What a waste. She would have out done Bey hands down, and I think Bey knew that.

  5. dirtygurl Says:

    yeah cog i was also shocked to see how sexual she was being portrayed, it was just a little too much, remember when she wore the goth makeup in try again, everybody was wearing that makeup and it was on the cat walk in the fashion industry, which is just another subsidiary of the illuminati. even trya banks herself is an industry slave, have you checked out how dark those photo shoots are on top model, vampires, masonic floors in the judging room, and the skull and cross bones on the tyra mails. i think tyra needs to be looked at a little closer, and the modeling industry in general, look at how naomi campbell keeps acting out.

  6. I found a site strictly about this in the modeling industry. I will pass it along to you. I had to get away from it for a minute because it kind of scared me. They had done a photo shoot with RI RI, and they even have a special show dedicated to masonary and the illuminati. There was a young lady that had been “programmed” just as you spoke of and she ended up having multiple personalities. I want you to see this Dirtygurl. You would be baffled and none the less uneasy about the whole site. GOD bless you, lady!

  7. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Hi Child of God. It’s always nice to read your posts. I too would be interested in viewing this site about the modeling industry. Please share?

    • Mz. Mizani and Dirtygurl…My sister girls, I found the site that you need to see talking indepth about the illuminati and programming. It talks about the lines and the sexual abuse that these “chosen” families are involved in. The name of the site is PSEUDO OCCULT MEDIA*..It is a very sad and interesting read. I will share this tiny bit of info and I hope you guys will go there and check it out. THERE WAS LADY WHO SUFFERED WITH MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER. The young lady was an artist and whatever surroundings she was exposed to as a child, it manifested itself in the form of different personalities. Each one had a name and talent. THE world of PROGRAMMING is very dangerous. Notice the Hilton sisters. They just don’t seem right. Please check out the site. I will post the title again for you…I wish I knew how to make it show up in red…LOL

      • dirtygurl Says:

        once again we seem to be on the same wavelength, i’e been reading these posts at this site,lately one which involved americas next top model, which prompted me to look at tyra herself and the modeling industry, tell me do you think that gianni versaci’s murder was an illuminati hit?

  8. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Hi Child of God. It’s always nice to read your posts. I too would be interested in viewing this site about the modeling industry. Please share? And dirtygurl, I never really thought about Tyra Banks. I agree she is someone we should take a closer look at.

    • Ms. Mizani, you have inspired me to read and study even more. This evening I taught and spoke about the artists that the children held in HIGH ESTEEM. They weren’t buying it. I can tell that it is going to take time and prayer.

  9. dirtygurl Says:

    naomi cambpell recently did some very masonic shoots for russian vogue i’d have to look at the pics again, but i know that one of them was of her with a snake encircling her body, look at how naomi’s been having violent breakdowns , her programming breaking down

  10. dirtygurl Says:

    here’s one from the 08 russian vogue issue

  11. […] ILLUMINATI PAWN: AALIYAH « The Dirt […]

  12. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Hi Child of God *waving* I just wanted to thank you for sharing that site with us. It was/is very interesting and I found myself reading and studying for a good while. If you have any other suggestions I would welcome them. You’ve choosen the right name for yourself. Fits perfectly. So don’t forget about me and stay blessed as I am keeping you and the class you teach in my prayers. Peace.

  13. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Hi Child of God *waving* I just wanted to thank you for sharing that site with us. It was/is very interesting and I found myself reading and studying for a good while. If you have any other suggestions I would welcome them. You’ve choosen the right name for yourself. Fits perfectly. So don’t forget about me and stay blessed as I am keeping you and the class you teach in my prayers. Peace. 🙂

    • Love you, girl….There is so much information out there. Thank you for the compliments, they keep me grounded. I could never forget you, Ms. Mizani. You are one beautiful individual.

  14. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Sorry for the double posts. I guess I got a little excited.

    What’s up Dirtygurl? As always keep spreading the knowledge, I am definitely a fan of your site. You always keep it 100. Peace, my sister.

  15. Check out

    That’s a good one!

    GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. @ aalonso
    what you say could very well be true, but the tagline of this blog is speculation, rumours and innuendo, but knowing what i do and being a survivor of molestation at an early age, i know an unhappy child when i see one, we all know that r kelly is a pedophile, you think he didn’t touch her? they were married for goodness sake, what was going to stop him please open your eyes, and thanks for reading.

  18. hey yall….thnx 4 d posts. i am an nigerian muslim livin in australia, uni and been rapping for 9yrs, i noticed somn funny in the game and took so i did some research, while workin at a radio station, so i started seeing things that normal people didnt. It changed my thinking and the way i see the world. ur posts are aspiring as i kno i aint the only one. When i take a hit of that mary jane, i see things more clearly aswell. I wanna thank yall again man. Oh and this aint about religion either, i jus recently found out that one of Prophet Mohammed’s decendents is a christian Irishman as we speak 2day, the prophet had 12 wives, so get the picture? these people wage war against religion while we all the same. Much love yall, is this the only forum of such sort?. i want to get my knowlegde up.

  19. sorry bout the spellin mistakes, exam time lol.

  20. I am doing even more studying and hope to be able to give you some references to look up and study.

  21. whatevs Says:

    y’all are hella paranoid and feeding off each other.
    read into whatever you like, but dont mess with babygirlk Liyah; i mean, theres dodgy stuff going on, but if you believe in what you know, doesn’t that contradict your beliefs. why would they allow you to know what they are doing? you talk about people being programmed, in turn by studying programmed people, you have been programmed to be paranoid, concious and aware of things that the entire world avoids.
    Are we avoiding peoples bullshit for a reason or what?
    stop focusing on this and get yall selfs some lives stop talking smack about what you aren’t looking to change- cos this could be their intention; to make people live a fearful and sheltered life. If y’all were really into this stuff, you would be in some cave writing with a bone and a stone steada using their technology – have u been taken in by them also?
    are u contradicting urselfs ? yes. so give it a rest, give ur selves a rest;
    what u say is fathomable but its eccentric and a waste of precious time. close ur eyes for a while and enjoy the GOOD side of the world
    mwah ciao

  22. I personally believe Aaliyah was an Angel, along with Left Eye, and there deaths are so suspicious, they two were beautiful people, so humble, angelic, classy, they had it all. I hate beyonce, lady gaga and that, they work for the devil, sluts. Britney Spears is also an Angel, she is like the only singer out there like Aaliyah, xxxx

    • I agree with you completely!
      except for the brittney part sorry lol

      • These were not angels, no matter how high the pedastal you placed them upon is, you must realize that these were human beings, plain and simple who for whatever reason got caught in this web of lies and torture. I am a firm believer in reincarnation and i can only hope that wherever they are now, they are at peace.

        Although i was deeply saddened by both left eye and alliyah’s deaths i really am not what you would call a fan. I just thought that both of their passings was tragic, although i did listen to alliya’s music, I never worshipped her.

  23. I’m glad I came across this site. I had just realized that today is the anniversary of Aaliyah’s death and it reminded me to do some research. I must have been in high school when she was tragically killed, but over the past few years I’ve been doing a lot of research on these pop stars and their true agendas. Needless to say, I began wondering about Aaliyah’s death and how it just didn’t seem right. I was a fan of hers, probably not her biggest, but I remember being so hurt when I heard she died. One thing I always found odd was how normal and “un-grieving” Damon Dash seemed very soon after her death. He was seen with all these women partying and I just couldn’t understand how he could be that way if they were supposed to be getting married. But ever since researching, this all makes sense. I’m like some of you others here; I can’t stand Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Yes, Lady Gaga’s songs seem to get stuck in my head, but I think that’s because they’re meant to. There’s a very dark and sinister force behind her. Most of her pics are of her posed as or with Baphomet or with the accentuation of one eye. As for Michael Jackson, I think he was a slave used very heavily by the Illuminati, but I don’t think he died. Anyways, RIP Aaliyah. And thanks for a great blog, DirtyGurl!

  24. aaliyah fan Says:

    This is very sad and I really hoped that this stuff wasn’t true but it sounds too convincing and makes too much sense I was and still I’m a aaliyah and I hate how everyone worships beyonce she was never better than beyonce and whoever disagrees can compare the two when aaliyah was still alive and you can’t use anything from that point on r.I.p. Aaliyah

  25. the death of the late Aaliyah was a tragic one, but beside that is shows that Aaliyah’s demise was most deffinetly a secrifysse for the uo coming of Beyonce wwell i know exately were do people who do thong like that go,as the scriptuer says “HELL WAS NEVER MENT FOR PEOPLE, BUT FOR THE DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS”. So you people are gonna end up in HELL unless u get born again.the matter of the fact remains wether you like it or not JESUS is coming soon and eccept a man be born again he will never see the kingdom of GOG (JOHN 3:3)

    • Amen…Unless a man be born of the Water and the spirit, he shall not see the kingdom of heaven or receive the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT. John chapter 3 demonstrates how we are to be saved by baptism thus receiving the HOLY SPIRIT, just as Christ did. Remember, Christ didn’t need to be baptized, HE just did to show us how it was correctly done. This ends the question of salvation and the rebirth of man.

  26. Tiffany; AaliyahFanFOREVER Says:

    WOW! I understand where you all are coming from but here’s my opinion. Aaliyah was becoming a woman, and I’m sure every adult has became more sensual after they have matured after their teens. It was time she let the baggy clothes go and matured especially this day in age because I’m sure if she was still alive & rockin’ the baggy look so many rumors woulda been going around about her being a lesbian. No offense. & her family were devoted Christians ( not that, dat means anything ) but in every interview where she spoke on her career or awards she made sure she said she thanks God every chance she gets. The blood sacrifice thing sounds pretty foolish as well seeing how Damon is almost broke these days. I believe in that illiuminai and masonary crap but Aaliyah was a very bright, articulate individual who always got the okay from her mother so I seriously doubt that she was involved with that mess. Hypothetically if she was God is handling that so there’s no need for people who didn’t know her to be discussing what went on in her life.

    Rest In Paradise Aaliyah 🙂

    • Tiffany; AaliyahFanFOREVER Says:

      also Damon was hurt by her death, I mean he probably didn’t cry 24/7 for the media because it would seem to sympathetic. If he wasn’t a good man for her, then the Haughton family wouldn’t have said how much he treated her like a queen or still keep in contact with him

  27. i love aaliah but was she illuminati and tried to change cause tupac tried to get out of illuminiti but he got shot same thing with biggy smalls and a lot of other people the question remains the same how and why R.I.P aaliyah love ya

  28. everyone its me Says:

    i really want to kno more about aaliyahs death becuz its very interesting


    • not really this is out here you can also search fema camps thsi is something dirtygirl could look into fema camps too:)

  30. OK TIME FOR MY TWO CENTS CAUSE I DEFINATELY HAVE EM!!!!……I myself am STILL a GREAT fan of AALIYAH!!!…..Love her to life!!…..Her voice was so sweet and angelic!!!….She jus seemed so genuine and kind!!!….I mean you can pratically hear it in her adorable voice!!….I jus began to gain knowledge on this whole alluminati society about a month ago..and I struggled HARD to even involve Aaliyah’s name in this!!…But I miss her so much and I NEVER got over the fact that she not here and BEYONCE is gettin all my babies fame!….Im also watching Romeo Must Die right now as I type away and I jus had to find out where Aaliyah’s name stood in this whole thing!!!…..I’ve been a fan of Aaliyah’s every since I was a kid….But watching her interviews and behind the scenes of her video shoots…I always wondered wat kind of life she lived off the set!….She truely did seem down alot as if she wasnt livin her dream!!!…I couldnt understand why because she was the TRUTH while she lived and her music SOLD!!…..I recently found out that Jay Z and Damon Dash fell out over her!!…..DIDNT KNOW THAT BULL!!!!……But I KNOW Jay Z on one cause he puts in his music!!….He super cocky wit it and he tells u wat it is….People are jus ignorant and ignore it as if its jus rap…..But when u have a God theres jus certain things that U DO NOT say!!!….And he says it all with no remorse!!!……Im blabbing off…But my point is…..This jus all makes to much damn sense!!!. . . . . AINT NO COENCIDENCE THAT BIG!!!!…..God rest Aaliyah’s soul!!!….Such an angel!!!….LOVED HER!!!….STILL DO!!!…..Thanks for all the info everybody…..Gods doing alot in my life right now and all of this jus helps me piece together wat he up to!!!……Im out!!….LOVE U ALL BECAUSE IM A CHILD OF GOD AND THATS WAT HE WANTS FROM US!!!……..Regardless of all the ignorant comments about feeding into this type of stuff!!…..Remember KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!….If u want knowledge u cant doubt ur own hunger for it and limit urself to it!!!…..Im out!…Thanks again!

  31. okkkk do you no anyone else in illuminati besides aaliyah and a website i can see and i beleve you are you still in hiding

    • I do my research where ever I come across the information at!…I dont have a spacific place to do it!!!…I dont think Aaliyah was in the illuminati!…I only think people around her were and wanted her to play her role!!…..Dont think she ever did tho!…..KNOWINGLY at least!

  32. i agree that this was very unfortunate and it seems people have forgotton about her but i think she was a good peroson i loved her style and her whole image….please don’t relate this to the illuminati it sickens me but if i ever get famous i will not be associated with none of this R.I.P babygirl
    “it’s been a long time,I shouldn’t have left you”
    You see she started at a young age of 14 and being naive you will look up to anyone i suppose she really enjoyed singing and i think R.Kelly manipulated her somehow….but she LIVED her life she did several interveiws on popular talk/radio shows and performed alot of places even had her own movies……..:)

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