One reader asked me to reverse my decision regarding posting pics.  After much thought and the fact that I really wanted to post the pic of  Sasha’s new fragrance, I am changing my mind.  Therefore, I will be posting pics with my posts.

With that said, I was in the supermarket the other evening, and while standing in the checkout line I had the strangest feeling I was being watched.  My eyes were drawn to the magazine rack, and sure enough there was that demom Sasha staring at me from the cover of Allure magazine.  The look in her eyes makes me a little uneasy, she looks like she’s stalking you, it’s very unsettling.


And you do realize that the little six month break she was supposed to be taking, is over since she was given  won her six grammy’s.  I’m not implying that her ex-handler father being on the grammy committee had anything to do with her wins, I swear!



  1. the more i look at this pic, the more i can see the takeover of beyonce by sasha, beyonce has never had anything but a blank deer in the headlights look in her eyes, this is menacing to say the least.

  2. Well, her new handler (pimp) is Jay Z. Pretty soon we will be seeing the same hypnotic stare in Rihanna, Britney, Lady GaGa, Pink, etc. etc.. As long as YOU know what’s really happening it can’t effect you like it does to the average person. They have power and WE have power too.

  3. bette,
    I’ve already seen this look on Rihanna, I did a post about the change from how Ri was when she first got involved in this industry, to right now. In the earlier pic, there is a human essence, an innocence that is missing now and in the latter pic.

  4. that’s so true. i agree with all of u. from music of the sun until her newest cd R she has cahanged a lot………..4 the worst.

  5. ?boredOo Says:

    All u ppL r digging way 2 deep in2 this whoollee situation! Just because someone doesn’t pose in their pix the same way that they did when they were 17yr. old(young rising stars) doesn’t mean tht they’ve all of a sudden been demon possesed! All of these pix being taken by B & R are all in attempt 2 simply be sexy & admirable by their fans! They want 2 capture & keep the attention of their audiences! Apparently it might not be working anymore, but if that’s the case, there’s no need 2 call them devil worshipers! As concerned fans/haters/former fans, we should attempt 2 bring it 2 their attention so they can change, not attempt 2 sabotauge their carreer!!

  6. Attention Bored: You are missing the point. No one stated that these celebs are demon possessed and our comments are not sabotaging thier careers. It is much deeper than that and you have get past what you see with your 2 eyes. Use your 3rd eye (your mind) and will see a difference in thier music, dance and thier hypnotic gaze. As far as thier poses for the camera, they are taught those poses just like runway models are taught to walk and pose in front of the camera.

  7. msdizzydolores Says:

    Didn’t Bey say herself from her own lips she was possessed…and that is were Sasha Fierce came from?

    Uhhhh I’m just saying. If people are going to attack, they need to get the facts straight before commenting.

  8. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Yes, Bey did say that something just takes over her body and she is no longer Beyonce’, but becomes (the possessed) Sasha Fierce.
    Something taking over someone’s body is a possession. Yet we can classify what kind of possession it is. In Beyonce’s case, she starts wildin’ out. Her legs gapped open showing her cooter, Humping the floor, swinging from stripper poles, Dancing very hard and sugguestively, not respecting anyone, this includes her husband and Father Mathew. Doing head bangs that simulate giving oral sex. Not all of us are blinded by the smoke and mirrors. And we are able to see this half naked evil persona with wild hair emerge.

  9. Someone just came into the conversation looking stupid…They may need to start from the beginning of the whole site…I”M JUST SAYING….lol

  10. she wears weaves not wigs. You need to learn about black hair! I agree that the picture is creepy, though.

  11. actually, it’s a little insulting that you say her weaves “always look like dry moss”. Not everyone has perfect, silky, airbrushed european-straight hair 24/7.

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