I FOUND IT… here’s Beyonce doing her hit  Crazy In Love at her handlers 2004 Fade to Black concert.  Check the vacant look on her face when the lights come up, she looks lost and trapped as if she doesn’t even realize where she is or what she is supposed to be doing….then Sasha takes complete control, also check Jay’s anxious expression when his robots programing doesn’t kick in when cued by the music around the 0:13 mark, he looks utterly disgusted that she didn’t perform as expected.  Look at the smile on Sasha’s face LOL.

5/16:  I just saw @ around the 1:33 mark, she also uses the devil horn sign


35 Responses to “THE ROBOT AND THE HANDLER…”

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  2. Honey Bees Says:

    Wow the beginning was strange. She did in fact look very lost and Jay just looked like “WTF are you doing? Get your ass in gear”. Perhaps they planned it but that was intense for me….strange as hell.

  3. […] THE ROBOT AND THE HANDLER… « The Dirt […]

  4. The first time I saw this video awhile ago the beggining just gave me the creeps, it looked like she was afraid of him, and he just disgusted with her!

  5. Creepy, she looks as if she doesn’t know where she is, and she also looks afraid of him as well.

  6. msdizzydolores Says:

    Dude. I literally watching this last night, like 20x…When she walked towards him and got close, you could see him turn his face up in disgust and then the look in his eyes before he turned away to rap…WOW is all I can say.

    WTH is going on with her? I watched so much mess because of this blog last night and it’s starting to put together pieces for me about the secularism of this generation.

    Bey, betta get her soul in check…cause this crazy arse world is not worth losing your eternal soul over.

  7. msdizzydolores Says:

    Dude. I literally watched this last night, like 20x…When she walked towards him and got close, you could see him turn his face up in disgust and then the look in his eyes before he turned away to rap…WOW is all I can say.

    WTH is going on with her? I watched so much mess because of this blog last night and it’s starting to put together pieces for me about the secularism of this generation.

    Bey, betta get her soul in check…cause this crazy arse world is not worth losing your eternal soul over.

  8. Wow a website dedicated to what Jay Z does worng and Beyonce… digging that dirt up, girl do you need a spade or spoon??? God bless you and your eye for detail when its others… I saw you the other day, you looked evil, in a scary way and I said that kid looks confussed, like she is Satanic then I remembered, we see people through our eyes so how I see you might not be the same to everybody.. chilkd God bless you neh…

    Dont somer worry man, you will get a man someday, thats if you use the time to write these Jay Z articles to go to the gym…

    • dirtygurl Says:

      good one thanks for your hit ( every little one counts) and your time and energy…have a nice day you can go back to worshiping your false idols and heroes….

    • Whoever the bitch who wrote the comment about the website is shitty and u probably need to take your ass to the gym and do a few crunches dont do people like that and try to put them on blast like that worry about your own problems and stop letting others infulence u

  9. msdizzydolores Says:

    Amen D.G., Amen.

    NO man of chivalry would have allowed his lady to enter a car in ONCOMING TRAFFIC. This ladies shows you, he is not a real man. Just a boy parading around as one. If he cared about her as his wife, his woman, a lady or for her welfare in general, he would have escorted her himself (not the bodyguard) to the other side to make sure she made it safely…but in all actuality, he should have walked his black self to the driver’s side and got in…and let Bey in on the passengers side…but obviously, true men and women don’t know common decency or etiquette, hence the attack on poor D.G. who’s just reporting what they see.

    It’s sad really…It’s really sad, the youth of today have no clue what chivalry, manners, or common respect entail. Thank God I grew up knowing what REAL MEN ARE SUPPOSED TO DO FOR THEIR LADIES/WIVES!

    Keep on blogging D.G…the enemy never wants the truth to be exposed…that’s why he fights so hard…

  10. I see MsDizzy knows about woman’s treatment and her man treats her like ish… wow… good luck and Dirty gurl, I dont have time to worship, life is the longest shortest period i will ever leave, cant waste it…


  11. msdizzydolores Says:

    Correction sweetheart. I’m single….and you need to stop trolling. It’s getting tiring.

  12. Sadly, we have lost Beyonce. Pray for her. IF you guys don’t mind, please look up the song “Nasty Girl” by Destiny’s Child. Dirtygurl, could you post that video? It portrays how Bey used to be before she started letting Jay Z handle her…This is so sad. Bey is lost in the mix somewhere. That sweet littl girl with goals of making it big have been compromised to the point that Jay Z doesn’t care how she caries herself. This is so sad. Actually, if you look at her in the beginning, it appears that she is supposed to listless. It’s a shame that what once was for FEMALE EMPOWERMENT has become a sex slave and a pawn of the industry. GOD be with her.

  13. Ms. Mizani Says:

    I feel so sorry for Beyonce’ and Jay Z. They are both owned and controlled by some elite sickminded people. All this for fame and money because the power belongs to their Puppetiers. I feel a little scared for them too. Because they are just pawns and really not loved by their Masters. So when they (The Masters) decided to have one of them as a scrafice, they will not hesitate. People are always talking about the Carter’s money and how they keep making more money. But I feel they are working so hard because they have to. I mean they both have enough money to sit back and really relax for awhile. Aren’t they suppose to be almost ‘Billionaires’? But instead you see them everywhere and so much that people have grown tired of them. So I think their Masters have them working like slaves. And they have put themselves in position that they can’t say NO!!! We know how the illiuminate works. So sad…so sad!!! I’ll continue to pray for them. Even though they help to push the negative stero types of black people and they actually promote the NWO agenda.

  14. truth teller Says:

    that was just too creepy jay z looks so digusted as he walks awy from her oh ma word thats wow *silenced*

  15. Wow! i can’t wait for someone to sweat me as hard as you are sweating these two. What you pointed out in the video is absolutely nothing. They are doing their jobs WELL. You are a professional hater. Get a LIFE!

    • dirtygurl Says:

      thanks for your hit, every little one counts

    • It’s good that even the “blind” stir up curiosity for those who are oblivious to the truth. Thank you, Jeanine. The hit is an asset to the site. I do encourage you to research more so that you, too, can understand. One article may not be enough for you. Open your mind and look past the sensationalism of the “celebrity”. Look at them as average people trying to make a buck at any expense. Maybe then you will understand how they’ve souled their souls for fame and fortune. Oneday they will have to ask the question, “was it worth it?”

    • Don’t worry, you aren’t important enough to sweat…OF course GOD might think so, but I doubt you are listening to HIM right now.

    • why b blind when the truth is in front of you some people love to kiss ass and think thats the way to go. and yes they ar doing a job well done satan is working overtime his time is so short and we have to have a open mind to dissect what is in front of us. Now that doesnt mean not to make up your own mind on info that is presented to you but make a decision to at least look at things from a different prospective bfore telling someone to get a life.

  16. msdizzydolores Says:

    And the hate continues. It’s simply amazing…absolutely amazing. Keep up the work DG. We all aren’t blind to the truth…the scales have dropped from our eyelids…in time they will fall from others too!

    • dirtygurl Says:

      i really wish these beyonce defenders would find another word besides “hater” they’ve been saying it since the mid nineties, and it’s really worn out it’s welcome you can see that they can’t take the criticism of beyonce, and understand that i am afraid for her.

  17. oh wow…..that was scary….the first 20 or so seconds, when she looked so confused and Jay-Z scared me with that look in his eyes, then Sasha Fierce took over and gave him that smile like, “I got this :D” but man…scary…..

  18. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Now that Beytaonce’ is on a short break, I wonder what kind of programming she is undergoing right now? And is she being prostituted during this time? In my heart I believe she is a sex slave and is being used, abused and paid for her services amongst the elites.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      beyonce is always put on the “stroll” there is no break, i think that wearing red dresses indicates something to those in the know.
      poor beyonce, i used to be so irritated by her, now my heart goes out to her, it don’t look good for her, and i hate to put it out there, but when your reading about her “suicide’ remember what i told you. i wish someone would save her.

  19. Ms. Mizani Says:

    One more thing that seems to keep crossing my mind is… I feel that the new Jews (blacks are the original Jews) have found true happiness with having Jay Z and Beyonce their leading puppets. I know not too many people aren’t gonna like what I’m about to say. but remember these are my feelings and opinions.

    Jay thrives on having control. And that’s why he isn’t upset about Bey’s performances being overtly sexual and damn near naked.
    Beyonce is probably using one or more divices to keep her hyped, wild and crazy during performing. I believe it is cocaine. And her machine behind her keeps all of this on the low. Who else is that buck wild for the whole 2 or 3 hours she performs non stop. We humans need a moment to catch our breath. Noooo! not sweet innocent beyonce. I’ve heard several reffrences in Jay’s songs about cocaine and booze. And now the Satan worshipping. Most blame Jay, but Bey is just as responsible. Just because you don’t see her on the news about it or you’re so stuck on her “beauty” You may feel that she is innocent, dumb and naive. She is far from. She just has the right people in her corner to cover it up or pay someone not to expose her. Her and Jay are nothing but the real black choosen knee grows of today. Tomorrow it will be for them ‘On to the next one…
    And one more thing that bothers me about Bey. She claims that she is Creole in order to elimanate her blackness. I am Lousiana born and raised and Creoles come in all shades. And it is in our culture, food, language, music and much more than Mrs. Carter basing it on color. I doubt she speaks Creole or even know how to prepare creole dishes, besides Gumbo. And from what I’ve read her Mother makes the Gumbo.
    Some break she’s on….She’s giving no one time to miss her fake ass.
    Beyonce really needs to geaux have a seat somewhere,chere, and just chill. Instead of trying to give us some slutty langiappe to hold us over until your mega star return. #Thatisall#

  20. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Sorry about the rant. They are really getting on my last nerve. Although it may not be their fault with this overexposure. But I’m really tired of seeing them and hearing them. It’s the same old shit with them each time, It’s getting old and played out. And what really irks me is all the praise and whorship that they get from people who act as though they invented music, beauty, wealth, fame and all that good shit! How in the hell did all of this concerning these two low down fake thieves get to be so serious? And when I am on other sites, It amazes me just how many people are brainwashed and brain dead when they are privy to the same info as the other who see through the bullcrap smoke and mirrors. Ugh!
    But as I said earlier I will continue to pray for them, myself and others.

  21. OK good to see- interesting comments are always sweet! Peace.

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