DMX was once my favorite artist in the rap game.  I believed that he posessed more talent than alot of rappers that came in the nineties, especially Puffy.  Anyway, I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden you started to hear about how he was on drugs, and crazy, and breaking into airports, and stealing cars and whatnot.   

I’d written him off as being a loser crackhead, but now I’m not so sure.  Listen to this interview with DMX, and hear what he has to say about the industry.  I think he makes reference to Jay Z when he says that you wouldn’t find him at the club throwing “it” up, and made me laugh when he was talking about the deejays.

Pretty much the same thing that happened to Lauryn Hill, they called her crazy and on crack to discredit her.



  1. I always try to keep an open mind reading thoroughly for accuracy. If you see the need to call something out, be able to back it up. Lauryn Hill was one of the greatest. It takes real courage to make a stand, and in the end, you are truly respected, if it is premature. Stick by your artists and never back down unless they have a legitimate argument. A strong being never feels pressured; they just feel confident until you can honestly prove them wrong. If you think that you can, support it with proof. Our union is one that speaks volumes and a purpose. Accuracy and dedication are key. This NEW WORLD that most of us misunderstand is for those of us who are still trying to find our way among the madness.
    NO ONE CAN BACK YOU DOWN.k….May we be proud of each and every source of information we share for the purpose of nurturing and nothing les…and may they be proud.

  2. SOBLESSED Says:

    yes the story about DMX is very sad…i watched it on you tube how the paparazzi is always in the court room before X even show up and he was on there saying like how do yall know i had court today why are yall here…it was very sad @ the end he said pray for me and don’t believe everything you hear and believe half of what you see

  3. Valentine Says:

    I love DMX, he is so right. I feel sorry for his situation, but hope he is happy out of it. It’s a shame that we had great rappers and still a few now, who are truly grinding hard, but if you do not conform they shut you down.

  4. Ms. Mizani Says:

    There is no one who is beyond prayers and I think DMX needs plenty.

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