Erykah Badu was charged with indecent exposure for  getting butt naked ( big pun intended) in her controversial video for her new single Winow Seat.  The Texas space cadet filmed the video in the infamous locale of the assasination of JFK.  I hear that after getting naked she is shot in the head (in the video, not really) and has “evolving” written across her shoulder blades. 


“to come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution: The whole idea evolved from a casual remark.  ”

I believe the Illuminati was behind the Kennedy assasination, with Oswald being a delta model (assasination slave).  JFK obviously became a threat to them so he had to be eliminated along with Monroe who was the first Presidential Model (sex slave) and Bobby Kennedy.  What is Badu trying to tell us?  Is she telling us that she suspects the Illum killed JFK or is this another way of saying that she too has taken the oath and her symbolic death in the video is part of her evolution?

Robotic headpiece and the left eye emphasized…Erykah is the newest puppet.



  1. “They play it safe, and are quick to assasinate what they don’t understand.”
    I was taken aback by her nudity in front of children, but then I didn’t want to be “groupthinked”. I don’t want to label her as crazy(remember Dave Chappell, Laryn Hill). Ms. Badu is different. Her being nude means she is bearing her soul. (Sorry it had to be done in front of children). Maybe her nudity is in response to the booty-shaking videos we see on TV. She showed her “ass” with a message now what? Can Beyonce top that?
    Also that Hebrew symbol that is on her face is a Kaf. According to the gnostic teachings, the kaf symbolizes self-realization by means of willpower and faith. It also symbolizes the LATENT POWER of the Holy Spirit in the PINEAL GLAND that is fully manifested in the sexual organs of the initiate. The gnostics teachings pre-dates Christianity. Please do research on Gnosticsim. Once again these teachings came from our ancesters/culture. So I’m not going to chatise her on her video ’cause I got the message.

    • I don’t buy that she was bearing her soul (to us anyway). Her new album is called the New AmEryakuh ( HELLOOOO???) lol. She’s just another puppet playing her role, u know the one she’s paid handsomely for? To keep us distracted etc… and speaking of which I was reading up on the PINEAL GLAND which produces MELATONIN. I never knew that MUSIC ACTIVATES THIS GLAND!!! So be careful to what you listen to because these artists are using strange hypnotic beats sometimes in their music. But please look into the Pineal Gland and how the media has deadened it, so we are pretty much brain dead. Our consciousness and higher selves are not growing, and that’s what these super devils intended all along.

      • AGirlNamedGoys Says:

        She is a 5 percenter, this isn’t likely. How closely have you followed her music?

  2. President Obama symbolizes CHANGE. Things look bad in this matrix that we are living in. But, some of us are EVOLVING because we are waking up. This blog site proves it. We are using our 3rd eye/latent powers and saying “wait a minute, that don’t sound right or looks right”. It is the return of the gods/goddesses in us.

    • There is an even bigger picture than that…This is, my brothers and sisters in Christ, the end of an age, and the beginning of a different thought process. People are beginning to see that change is happening, but not necessarily the way GOD intended. HE is counting down the days till HE will send HIS Son to retrieve us into a brighter and far better existence. Revelation is a book of awakening. Right before our eyes, we are getting closer and closer to the second coming of CHRIST our LORD. Erykah Badu was one of my favorite artist at one time. I remember her stand on woman empowerment. I do agree that we, as females, can be self sufficient, though GOD didn’t intend it to be that way. GOD originated the core family unit. HE intended for the man to care for his family. The man was the leader. To some females, this is offensive though it shouldn’t need be. The man is no longer seen as that strong protector and provider. We are no longer raising our sons to be leaders and protectors, but more or less our young boys are being fed the image that you don’t have to work to survive, but you can ‘take’ what you need. Young men don’t know much about working to attain things. We are losing the “male role model”. We need our men. It is through our men that our sons become such. A woman can not teach a boy how to be a man. Erykah Badu was a symbol of empowerment back in the day, but because she pulled this shenanogan to make a point, I must concur. There were young children around and I for one am a firm believer that there is a time and place for everything. I went to college with an agnostic once. We bumped heads, but we respected each others beliefs. We never tried to force our ideals on each other and that’s what made our friendship harmonious. I guess we learned something from each other. I may never be gnostic in this lifetime, nor my friend a Christian, but at least we are civil enough to not shove each of our ideals down each others throats. We have to live on the same earth in a civil manner, respecting each others views with love and not forgetting that the world belongs to the children.

  3. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Awwww…This just breaks my heart to see people in ‘The business’ are either forced or put completely out, if you aren’t willing to join hands with the ‘Powers that be’. The Illuminati!!! It’s like they just have to participate in order to survive and make it in the industry.
    I remember a time when I tried to become a professional singer. I met with some people in the business and they wanted me to sing to them. So I did and they said they liked the way I sing. Promise they would get back to me and they did. So one of the listeners wanted me to meet him so he could discuss his plans for me. When I met up with this fool in a public place we talked for a moment, then he cut to the chase and told me I needed to sleep with him. Then we could do big things together. Well…I kindly got up, thanked him for his time, but no thank you for his offer. And went on my way and haven’t looked back since. Sad thing is this was the third time this happened to me.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      wow, i mean i know that this goes on, but hearing your story just confirms what i’ve thought about people in the industry, it’s all about sex sex sex sex sex! I mean how else do you explain someone like rihanna having a singing career, she could never sing or carry a tune even if it had handles. I knew she had to get on her knees for jay to sign her.

  4. SOBLESSED Says:

    yes that right Erykah is the new puppet.

  5. Could it be at all possible that Eryakah Badu was inspired by the spirits of our ancestors? To do something bold to wake those of us that need awakening? I mean thinking about it, the Ankh is a symbol of our ancestors, as well as the eye of horus. I think we need to use our own discerning spirit as to which artists are being used by good forces to help us, or dark forces to destroy us. My opinion has changed on this particular artist, I’m compelled to believe that our ancestrial spirits guided her to wake us up. The evolving writing I believe has to do with the evolving that we will / are going through as we speak, as this dark age of destruction, corruption and violence comes to it’s end, giving birth pains to the earth so the earth can be reborn, so we must do the same.

  6. But I am going to listen to the entire CD to be sure, I hope that she is using these symbols for good, to help us and not hurt us

  7. Mary you got it! And it is possible to tap into your DNA and contact your ancestors. You can start by asking your older relatives (your mother, grandmother etc.) questions about their life. Start reading about melanin. Melanin is the Dark Force. You see, they “flip the script” and made us think that the dark forces are evil. It is the power in us. We are the illuminated ones not the Illuminatti who took our sh*t, our symbols, our ancestors, our history and gave us religion. Don’t “groupthink”.

  8. Bette, this is where I am confused about Jay Z, he also uses the eye of horus, but I know that his actions are less than admirable, as he selfishly sold out his fellow artists for money. Could it be possible that he too along with Oprah are trying to get us to wake up, so we’re ready to receive enlightenment?

  9. I need a constant dialogue about this with someone who is aware and already conscious. Bette, if you’re on facebook, here’s my link!/PurpleMazyHaze?ref=profile

  10. No JayZ and Oprah are sellouts. JayZ use to be conscious, just check out his early video (the one where he’s wearing a stripe shirt with the brother.) So he knows what time it is. OR He may be in a position where he’s so far into Hollywood/Illuminati that if he’s was to pull out now they would kill him (suicide, drugs, car accident) or what they usually do is kill black men by way of character assinations ( being accused of rape, getting caught with drugs or guns in their cars, taxes). Sound familiar?

  11. dirtygurl Says:

    you guys when i first saw erykahs video i was a bit confused as to her intentions, but i beg you please look at the post i did on eriykah entitled “now i’m convinced” and watch her promo spot for her album new emerykah part 1 which you can also youtube, there are so many masonic imagery in it that it disturbs me, if she wanted to bring awareness, she could have done so without getting butt naked, this was her first step to the fame she wanted when she started out in the game, but i’m going to at least give her a break, i’m going to watch badu very closely and if i start to see her decked out in zebra stripes ( a sure sign her mind is being split in order to create her alters) then i’ll know that the feeling i have about her is right.

  12. dirtygurl Says:

    oh and jay z and oprah are not on our side, it’s no coincidence that oprahs school has a sexual scandal, and jay z is clearly a mason as he was taught that dumb handshake. maybe that eye on top of the pyramid is not the eye of horus, maybe it’s the eye of the illuminati ( as in big brother is watching) and they see all and control all, if there was any doubt as to whethere he was controlling beyoonce through programming, and using keys to unlock the different compartments of her mind, then the vid of them in concert should dispell any doubts regarding him. look at how he’s turned his back on everyone he used to work with, including pharell who at one time was involved with beyonce before she got with jay

  13. ok, dirtygurl, i saw the vid on youtube, and hmm I just still think she’s trying to warn us to wake up and take our culture and heritage back, the images of death and the print in the vid may be her telling us about the evil blueprint that is designed against us. If she was working for them, wouldn’t she be an upfront artist like Jayz and beyonce? The only reason she’s getting attention from media now is because of the naked stunt, but i felt she did that to shake some of us out of our sleep.

  14. I get positive vibes from artists like Eryakh Badu and India Arie, they don’t go around shaking their ass, half naked, they always have something deep to say if we listen. But I’m keeping watch on this too.

  15. Erikah is conscious, but she is also in the entertainment field. Back in the 90’s she wore African garb and she was ridiculed. She had to get our attention by showing her booty. Don’t focus on that, focus on the message…Don’t groupthink but evolve. You’ll be surprise of the black entertainers who are conscious but their line of work is comedy.(Eddie Griffin, Tommy Davidson,etc) If Erikah did the video wearing an African garb do think MTV would have aired it? More you think the average youth would listen to it? Look what happened to Laryn Hill, she won a Grammy, but once she started doing conscious music, they/we called her crazy. Erikah’s strategy worked. She outdid Beyonce and now WE are talking about it. Listen to her message.

  16. It is good to be aware of what the power elite is doing especially in the entertainment and the political (another form of entertainment) field. But what keeps this elite strong is our FEAR. Everytime we focus on what Beyonce, JayZ, Oprah etc. are doing, they are winning. We are aware of the Hollywood Deception now what are we going to do about it? By becoming aware of our powers and using it against them. Turn off the TV, don’t watch the news, don’t get involved in the politics. If the Illuminati is using our symbols, then take them back and use on them. Don’t be scared.

  17. dirtygurl Says:

    @ mary, i totally get what your saying, like i said im going to keep my eye on her . i am in no way trying to influence who you like/listen to, i’m not saying anything but what i see, and you know i don’t know everything, i’m not always right about everything, and i sure hope that i’m not right about badu, we’ll just have to watch her closely

  18. I just wated you to know that in the picture of Erykah with the Hebrew letter on her cheek, she also has the Arabic Word for god “Allah” on her shoulder and the other symbols of religion on her body, IS ALL based off of the Movie “The Holy Mountain.”

    In the Movie, the seeker Enters the Masonic Vortex where he meets the Teacher (Goat) and the two Masonic Pillars. Before he can enter he must “Pass the Veil of Isis”. and the Actress who plays Isis, is Naked with these same symbols and I think the same head gear.

    Just thought Id share that.

  19. AGirlNamedGoys Says:

    I’m highly skeptical. She is a 5 percent-er; (“three dollars and six dimes”) they know they are gods (satan wouldn’t have much of a chance) and are aware of the prophesies. Further if she was Illuminati controlled, would they allow her to speak against “groupthink”? as a part of her pact? I doubt it. Her new song , “20 feet tall” sounds to me like the fall of the original man “But now i can recall, because of the fall, selective memory… you built a wall, a 20 foot wall so I couldn’t see… if i get off my knees I might recall I’m 20 feet tall” I just see it as being highly unlikely given what she knows. It is easy to sucker someone who is unconscious. It is less easy to break someone who knows their true self and is dedicated to their true self.

    • according to this book i’m reading about the inner workings of the illuminati, they believe in balance. they are talking about the alters and while they have programmed one alter to be the most satanic, they also create an alter that is pious to cover the satanic alter, girl it’s a mess, so they do play both sides of the fence, and this could be possible with erykah

      • AGirlNamedGoys Says:

        Hmmm… Interesting. I def know wb them playing both sides of the fence (truth and falsehood strangely mixed) I just feel as though they would chose a Christian (Beyonce), as that is their religion. Idk you could be right. If that were the case tough, we would never see her wearing cheatah print or zebra stripes…

  20. like i said i could be wrong…i guess time will reveal but we have to pay attention, i hope that badu hasn’t sold herself for the limelight while so many have. when she starts dueting with jay z and beyonce, then you know something isn’t right!

  21. tharris Says:

    REV.Craig Lewis Everyone please research him on YOu tube!!!Very important he tells all about illumnati, and new world order


  23. sojournerlives Says:

    this may have been her last attempt to warn us of the things to come that she knew about, a sort of last supper or death wish. she was granted the opportunity to fully express herself before being assassinated.

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