What can I say about the video from Lady Gaga and Beyta?

For those who haven’t seen it,   or are too afraid, bored, and uninterested here’s my take on the whole hot mess of a video.   It’s full of Masonic symbols as usual but let’s go a step further.  First of all, it takes place in a womens prison.  For me the prison represents the mind controlled  state  of existence that slaves exist in.  The guards at first appear to be women,but in fact are men. This represents two things; the encouragement of homosexuality, and confusion.  The elite are definitely homsexuals and they are trying to push that agenda so that it becomes more acceptable.  They want us to remain confused and in the dark, to skew our world views and to accept them as our leaders and abandon our own values.  There is no room for originality in the New World Order!

  One inmate appears to be working out with a radio wearing one black boot, and one white boot.  I think the radio represents the music industry, and how anyone that achieves success must be made over, the core personality split into an alter.

Gaga is lead into the yard wearing glasses made of smoking cigarettes and chains.  This tells those in the know that she is a slave, and possibly has been tortured by her programers by being burned with cigarettes to maintain programing.  More lesbianism, and the product placement represents the companies that are run by the Illuminati, and the fact that they are an everyday part of our lives without (most of ) us being aware of it.

There is a woman with a short buzz cut died blond sitting with pyramid shaped earplugs.  Immediately, Amber Rose came to mind.  Are they telling us that she is also a slave, brought into  “club” by Kanye, and has she taken the oath in order to get her own shot at celebrity by landing lucrative fashion editorials in fashion magazines?  She is also seen with the skull and crossbones on her leather jacket.

When Gaga is told that she has a call, the camera focuses on a girl with dark hair and glasses.  Maybe this is the core personality Stephanie before it was split and the alter “gaga” was born.

  The scene where she is wrapped in crime scene tape, positioned over one eye is an indicator that those who are controlling her are above the law and therefore untouchable?  I don’t know.

Beyonce and her robotic acting show up in the infamous “pussy wagon” from the Kill Bill movies.  Tarantino also sold himself for a successful career.  Beyonce chastises Gaga and allows her a bite of her pastry, and snatches it away.  I think this has something to do with the food depravation the programers use to maintain the programing on thier slave.  Beyonce’s headwear resembles the horns of Baphomet which she has mimicked countless times.  Off subject, Beyta looks gorgeous in this scene.  The women speak of shattering mirrors which are used in Monarch programing.

Gaga and Beyta poison and kill an entire diner full of people with a death recipe. Remenber that Beyta is a self proclaimed role model, and children are going to watch this and take note of that toxic recipe.  The then the two of them begin dancing with the corpses surrounding them dressed in Amercian Flag costumes.  The government is poisoning US citizens in numerous ways such as the immunizations, chem-trails, and flu vaccines, not to mention man-made disasters like Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti.  The Illuminati want to get rid of about 90 percent of the population, the rest will be slave labor.

Gaga and Beyta dressed in black and white again represents alters used for programing, and the term “far far away’ is indicative of  Wizard of Oz programing to make the subject compartmentalize the atrocities and missions that were carried out.  What do you guys think?



  1. I saw the video. They used the vehicle from KILL BILL, The PU–Y Wagon. I thought this less than charming. I guess they are liasons at this point. What I don’t understand is why do Bey support the meaning behind these videos. They have obvious meanings and messages. It takes a very special artist to reject those things that are unethical. I would like the song without the video. Bey doesn’t limit herself to anything now. Look up the song by Destiny’s Child, “Nasty Girl”…Watch the video. Bey was once against females compromising themselves in the video industry. I guess she has joined them.

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    this is the reason i call her “beyta” beta models, or presidential models are programed to accept whatever directions they are given. when i say that beyta is now a sex slave, i really mean it literally. they keep her programed through torture, electo shock \ and drugs to do whatever they say. also have you seen rude boy vid by rihanna and you will see her acting just like beyonce grinding and suggestively humping the air for no apparent reason. they are both handled by jay, and probably have been filmed in underground porn only the power elite have acess to such as prez b.o. and others

  3. The Southern Cemetary Girl Says:

    When I first learned of Lady Gaga I was disgusted. I thought “what a flesh peddler, she is worse than Madonna” and must be working for the Illuminati knowingly. Her actions were just so blatant. But I dove a lil deeper, and I also had a dream about Gaga. It seems that due to her insecurities as a youth, she is the prime target for brainwashing and enslavement. I feel very bad for both Beyonce and Gaga. Very sad. They only wanted to be adored, and a horrible price they have bought it for

    • dirtygurl Says:

      i seriously think that gaga bey rihanna had no clue as to what they were about to subject themselves to, the masons are so secretive that those on the bottom have no idea what goes on at the top. they are a society that mix lies with the truth to keep us confused, and once these ladies realized what was about to happen it was too late for them. the only thing we can do is to keep spreading the truth any way we can and expose them. they are like roaches who never come out when the lights are on, only when it’s pitch black. it’s time to exterminate

  4. dirtygurl Says:

    i also would like you guys to keep in mind that these women are not in thier right minds, and it has nothing to do with being posessed. they are not even aware what’s going on half the time because they have so many people around them always blocking the truth from filtering in. I cannot hold them responsible any longer, and hope you guys see that too. remember they are the most unfortunate victims in this ugly truth.

  5. Ms. Mizani Says:

    This video just sickened me. Just shoving the obvious in our faces by brainwashing as many idiots as possible, making their agenda clear as day. Both the song and the video had illumanti meanings. Therefore, if one didn’t get your attention the other one will. In other words they will get their message across.
    I really hate the fact that these women are being used and abused. I don’t know about Lady GaGa’s background. I’ve heard that she comes from a wealthy family that has connections with other elite families. This is probably where her programming began. Now as for Beyonce’s family, she’s been being pimped by her parents for most of her life. And alot of people blame Mathew, but I feel Mama Tina is just as guilty. Beyonce’ has

  6. dirtygurl Says:

    I think i read somewhere that stephanie went to the same school as the Hiltons, so there’s the connection. I also read that alot of the catholic schools were also housing these slave students and covering it up so your right about the training. I never thought that Tina was innocent in this, I questioned her mothering when I discovered that she was the one who made the costumes for Destinys Child. I think she is far worse than matthew because she let this go on, and now is using beyonces name and likeness to hawk those cheap ugly clothes she calls couture. that always makes me laught in a disgusted way, how is the most unstylish person allowed to have a clothing line.

  7. You can purchase the Dereon clothing line at Forman Mills (a discount store) hanging right next to Baby Phat. No joke.

  8. dirtygurl Says:

    only hoodrats wear dereon and baby phat, which is why it’s so funny that tina would even think that highly of her ugly clothes to refer to them as couture…stupid and unknowledgable, in order to even call your clothes couture, you would have to be a coutier which means that you would have to have some type of credentials. let’s get it straight right now for those who don’t know…

    couture = chanel, valentino, galliano etc….

    trashwear= baby phat, dereon, j-lo…do you see the difference?

  9. And once again you have enlightened many of us of how much harm the industry has done for the youth in America. This last video promoted so many unethical and degrading themes. Somehow, Beyonce seemed so different. When she said, “GAGA, you have been a bad girl…a very bad girl”..I didn’t care too much for her outfits, they seemed to cheapen the American Flag. The sad thing is that they won’t be able to erase anything that they might regret later. Dirtygurl, didn’t you notice that Bey toned down her wardrobe a bit? She didn’t seem quite as sleezy. Gaga, on the other hand was a bit explicit, but that is to be expected. Did you recognize the “Thelma and Louise” feel they gave to the video. Bey just seemed to be out of her element this time. Every artist has a signature behavior that follows them with each and every song they produce. IT makes them who they are and we can identify them by that. Beyonce conforms to each and every artist she works with. It’s not always good to mimic those you work with. It would be much better if they were to add something to the mix; their personality and that certain quality that makes them what they are when they are performing with another artist. Dereon has a long way to go when it comes to couture clothing. The ad dressing the little baby girls like little ‘grown ups” was too much for me. I just pray that the clothing line remains true to the black African American female and maybe they will turn the line into a sophisticated STRONG, BLACK WOMAN clothing line. That would be cool.

  10. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Dirtygurl, What a fitting name you’ve choosen for Beyonce. I mean it’s perfect!!! And I also agree she is a sex slave for the elite. And Rihanna it too. Both are trained very well, but Beyonce has been perfectly groomed. She seems to always be ready for the cameras. Posing, smiling, and staring straight at the camers. It’s always on point. Even when she is performing. The girl is a beast!!!
    But what I really want to know is who are the older couple that are always with her and Jay? The woman has short dark hair and the man always has a hat on. But they are an older white couple and have been photographed in the background many times. Are they the owners of Jay and Beyonce???

    • dirtygurl Says:

      maybe the hanlder has a handler, or is jay pimping bey to them for threesomes, and they just like how she performs? can you link me to the pics your talking about?

  11. Check out this websdite in depth analysis on the Telephone video. Vigilant Citizen has many, many interesting/frightening articles on the illuminate/free mason topic.

  12. gregory Says:

    um, first of all… the female guards in the beginning of the video, are in fact, women. they are actually female bodybuilders, jacked up on testosterone. don’t get it twisted “dirtygurl”. and quit the homophobic mentality, it isn’t very becoming of someone so called christian or anti illuminati. this is ridiculous that you can still think so ignorantly, while trying to push “progressive” ideas. you can think all you want about the elite all being homosexuals, pushing motives onto people, to accept homosexuality, but yr absolutely wrong. i feel bad for you…hope you find the TRUTH.

  13. Gregory, even if the guards were female, if you pay close attention, in the video they were looking up an article on “females”…It was a “quiet joke”, but one version shows it very clearly. There are a lot of homosexual undertones in the video. Homophobic…does that mean being afraid of the homosexual? I’m not afraid, but as a Christian I can not accept that type of lifestyle because of what the Bible has taught me. I would never make a person feel uncomfortable, but I still have to go by the principles that GOD has proposed in the Bible about same sex relationships. Like I said before, man is to blame for this unnatural type of behavior that GOD condemned and cursed so many years ago. HE destroyed a whole city, Sodom and Gommorah. As humans, we can in no way change HIS laws and one day HE will judge us all. IF you don’t believe me, prove me wrong. I get my info from GOD’s Word. IF you don’t believe in the Bible, then I can’t help you…Dirtygurl never proclaimed to be a Christian. None of us can judge but GOD and if you believe HIS WORD, HE leaves us with no doubt on how HE feels about the subject….Progressive ideas aren’t always very healthy for man, that’s why we look back to “the old school” way of life.

  14. hahaha that “recipe” is made of fictional poisons from sci-fi (Dune, Starwars etc.). The only real ingredient is rat poison. Anyone trying to actually make the stuff wouldn’t be able to find the other ingredients because they don’t exist.

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