I didn’t watch alot of Disney films when I was younger.  My mother worked two jobs, and had little time for things like movies.  I instead, would indulge in reading, and maybe that was a good thing looking back as I have never been interested in being anyone’s wife. 

Disney films like cinderella, snow white, the little mermaid, princess and frog, and other stories involving women waiting or a prince to come and rescue them, send a dangerous message that women are nothing until that prince (man) comes to rescue them, then they are complete.  They have the wedding they’ve always dreamt of, marry the prince and live out the remainder of their days in wedded bliss. This has been the theme of these fairy tales that we were subjected to over and over again during our childhood, and the reason why so many unmarried women think that unless they are married, their lives are incomplete.

  Instead of being smart and careful about the men they choose to become involved with, they settle for whomever .They think that something is wrong with them and the desperation kicks in. This contributes to domestic violence and the twisted and warped belief that having any man is better than being alone.

So then the task is to know yourself, and find a way to relearn to listen to your gut instincts. Make sure you work on your own self esteem, and heed those red flags we choose to ignore, stop thinking that love can change a man because it can’t. Be really aware of whom you are getting involved with( do a background check and ask plenty of questions), and ask yourself if your willing to sacrifice yourself because you are afraid of being alone.

 It bothers me that most women (not all) put more value on the actual wedding, than they are willing to put into the marriage. stop looking for someone to take care of you, and take care of yourself. Marrying for money( as well as becoming a “kept” woman) is nothing more than a milder version of prostitution.



  1. Disney fed on the minds of the youth. His films had messages that we didn’t notice till now. I don’t understand the reason he did the things he did in his movies. It almost seems like a mockery to those who haven’t a clue to what was going on. Are we safe anymore?

    • SOBLESSED Says:

      i took my daughter to watch “PRINCESS AND THE FROG” while watching i’m noticing masonic symbols…i’m like wow this is really crazy i’m glad that my eyes are open though not falling into none of this i see straight through it.

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    child, it seems that although you are a constant supporter, you still haven’t accepted the truth in it’s terrible entirety. we have never been safe, just unaware and ignorant. this has been going on for years and years. i read that walt “uncle walt” disney was always a pedophile, and had sex with all the children who recieved disneyland programing. he was involved in an illicit affair with the boy who lent his voice to the character of peter pan ( pan is another name for the devil) apparently he did something and the elite blackmailed him into letting them use the films as a way of subconciously ruining the children who watched the films. he used drugs and filmed kiddie porn in his studios under the name of pixar, yes the same pixar that makes all those cute and cunning little movies we see all the time. . just as they use the music to send thier messages i think that as someone who deals with children you should have a disucussion on this very topic with the girls in your group, since this is whom the disney movies and fairty tales are targeting..

  3. Thank you, Dirtygurl…Tomorrow night I will be teaching the youth again. This will be the subject. Pray that I use the wisdom that GOD gave me to teach them effectively.

  4. So much love to you, Dirtygurl. Today is Thursday. Tuesday was my evening to teach, and of course, Satan tried to ruin my evening. The older students that we teach are not like we were back in the day. They have been forced to acknowledge things at a much earlier age now. How can you be effective if you still haven’t grasped that very thing that you are trying to convey to the pupil? My heart was heavy. I started the evening’s lesson with feedback from the students. I wanted to know how did they interpret certain cartoons that they view on a regular basis. Dirtygurl, the children seem to know more than I give them credit for. I am startin my future lessons by dissecting some of the cartoon-movies with my other fellow teachers. From there, I will continue to teach the young people that GOD has a plan for them and that by reading their Bible, GOD will lead them safely through life. Next Tuesday will probably be one of the saddest lessons I will teach to date. I will have address my fellow teachers about the poison within some of the sources of entertainment which we share with our youth. We need to examine everything carefully, study diligently, and present our material as gently as we so systematically unravel the truth. I realize that some will not want to accept the facts, but if we are taking on the responsibility of teaching the truth, we have to first accept and educate ourselves and stand firm on what we teach…I have you to thank for opening my eyes. I am reading in horror all of the things that are being revealed to me, not knowing that all these years I had accepted a lot of this literature as innocent and harmless. Wow, that makes me wonder about the meaning behind the LOONEY TUNES character’s (ex. Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny). A lot of the old cartoons are violent and possess mature overtones. I never thought about it until now. WAKING UP is a scary.

  5. dirtygurl Says:

    although we have different opinions regarding religion, i’m glad that we could look past our differences. i thank the most high that we were brought together through this blog, which really began as a way to get my opinion across about our celebs, but somehow took a much deeper turn with that first post which i am thinking about revising with what i’ve learned in the past year since writing it. i am so glad that my writing is touching someone and touching others through you and others who will spread the words i write here!
    I am also horrified and scared of all that I am uncovering now, but there’s something else beneath that and that’s anger. i am happy to help you in any way i can to reach the babies and we need to teach them to look beyond the curtain to what goes on behind the scenes.

    one jack ass on the disney post tells us that kids aren’t that smart to pick up on all the subliminal messaging that begins with cinderlla, snow white, etc…but from what you are telling me they do, and being bombarded with all the media and entertainment has to offer them is just reinforcing what they subconciously picked up already. stand tall and firm girl, i know how it feels to have people call you “crazy” and and conspiracy nut job, it’s dismissive, but you have to keep in mind that they react that way because this is a lot to take and accepting truth is a process. keep your head up, and keep in mind that they are still asleep, you know how you hate to awaken from your dreams sometimes, well that applies here.

  6. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Hi Dirtygurl, I’ve been reading your site for a while now and I really enjoy and appreciate all the info that you put out. I find it strange that the obvious is being put directly in front of people’s faces and they still reject the truth. Eyes Wide Shut, I guess…But one thing for sure is ignorance does not pay off and can determine your survival in many situations. So even if I disagree with something or someone I still want to know something about it.

    And yes we may not share the same religious beliefs, but we have one common goal and that is to be educated with the ‘goings on’ in our world and how it affects all of us. Being positive or negative. And because we are aware of the Illumanti and their motives, we steadily research their secrets of who, what, where, when and why??? Because we’ve learned they’ve got a lot of power in this world because who they are. And they are out to destroy us and have power over us. One way or another!

  7. dirtygurl Says:

    what’s so ironic is that we continue to put money in their pockets to finance their war on us, i heard somewhere that taxes are unconstitutional and some ex irs agents quit because they knew that it was a lie. we need to reclaim our own power and that means that we have to cut off everything that they are behind. television, movies, music, cell phones, etc..we need to unite and act, the time for talking is over.

  8. smashbrolink Says:

    Y’know, this is why I really appreciated a lot of the games out there that placed females in a dominant, or at least very much more active, role in the story.
    The Legend of Zelda is a good example, lately.
    Before now, she’d just be the princess that was kidnapped and you were the hero chosen by the Triforce to go and defeat Ganon and save her.
    But in the past few games, she’s taken an active role in determining her own future by fighting in the final battle BESIDE you in one form or another.

    Another that’s shown a lot of good karma is the Metroid series.
    Especially the recently-released Other M title, which delves into her back-story. It goes to show, through very in-depth analysis of her past, that, contrary to popular belief, Samus is not just some cold and collected, random bounty hunter with a vendetta against the evil organization that killed her parents.
    She’s someone that has actual emotions, true reasons for why she is how she is, reasons behind what made her who she is.
    Other M brings to light the fact that she’s not some cold-hearted girl in a power suit, but that she’s a girl that has, through her own traumas and through the help of those close to her, grown into a young woman with an “eye of the storm” clarity behind her every action, without sacrificing her heart in the process.

    More games should take up these sorts of “partner-or-main” roles for women.
    I know that I personally enjoy playing any RPG game where the girl I’m protecting is also protecting MY back, as a partner, whenever possible.
    It adds a sense of depth and connection that a lot of games should really pick up on.
    And also, the romantic aspects of such games are just a really welcome treat to someone like me, who enjoys a bit of comedic romance in his stories.^_^

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