The first I heard of the North American Union ( referred to as NAU from this point on) was from the cesspool that passes for B. Obamas mouth.  Apparently he wants California, Canada, and Mexico to be intergrated, eliminating borders and placing us ( I am in Cali) under one currency called the Amerodollar, much as Europe is under the Euro.  If this NAU agenda is passed, it will render the Constitution and Bill of Rights void.  Since this would be a new country, a new constitution and bill of rights would be authored by no other than the New World Order.  Frightened yet?

Now here is Senator Obama claiming that he doesn’t know if he is a member of the CFR, but he has spoken there, uh don’t you have to be a member in order to speak?  He also brushes off  this young man’s questions regarding his support of the North America Union by firstly playing ignorant, and then going on to  make a joke about it, therefore taking the focus off the importance of the question. 



  1. msdizzydolores Says:

    Heard about this too. Isn’t it very interesting? It will NEVER happen. Here’s why…if this new “NA Country” were to exist, we would still have to adopt the One World Currency that is foretold in the Bible. Now, it could happen, but it would make no sense to fight so hard for it. We would STILL have to conform to a one world government, leader and currency…soooooo

    That leaves the fact that we can fight for it…but it won’t come to fruition. But I could be wrong. But I don’t see it happening. Then again, I just thought about something…10 kings are mentioned in the Bible in Revelation 13:1-7…and they are leaders….hmmmmmm let me dig some more.

    I know the Book of Revelation very well….sooooo I’ll get back when I can.

  2. dirtygurl Says:


  3. msdizzydolores Says:

    Then you shouldn’t have submitted 😛

    I will comment no further until you allow me to hehehehe

  4. dirtygurl Says:

    LOL okay, i’m done thanks LOL

  5. Thanks for the warning. The U.S. is having enough problems trying to run this country and it’s citizens. Can you imagine an even wider span of country with an even larger scale of diversity among the people? I can see us settling for anything, accepting everything and ultimately surrendering to all things. MAN STILL DOESN’T INCLUDE GOD. I just hope that when Americans become the minority, we will begin to accept each and every race that comprises the NATION AS IT IS NOW. No one man can run any single country. Dictatorship has never been a popular solution to our problems. If anything, we have to learn to accept and appreciate each other and I don’t see that happening any time soon. I hope that by the time my children are where I am today, they can handle it. In GOD, I know they can. As for OBAMA, the jury is still out on him. Somehow I feel funny about him and I just can’t put my finger on it. I am a black woman living in America and I should not feel uneasy about my country. I look to GOD for protection and confidence in good people who talk about the issues. Thank GOD for freedom of speech.

  6. FollowerOfChrist Says:

    I heard about the NAU a year ago while watching Endgame. Google it! It’s a free 2-hr documentary and you’ll learn all about the NAU, Bildeberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Eugenics, Planned Parenthood and the NWO!

  7. ItsBriana Says:

    ive heard about this too. i was reading about it yesterday. i dnt know if its true but the guy on the website said that they are trying to put the “money” on cards as currency. if that happnds then ppl cant buy drugs, or guns, or ne thing else illiegal. which is a gud thing bt i believe he also said tht the only way we would be able to live in this “new world” is if we sign our souls off to the devil.. im sorry(not really) bt idc im nt selling a hair on my head to no devil. we gotta find a way to stop this.

  8. msdizzydolores Says:


    It has to happen…COG and I can give you biblical links supporting this HAS TO HAPPEN and for a purpose.
    You just have to know what side you are on, God’s side or the devil’s It’s that simple. Make your decision now…If more people read their Bible’s they would know what is coming, how bad it’s going to get, and what you need to do NOW to escape it.

    And COG, I’m with you on B.H.O. I voted for him…but have been regretting it…I crossed party lines to do so. And you have the uneasy feeling just like me. Something is really bothering me and I can’t put my finger on it. But in God’s time He will reveal it.

  9. […] THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION « The Dirt Share and Enjoy: […]

  10. FollowerOfChrist Says:

    Don’t fear. All things will work out for the Good of those who love God.

    Check out these sites for more insight on what to expect: (he has a video called “Formation of a N.W.O.” and I was amazed. I ended up watching all the videos on his channel) (why not watch ’em all? particularly “History’s greatest Hoax”)

    God Bless

  11. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Hi everyone! I too just like Child of God felt uneasy about Obama and couldn’t put my finger on what about this man is bothering me. That’s when I did my research and found out that he is apart of the Illumanti NWO movement and it also related through his bloodline to former Presidents, Political officals, and Royalty. Then I read that voting is pointless, because Presidents are SELECTED and NOT ELECTED. Case closed, simple as that! We have no rights and are blinded by this fact due to BRAINWASHING and other distractions.

    There are 3 main agendas for the Illuminati. And they are:

    1.) Have the people believe that Satan doesn’t exist.

    2.) Having Mind Control over the masses.

    3.) Destroying the Bible without burning it.

    You can Youtube Roger Morneau to reveal some very interesting info.
    Although he is not the only one who revealed this. His life story is a must see and hear story.

  12. dirtygurl Says:

    the only agenda these psychos have is total domination…if you would like to see what this world will be if they are able to get that control read george orwells tale of totalitarianism 1984 it’s the blueprint for the nwo

  13. Lady In His Life Says:

    1984 the movie and the book are a must see and read.
    And check this site comparing the themes of the book to events of this very day in time

  14. I was passing through and wanted to let each of you know that you have my love and prayers. You guys have become family to me. And that’s real talk. Thanks, Dirtygurl, and Ms. Mizani, you are precious.

  15. Ms. Mizani Says:

    @Child of God *big sisterly hug* Awww…I appreciate you too. You are intelligent and sweet. And I miss your comments. God bless you and your family. And keep up the good work. Our precious children are our responsibility, as well as, our future.

  16. Hi, i first heard about the amero and all this in the documentary zeitgeist, it is very interesting, but i have one question, why do you think that if the 3 countries unite it has to be only one government and not keep their own identities? i say this because the countries in europe united and their currency is the euro but each country in europe have their own government, and it worked for them, why cant our countries unite and keep their own laws-government? and only share the currency just like with the euro?

  17. smashbrolink Says:

    I hadn’t heard about this until today.
    This is scary stuff.
    If none of you have read it, I suggest you go out and grab a book series called “Left Behind”, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

    The whole concept of a one-world currency is told in there, too. The series is a very, VERY big wake-up call, IMO, to all fellow Christians.
    It shows just how devious and round-about the methods of corruption will become.
    It saddens me that someday in my life-time I may have to actually see this sort of thing come to fruition, but I can guarantee you that I’m not taking ANY marks on MY fore-head, if I’m not Raptured the moment it happens and am forced to try and survive the final days.
    I feel strong thanks to God’s grace. He’s done so much for me and I’m glad that he’s giving us these warnings beforehand for anyone who’s smart enough to take notice.
    I hope Jesus comes soon. We need his help down here in a bad way, because a lot of people are too far-gone to turn away without some sort of evidence their eyes can see to convince their hearts.[It’s a sad truth, but there you have it……]

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