MTV is the devil’s playground. An evil forum for initiates and grand dames alike. No doubt, Pinks trapeze act was much more than a circus influenced performance, it was her initation.
Here’s pink flying high above the crowd at last years ceremony…

Notice the baring of her left breast.  Since this was on television, they covered the nipple.

Not only is her left breast exposed,

but she has the tell tale masonic checkerboard pattern on her leotard.  Tell me why is it even there, what purpose would it serve if it wasn’t a masonic symbol, and this was a harmless awards show, as they want you to believe.  HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW.

Now think back if you can, to 1999.  Lil Kim shows up to the MTV awards in a purple, sequined jumpsuit, with HER LEFT BREAST BARED, AND A PASTY T COVER THE NIPPLE.

Remember how Diana Ross came out onstage and felt her up in front of the world?  Did you see Mary J Blige’s face, like she was not amused!  That was Kim’s initiation ( that is my opinion and I’m sticking to it)  One of the initation requirements is for the initate to be humiliated in public some kind of way.   Rihanna’s “beating”, and Taylors “wtf” moment.  I believe that Diana Ross was also a puppet since I’m positive that Berry Gordy probably took an oath to be as successful as he was, after all she slept with and had children by the man.   You’ll also recall that this was when Kim was still beautiful, before she began to destroy her face.


12 Responses to “LET’S REVISIT THE 1999 INITIATIONS”

  1. I remember that…The only thing about LIL KIM is that she has been known for these type of escapades. The boldness just validated her “trashiness”…

  2. Yo i like some of ure posts.u should chek out another society called the boule.Its where all black rappers are forced to join.


  3. if there was ever an illuminati sex slave besides bey, it’s kim. just think, why else would she be allowed to make so much money by portraying herself as a whore? ring any bells?

    • SOBLESSED Says:


  4. So was the wardrobe malfunction at the super bowl Janet Jackson’s initiation????

  5. Sisters and brothers since we are becoming aware of the NWO, and other secret organizations.Since we are aware of the symbols, and the celebrities they are using to control the masses. Just by us talking and writing about it means their sh*t is not working.The pyramids, the gods that they worship is our stuff, our history. What we must focus on is using our power (melanin). Begin by researching our history (Khemit/Egypt). The masons got their stuff from us. There is nothing wrong with the so called dark/melanin side. They did a good job by making us think that it is evil, and FEAR is what is keeping us down. Don’t be afraid of the Illumaniti. They cannot hurt us unless we allow it. Just watch what happens to Haiti and I’m not talking about the physical Haiti. They messed with the wrong people who are heavy into the occult, voudon,spirits, etc. This is the stuff they are NOT showing us. Haiti is a poor island as far as money is concerned, but it rich in Ancestor Spirituality. Yet the media focuses on voodoo,and zombies. Who are really the zombies of this matrix ?

  6. dirtygurl Says:

    @ gee…

    i have reason to believe that michael jackson was an illum slave. he was sold in childhood to these people by his own father who most likely ritually abused throughout his life. it is no secret that joe jackson abused his children, and i think that is why michael was so weird. but i digress, remember the illuminati makes the decision as to the artists that are able to make millions upon millions of dollars in the entertainent industries, and janet inked a nineteen million dollar deal at the young age of nineteen. she was sold into slavery by joe also, and katherine’s hands are by no means clean in this situation. that guy that janet was married to for thirteen years i believe was her handler, so no, she didn’t have to go through an initiation, she was basically born into it.

  7. Ms. Mizani Says:

    The Illumanti has many puppets and sex slaves who are not black. But they will only have a hand full (if that!!!) of black puppets and sex slaves as their token knee grow. To be on top and promote their agenda. They keep these brainwashed idiots in our face. Sometimes working them to death by force feeding us garbage until it’s time to get the next ‘Hot’ celebrity. Example: from lil’ Kim to Nicki Manaj. Who is nothing but a gimmick!

  8. dirtygurl Says:

    yes, i was wondering why that minaj chick is so talked about, i don’t see anything special just a reworked lil kim

  9. truth teller Says:

    oh my gosh am i so happy i read this blog ive been trtyng so hard to confirm that rihannas beating was her initiation, firstly because she came back as riri who uhm wow is just way over the top with the one eye always flashing, and afriend of mine was in ATL a month ago and she took pics with her and chris brown together now i find that wierd i think both rihanna and chris are members of the society now. sorry for going abit off topic but just had to put that in there much love to your blog we need e little truth in this world of lies

  10. LOVE your blog, however I would say, Diana ross is a presidential model sex slave. I don’t think they are aware of what they are doing, and more than likely are being programmed by handlers for their erratic behaviors. One thing always like to clear up with people is that these mk’d celebs are NOT devil workshippers, but victims of mk ultra. I say this because celebrities (especially sex slaves), after their mission is completed (having sex with a president, or drug smuggling, etc.), their memory is wiped out using either torture and/or a electroshock (cattle prods, sting guns, etc.) I will bookmark your blog and keep you posted with things I find as well related to these mk ultra victims.

  11. I know that they make these celebrities have noise jobs but it should be a limit. Lil Kim is gonna mess around and have to rock Ms Potato heah noises soon. LMAO!

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