They Start Them Early Huh?

Somebody needs to rescue these kids before any more damage can be done…So i’ve always suspected that Will Smith is homosexual ever since his days on Fresh Prince.  Jada’s interview with Essence cemented it for me.  Jaden Smith is cute as a button, but something about the kid is so effiminate.  Not only is he much too old for all that damn hair on his head, but this picture reminds me of the picture of Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray where she’s  lounging in daddy’s lap with her torso seductively stuck out towards the camera, and the arm stretegically placed to symbolize a penis.  I see that same game going on here, but look closer and you will see the way Wills hand is  holding Jadens leg, and where his other hand is placed looks like our old evil friend baphomet who has boobs in this pic ( just an observation) and the fact that Jaden’s hand just so happens to be close to his own penis is probably an indicator for those “in the know” that he just may be for rent. (ouch!)

Now Anglina Jolie  I suspect is a slave, being that she is  one of the industry’s darlings.  Little Shiloh is obviously a girl, so why is Angelina dressing her like a boy?

One way the children are programmed (besides ritual abuse and trauma) is to confuse the subject.  Since Angie was most likely programmed as a child, is she just doing to Shiloh what was done to her, or is she getting her ready to be mind controlled?  I guess only time will tell what these children will endure.  Hopefully as we work to spread the word, and to enlighten those who haven’t been as of yet, maybe somebody will interfere before this can go on any further.


10 Responses to “They Start Them Early Huh?”

  1. I had just read about a few weeks ago that the Smith’s were a part of the illuminati. Someone sent me a picture of Will holding up the triangle sign. I pray for that beautiful little boy that may be pushed into something that he may not understand at this time. You know, Dirtygurl, all of these celebrities adopting these children, do you think that this may be connected to a conspiracy that we didn’t notice before? All of a sudden, the movie stars need a “pet child” to proclaim to the world that they are saving the lives of these children. Why the sudden interest?

    • dirtygurl Says:


  2. I was viewing Madonna on a show some time back when she still did interviews and her beautiful daughter, Lourdes, was born. She has made sure that her little girl never watched television or read newspapers. I notice that now Madonna is grooming her daughter for stardom. She is the spitting image of her mother. IF she is a ‘spitfire’ like Madonna, her mother is going to have her hands full. I am more than timid to see the “finished” product when Lourdes is released to pursue a career. GOD save the children.

  3. Ms. Mizani Says:

    So it seems…they have to belong to this organization in order to have a career, money, and fame. As far as I can see… those that are born within a elite family (Lady Gaga) are trained from birth so they are instantly already apart of this sick club of the Elites. And those who were not are either forced or have an awful life. (DMX, Tupac, Pimp C, Biggie) Even if it means death.
    Right now if Shawn Carter and Sean Combs decided to abandon this organization and start speaking of what really goes on behind closed doors. They would have hell to pay until the Elites have them killed. It’s already happened to a lot of people already.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      they get alot of these celebs through the parents. they come up with something and threaten the parents with jail or whatever, but if they sell their daughters or sons to them then they give them money in order to control and program the children. these are the ones that will die because when they are used up, they are programmed to commit suicide. i’m really looking into that death of the dude that was supposed to replace jay z over at def jam, he commited suicide.

    • SOBLESSED Says:

      If they was to talk about the elite will destroy their image to get them ready to be the public will just think that person ruined their own life…type DMX illuminati in YouTube…DMX has been firing back at the illuminati since 2006 i believe or it could be longer…but if you notice that every time you hear about DMX he going to jail or just got out…every picture that has been posted of DMX for the last few years has been terrible making him look like he is on drugs…DMX has been goin around speaking about the industry and the illuminati don’t like that

  4. People know whats happening but who will actually confront what is going on? No one. Why? Because they are scared and dont want anything happening to them because they exposed the illuninati. How many of you will stand up and express how you feel for the world to hear?

  5. Charisse, I am a mover and shaker. I am not afraid of anything at this point in my life. I would share with you what some of my “stands” have put me through. When I weigh that up against the people I love and protect…that being the youth…it means everything in the world to me…I devote my life in helping our children and the new generation that is here to take our places. The bigger question is “what are we going to do about it?” We know about it, now what?

  6. The Baphomet is a hermaphrodite. And we all know what that is (Ciara LOL). But anyway it’s doesn’t surprise one bit who these young kids are confused about theis gender cause like at the stuff they have to look at. Is it me or does Lil Wayne look more and more like Whoopi Goldgerg?

    • lol well we know that she’s not his mom, cuz she’s into white guys, plus she took a jewish last name..spike lee called her self hating a long time ago, but everybody called him racist and crazy..i’m thinking he had a point cuz wasn’t she sporting blue eyes at one time?

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